Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cheated out of another show (again!)

The Doctor wasn't on the air today, as he is recovering from a general-purpose virus of indeterminate origin. When The Doctor went to see the doctor, he was told "Just wait a few days, you'll feel better".

I'll be back on the air on Wednesday, January 7, 2009. Cross my heart and hope to die!

In the meantime, have a happy new one!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

There will be no program at 7AM today (12-24-08)

My asthma, which is merely a nuisance, usually,
has been kicking my ass all over the yard

I hate like hell to miss doing yet another show,
especially on Christmas Eve,
but I just don't feel up to it right now.

My sincerest apologies to my fans.
This sucks tremendously.

You can still hear my previous programs at
my podcast page:

Hopefully, my doctor and I can get this thing under
control, and I'll be back on the air where
and when I belong.

Watch this blog for further details.

- Doctor B.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Playlist for December 17th, 2008

Frank Zappa
1 May 1974, Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY

Taper's notes:

Cosmik Debris, Pygmy Twylyte, Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis (q: Octandre), Penguin In Bondage,
RDNZL, Montana, Dupree's Paradise (incl Lohengrin, Can't Afford No Shoes riff), It Can't
Happen Here, Hungry Freaks Daddy, You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here, How Could I
Be Such A Fool?, I Ain't Got No Heart, I'm Not Satisfied, Wowie Zowie, Let's Make The Water
Turn Black, Harry You're A Beast, Orange County Lumber Truck, Oh No, Son Of Orange
County, More Trouble Every Day, Camarillo Brillo

One of the best shows by The Grape, both in terms of sound and content. I got the master clone
CDs "second hand", but I'm still quite sure this one is raw. It had some problems, though, namely
some digi_clicks near the beginning of the Freak Out medley. I only ran click removal on the
affected sections, so I hope I managed to find them all.

I only found the first tape flip, between RDNZL and Montana. There should be a tape change
somewhere in the Freak Out medley _ someone will probably point it out for me soon. We
wouldn't have a fill for it anyway, since no one showed up with a different source.

Thanks to The Grape for this and all his other great recordings.

FSOL - Room 208 - Lifeforms (Ebv)
Quiet Sun - Sol Caliente - Mainstream (Expression)
Segun Bucknor - Smoke - Poor Man No Get Brother (Strut)
Tortilla Flat - Fatimorgani - Fur Ein 3-4 Stundchen (krishnasgoldendopeshop)

Ian Dury - Inbetweenies - Do It Yourself (Landmark)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Seoul Music - Disco Not Disco (Strut)
Broadcast - Fallen Up - The Noise Made By People (Warp)
United States of America - Coming Down - United States of America (Sundazed)
Last Exit - My Balls Your Chain - Cassette Recordings '87 (Celluloid)
Space Machine 3 - (track 6) - Space Machine 3 (Important)

Klaus Nomi - Silent Night

Get the podcast of the last hour here.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No radio show this Wednesday (10-DEC-08)

Real life has been intervening in a very big way for me lately.
It is with a heavy heart therefore, that I announce that I won't be on

the air this Wednesday.

I should be on the air next Wednesday, the 16th,
at 7AM.

Here however, is a link to my podcast of last week's program.

Winter Break Radio with its full 3-hour time slots is
just around the corner!

My best to my apprentices, Birdman and Emily!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

WHRW Jazz Marathon, Nov. 22, 2008

Henri Rene - Hansel & Pretzel - Bachelor’s Guide to the Galaxy (Rhino)
Don Cherry - Elephantasy - Paris 1966, Vol. 2 (espdisk dot com)
Embryo - A Place To Go - Rocksession (Repertoire)
Frank Lowe - Brother Joseph - Black Beings (espdisk dot com)
Frank Zappa - Project X - Uncle Meat (Ryko)

Bob James Trio - Untitled Mixes - Explosions (espdisk dot com)
Karel Velebny - The Uhu Sleeps Only During the Day - SHQ (espdisk dot com)
The Levitts - Notes So High - We Are The Levitts (espdisk dot com)
Paul Bley Quintet - Barrage - Barrage (espdisk dot com)

Charlie Parker - This is Always - Bird In Time (espdisk dot com)
Billie Holiday - Nice Work If You Can Get It - Rare Live (espdisk dot com)
Ozric Tentacles - Secret Names - Between the Bits (Dovetail)
Lindah Kallerdahl - Gold - Lindah Kallerdahl (espdisk dot com)
Frank Zappa - Ian Underwood Whips It Out - Uncle Meat (espdisk dot com)

The Levitts - Departed Hymn - We Are The Levitts (espdisk dot com)
Ornette Coleman - Dedicated to Poets & Writers (excerpt) - Town Hall 1962 (espdisk dot com)
Steinski & The Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On - What Does It All Mean? (Illegal Art)

Podcast available here.

Remember, I will not be on the air this Wednesday, November 26th.
I'll be back on December 3rd.
Have a happy (and safe) Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Special Bartlemania Jazz Show on Saturday

The Doctor will be in your loudspeakers on Saturday, November 22 at 1PM as part of WHRW's Saturday jazz marathon. (November 22nd, why does that date sound so familiar?). I'll be spinning reissues from ESP-DISK, plus tasty tidbits from the Dryden Funk Labs, and whatever else isn't nailed down!

As always, the program will be podcasted, so you need not miss a single note of it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Playlist for November 19th, 2008

OCTOBER 7, 1975

Taper's Notes:

broadcast live on WLIR FM radio on October 7, 1975. The band
is I would say at the height of their career at this point. Their
latest album " FREE HAND " had just been released in July 1975.
Here in front of a small studio audience at Ultrasonic recording
studio the group plays a smasher of a set and really shows the full
scope of their abilities. This tour features an amazing intro tape
to open the set showcasing the great composing and arranging skills
of Kerry Minnear ! There have been many versions of this show
bootlegged over the years. This version however, is from a 2nd
generation cassette dub of the broadcast. A small amount of audio
editing was used to fix gaps and FM noise. The resulting sound
quality is excellent. No official release of this show has ever come
out. So, enjoy this set by one of the greatest progressive rock
groups ever...Gentle Giant !

1. Band Introduction / Intro Tape
2. Cogs In Cogs
3. Proclamation
4. Funny Ways
5. The Runaway
6. Experience
7. The Boys In The Band
8. Raconteur Troubadour
9. Knots
10. The Advent Of Panurge
11. Free Hand
12. Just The Same / Outro Tape / Closing Band Introduction

Lineage: WLIR FM broadcast/cassette/Tascam CD-RW 5000/
Sony PC/Sound Forge 4.5/CD Wave editor/Flac

Derek Shulman
Ray Shulman
Kerry Minnear
Gary Green
John Weathers

" Who Would Believe Me Now That My Hands Are Free, That My Hands Are Free"

Space Mix:

Doctor B's attempted Nurse With Wound List entry, featuring
Andrew Liles - Droneworks Volume 7 (Twenty Hertz)
Plus musical samples, field recordings and found sounds scientifically mutated, manipulated and formulated for your listening pleasure!

Jefferson Airplane - A Small Package of Value/Young Girl Sunday Blues - After Bathing at Baxter's (RCA)
Bevis Frond - Down Again - Auntie Winnie ALbum (Reckless)
Can - Yoo Doo Right - Monster Movie (Spoon)
Van Der Graff Generator - Chemical World - The Pleasure Dome (Charisma)

Sesame Street - Everybody's got a Brain - Every Body's Record (CTW)

I won't be on the air next Wednesday, November 26th.
Tune in again on Wednesday, December 3rd.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Download this week's podcast here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playlist for November 12, 2008

Due to technical difficulties, the first half of my program,
including my first trainee's half-hour, was not heard.
My sincerest apologies, and mad props to Tom,
WHRW's chief engineer for fixing what was busted!

Embryo - Dirge - Rocksession (Repertoire)
April March - Sugar (remix) - Chrominance Decoder (Mammoth)
Squarepusher - Theme From Vertical Hold - Music Is Rotted One Note (Warp)
The Smashchords - Caveman - Smashchords (Rough Trade)
Vicki Anderson - If You Don't Give Me What I Want - James Brown's Funky People Vol 3 (Polydor)
Jo Jo Gunne - Ready Freddy - Bite Down Hard (Collectors Choice )
RJD2 - Incorporate Anthem - In Rare Form (Bustown Pride)
DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain Scatter Brain - Endtroducing (Island)
Velvet Underground Collage by Doctor B.

Marvin Gaye - Heard It Through The Grapevine - Dr B's Dub Version

Podcast available here.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Post-Election Playlist, November 5th, 2008

Eugene Chadbourne with Jimmy Carl Black [R.I.P.]
The Chapter House, Ithaca, NY
December 2007 (Set 2)

Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can – Holy Cow (Arista)
George Clinton – Paint the White House Black – Hey Man, Smell my Finger! (Paisley Park)

Holly Yarbrough
– Many Ways to Say I Love You - …Sings the Fred Rogers Songbook (Vintagediscs dot com)
Rudresh Mahanthappa – Snake! – Kinsmen (Pi Records)
Ani DeFranco – Emancipated Minor – Red Letter Year (Righteous Babe)

The Horseflies – Build a House & Burn It Down – Until The Ocean (Pest Control)
Frank Zappa – Concentration Moon – We’re Only In It For The Money (Ryko)
Geronimo Black – An American National Anthem - Geronimo Black (One-Way)

Quintron – Waterfall – Too Thirsty 4 Love (Goner)
Holy Modal Rounders – My Mind Capsized – Live ’65 (espdisk dot com)
The Levitts – The Saints of My City Are Children – We Are The Levitts (espdisk dot com)

Deerhoof – The Tears & Music of Love – Offend Maggie (Kill Rock Stars)
Rosalie Sorrels – Talkin’ Wolverine 14 – Strangers In Another Country (Red House)

Podcast Available Here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playlist for October 22,2008

Jack Rose - No Radio Records - Ithaca October 17th, 2008
Recorded live on the Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit

CAN - Return to BB City - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
Butthole Surfers - Bong Song - Widowermaker EP (Touch and Go)

Blues Control - No Radio Records - Ithaca NY, September 20th, 2008
Recorded live on the Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit

DEVO - In Heaven Everything Is Fine - Live, Dallas, TX, 10-4-79
DEVO - Mongoloid - Live, Dallas, TX, 10-4-79

Remember, no show on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.
I'll be back on November 5th.
Don't forget to vote on November 4th!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playlist for October 15, 2008

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
Anderson Center
Binghamton University
Set 1

Big Country
P'log In The House
Victor solo

(Thanks to Alf Toodle for the recording)

[Apprentice Segment - 8-9 AM]

Gideon Freudmann - Haunted Merry Go-Round - Hologram Crackers (Gadfly)
Squonk Opera - Whistle and Spit - Squonk Opera (Squonk Opera)
AUTOLUX - Helter Skelter

Sound Maze Collage - Sounds played by WHRW DJ extraordinaire Niles Chandler at the Ithaca Sound Maze. Recorded on the Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit, mixed and mutated by Doctor B. at Bartlemuzik Ltd. World Headquarters.

Barenaked Ladies - If I Had a Million Dolalrs - KBCO Studio C Vol 4 (KBCO)
Excepter - Apartment Living - Alternation (5RC)
Beanfield - Keep On Believing - Beanfield (Street Beat)
MIJ (Jim Holberg) - Grok - Yodeling Astrologer (espdisk dot com)
Christine Lavin - As Bad As It Gets - Shining My Flashlight on the Moon (Shanachie)

John D Loudermilk - Goin' to Hell on a Sled - The Open Mind of John D Loudermilk (RCA)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Playlist for October 8, 2008

Be Bop Deluxe 1978
Oxford England
New Theater
British Biscuit PRE FM

A bit of a burner from Be Bop Deluxe, featuring the Guvnor, Bill Nelson guitar shredder in sheeps clothing. Just a bit ahead of his time.
"Let's walk into the sea." Enjoy! Derag Doom

Lineage: PRE FM CD clone/EAC/cd-r/flac

Band Line up:

Bill Nelson: Guitar, vocals.
Charlie Tumahai: Bass, vocals.
Andy Clark: Keyboards
Simon Fox: Drums

Track List:
1. Intro
2. New Precision
3. Dangerous Stranger
4. Super Enigmatics
5. Lovers Are Mortal
6. New Mysteries
7. Panic In The World
8. Forbidden Lovers
9. Love In Flames

Miles Davis
- Prelude (pt 2) - Agharta (Columbia)
Masabumi Kikuchi - Madjap Express - One Way Traveller (CBS-SONY)

Cosmic Jokers - (excerpts from side 2) - Gilles Zeitschiff (Ohr)
Doug Wimbish - Perplex - Trippy Notes for Bass (On-U Sound)
Frank Zappa - Blessed Relief - The Grand Wazoo (Ryko)
Firesign Theatre - How Can You Be - HCYBITPAOWYNAAA (laugh dot com)
Nexus - The Birds - The Music Of Nexus (World Records)
Beatles - Because - Love (Capitol)
Beatles - Within You Without You-Tomorrow Never Knows - Love (Capitol)
Ill Chemist - Back To The Top
Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever - Love (Capitol)
Yello - She's Got A Gun - Bostich EP (Stiff)

Peter Alsop - Stuck On You - (Peaceable Records)

Friday, October 03, 2008

ANNOUNCING - The Bartlepodcast!

Now you don't have to get up with the chickens to hear The Doctor!

Just click the "This Week's Podcast" link at the end of every playlist, and hear anywhere from one to three hours' worth of Doctor B!

My space-mix segment from September 17th, 2008 is up now. Go ahead, give it a try!

During the semester, my program runs like this:

7 AM to 8 AM - Boot of the Week (Bartlemania, Part 1)*
8 AM to 9 AM - Apprentice segment
9 AM to 10 AM - Bartlemania, part 2

Part 3 is the part which will be podcast each week.

During breaks and vacations, the entire program will be podcast*.

(*-Due to legal and technical issues, I regret that I cannot podcast the Boot of the Week. Sorry about that!)

The permanent link to my podcast page (which includes RSS feed) is at:

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Playlist for October 1, 2008

Frank Zappa
Amougies (Belgium), Actuel Festival
24 to 27 October 1969

source: audience recording

Taper's Notes:

This is an amazing find that I'm sure will delight fans of Frank Zappa and the bands concerned
alike. A little background : the Actuel festival was organized by the publication of the same name
(who, under different editorship, went on to become a prime mover of the French counterculture
in the early to mid-70s) in collaboration with the fledgling BYG label. It was originally going to
take place in or near Paris, but French authorities forbid it and the marquee was eventually set up
a few miles outside the French border, on Belgian soil. It took place over 5 nights, entertaining an
audience of 15-20,000 to a unique mixture of progressive pop, free jazz and contemporary music.

Frank Zappa was present at the festival (well, the first four days, it seems) in a twofold capacity.
First, as Captain Beefheart's road manager; secondly, as M.C., assisting Pierre Lattes, a famous
radio/TV presenter at the time (and the pop music editor for Actuel magazine). The latter task
proved problematic given FZ's very limited mastery of French, the prevailing language among
the audience, who themselves didn't seem to understand much English. Instead, FZ relinquished
his M.C. job for one of occasional guest guitarist.

As far as I know, with the exception of FZ's performance with Captain Beefheart, this collects all
of his jams with participating bands. A couple of films, directed by Jerome Laperrousaz and
Jean-Noel Roy, came out in 1970 but were instantly banned because of objections from various
bands (most notably Pink Floyd) whose permission hadn't been properly secured. Zappa's
performance with Beefheart is included in one of them, and since the audio of the film (unlike
the film itself) is in circulation, possibly in better sound than I could provide, I decided not to
include it.

The whereabouts of the master tapes for the festival, if any exist, are unknown. What recordings
are circulating are either the soundtrack of the film, or taken from radio broadcasts (on
Luxemburg's RTL and Belgium's RTBF). The source used here is an audience recording made by
a young French member of the audience using a now antiquated amateur tape recorder. The
original tapes have been newly transferred, but even so, the sound quality is rather poor. Still, it
seems to be the only source available at this time, so that will have to do for now.

Most legendary, of course, is Frank Zappa's jam with Pink Floyd on a very extended "Interstellar
Overdrive". Apparently, despite the wealth of Pink Floyd bootlegs in circulation, no one seems to
have their Amougies set, so this will probably delight a lot of people. Browsing various
PF-related websites, there even seems to be a debate on whether the jam ever took place. Well,
here is the final proof that it did.

Now, the tracklist:

1. Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation: unknown title (7:08)
[October 24]
Victor Brox (vocals, harmonica); John Moorshead (guitar); Alex (Erroneous) Dmochowski
(bass); Aynsley Dunbar (drums)

2. Pink Floyd: Interstellar Overdrive (20:25)
[October 25]
David Gilmour (guitar); Richard Wright (organ); Roger Waters (bass); Nick Mason (drums)

3. Caravan: If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You (7:55)
[October 26]
Pye Hastings (guitar & vocals); David Sinclair (keyboards); Richard Sinclair (bass & vocals);
Richard Coughlan (drums)

4. Blossom Toes: unknown title (26:10)
[October 26]
Brian Godding (guitar, vocals & keyboards); Jim Cregan (guitar & vocals); Brian Belshaw (bass
& vocals); Kevin Westlake (drums)

5. Sam Apple Pie: unknown title (6:04)
[October 27]
Sam Sampson (vocals & harmonica); Danny Barnes (lead guitar); Andy Johnson (slide guitar);
Bob Renny (bass & vocals); Lee Baxter Hayes Jr (drums)

(Note: I understand FZ jammed with some of the free jazz players. Sadly the taper was into rock,
not jazz, and didn't bother recording any of the jazz acts.)

I intend to seed some of the individual performances in the near future, so watch out. I must
thank the taper, JJB, for his permission to seed these rare treasures, making them available freely
to all via DaD in affinity with its non-profit philosophy.

(Apprentice segment - Kevin rocks the house!
Playlists at

Space Mix - Ingredients:

Avarus - A-V-P - ruskeatimmati (tumult dot net).wav
Masabumi Kikuchi - Pierrot's Samba - Hairpin Circus (Philips)
Bevis Frond - City of the Sun - Auntie Winnie Album (Reckless)
KuuPuu - Aara - Maan Metoset (pokrecords at yahoo dot com)
RJD2 - Fugitive Motel Remix - Loose Ends (rjd2 dot com)
Floom - Just for a few minutes - Floom (floom dot com)
Velvet Underground - The Murder Mystery - Peel Slowly & See (Polydor)

Raunchettes - What? 'Scuse Me? - Hyped2Death Vol 1 (hyped2death dot com)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Playlist for September 24, 2008

Please note my new format:
Effective as of this week, I'll be showing two new
apprentices the ropes. Owing to their class schedules,
they'll be on the air in Hour 2 instead of
Hour 3, as was formerly the case.

Hour 1 - Boot of the Week

Johnny Dowd
ABC Cafe, Ithaca, NY
September 20, 2008
Recorded by Doctor B. on the
Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit

Hour 2 - Apprentice Time!

(Say hello to my two new pupils!)

Hour 3 - Space Mix

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Telemuzik
Can - Father Cannot Yell - Monster Movie (Spoon)
Chemical Brothers - Chico's Groove - Exit Planet Dust (Astralwerks)
Holy Modal Rounders - Intro to Part 2 - Indian War Whoop (espdisk dot com)
The Pins - Brittle Starling - Ptolemaic Terrascope Vol 28
Holy Modal Rounders - trks 4-6 - Indian War Whoop (espdisk dot com)
Ministry - Just Like You - Twitch (Sire)
DJ Shadow - The Number Song (Cut Chemist Party Remix) - Endtroducing (d eluxe reissue-Island)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playlist for September 17th, 2008

“The Joint”
Brandeis University,
Boston, MA
July 14, 1986

taper: Harrison Merims

Taper's Notes:

Here (finally!) is the last of Harrison’s recordings from the Boston area. It’s Gone!, featuring Greg Ginn of Black Flag (who had just played their final show 2 weeks prior), with who would comprise the Rollins Band rhythm section later, Andrew Weiss and Sim Cain!

All of the songs are instrumentals and, not having studied their catalog, I will leave the song titles fer you to figure out. What you’ll get here is a smattering of styles from spazz-funk to jazz to driving rock, it’s all here. It’s pretty lengthy too at 65mins. Feel free to add yer own Rollins style lyrics…throw in stuff about being ugly and a machine and lots of YEAH!s…you know the drill;))

Harrison was lucky enough to witness this live, a very intimate show in the summer at the mostly empty campus of Brandeis University. Now you can hear it… I figure this will make a nice back to school gift fer you kiddies out there…

Tribute to Rick Wright (R.I.P):
Pink Floyd - Paris Theater, London
July 16th, 1970

1. Embryo
2. Green Is The Colour
3. Careful With That Axe Eugene
4. Let There Be More Light
5. Murderistic Woman
6. Point Me At The Sky
7. The Narrow Way
8. Julia Dream
9. A Saucerful Of Secrets
10. One of These Days
11. Echoes

Space Mix - Ingredients:

Klaus Schulze - In Cosa Crede Chi Non Crede - Mirage (Revisited)
Ken Nordine - I Sometimes Think - Upper Limbo (Grateful Dead)
Steve Reich - It's Gonna Rain (Part 2)
Pink Floyd - Quicksilver - More (Capitol)
Pink Floyd - Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun - Saucerful of Secrets (Capitol)
Boards Of Canada - Skyliner - Trans-Canada Highway (Warp)
William Spencer-The Eternal Machines - from the Mindwebs series

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playlist for August 27, 2008

Big Brother And The Holding Company
Santa Clara Fairgrounds
San Jose, California, USA

Source: unknown SBD


01 Down On Me
02 Road Block
03 Bye Bye Baby
04 Light Is Faster Than Sound
05 Coo Coo
06 Farewell Song
07 Combination Of The 2

ps. Janis Joplin bootlegs tend to come with little to no information about the source and lineage.


CAN - Hannover,Germany,Beethoven-Saal

bootleg CD - Germany 1976 vol.1 Label:
On the Road TKCD 1117

FM broadcast,excellent quality

Holger Czukay - bass
Michael Karoli - guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - drums
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards
Michael Cousins - vocals

setlist :

01.Vitamin C 9:29
02.One More Night 7:33
03.Bel Air 10:43
04.Dizzy Dizzy 14:44

Space Mix

Nurse With Wound - from Soliloquy for Lilith (United Diaries)
Zaimph - Recorded Live at the Lost Dog, Ithaca, NY 8-12-08 on the Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit
George Carlin - Nostalgia - Braindroppings
Stonebaby - from Prophet Devil Failure
Brian Eno Interview June 1979 - From Brussels With Love (cassette, 1980)
Brian Eno - Stedelijk - The Shutov Assembly (All Saints)
Brian Eno - Stars - Apollo (All Saints)
Brian Eno - Julie With - Before & After Science (All Saints)

Plus found sounds, recorded, bent and twisted by Doctor B.

Lord Buckley - The Train - A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat (Straight)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This week's program cancelled

Due to Murphy's Law, this week's program has also been canceled.

Cross your fingers. I should be back on the 20th.

- The Doctor

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

No program Wed. August 6, 2008

Due to technical difficulties, I will not be on
the air today.

Please tune in at 7AM next Wednesday, August
13th, 2008.

- Dr. B.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Playlist for July 30, 2008

Led Zeppelin, Sports Arena
March 14, 1975, San Diego, California
(Continued from last week)

Soundboard Recording
"Conspiracy Theory" Empress Valley

No Quarter
Trampled Under Foot
Moby Dick
Stairway to Heaven

Brought to you by

Reviewers' notes:

From Underground Uprising:

I still can't believe that as I write this review I am listening to not only a completely new and unknown concert (from 1975 for goodness sake), but in addition it is a near complete and excellent sounding mono soundboard recording. Empress Valley's releases this year have been lacklustre regurgitations of already over released shows, but they then buck that trend and pull this amazing concert out of the hat. As Robert Plant introduces Over The Hills And Far Away, he says "Good evening. San Diego, good evening!". At the end of this song he apologises for the band being a bit late, blaming snow in Austria! Then he says: "which has a lot to do with San Diego, right?". Finally at the end of Stairway To Heaven he thanks San Diego. Many thanks for that Mr. Plant, you have convinced an old sceptic! The liner notes by the redoubtable Aquarius 11 are now much improved in translation from Japanese to English, and they make rather more sense than previous efforts. We are obliged to him for comparing this soundboard recording with the (very poor sounding) audience recording from this venue on the 10th March. He concludes that there are no similarities, and therefore this is a genuine new recording that has surfaced.

Unfortunately Plant's voice is not in good shape, on Rock And Roll he sounds decidedly rough. After blaming the snow for the delay (same excuse as at Long Beach on 12th March), he clears his throat (which sounds rather claggy). The invariably solid and dependable John Paul Jones is also not at his best, and he has problems with the Mellotron this evening (especially during The Rain Song, particularily near the end when it has a mind of its own). Talking of The Rain Song, Mr. Page takes a few seconds to realise that he should start playing this song immediately after The Song Remains The Same ends! Plant introduces John Bonham's Moby Dick drum solo by saying that Bonham is one of the finest trombone players that America's ever heard! This soundboard recording is punctuated throughout by various remarks by Bonham, especially during Moby Dick.

There still remains a big question as to whether Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge was played at this concert. It would be very strange if it was not, as they played it at all the other 1975 USA concerts. There is an edit in the audience applause on disc 3, track 2 (the end of Stairway), at 12.21, and then shortly afterwards the band are back on stage and Plant very forcefully says "Good evening! I said good evening!". Listening to the recording from the Long Beach show on the 12th, he says exactly the same for the second encore. Jimmy Page then goes into Heartbreaker. I strongly suspect that this was the second encore. Therefore either Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge was not played (most unlikely), or that song is missing from the soundboard recording. Looking at the previous three concerts, we find that at San Diego on the 10th March, and again in Long Beach on 11th March, the encores consisted of Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge, followed by Black Dog. At the second Long Beach concert on 12th March (two nights prior to this show), they also played Heartbreaker as a second encore. Bearing in mind that apart from this song the soundboard recording is complete with no cuts, this is very odd. One hopes that Empress Valley have not been stitched up (as they were with Requiem, Preston 30 January 1973).

So we have here an incredible find, and, for a change, full marks must go to Empress Valley for making this concert available. (Jules McTrainspotter June 04)

I have three main thoughts to offer about this excellent new release from Empress Valley:
1) for those of us (like me) who love imaginative and involved packaging, this release is a bit of a bummer.
2) for those of us (like me) who love an excellent soundboard recording of Zep, this is a thoroughly enjoyable and powerful concert and
3) for those of us (like me) who get a thrill listening to a smoking Zep 1975 performance, this ranks among the other keepers from that tour.

The recording, to me, is maybe the highlight of this release. I did not expect such clarity, and power, when this newly surfaced show was first announced. It's a very pleasant surprise to hear just how perfectly balanced everything is on stage with the audience. This is, then, a live recording that is not outdone in quality by Flying Circus, When We Were Kings, or any other 1975 board release. It's that good.

As for the performance, it's spotty, but not in a bad way. John Bonahm is providing a standard 1975 performance, with many fills mimicking those that he performed throughout the tour. Snare to tom types of bits that do not reflect the type of ingenuity that so incredibly set him apart on other nights. That said, he's still tearing it up in songs like Sick Again, OTHAFA, IMTOD, Trampled, and, in a very funky and entertaining section of Heartbreaker where he and JPJ are going it at unaccompanied, giving the audience a little extra. Robert's rough at the start, but really does improve as the show progresses, with a strong Stairway for a change. All in all, the songs are played as they were throughout the 1975 tour without any real surprises. Still, this is Zep, and the show's outstanding and entertaining from start to finish. I can only hope that concerts like this continue to make their way out of the clutches of whoever selfishly holds them for all of these years.

(Symmetry101, June 2004)

First up, when I heard of the new release being an unreleased 1975 show, I was a little disappointed. I wanted Bath soundboard or a 1972 soundboard. The date wasn't heard of and not confirmed yet! Then it was proven that it was indeed San Diego 3/14/75. So many times in the past Empress Valley has droped the ball with some of their shows. Not this time.

Well in anticipation I put disc one in and hit play...and it was(is) awesome. It has the feel of Flying Circus and Chasing The Dragon. The band is really tight, they nail Rock And Roll. Bonzo is on fire. He is really consistent night after night. Robert's voice was my main concern, how was it going to sound. Was it going to be really raspy...I think he sounds fine. Robert brings it. This is a great sounding show. I really love The Song Remains The Same and The Rain Song. The intro to The Rain Song is one of my favorite parts. Fans of No Quarter are going to love this one. No Quarter has some parts that are just unique to this show. What I mean by that is, there are some parts that I haven't heard used in any other No Quarter. It is an amazing No Quarter. Dazed And Confused is eerie and pulls you in. What is amazing about this band is that they know each other so well, they can improvise so well. Dazed And Confused is a highlight because of this fact alone. Will they pull off the improv? What songs or riffs with they throw in? and who is going to take the lead? This is one of those songs I wish I could see as well. Page's playing is solid. Now I know some people are going to say..."he was out of tune on this song or that song" the only thing I know is he sounds great. What I love about his playing is the emotion, he plays in the moment. And this show is no exception. Stairway To Heaven is great. This could be one of my favorite versions of it.

You just have to love soundboards. The whole band sounds great. All in all Empress Valley has given the Led Zeppelin community another great . Now they had better not go and re-release this show in 6 months with the rest of it (ie, the Whole Lotta Love encore). That is the only part that makes me wonder, where is the rest of the show? This is a great addition to anyone's collection. Thumbs up Empress Valley.

(Cleet68 June 04)

Arthur Brown - The Lord Doesn't Want You - Fire (Sanctuary)
Arthur Brown - Fanfare-Fire Poem - Fire (Sanctuary)
Arthur Brown - Fire (Die Krupps Remix) - Fire (Sanctuary)
Can - Outside My Door - Monster Movie (Spoon-Mute)
Gary Numan - Conversation - The Pleasure Principle (Beggar's Banquet)

Johnny Talbot - Pickin' Cotton - Bay Area Funk (Ubiquity)
Solis Lacus - Peace please - Solis Lacus (EMI)
Steely Dan - Chain Lightning - Citizen (also on Katy Lied) (MCA)
Dietrich Schoenmann - Autumn Ground - Hard Sessions (Shadow)
Human League - Tell Me When - Octopus (Warner Bros)

Richard Hell & The Dim Stars
- Rip Off - Spurts (Rhino)
Jefferson Airplane - Spare Chaynge - After Bathing at Baxter's (BMG)
Faust - Krautrock - Faust IV (Caroline)

Funkadelic - I got a thing You Got A Thing - Funkadelic Live (Westbound)
Frank Zappa - Stairway To Heaven - Broome County Arena - 3-17-88
Little Joe Moseley & The Sequins - Lookin' For A Job - Honey For Sale (Del-Fi)
Doug Wimbish - Bedwood - Trippy Notes for Bass (On-U Sound)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playlist for July 23, 2008

Led Zeppelin, Sports Arena
March 14, 1975, San Diego, California

Soundboard Recording
"Conspiracy Theory"
bootleg, Empress Valley

Rock and Roll
Sick Again
Over The Hills and Far Away
In My Time of Dying
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song

Dazed and Confused

Frank Zappa - Advance Romance - Bongo Fury (Ryko)
Reverend Billy - Catallujah-Remove Starbucks & Disney - Rev Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir (Tomato)
Petra Haden - I Can't Reach You - Petra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out (Bar None)

Coldcut - Walk A Mile in my Shoes - Sound Mirrors (Ninja Tune)
Parliament - Everything Is On The One - Clones of Dr Funkenstein (Casablanca)
DJ Spooky - Alter Echo Dubtometry - Dubtometry (Thirsty Ear)
Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band - In A Gadda Da Vida - Bongo Rock (Strut)

Cedar Walton - Blue Trane - Mobius (RCA)
Steinski - The Payoff Mix-Lesson Two - What Does It All Mean (Illegal Art)

Jayne Cortez & The Firespitters - There It Is - There It Is (Bola Press)
Atmosphere - That's Not Beef, That's Pork - Strictly Leakage
Brian Eno - No One Receiving - Before & After Science (All Saints)
Jefferson Airplane - Young Girl Sunday Blues - After Bathing at Baxter's (RCA)
The Bags - We Will Bury You - Gimme a Little Pain (Frontier)

Steam Donkeys - When The Big One Hits - Cosmic Americana (The Steam Donkeys)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playlist for July 16, 2008

Dead Meadow
Monday, May 5, 2008
High Noon Saloon
Madison WI USA

Droids Attack and Dark Fog opened for Dead Meadow
High Noon Saloon 4th Anniversary Party

HNS house sound engineer - John

Tapers' Notes:

Recording: Neumann KM140's (ORTF pair clamped to balcony railing FOB right side) > Beyer MV100 > Zoom H2 @48KHz/24-bit
+ Allen & Heath GL3300 SBD > Sony PCM-M1 > DAT @48KHz

DAT > Sony PCM-M1 > S/Pdif > Audiomedia III PCI card > Powermac G3/266 > Protools 4.1.1 > AIFF > Powermac G4 MDD/ Dual 1.42

WAV > Powermac G4

16-bit SBD AIFF + 24-bit audience WAV > Audacity 1.2.6
SBD AIFF > Change Speed plugin at .012% to match 24-bit audience WAV, files lined up by ear/eye, mix output as AIFF @44KHz/24-bit > Audacity (Yohng W1 limiter) > output as AIFF @44KHz/24-bit > AIFF > Audacity (tracking in 1/75 second increments) > AIFF's > xACT 1.62 > FLAC8

Set 1 (44:50.17)
Set 2 (51:27.41)


Klaus Schulze

Koln, Stadthalle Mulheim
23rd September 1977

Taper's notes:

Cassette master>Dat(32khz/lp)>Edirol UA-3D>Power Mac G4>Bias Peak/Roxio Jam>xACT>
Flac (Level 8)

Changes Made(Nero 7):
Cross-mixed tracks (87:13)
- Instrument dynamics and clarity much improved
- Stereo balance improved
Corrected phase offset -0.15 msec on track 02
Fixed glitches at 7.38 & 26.07 tr03
Improved the fade out / in around 3.00 tr03
Corrected 200+ volume and balance variations
Applied +4dB bass EQ to track 01 only

Note that the fade-out / -ins between tracks are in the original.

Quality: Worth an A+ now

The original was a little raw, without the bell-like ringing tones that are typical of
Klaus Schulze. There were also hundreds of small volume and balance variations, but all
these are now fixed (details above), so now it is a great example of the 1977 tour...

...enjoy !!

39.54 Koln01
09.04 Koln02
27.11 Koln03
12.08 Koln04

Original Notes >>>>

The recording has been very slightly and (i hope) non invasively tweaked. I used two
filters: a very small quantity of dehiss, and a little bit of enhancement for the stereo
image. A handful of clicks were also removed.

The main manipulation is of a different sort, as I decided to leave out all of the
applause: its level was far too loud and caused distortion. And since there were only
two bursts which took place without covering more than half a random note, I preferred
it this way. My opinion is that it doesn't harm the live feeling at all...!

Finally, besides said applause, the original recording sounded cut up in a couple of
places: thus I tried and cross-faded a couple of these to track the record 'properly'
(ie: to my taste!) splitting what might have been longer passages into coherent themes/

Though there's a few themes emerging here and there from known works, track naming is
an exercise better left to the most discerning Schulze collectors. ;-)
Hope you'll enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

July 9th, 2008

Due to technical difficulties (mine as well as the station's), I may not be on the air tomorrow.

Sorry about that.

Look for me the week of the 16th!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playlist for July 2, 2008

Todd Rundgren's Utopia: Music Hall Cleveland, OH October 16, 1974 (2 CDs)

Set 1:

01 Utopia Theme
02 Don't You Ever Learn
03 Another Life
04 A Dream Goes On Forever
05 Real Man
06 Freedom Fighters
07 The Wheel
08 Good Times Were Better
09 Sunset Boulevard/Le Feel Internacional
10 The Last Ride

Set 2:

01 Bass Ball
02 Number One Lowest Common Denominator (cut)
03 A Night In New Orleans
04 Do Ya
05 Freak Parade
06 Born To Synthesize/The Spark Of Life/The Goon
07 Slut
08 Couldn't I Just Tell You


Todd Rundgren: g, voc
Moogy Klingman: key
John Siegler: bass
Roger Powell: key
John Wilcox: drums

Taper's Notes:

this was the first show featuring Roger Powell. It's an audience recording, but was remastered beautifully. The sound is rich, full, simply outstanding.

This show comes from the incredible archive of Frank Bubnick, from whom I acquired many, many Todd shows. He was always a great guy, and my eternal thanks go to him for all the work he put into leaving the best possible sounds of Todd shows. Thanks, Frank.

If anybody wants to get in touch with Frank, please go to the following site: You WON'T be disappointed!

According to Frank's notes, he took the songs from the original masters. They were remastered by Paul Russo.

Of course, if anybody has a better version of this show (I seriously doubt it, though), I'd love to hear it. So, please upload it.

AND: please, support this and all other artists by buying their official output and going to see their shows. This is what we can do to keep the music we love alive!

from the Hyped To Death
Vintage Punk Collections

63 Monroe - Strike 3
Reruns - So So Alone
Rubber City Rebels - Paper Dolls
Sillies - Is There Lunch After Death
Joy Ryder & Avis Davis - Nasty Secretary
Raunchettes - What! Scuse Me?
Scream - Generation 80

Tot Rocket & The Twins - What did you expect
Ronnie & The Rayguns - Nancy's China
Really Red - Modern Needs
Schematix - Second Story
Soreheads - Prelude to the End
Skunks - Gimme Some
Toxin III - I Rock I Ran
Shock - We Were That Noise

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Playlist for June 18, 2008

I shall be off the air next week due to
preventative maintenance.

I'll hopefully be back the following week.

Watch this space for details!

Bruce "Utah" Phillips
McCabes Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, Ca
February 14, 1987

Bevis Frond - Dry Rain - Succour (Flydaddy)
Faust - Picnic On A Frozen River - Faust IV (Caroline)
J Berberian & The Middle Eastern Ensemble - The Oud & The Fuzz - Middle Eastern Rock (Verve-Forecast)

European Jazz Ensemble
- 3 in 4 or more - (At The Philarmonic Cologne (M A Music)

Linus Pauling Quartet
- Dartania - Succour (Flydaddy)
Peter Hammill - Modern - Vision (Import)
State Of Bengal - Hunters - Visual Audio (6 Degrees)

- Words of Jamal - Joe's First Record (Subterranean)
Porcupine Tree - Ptolemine Treescope - Succour (Flydaddy)
Flo & Eddie - Moving Targets - Moving Targets (Columbia)
Undo w/Rhys Chatham - B is B P is P - French Fried Funk (Kickin')

Frank Zappa - The Nancy & Mary Music - Chunga's Revenge (Ryko)
Frank Zappa - Oh No-Orange County Lumber Truck-Weasels Ripped My Flesh - Weasels Ripped My Flesh (Ryko)

The Orb - Spanish Castles in Space -The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (Island)

Gary Owens - Ballad Of Willie Jackson - Put Your Head on My Finger (Pride/MGM)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playlist for June 11, 2008

Tower of Power
Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA

low gen cass>Cdr from trade>EAC>FLAC

T1 You got to Funkfize(Inc-fades in) 1:47
T2 Social Lubrication 9:08
T3 Let A Man Be A Man 8:17
T4 You're Gonna Need Me (Albert King) 5:06
T5 Back on the Streets Again 7:54
T6 The Skunk, The Goose, and The Fly 8:16
T7 Knock Yourself Out 11:09
T8 Baby, I love You

Emilio Castillo: tenor sax and lead vocals
Stephen "Doc" Kupka: baritone sax
Skip Mesquite: tenor sax
Greg Adams: trumpet
Mic Gillette: trumpet
Rick Stevens: lead vocals
Willie Fulton: guitar
Francis "Rocco" Prestia: bass
David Garibaldi: drums
Brent Byars: percussion

Taper's notes:

If you are a fan of "East Bay Grease" & "Bump City" TOP, you will love this. Loose,live & blusey versions in good sound. Serious Stax style R&B on T8, too.

RE: 71' TOP. There is material circulating from "the closing of the Fillmore"(7/4/71) but I don't think this comes from that as my source is pretty reliable. If anybody can compare, please do.

After "Back on the Streets again", Whoever is on the mic mentions that they are recording for a record this night? Aborted live album?

I stole my big brother's "East Bay Grease" LP when I was about 10 years old because of the crazy cover. I played it to death w/ Stones Let it Bleed & Jimi's Axis. East bay Grease was out of print for maybe 15 years & then Rhino came through....



Jimmy McGriff - Red Beans - Red Beans (Groove Merchant)
J J Johnson-Bobby Womack - If You Don't Want My Love (instro) - Rubare Alla Mafia E' Un Suicidio (Across 110th Street) (sndtrk) (Dagored)
Cal Tjader - Xibabas - Amazonas (Fantasy)
Mom - Mom - The Vibe (Instinct)

Grooverider - Imagination Pts 1 & 2 - Mysteries of Funk (Columbia)
Egba - Mogubgub - Egba (Europafilm)

Bill Watrous - Dichotomy - Manhattan Wildlife Preserve (Columbia)
Ramsey Lewis - Shining - Love Notes (Columbia)
The Counts - What's Up Front That Counts - What's Up Front That Counts (Westbound)

Frank Zappa - King Kong - Uncle Meat (Ryko)

War - City Country City - The World is a Ghetto (Avenue)
Yusef Lateef - Below Yellow Bell - The Gentle Giant (Atlantic)

Miles Davis - Theme From Jack Johnson - Agharta (Columbia)

Peter Alsop - Stuck On You - Peter Alsop (Peaceable Records)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playlist for May 28, 2008

It has come to my attention that WHRW will be doing some much-needed technical work this coming week. That means WHRW will be off the air next Wednesday, which means I'll be pre-empted.

I'll be back the following Wednesday, June 11th, 2008.

Jonathan Richman - Manchester International 29th May 1991

Taper's Notes:

A few great standout moments, particularly so with Monologue on Bermuda, Pablo Picasso, and a very early sounding version of Velvet Underground, for which Jonathan is still playing about with lyrics... sounds pretty different here.

Set 1

1 - Yo Jojo

2 - She doesn't laugh at my Jokes

3 - Chewing gum wrapper

4 - Circle I

5 - Our swinging pad

6 - It will stand

7 - The Beach

8 - That Summer Feeling

9 - The UFO Man

10 - The Neighbors

11- Monologue on Bermuda

12 - Blue Moon

13 - Egyptian Reggae

14 - I love hot nights

15 - My career as a Homewrecker

Set 2

1 - When I say wife

2 - Fender Stratocaster

3 - Gail Loves me

4 - You're crazy for taking the bus

5 - Rodeo Wind

6 - Since she started to ride

7 - When Harpo played his Harp

8 - Pablo Picasso

9 - Velvet Underground

10 - Vincent van Gogh

11 - Action Packed

12 - Dancin' late at night

13 - Lets take a trip

14 - This kind of music

15 - Just for fun

16 - When she kisses me



The Who

I Don't Even Know Myself
Young Man Blues
My Generation

Fillmore West, San Francisco CA, June 19, 1969
Various sources


Third World with Stevie Wonder - Jamaica Sunsplash 4, August 4, 1982
Jarrett Park, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Taper's Notes:

A Tribute to Bob Marley. Excellent audience recording. 6:00 AM show.

This recording focuses on Stevie's contribution to Sunsplash 4. Recording starts off with fade in to a Third World song "...Get off of your backside and do something for the world", quickly moves into Masterblaster, Stevie's tribute to Bob. Next is Redemption Song (joining in is Rita Marley!). Stevie dedicates the next tune, Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bob Marley. Next is Now That We've Found Love & Dancing on the Floor. The set ends with Always Around -> One Love. So, for the list types:

Track 1: Masterblaster
Track 2: Redemption Song
Track 3: Happy Birthday
Track 4: Now That We've Found Love
Track 5: Dancing On the Floor
Track 6: Always Around -> One Love.

I've never seen this posted anywhere else before, so hopefully someone will enjoy listening to this great early morning music!

This post is dedicated to my good friend Mr. Mags, who has been suggesting that I post this for some time now.

Enjoy! and share the good vibes.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Playlist for May 14th, 2008

Brian Eno- Music for Ara Pacis, 6 May 2008

Taper's Notes:

Nine years on from their first collaboration (`I Dormienti` in the undercrofts of the London Roundhouse), Brian (music) and Mimmo Paladino (installation, sculptures) have again joined forces for a collaborative project at Rome's Museo dell'Arra Pacis.
It ran from 11th March to 11th May.

Here is an audience recording, ipietri, a bright star in the Eno universe, sound wizzard and a good friend too has managed to visit the very installation and succesfully make a wonderful recording. Quality wise top notch!!!!

He asked me to upload this on his behalf and I feel honored (and happy to regain some of my reputation as some sort of `Eno pope` (or geek or whatsoever ;-)...). Since I didn`t take Eno's advice for slower and better thinking and made a remark at the `Nerve Net Forum` which lost me lots of sympathies there I want to repair some of the bad karma I have earned: People! Buy all of Eno`s records, he is a genius! Buy his books, dvds too and visit his installations, he is a great and gifted artist.

O.K.: here is, what ipietri wrote about the very recording (again thanks and all spots on him!!!!):

``as promised here's my recording inside the Ara Pacis in Rome
I made it yesterday afternoon with Core Sound Binaurals mic + Marantz PMD620 recorder
edited with Steinberg Wavelab and HarBal 2.3
no cuts in the recording, it's a 1 hour visit walking in the
installation... including some (rare) visitor chatting... rare and not
annoying, easily the reference recording from the installation :-))
I suggest you don't play it really works as a background...
it's playing now in my office and nobody is protesting :-)))``


Acid Mothers Temple
7th Street Entry
Minneapolis, MN

Taper's Notes:

Source: Microtech Gefell m200 > van den Hul silver > sd722 @ 24/48

Mic Config: DIN (90 degrees 20 cm)

Location: Beside The Board - LOC - 8' stand

Transfer: CF > USB 2.0 > PC

Volume, Fades, EQ & Resample to 44.1Hz Soundforge 9.0
Dither to 16 bits Izotope Ozone 3 MBIT+
Tracks Split with CD Wave Editor > FLAC Frontend

taped & transferred by David Lawrence

Tsuyama Atsushi: monster bass, voice, cosmic joker
Higashi Hiroshi: synth, guitar, voice, dancin'king
Shimura Koji: drums, latino cool
Kawabata Makoto: guitar, voice, speed guru

01. Intro Jam >
02. Douchebag
03. Dark Stars In The Dazzling Sky
04. Pink Lady Lemonade >
05. Speed Guru

Setlist from ZaPenguin. Thanks!!

One short, complete set. I'm told that the short set was due to a late start caused by one of the opening bands having border crossing difficulties. Acid Mothers Temple took the stage
around 1am and were done by 2am...


The Lyon Tapes Collection (Volume 279)


Théatre antique de Fourvière
Lyon (France)
July 16, 1979

Taper's Notes:

Lineage : master Audience cassette tape (azimuth optimized) > SB live > Adobe audition (acquisition & edition) > Wav > Trader's Little Helper (level 6/sectors boundaries aligned) > Flac files.

Setlist : not complete ...

01. intro musicians
02. Champagne & Reefer
03. ?
04. Hoochie Coochie Man
05. Kansas City

5 separate tracks
Total time : 21'18"

Notes :
This is the 279th upload of my concerts collection recorded in Lyon (France).
It's a pure 100 % audience recording with an "artificial head" ( MKE2002 Sennheiser) & my old tape recorder SONY TCD152SD from the middle of the theater seats, about 20m from the stage.
This was recorded for "La Nuit du Blues" au Théatre antique de Fourvière (Lyon) in July 1978 - about 5 000 seats. The following artists were playing for this Blues Night : Sugar Blue / Taj Mahal / Luther Allison / Muddy Waters & BB King ...

Line-up :
Muddy Waters - vocals, guitar, slide guitar
Bob Margolin - guitar
Luther Guitar jr. Johnson - guitar
Pinetop Perkins - piano
Jerry Portnoy - harmonica
Charles Calmese - bass
Calvin "Fuzz" Jones - drums

enjoy it all MUDDY WATERS fans !!


Presented by Whitney Live
Whitney Museum
February 15 2008

Taper's Notes:

Aud CSB>Edriol R-09>Peak>Xact>Flac
Recorded by avantprog

Yet another set by Mssrs Didkovsky,Hopper and Roulat.
The sound on this is not nearly as nice as the DMG set.

Nick Didkovsky Guitar
Hugh Hopper Bass
John Roulat Drums

Foster Wives Trophy Hair (Didkovsky)
Overlife Part 3 (Didkovsky)
Green Dansette (Hopper)
Chaos No Pasties (Didkovsky)
We'll Ask the Questions Around Here, part 2 (Didkovsky)

Videos from this show are here:


Ian Carr's Conversation with the Blues

BBC Studios (Jazz In Britain)
London, England
March 17th 1980

Ian Carr (trumpet)
Allan Holdsworth (guitar)
Brian Smith & Tim Whitehead (sax/flute)
Geoff Castle (keyboards)
Chucho Merchan (bass)
Nic France (drums)
Chris Fletcher (percussion)

Taper's Notes:

1. Conversation with the Blues part 1
2. Conversation with the Blues part 2
3. Conversation with the Blues part 3
4. Sidewalk
5. BBC Announcer

Remember, I won't be on the air
next week (May 21, 2008).
I expect to be back on the air at my
usual time on the 28th, but don't
quote me on that (gosh darn that
real-life!). I'll definitely be back
on Wednesday, May 4th.

Please check this blog for further details.
Have a good one!