Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Playlist for June 27, 2007

HATFIELD and the NORTH with Robert Wyatt
Studio ORTF des Buttes-Chaumont, Paris
January 2, 1973

Here is a medley performed by Hatfield & the North
with Robert Wyatt

the note with the cd-r was:
Herouville - Studio Chateau French TV - broadcast
"Rockenstock" December 1972, medley: God song/Fol de
rol/Finesse is for fairies/untitled

I'm sure the Calix website is right so the date is Jan
2, 1973 and the setlist is correct.

Robert Wyatt : voice
Richard Sinclair: bass, voice
Phil Miller : guitar
Pip Pyle : drums
Dave Sinclair : keyboards

Set List (19:02)
1 - God Song >> Fol de rol >> For Robert >> A-Mewsing

Larry Coryell and the Eleventh House
Montreux Jazz Festival

The taper writes:

"Sometime between the date of this concert, and my
graduation in 1976, New York University's radio
station WNYU had acquired the rights to a one-time
only broadcast of excerpts from the 1974 Montreux Jazz
Festival. These shows were all soundboards, and the
excerpts ran anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes each.
Using an extended-length 7" reel tape, many of these
sets were captured for posterity. 48 minutes were
broadcast of a 94 minute set, of which the 27 minutes
heard here survive on a different Memorex reel. It's a
rocking performance - parts sound like Mile's "Bitches

For this outing, the Eleventh House consisted of:

Larry Coryell (g)
Michael Lawrence (tp, flh)
Mike Mandel (el p, synth)
Danny Trifan (b)
Alphonse Mouzon (dr)


The Eyes Of Love
The Cover Girl

The Skunks - Cheap Girl - Live at Rauls (Dejadisc)
Nazz - She's Goin' Down - Open Our Eyes (Sanctuary)
Baby Gramps - Satisfied & Tickled Too - Baptized on
Swamp Water (babygramps dot com)
Fit & Limo - Terra
Hardfloor - Dubdope - Da Damn Phreak Noise Phunk
(Harthouse America)
Esthero - Song for Holly - GO Sndtrk (Work-Sony)
Little Sister - You're the One Pt 2 - 7-inch
Allen Ginsberg - Dance of the Skeletons - CD5
Dim Stars (Richard Hell) - Rip Off - Spurts Rhino)
Marc Bolan - Girl In The Thunderbolt Suit (Blue Jean
Bop) - Bolan's Zip Gun (Rhino)
Ren & Stimpy (sndtrk) - Don't Whiz On the Electric
Fence - You Eediot (Epic)
Spirit - When I Touch You - 12 Dreams of Dr Sardonicus
Mint Royale - Shake Me - On The Ropes (Faith & Hope)
Sergio Mendes - Berimbau - Timeless (Concord Jazz)
Deep Purple - Mandrake Root - Shades Of Deep Purple

(Remainder of show taken up by my apprentice).

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Playlist for June 20 2007

Steve Goodman
Madison, WI
Probably September 22, 1980

Jethro Burns

EARLY SHOW (excerpt):

Talking Iran Blues 1:35
Chrysler (Ain't Too Proud To Beg) 2:11
Flight 191 (They Know Everything About It) 3:45
Chicken Cordon Bleus 2:07
This Hotel Room 4:31
What Were You Expecting ... Rock 'n' Roll? 3:15
You're The Girl I Love 3:00
I'm My Own Grandpa 3:17
The Ballad Of Penny Evans 2:55
The Auctioneer 3:53
Ice Cream Freezer Blues 3:14
The Vegetable Song (The Barnyard Dance) 2:19
City Of New Orleans 5:04
Video Tape 2:36
Men Who Love Women Who Love Men 3:10

The Rolling Stones
Live in Brussels, Newcastle and London
("Bedspring Symphony Revisited")

Brown Sugar
Gimme Shelter
Tumbling Dice
Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Star Star (Newcastle) [Omitted due to the F.C.C.]
Dancing With Mr. D
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Honky Tonk Women
Midnight Rambler
All Down The Line
Rip This Joint
Jumping Jack Flash
Street Fighting Man (London)

City Hall Plaza, San Francisco
6 August 1979

01. Rockaway Beach
02. Teenage Lobotomy
03. Blitzkrieg Bop
04. I Don't Want You
05. Go Mental
06. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
07. Rock 'N' Roll High School
08. I Wanna Be Sedated
09. I Just Want To Have Something To Do
10. I'm Against It
11. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
12. Havana Affair
13. Commando
14. I Want You Around
15. I'm Affected
16. Surfin' Bird
17. Cretin Hop
18. Listen To My Heart
19. California Sun
20. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
21. Today Your Love Tomorrow The World
22. Pinhead
23. Do You Wanna Dance
24. Suzy Is A Headbanger
25. Lets Dance
26. Judy Is A Punk
27. We're A Happy Family

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Playlist for June 13 2007

Hank Roberts
Johnny Dowd
both recorded live at
The Ithaca Festival, Ithaca, NY
on the Bartlemuzik Ltd.
Mobile Unit

Johnny Guitar Watson - Superman Lover - Best of the
Funk Years (Shout Factory)
Todd Rundgren-TR-I - Fascist Christ - No World Order
Heaven 17 - Fascist Groove Thang - Penthouse &
Pavement (Virgin)
Sally Timms - Half Past France - The Land of Milk &
Honey (Feel Good All Over)
Rolling Stones - Citadel - Their Satanic Majesties
Throw That Beat in the Garbagecan - There's Something
- The Cool Album (Spinart)
The Association - Barefoot Gentleman - Just The Right
SOund (Rhino)

Dead Meadow - Get Up On Down - Feathers (Matador)
John Hartford - Can't Stand to Throw Anything Away -
The Walls We Bounce Off Of (Small Dog A-Barkin')
Stephen McQuillen - The Natural State of Humanity -
Sun Ra - Outer Nothingness - Heliocentric Worlds Vol 1
(espdisk dot com)
Mayo Thompson - To You - Corky's Cigar (Drag City)
The Doors - When The Music's Over - The Best of the
Doors (Elektra)

Frank Zappa - Chunga's Revenge - FZ-OZ (zappa dot com)
Modern Lovers - I'm Straight - The Modern Lovers
The Syn - Grounded - The Freakbeat Scene (Deram)

Gallery - I Believe In Music - 7-inch (Sussex)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Playlist for June 6th, 2007

This morning, people were working on the roof
of the library tower, where our transmitter is located.
That usually means the transmitter has to be run in
low-drive mode (15 watts instead of our usual 1,455).

When I tried to turn our transmitter on, I got no signal. None.
The problem was that when the workers were ripping the old roofing off, they jostled the transmitter feed cable, which feeds our antenna. Our chief engineer just fixed it.

We need to be on low-drive for the next few weeks while
the roofers do their thing (100 watts instead of 1,455). If reception isn't up to snuff, check out our MP3 stream at

We now return you to our regularly-scheduled program.

Brian Eno - 1974-1976

1-The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch [Brian Eno And The Winkies-'Top Gear', BBC-Radio, London, Feb 19, 1974]
2-Fever [Brian Eno And The Winkies-'Top Gear',
BBC-Radio, London, Feb 19, 1974]
3-Baby's On Fire [Brian Eno And The Winkies-'Top
Gear', BBC-Radio, London, Feb 26, 1974] 4-I'll Come Running [Brian Eno And The Winkies-'Top Gear', BBC-Radio, London, Feb 26, 1974] 5-The Fat Lady Of Limbourg [Brian Eno And 801-Reading Festival, Aug 26, 1976]
6-Third Uncle [Brian Eno And 801-Reading Festival, Aug
26, 1976]
7-Wind On Water-Peter`s Clock-Oaken Gates [Brian Eno
And Robert Fripp-The Olympia, Paris, France May 28, 1975]

Dogon - Fat Old Sun - The Sirius Expeditions (World
Nurse With Wound/Cyclobe - Untitled -
Angry Eelectric Finger Part Two: Paraparaparallellogrammatica (blrrecords dot
Bob Holman - The Death of Poetry - In With the Out
Crowd (Mercury)
SUNN O))) - Fried Eagle Mind - Altar (Southern Lord)
Saco & Erica - Sax Duo Columbus Circle - Beautiful
Sounds Coming Out of the Ground
Harmonia - Hausmuzik - Musik Von Harmonia (Universial
field recording-Dusk in Southern PA (excerpt)
Telefon Tel Aviv -
What It Is Without the Hand That Wields It - Map of What Is Effortless
Fires Were Shot - Quickbeam - Solace (Asphodel)
Radio Massacre International - A Piano Wanders the Incandescant Vapours - Emissaries (Cuneiform)

Pluramon - Self Remix - WIRE Tapper 6 (Wire)
Ned Lagin/Phil Lesh - Seastones (Dec '75 Version -
excerpt) - Seastones (Ryko)
Timothy Leary - Star Light - Beyond Life with Timothy
Leary (Mercury)
field recording - Peepers in Nature Preserve
Gregory Taylor - Nem - Amalgam (Palace of Lights)
Jim Ameche as Dick Tracy -
The Case of the Midnight Marauder (Mercury 78RPM
Sonic Youth & the ICP & The Ex - X - In the
Fishtank 9

K Leimer - track 2 - The Useless Lesson (Palace of
Funky Porcini - Dubble - Xen Rare Cuts (Ninja Tune)

Tom T Hall - Back When Gas Was 30 Cents a Gallon - A
Soldier of Fortune (RCA)