Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Playlist for September 27, 2006

The Bottom Line, New York
April 10,1976
as heard on WNEW-FM

Band set
1-Sunshine Superman
2-There Is a Mountain
3-Dark Eyed Blue Jean Angel
4-Laughing River
5-Take Your Time
7-Woman's Work
8-Catch the Wind
9-My My They Sigh
10-Season of the Witch

Solo set
1-Black Widow
2-Happiness Runs
4-Intergalactic Laxative
6-I Love My Shirt
7-Mellow Yellow
8-Crowd/radio Announcers
9-Saturday Night
10-Hurdy Gurdy Man

From the Bottom Line Show List :
APR 7-11, 1976
An Evening With
With special guest Derroll Adams
All Seats $5.50 [THOSE were the days!]
* April 10 show broadcast live on five radio stations:
WHCN (Hartford), WMMR (Philadelphia),
WBRV (Providence), WBCN (BOSTON), WNEW (N.Y.)

Frank Zappa - Inca Roads - YCDTOSA Vol 2 Helsinki (Ryko)
T Rex - Life's A Gas - Electric Warrior (Rhino)
Jason Trachtenberg - Camouflaged Mind - Together (
Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan Blues
Ching Chong Song - Cigarettes - Ching Chong Song (
Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness - Light Of Worlds (Mercury)

Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players - Look at me - Live at Castaways 9-23-06
Leo Kottke - Tilt Billings & The Student Prince - Ice Water (BGO)
People Like Us - Dolly Pardon - Abridged Too Far
Pastor John Rydgren - Dark Side of the Flower - (wfmu blog)
London & The Bridges - It Just Ain't Right - 60's Choice 1&2 (Eva)
Sally Timms - Homburg - To The Land of Milk & Honey (Feel Good All Over)
The Wallys - First Base with You - Double Play EP

DJ Q-Bert - Organ Donor w-DJ Shadow - mp3 download
Billy Cobham - Pleasant Pheasant - Crosswinds (Wounded Bird)
Perrey & Kingsley - EVA (Fat Boy Slim Remix) - Out Sound From Way In (Vanguard)
Ursula 1000 - Descarga en la Discoteca - Here Comes Tomorrow (ESL Music)
Todd Rundgren - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)

Bull Moose Jackson - Big 10-inch Record - King R&B Box Set (King)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Playlist for September 20, 2006

Bootleg Meltdown!

Gil Scott-Heron's Midnight Band
January 16, 1978
Berkeley, CA

Source: SBD or FM Broadcast

01. Intro
02. Gil's Opening Speech
03. "The Spirit of the Drum" (Rap & Chant over Drums)
04. Hello Sunday, Hello Road
05. 95-South (All of the Places We've Been)
06. Racetrack in France
07. We Almost Lost Detroit
08. Home is Where the Hatred Is (cut/fade out)
09. Band Introductions
10. Song of the Wind (aka Blow Wind Blow)
11. Band Introductions > The Bottle
12. Johannesburg (cut/fade out)

The Midnight Band:
Gil Scott-Heron (Vocals, Guitar, and possibly Piano)
Brian Jackson (Keyboards, Flute)
Alan Barnes (Saxophone, Synthesizer)
Delbert Tailor (Piano, Trumpet, Congas, Flugelhorn, Vocals)
Barnett Williams (Congas, Percussion)
Sigi Dillard (Bass)
Reggi Brisbane (Drums)

The source for this recording is either a SBD or FM Broadcast.
Sound quality isn't bad.

One other thing to mention is that Gil goes through the Band
Introductions on Track 9, and then again on Track 11. It
appears that tracks 1-10 are from one show, and tracks 11 and 12
are from another. It's quite possible that these 2 tracks are
from the late show, or another performance entirely (the quality
and mix on both of these performances sounds identical, so these are probably from the late show).

Be Bop Deluxe 1978 Oxford

FM broadcast

Very Good Sound, marred somewhat by improper
use of digital noise reduction.

trade cdr >> wav >> flac 8

01 New Precision (7:06)
02 Dangerous Strangers (3:34)
03 Superenigmatix (2:40)
04 Lovers Are Mortal (6:02)
05 New Mysteries (4:56)
06 Panic In The World (6:11)
07 Forbidden Lovers (4:50)
08 Love In Flames (5:43)

Led Zeppelin
Vienna, Austria

Excellent Soundboard Recording

01-Dazed And Confused 22:55
02-Stairway To Heaven 10:10
03-Boogie > Baby I Don't Care 3:46
04-Let's Have A Party 2:08
05-I Can't Quit You >
Lemon Song > Whole Lotta Love 12:02
06-Heartbreaker 8:55

running time 59:56

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Playlist for September 13th 2006

Boot of the Week

November 11, 1982
Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA

DISC #1/1 (64:28)
01) Time Out For Fun
02) Patterns
03) Speed Racer
04) Big Mess
05) Peek-A-Boo
06) Out Of Sync
07) That's Good
08) Freedom Of Choice Theme
09) Whip It
10) Girl U Want (EZ)
11) Planet Earth
12) Deep Sleep
13) Jocko Homo (cut)
14) Uncontrollable Urge (cut)
15) Gates Of Steel
16) Smart Patrol
17) Mr. DNA
18) Gut Feeling
19) Booji's Beautiful World (cut)

Terminal Mind - Sense Of Rhythm -
Elvis Costello - Dr Luther's Asst - Get Happy (reissue-Rhino)
Chemicals Made From Dirt - Protein Pants - Ike (
April March - Charlatan - Chrominance Decoder
James Chance & The COntortions - King Heroin - White Cannibal (ROIR)
XTC - Clap Clap Clap - Explode Together (Virgin)
T-Rex - Born To Boogie - Tanx (reissue - Rhino)

Weather Report - Vertical Invader - Live In Tokyo (Columbia)

Billy Paul - - East - Going East (Phila Int'l)
Osibisa - Move On - Woyaya (Decca)
Osibisa - Rabaiatu - Woyaya (Decca)
Passport - Algeria - Sky Blue (Atlantic)
Ohio Players - Walt's First Trip - Pleasure (Westbound)
The New Birth - Fire & Rain - Ain't No Big Thing but It's Growing (RCA)

Theivery Corporation - Shaolin Satellite - Sounds from the Theivery Hi-Fi (
Parliament - Funkentelechy - Funkentelechy vs The Placebo Syndrome (Casablanca)
Mongo Santamaria - Hip Hug Her - Feelin' Alright (Atlantic)
100 Proof - Backtrack - Somebody's Been Sleeping (Hot Wax)
JJohn Mayall - You Must Be Crazy - USA Union (Polydor)

Stephen McQuillen - Has Bush Forgotten? -

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Playlist for September 6, 2006

The Who - Tales From The Who
(King Biscuit Flower Hour Remaster)12-4-1973

Venue: The Spectrum, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, USA, Tuesday, December 4, 1973

Source: Soundboard

01...Pete Townshend Interview
02...Keith Moon Interview
03...Can't Explain
04...Summertime Blues
05...My Generation
06...I Am The Sea
07...Real Me (aka The Real Me)
08...I'm One
09...Sea And Sand
11...Bell Boy
12...Roger Daltrey Interview
13...Dr. Jimmy
14...Won't Get Fooled Again
15...Pinball Wizard
16...See Me, Feel Me

APPROX TIME: 77mins40secs

XTC playing live at Berg en Bos, in Apeldoorn ,
The Netherlands on August 8. 1980

These songs were part of the of Dutch
radio & TV station VARA's Popkaravaan
1980 broadcast (simultaneously on radio and TV)

Line up :

Andy Partridge - guitar, vocals
Colin Moulding - bass, vocals
Terry Chambers - drums
David Gregory - keyboards, guitar

setlist :

01 Real By Reel
02 Generals And Majors
03 Respectable Street
04 Love at First sight
05 Helicopter
06 Making Plans For Nigel

Source : FM > Cassette > Audacity >
CD Wave Editor > FLAC

Bomb The Bass-K&D - Bug Powder Dust - The K&D Sessions (k7)
Hal Blaine - Flashes - Psychedelic Percussion (MCA Japan)
Shortly After Takeoff - Omega Supreme -
Shortly After Takeoff (Alien Journalism)
Nicholas Johnson Berkeley 1970-1
Slang-Souther Wind - The Bellwether Project (Terminus)
Sky Cries Mary - 2000 Light Years from Home -
A Return To The Inner Experience (World)
Lord Buckley - The Nazz - The Royal Court of Lord Buckley (El Records)
Gentle Giant - Aspirations - The Power & The Glory (DRT)
Doug Wyatt - Talking Points - The Dream Of (Sonosphere)
Einsturzende Neubauten - DNS Wassersturm -
Strategies Against Architechture 2 (Elektra)
Jean Shepherd - LIFE - from a 1969 broadcast
Spectrum & Silver Apples - Whirlwind - A Lake of Teardrops (Orbit)
Can - Tony Wanna Go - The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)

TRS-80 - Talk Like a Teenager (Found magazine 7-inch)