Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014 - Iris DeMent Interview

CAVEAT - Some of the language in this song is adult-themed. Apart from that, enjoy!

Neil Young - Spirit Road - Chrome Dreams II (Reprise)
Hot Tuna - Half-Time Saturation - Yellow Fever (Grunt)
Johnny Cash - The Beast In Me - American Recordings (American)

The Roches - Hammond Song - The Roches (WB)
Bob Dylan - Talkin' World War III Blues - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (Columbia)
Neil Young - Homegrown - American Stars 'n' Bars (Reprise) (request)

Iris DeMent Interview

Iris DeMent:

Sing The Delta - Sing The Delta (Flariella)
Infamous Angel - Infamous Angel (Philo)
Wasteland of the Free - The Way I Should (WB)
Livin' On The Inside - Sing The Delta (Flariella)
Let The Mystery Be - Infamous Angel (Philo)

Chris Bell - You & Your Sister - I Am The Cosmos (Ryko)
Holy Modal Rounders - Spring of '65 - Good Taste is Timeless (Metromedia)

The Beatles - Run For Your Life - Rubber Soul (Capitol)

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 23, 2014

Brian Eno:

Baby's On Fire - Here Come The Warm Jets (EG)
Third Uncle - Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (EG)
Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) - Rarities (EG)

Frank Zappa - You're Probably Womdering Why I'm Here - Freak Out (
Neil Young - Like A Hurricane - Unplugged (Reprise)
R Stevie Moore - Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me & My Monkey - Love Compartment (
The Beatles - Helter Skelter - The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)

The Cramps - Mama OO Pow Pow! - Stay Sick (Enigma)
James Chance And The Contortions - Contort Yourself - Live In NY (ROIR)
Led Zeppelin - Your Time is Gonna Come - Led Zeppelin (Atlantic)
Amanda Palmer & Grand Theft Orch. - Trout Heart Replica - Theater Is Evil (8 Ft.)

Nico - The End - The End (Island)
Parliament - The Goose - Up For The Down Stroke (Westbound)
Gentle Giant - The Boys In The Band - Octopus (Vertigo)
Big Star - Thirteen - Big Star Live (Ryko)
Big Star - Stroke It Noel - Third/Sister Lovers (Ryko)

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

April 9, 2014 - The Who

CAVEAT - Roger drops the F-bomb toward the end of the song.
The Who

The Kids Are Alright - My Generation (Decca)
Bald-Headed Woman - Two's Missing (MCA)
Radio 1/Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - BBC Sessions (MCA)
Baba O'Riley - Who's Next (MCA)

Heat Wave - - Two's Missing (MCA)
The Punk Meets The Godfather - Quadrophenia Soundtrack (MCA)
Tattoo - The Who Sell Out (MCA)
Pure & Easy - Odds & Sods (MCA)

A Quick One - Happy Jack (MCA)
They Are All  In Love - The Who By Numbers (MCA)
Underture - Tommy (MCA)

Rael - The Who Sell Out (MCA)
Behind Blue Eyes - Who's Next (MCA)
How Can You Do It Alone - Face Dances (WB)
3.905 - Who Are You (MCA)
Summertime Blues/Shakin' All Over - Live at Leeds (MCA)

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April 2, 2014 - Tom Waits

Tom Waits (unless otherwise noted):

Step Right Up - Small Change (Asylum)
Ice Cream Man - Closing Time (Asylum)
Burma Shave - Used Songs (Rhino)

Small Change - Small Change (Asylum)
God's Away on Business - Blood Money (Anti)
Grapefruit Moon - Closing Time (Asylum)
Raised Right Men - Bad As Me (Anti)

Eggs & Sausage - Nighthawks at the Diner (Asylum)
I Never Talk To Strangers - Foreign Affairs (Asylum)
Alex Chilton - Downtown - Step Right Up (Manifesto)
16 Shells (live in Paris) - In The Neighborhood (12-inch) (Island)

Big Joe & Phantom 309 - Nighthawks at the Diner (Asylum)
Diamond In Your Mind - Healing The Divide (Anti)
Chicago - Bad As Me (Anti)
Diamonds On My Windshield - Bounced Checks (Asylum)

Strange Weather - Beautiful Maladies (Island)
Lydia Lunch - Heartattack & Vine - New Coat of Paint (Manifesto)

The Heart of Saturday Night - The Heart of Saturday Night (Asylum)

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