Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Frank Zappa Birthday Special, December 22, 2011

Special rebroadcast of original show from 21-December-2011

All tracks by Frank Zappa Link
Hour 1

Little Dots (The Bunn Hill Shuffle) – Harpur College (Binghamton U) West Gym, October 29, 1972

Dupree's Paradise - >
It Can't Happen Here - Broome County Arena May 1 1974
PSA - Do It Now Foundation

Who Needs The Peace Corps - >
Stairway To Nicaragua – Broome County Arena March 17 1988
Who Are The Brain Police (Section B-alt take) - MOFO Deluxe (Zappa.com)
The Dangerous Kitchen - Man From Utopia (Ryko)

Hour 2

As far as music - Edgard Varese
Lumpy Gravy (excerpt)(Ryko)
Disco Boy - Zoot Allures (Ryko)
Cops & Buns - The Lost Episodes (Ryko)
Been To Kansas City in A Minor - Imaginary Diseases (zappa dot com)
The Mothers Of Invention - Chocolate Halvah - The Artisan acetate, 1969
Big Leg Emma - Ab Free (Ryko)

Who Are The Brain Police (Sections A-C-B) - MOFO Deluxe (Zappa.com)
Farther O'Blivion (aka “Join the March and Eat My Starch”) Stockholm 21-August-73
PSA – Do It Now Foundation

Hour 3

1972 interview excerpt - “I'm Hip But Of Course I Am Offended”
Frank Zappa - Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy - FZ-OZ (zappa.com)
Dumb All Over – You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore , Vol. 1 (Ryko)
Agency Man - Ahead of their time (Ryko)
Who Are The Brain Police (Original stereo mix) - MOFO Deluxe (Zappa dot com)

Cheap Thrills - Reuben & The Jets (LP MIX) (Verve)
Burt Ward - Boy Wonder I Love You - 7-inch (MGM)
Dear Jeepers - Rare Meat (Del-Fi)
Excerpt from interview on the Howard Stern Show, 1987
It Can't Happen Here (Mothermania album Version) - MOFO Deluxe (Zappa dot com)
Murder By Numbers (with Sting) – Broadway The Hard Way (Ryko)
Concentration Moon – We're Only In It for the Money (1990's restored version) (Ryko)
Uncle Bernie's Farm - Absolutely Free (Ryko)
The Clap - Chunga's Revenge (Ryko)
Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats (Ryko)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Major malfunction with this week's podcast and playlist.
I am working to disentangle the problem.
Meanwhile, please enjoy my previous podcasts, available below.

Zappa Birthday Special next Wednesday, the 21st.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Playlist for December 7, 2011

Fats Comet - Stormy Weather - (12-inch)(On-U)
Lenny White - Dark - Hipbop 'n' Funk (Silva Screen)
Various - Swami Safari - Bombay The Hard Way (Motel)
Doug Wimbish - Gangster - Trippy Notes For Bass (On-U)
Rare Earth - I Just Want To Celebrate - Motown Remixed (Motown)

Clarence Carter - Back Door Santa - Soul Christmas (Atlantic)
Chas Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band - Express Yourself (Mocean Worker Remix) - What Is Hip? (WB)
April Stevens - Do It Again (Wagon Christ/Luke Vibert Remix) - Electro Lounge (Capitol)
Peter Sellers - A Hard Days Night - Peter Sellers (EMI)
The Beatles/Ill Chemist - Feel Alright (mashup, from MP3)

Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon - Stull EP (T&G)
Einsturzencde Neubauten - Sand - Halber Mensch (Thirsty Ear)
Elvis Costello - Imagination Is a Powerful Deceiver - My Aim Is True (reissue) (Ryko)

Interview with Deana Martin

Deana Martin from her new album, White Christmas (Big Fish):

White Christmas (w/Andy Williams)
Winter Wonderland

Alex Chilton - Volare - High Priest (Big Time)
Hot Butter - Skokian - Incredibly Strange Music Vol II - (Asphodel)
Ken Nordine - Maroon – Colors (Philips)

I Want a Television Xmas (RCA promo 78 RPM disc, 1950)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playlist for November 30, 2011

Emil Vilicvky - Troochu Funky - The Funky Way Of Emil Vilicvky (Vampisoul)
Kraan - Let It Out - Let It Out (Passport)
If - The Light Still Shines - Waterfall (Metromedia)
George Duke - Old Slipper - Feel (MPS)
Peter Thomas - The Hound of Blackwood Castle - Futuremuzik (Scamp)
Frank Zappa - Louie Louie/Dog Breath Variations - Uncle Meat (Ryko)
Robbie Krieger - Solar Wind - Singularity (Oglio)
DNA - Vivo - Influences (Rasa)
Howie B - Who's Got The Bacon? - Turn The Dark Off (Island)

Little Fyodor - I Want An Ugly Girl - Slither 7-inch (Walls of Genius)
Hiram Sherman- A Little Investighation - How Now Dow Jones (RCA)
Daniels Francis Doyle - Sharing Stories - There Are 2 of You (7-inch) (Soungs)
Tony Joe Whitye - 300 Pounds of Hungry - The Train I'm On
Jimmy Castor - D.R.Y. (7-inch) (Smash)
The Fabulous Knickerbockers - Your Kind of Lovin - Lies (Challenger)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - First 2 albums (Tomlab)
Richard Thompson - Haul Me Up - Dream Attic (Shout Factory)
Mark Almond - Riding Free - Mark Almond (Columbia)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Playlist for November 16, 2011

The Doors:
Who Do You Love - Absolutely Live (Elektra)

Waiting For The Sun - Morrison Hotel (Elektra)

Moonlight Drive, Version 1 - The Doors (40th Anniv Ed) (Rhino/Elektra)

Touch Me - The Soft Parade (Elektra)

Lizard Poem/Light My Fire - London Roundhouse 9-8-68 (from Irish TV)

The Hitchhiker - An American Prayer (Elektra)

Nico - The End - The End (Island)

When The Music's Over - The Matrix, SF CA 3-JUL-1967

The Soft Parade - The Soft Parade (Elektra)
John Oswald - O'Hell ("Sir Jim Moron") - Plunderphonic (Fony)
Canned Heat - Amphetamine Annie - Boogie With Canned Heat (Liberty)
John Cale - Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - Fear (Island)
The Byrds - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better - Columbia Studios LA- April 14 1965

Steinski & The Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On - What Does It All Mean? (Illegal Art)

I'll be away from the microphone and turntables next Wednesday. Have a great holiday, and see you again at 7AM sharp on Wednesday the 30th!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

November 9th, 2011

LinkStraospheerius - Mental Floss - Headspace
The Kaygees - Cheek to Cheek - Kilowatt (De-Lite)
Esther Phillips - Cherry Red - 7-inch (Kudu)
Skull Snaps - It's A New Day - Skull Snaps (GSF)
Miriam Makeba - Umqokozo - Makeba (Reprise)
Ozo - Realms - Listen to the Buddha (DJM)

Peter Thomas Sound Orch - Der Hexer - Futuremuzik (Scamp)
Green Pajamas - Little Dreams - The Red Red Rose (Green Monkey Records)
Grand Funk Railroad - Sin's a Good Man's Brother - Closer to Home (Capitol)
LSD March - Moro Pyramid - Constellation of Tragedy (Important)
Sigur Ros - Sigur Ros - Von (Smekkleysa Records/Ka)

Makiko (Water Fai) - Tokitomori - give-away demo CD (waterfai.com)
Brenda Vaccaro & co. - ABC - How Now Dow Jones (RCA)
Richard Thompson - The Money Shuffle - Dream Attic (Shout Factory)
Peter Sellers - Can't Buy Me Love - Peter Sellers (EMI)
Golly McCry - Shake My Hand - Shake My Hand (Golly Mccry)
J.J. Cale - After Midnight - Broadcasts Vol. 10 (KSGR)
Daniel Francis Doyle - There Are Two Of You - 7-inch (Soungs)

Rodney Lay - I Wish I Had A Job To Shove - 7-inch (Churchill)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Playlist for November 2, 2011

Frank Zappa:

The Blue Light – Tinseltown Rebellion (Barking Pumpkin)
The Gumbo Variations – Hot Rats (Ryko)
Chunga's Revenge/The Clap – Chunga's Revenge (Ryko)
Purple Haze/Sunshine Of Your Love – Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life (Barking Pumpkin)
Dyna Moe Humm – Overnite Sensation (DiscReet)

DJ Spooky & Creation Rebel – No No No (remix) – DJ Spooky & Creation Rebel (Trojan)
Creation Rebel – Rebel Vibrations – Historic Moments, Volume 1 (On-U)
Dub Syndicate – Stoned Immaculate – Pay It All Back, Volume 1 (On-U)

John Fahey:

Story of Dorothy Gooch – Voice of the Turtle (Takoma)
Xmas Medley – The New Possibility (Takoma)
Fare Forward Voyagers – Fare Forward Voyagers (Takoma)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26th, 2011

This week I interview The Doors' guitarist, Robby Krieger.

Missing Brazilians - Meander - War Zone (On-U Sound)
Eno & Jah Wobble - Unusual Balance - Spinner (Gyroscope)
Pere Ubu - Babylonian Warehouses - Why I Hate Women (Smog Veil)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - Wish You Were Here (Columbia)

Sonic Youth - Computer Age - Daydream Nation (Deluxe Edition) (Geffen)
The Vaselines - Poison Pen - Sex With An X (Sub Pop)
The Modern Lovers - Road Runner #1 - Kim Fowley demos, spring 1972

Roogolator - Sock It To My Pocket - Cincinnati Fatback (Proper)
Robbie Krieger - Marilyn Monroe - Robbie Krieger & Friends (Blue Note)
Funkadelic - Lunchmeatophobia - One Nation Under a Groove (Victory)
Negativland - View To The Sun - Free (Seeland)
Interview - Robbie Krieger

The Doors -

Peace Frog/Blue Sunday - Morrison Hotel (Elektra)
Spanish Caravan - Waiting For The Sun (Elektra)
Moonlight Drive - Strange Days (Elektra)

Stan Freberg - Tele-vee-shun - Collector's Series (Capitol)

While the full podcast for this show is now deleted,
you can still hear my interview with The Doors'
Robbie Krieger here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 19 2011

Rollins Band - Your Number is One – Nice (sanctuary)
Rollins Band - Volume - Weight (Imago)
Nick Lowe - American Squirm - Labour of Lust (CBS)
Bill Nelson - Substitute Flesh - Sound On Sound (Harvest)
Rollins Band - Ghost Rider - The End Of Silence sessions, Dover NJ 10/91

Ray Manzarek - Downbound Train - The Golden Scarab (Mercury)
Ray Manzarek - Bicentennial Blues - The Whole Thing Started with R&R... (Mercury)
Robbie Krieger - The Ally - Robby Krieger (Blue Note)
Robbie Krieger - East End West End - Versions (Passport)

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Someone I care About - The Modern Lovers (Rhino)
Jonathan Richman - The Mixer - Precise Modern Lovers Order (Rounder)
Jonathan Richman - I Can't Stay You - Jonathan Goes Country (Rounder)
Jonathan Richman - Monologue About Bermuda - Party With Jonathan Richman (Rounder)
Jonathan Richman - That Is Rock & Roll - Peppermint Lounge 7-5-81

Jonathan Richman - He Gave Us The Wine To Taste - Not So Much To Be Loved as to Love (Sanctuary)
Jonathan Richman - Lonely Thrift Store - I'm So Confused (Vapor)
Jonathan Richman - When We Refuse To Suffer - Because Her Beauty Is Raw & Wild (Vapor) Jonathan Richman - These Bodies That Came To Cavort - O Moon Queen Of Night On (Vapor)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Playlist for October 5th, 2011

Rolling Stones - Start Me Up - 40 Licks (Virgin)
Rollins Band - Move Right In - Hot Animal Machine (2-13-61)
The Ventures - Rap City - Live in Japan '65 (EMI)
Ween - Stroker Ace - White Pepper (Elektra)

Mad Professor - Katmandu Dub - Evolution of Dub (Ariwa)
T.U.B.A. - Theme From An Underground Bowling Alley - Speak Easy (Moonshine)
DJ Shadow - Broken Levee Blues - The Outsider (Uni-Motown)
Coldcut - Say Kids - Coldcut Cut Outs (Moment of your Time)

Electric Sandwich - Devil's Dream - Electric Sandwich (Brain)
ELP - Tank - Emerson Lake & Palmer (Victory)
GONG - Floating Anarchy - Live Floating Anarchy 1977 (Charly)
Negativland - You Don't Even Live Here - Escape From Noise (Seeland)

Flying Lizards - Tutti Frutti - Top 10 (Statik)
Weyes Blood - Storms_That_Breed - split cassette (Northern Spy)
Sursiks - The Moon Is A Moon - Xmas In March (Crabid)
King Crimson - Easy Money - Lark's Tongues in Aspic (EG)
Janis Joplin - Women Is Losers - Cheaper Thrills (Edsel)
Ralph Carney - You Took Advantage Of Me - Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project (Smog Veil)

William Shatner recording vocals for "Iron Man"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playlist for September 28, 2011

This is my inaugural show of the fall, 2011 broadcast season.
My program will be 90 minutes rather than 3 hours,
so no Boot of the Week. Still, I plan to make every
minute count!

Laurie Anderson - From The Air - Big Science (WB)
Annie Anxiety - Rise - 12-inch (One Little Indian)
Mark Stewart & Maffia - Jerusalem - 12-inch (On-U Sound)

Doug Wimbish - Gangster - Trippy Notes For Bass (On-U Sound)
Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness - Light Of Worlds (De-Lite)
Jane Siberry - Vladimir, Vladimir - The Speckless Sky (Open Air)
Steve Tibbetts - How Do You Like My Buddha? - Steve Tibbetts (Frammis)

Fairport Convention - If It Feels Good, You Know It Cant Be Wrong - Heyday (Hannibal)
Richard & Linda Thompson - I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight - I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (Hannibal)
Richard Thompson/Henry Kaiser/John French/Fred Frith - Tir - Nana- Darang - Live Love Larf & Loaf (Rhino)
Richard Thompson - Now That I Am Dead - live, promo 12-inch (Capitol)
Richard Thompson - Mr. Rebound - Austin City Limits (New West)

Glen Matlock Interview

Rich Kids - Rich Kids - 7-inch, 1978
Glen Matlock & The Philistines - Born Running - Born Running
Rich Kids - Empty Words - 7-inch 1978
Glen Matlock & The Philistines - Hey Mister

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Playlist for September 7th, 2011

Technical difficulties are delaying this week's podcast.

Watch this space!

Bruce Cockburn
San Francisco, CA
Dec 11, 2001

African Percussion - Ipeligang - Master Drummers of Africa (Arc Music)
Santana - Savor/Jingo - Santana (Columbia)
Maceo & The Macks - Cross The Track - Funksouljazzdisco (Virgin)
Fred Wesley & The JB's - House Party - Funksouljazzdisco (Virgin)
Bill Withers - Lovely Day - - Funksouljazzdisco (Virgin)
Gary Clail & On-U Sound System - Human Nature - Emotional Hooligan (Perfecto)

Dizzy Gillespie - Land of Milk & Honey - Dizzy's Party (Pablo)(Niles Chandler Remaster)

Can - Dizzy Dizzy - Cannibalism (Celluloid)
Captain Beefheart - Nowadays a Woman's Gotta Hit a Man - Clear Spot (Reprise)
Brian Eno & Snatch - RAF - 7-inch (Polydor)
Henry Rollins - It's Good To Know - Everything (2.13.61)
MC 900 Foot Jesus - Truth Is Out Of Style (12-inch)(IRS)

Frank Zappa - Friendly Little Finger - Zoot Allures (Ryko)
Todd Rundgren - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)
MC5 - I Want You Right Now - Kick Out The Jams (Elektra)
Front 242 - Headhunter V 3.0 - Front By Front (Epic)

Negativland - Nesbitt's Lime Soda - Escape From Noise (Seeland)
Negativland - Our National Anthem - Free (Seeland)
Neil Young - Barstool Blues - Zuma (Reprise)
The Raybeats - Instant Twist - It's Only A Movie (Reprise)
Pecker - Kylyn - 21st Century Dub (ROIR)
Spirit - Ice - Clear (Epic)
R Stevie Moore - I See Stars - Verve (rsteviemoore.com)
Pere Ubu - Heart of Darkness - 390 Degrees of Simulated Stereo (Ubu Projex)
Nazz - Some People - Nazz III (Rhino)

Penn Jillette – Great Green Globs... - Goobers (Tec Tones)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011

WARNING - Picture links to NSFW images.

Klaus Schulze St Thomas Kirche Berlin, 11-24-81

Link Wray - Switchblade - Bullshot (Visa)
Love Psychedelico - "O" - This Is Love Psychedelico (Hacktone)
Wreckless Eric - Reconnez Cherie - Big Smash (Stiff)
Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic - Like A Rolling Stone-Winterland (Legacy)

Smashchords - Caveman - Smashchords 12-inch (Smash Trade)
Buzzcocks - 16 Again
Ian & The Aztecs - Caralin - Live At The Troy School of Beauty Culture (Carlton)
The Soft Boys - The Face Of Death - Raw Cuts (Overland)
The Tyla Gang - Young Lords - Bezerk Times (Beserkeley)
Theo Bikel - Piggies - 1969 WB Record Sow (WB)

Lee Oskar - Yes I'm Singing - My Road Our Road (Avenue)
Dub Syndocate - Dubbing Psycho Thriller - Echomania
Creation Rebel - Space Movement Section 4 - The Master Reciordngs Vol 2 (On-U)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Want Fi Go Rave - Independent Inavenshan (Island)
Annie Anxiety - Burnt Offerings - Soul Possession (On-U)
Dafos - Passage - Dafos (Ryko)
Ravi Shankar - Tabla Solo in Shikhar Tal - Ravi Shankar in SF (World Pacific)

Melon - I Will Call You - Snakeman Show (Alfa)
Bongwater - Nick Cave Dolls - The Power Of Pussy (Shimmy Disc)
Gang Of Four - Love Like Anthrax - Mutant Pop (Fast/PVC)
This Girl - Shoplifters of the World Unite - How Soon Is Now? (Ryko)
Laurie Anderson/David Minnick - Only An Expert
TMBG - Canajoharie - Join Us (Rounder)
UK Subs - Megalopolis - Killing Time (New Red Archives)
Johnny Thunders - Chinese Rocks - Burning Ambitions (Cherry Red)

Rhino 39 - Prolixin Stomp - Dangerhouse Vol II (Frontier)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011

Frank Zappa Dr. Demento Feb 7 and 14 1988

Frank Zappa - Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Absolutely Free (Ryko)

Neil Young - Like A Hurricane - American Stars & Bars (Reprise)
Grace Jones - Walking In The Rain - Compass Point Sessions (Island)
Annette Peacock - Survival - The Perfect Release (Tomato)
Brian Eno - Airman - Drums Between The Bells (Warp)
AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long - Back In Black (Sony)
Ian & The Aztecs - Beer, Whiskey, Tequila, Wine - 7-inch (Carlton)
Buzzy Linhart - Tornado - Best Of (Kama Sutra)
Punch Drunk Monkeys - Earthquake - Cruel & Unusual (MPRESS)
Lothar & The Hand People - Today Is Only Yesterdays' Tomorrow - Space Hymn (Capitol)
TMBG - Judy Is Your Viet Nam - Join Us (Rounder)

DJ Food/Ken Nordine - The Aging Rebel - Kaleidoscope (Ninja Tune)
Was/Not Was - Elvis' Rolls Royce - Are You OK? (Chrysalis)
Ken Nordine - Maroon - Colors (Asphodel)
Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin IV (Atlantic)
DJ Shadow - The Number Song (Cut CHemist Remix)
James Brown - Sex Machine - Best Of, Vol. 2 (Polydor)
Telefon Tel Aviv - My Week Beats Your Year - Map of What Is Effortless (Hefty)
Jack Kerouac/Tom Waits - On The Road - Jack Kerouac Reads On The Road (Ryko)
Rajput & The Sepoy - Up Up & Away - Incred Strange Music Vol 1 (Asphodel)

Frank Zappa - G-Spot Tornado - Jazz From Hell (Ryko)
Michelle Citrin - Coffee - New Arrivals IV (Mpress)
Cat Stevens - Banapple Gas - Numbers (A&M)
DJ Shadow - This Time - The Outsider
JB's - All Aboard The Funky Soul Train - Hustle With Speed (Polydor)

Steve Martin - Jubilation Day - Rare Bird Alert (WB)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Playlist for August 17, 2011

Bootsy's Rubber Band
Capitol Centre Lanover, MD
Fat Boy Slim - Slash Dot Dash - Palookaville (Astralwerks)
DJ Rels - Moonride - Broke etc (Stones Throw)
DJ Me DJ You - Take Your Medication - Simplemachinesrock (Emperor Norton)
Eric Kleptone - Know How Frogs Function - 24 Hours
DJ Spooky - Alter Echo Dubtometry - Dubtometry (Thirsty Ear)

Phil Phillips - The Evil Dope - Psycho Serenade (Beware)
L.Shankar - Dead Girls of London - Touch Me There (Zappa)
DJ Spooky - Metatron - Drums of Death (Thirsty Ear)
Sex Pistols - Substitute - Great R&R Swindle (Virgin)
The Monkees - Circle Sky - Head (Rhino)

Interview with Rachel Sage, excerpt from her performance at the Cyber Cafe West, Binghamton, NY, August 6, 2011

Curved Air - Cheetah - Phantasmagoria (WB)
Janne Schaffer - The Undertaker - Janne Schaffer's Second Album (Vertigo)
Good God - Dragon Song- Good God (Atlantic)
Gong - Allez Ali Baba - Planet Gong (Charly)

Evolution Control Committee - Stairway to Britney

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10th, 2011

Hollywood Niteshift
Train To Hell, Part 2 KROQ-FM, 1977 "Famed Los Angeles weekly radio show "The Hollywood Nite Shift" with Phil Austin (of Firesign Theatre) and Michael C. Gwynne (Character actor and R&B Aficionado)."

Elvis Costello - Mystery Dance - My Aim Is True (Ryko)
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown - First 4 Years (SST)
Karma To Burn - Eight - Karma To Burn (Road Trip)
The Jazz Butcher - After The Great Euphrates - Cult of the Basement (Rough TRade)
Wire - Being Sucked In Again - Chairs Missing (Pink Flag)
Wipers - Mars - Silver Sail (Tim Kerr)
The Vocokesh - The Truth About Sunspots - All This & Hieronymus Bosch (Strange Attraction)
Iggy Pop - TV Eye - TV Eye (RCA)
The Stooges - 1970 (I Feel Alright) - No Fun (Elektra)

Magma - Maahnt - Attahk (Tomato)
ImpLog - Holland Tunnel Dive - New York Noise (Soul Jazz)
Robert Fripp - 2006 - 1999 Soundscapes Live in Argentina (DGM)

Todd Rundgren (TR-I) - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)
Frank Zappa - Didja Get Any Onya - Weasels Ripped My Flesh (Barking Punpkin)
Frank Zappa - Trouble Every Day - Freak Out (Barking Pumpkin)
Frank Zappa - Gumbo Variations - Hot Rats (Barking Pumpkin)
Frank Zappa - Dumb All Over - Have I Offended Someone? (Barking Punpkin)
Frank Zappa - Murder By Numbers (with Sting) - Broadway the Hard Way (Barking Punpkin)
Beach Boys - I Wasn't Made For These Times - Pet Sounds (Capitol)

Wesley Willis - Jello Biafra - Feel The Power (American)
Ramones - Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment - Ramones Mania (Sire)

Gary Wilson - Electric Depression - Mary Had Brown Hair (Stones Throw)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Playlist for August 3, 2011

WARNING - The video which the image above
links to is

Young children should not listen.

Los Straitjackets
Chapter House

Ithaca NY
July 30 2011

Rolling Stones set

Come On - BBC 1963
Lets Spend The Night Together - Between The Buttons
Live With Me - Let It Bleed
Street Fighting Man - Beggars Banquet
Jigsaw Puzzle - Beggars Banquet

Mother's Little Helper - Flowers
It's All Over Now - BBC 1964
Get Off My Cloud - December's Children
Time Is On My Side - 12x5
Monkey Man - Let It Bleed

Citadel - Their Satanic Majesties Request
Gomper - Their Satanic Majesties Request
2000 Light Years From Home - Sky Cries Mary - A Return to the Inner Experience (1993) World Domination Recordings
You Can't Always Get What You Want - Let It Bleed

BBC interview, 1965
Cops And Robbers - BBC 1964
Honky Tonk Women - Leeds University. 3-71
Brown Sugar - Leeds University. 3-71
Gimme Shelter - Let It Bleed
Shine A Light - Exile On Main St.

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's 115th Dream - Bringing It All Back Home (Columbia)
Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire - Taking Tiger Mtn. By Strategy (EG)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011

Windy & Carl 4-24-09 CSMA, Ithaca, NY

Eno & Cluster - Oil - After The Heat (Sky)
Funkadelic - Mommy, What's a Funkadelic? - Funkadelic (Westbound)
DJ Shadow - Changeling - Endtroducing (Island)
Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy Part 1 (excerpt) - Lumpy Gravy (Barking Pumpkin)
United States of America - Love Song for the Dead Che - United States of America (Sundazed)
Simon & Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy In New York - Bridge Over Troubled Waters (deluxe reissue)(Columbia)

Lydia Lunch
- 3 Kings - Honeymoon In Red (Widowspeak)
Minnie Ripperton/Rotary Connection - Tales of Brave Ulysses - Her Chess Years (Chess)
Communion - Thrill Me - The Soundtrack of our Lives (Yep Roc)
Mayo Thompson - Fortune - Corky's Cigar (Drag City)
Edgar Broughton Band - There's no Vibrations. But Wait! - Sing, Brother, Sing (Harvest)
Bevis Frond - Purtle Sline - Bevis Throught The Looking Glass (Rubric)
Crazy World of Arthur Brown - All Forms & Distinctions - Strangelands (Esoteric/Cherry Red)
Grateful Dead - Cosmic Charlie - Dick's Picks Vol. 8 (GD Prod.)
Ayurveda - Borderline - Being (http://www.ayurvedamusic.com/)
Tipsy - Swallowtail - Uh-Oh! (Asphodel)
Charles Amirkhanian - The Putts - live at SUNY-B May 1982

Rosalie Sorrels - Mehitabel's Theme - Always a Lady (Philo)

Steve Martin - Atheists Don't Have No Songs - Rare Bird Alert (Rounder)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playlist for July 13, 2011

Talking Heads
Boarding House

Craig Leon - Ring With 3 Concentric Discs - Nommos (Takoma)
Furry Things - The Santa Ana Winds - Letters To Aliens (Undercover)
Angels In America - The Corpse - Split Cassette (Northern Spy)
Eno & Cluster - Ono - Cluster & Ebno (Sky)
David Bowie - Warszawa - Low (Ryko)
Allen Ginsberg - Pull My Daisy - Holy Soul Jelly Roll (Rhino)
Donna - Rock & Roll Part II - Hi Donna Here (self-produced CD)
Hal Blaine - Love-In - Psychedelic Percussion (UMG)
Timothy Leary - You Can Be Anyone This Time Around - You Can Be Anyone This Time Around (Ryko)

- Five Strata To Reach Transcendence - EEE EP (Pirate House)
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Green Door - Suck It And See (Ryko/Palm)
Art Zoyd - Cryogenese - Le Mariage Du Ciel Et De L'Enfer (Egg)
Shorty Petterstein (Henry Jacobs) - Drums In My Typewriter - The Wide, Weird World of Shorty Petterstein (World Pacific)
Charles Amirkhanian - Muchrooms - Lexical Music (1750 Arch)
Steve Martin - Let's Get Small (excerpt) - Let's Get Small (WB)
Gershon Kingsley - Did You Ever Take A Journey? - First Moog Quartet (Audio Fidelity)
Amon Tobin - Piece of Papaer - Isam (Ninja Tune)
Fat Boy Slim - Don't Let The Man Get You Down - Palookaville (Astralwerks)
Einsturzende Neubauten - NNNAAAMMM - Einsturzende Neubauten (Nothing)
Laurie Anderson - Time To Go - New Music For Electronic & Recorded Media (1750 Arch)

Harmonica Blu - Ballad of Bernie Madoff - Xpress

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Playlist for July 6th, 2011

Hope you had a great 4th!
Here's what I've spun this week.

Pere Ubu
Marquee Club
May 9th, 1978

The Damned - Sick Of Being Sick - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)
The Dead Boys - I Need Lunch - Young Loud & Snotty (Sire)
The Units - Digital Stimulation - History of the Units (Community Library)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Fur Wend Sind Die Blumen? - Einsturzende Neubauten 1991-2001 (Mute)
Alice Donut - ESP - Something's Gone Wrong Again (C/Z)
The Cramps - Eyeball In My Martini - Look Ma, No Head! (Restless)
Gone - Cobra XVIII - Gone But Never Too Gone (SST)
Sonic Youth - Shadow of a Doubt - EVOL (DGC)

Happy Flowers - I've Got The Picnic Disease - I Crush Bozo (Frontier)
The Birthday Party - 6-inch Gold Blade - Live 81-82 (4AD)
Eugene Chadbourne - Roger Miller Medley - LSDC&W (Fudamental)
Negativland - I Believe It's L - Dispepsi (Seeland)

Peter Catham - Playin The Beard for Harry & Louise - A Man's Mouth (Permission)
Arthur Brown/Rustic Hinge - High Tide Play Rustic Hinge - Strangelands (Esoteric)
Bevis Frond - I Eat The Air - Miasma (2001 reissue) (Rubric)
The Modern Lovers - Hospital - Precise Modern Lovers Order (Rounder)
Organisation (Kraftwerk) - Noitasinagro - Tone Float (RCA)

King Crimson - Red - A Young Person's Guide to King Crimson (Island)
Esquivel - Baia - Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (Bar None)
Defunkt - For The Love of Money - Avoid The Funk (Hannibal)
Boris - Sweet No. 1 - Rainbow (Drag City)
Neil Young - Sample & Hold - Trans (Geffen)

Tuff Darts - Slash - Live at CBGB's (Atlantic)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Jah Mallah

Binghamton U (SUNY-Binghamton)


Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - Victory Stinks - Enhanced Methods of Questioning (Alt. Tentacles)
My Morning Jacket - Circuital - Circuital (ATO)
Fuel Injected 45 - Jihad Cowboy - Past Demo-ns (Alt. Tentacles)

Wild Man Fischer - The Taster & The Story of The Taster & The Wild Man Fischer Story - An Evening With Wild Man Fischer (Bizarre)

Slim Harpo - Scratch My Back - Best of Slim Harpo (Excello)
John Hammond - Terraplane Blues - Can't Beat The Kid (Capricorn)
Ann Peebles - Read Me My Rights - Full Time Love (Bullseye)
Mike Bloomfield-John Hammond -Dr. John - Baby Let Me Kiss You - Triumvirate (Columbia)
Don Nix - One More Repossession - Going Down (Evidence)
Muddy Waters - She's 19 Years Old - The Lost Tapes (Blind Pig)

Spider John Koerner - Ramble, Tumble - Music Is Just A Bunch Of Notes (Sweet Jane Ltd)
Tom Paxton - Talkin' Vietnam Pot Luck Blues - I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound (http://www.tompaxton.com)
Otis Spann - Stomp With Spann - Last Call (MCA)

Interview With Rick Rosas, Neil Young's Bassist

Neil Young - Computer Cowboy (aka Syscrusher) - Trans (Geffen)
Buffalo Springfield - Flying On The Ground Is Wrong – Buffalo Springfield (Atco)

Rich Man - Cliamx Blues Band - Rich Man (Sire)
Clarence Clemons - Big Blue - A Night With Mr. C (Columbia)

Jeff Simmons - Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up - Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up (Bizarre)
Memphis Slim - Shuffleboard - The Come Back (Delmark)
Charley Patton - Revenue Man Blues - King of Delta Blues (Yazoo)
Clarence Samuels - Lollypop Mama - Chess Blues (MCA)
Albert King - Laundromat Blues - Ultimate Collection (Rhino)
Luther Huff - 1951 Blues - Downhome Delta Blues, 1949-52 (Nighthawk)
Siegel-Schwall Bnnd - Underqualifiied Blues - Flash Forward (Alligator)

Robert Garrett - Quit My Drinkin' - The Excello Story (Excello)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Playlist for June 22, 2011

Raglani, and
Outer Space
live at Delilah's, Ithaca, NY

Space Mix, by request
Contains (in whole or in part):

Tangerine Dream - Sunrise In The Third System - Alpha Centauri (Castle)
Edward Larry Gordon (Laraaji) - Bethlehem (excerpt) - Celestial Vibration (SWN)
Richard Teitelbaum & Anthony Braxton - Crossing (excerpt) - Time Zones (Freedom-Arista)
John Fahey - Eels - Womblife (Table of the Elements)
Ron Geesin - Sky High - KPM Library 1102 (KPM)
Bone Parade - The White Ship Has Sailed - Vollmondlieder (Wind & Fog)
Taiga Remains - Skyward - Wax Canopy (Digitalis)
Rhys Chatham - Crossing the Sword Bridge - Outdoor Spell (Northern Spy)
David Borden - For Laurie Spiegel - David Borden Anthology
Beanfield - Keep On Believing - Beanfield (Street Beat)

Ravi Shankar - Raga Yaman Gat Matta Tal - The Genius of Pandit Ravi Shankar (Oriental Records)
Brain Transplant - Sprockets of Destiny -Turn Your Shit Off (Pegasus Farm)
Aphex Twin - Grey Stripe - Selected Ambient Works Vol II (Sire)
Mark Vercoe - On The Beach - Iatrogenics (Creel Pone)
John Cage-Kenneth Patchen - The City Wears A Slouch Hat-1942 (excerpt) (Corti)
FSOL - It's My Mind That Works - ISDN (Astralwerks)
Secret Agent Gel - Pure Idiom - P as in Peter F as in Frank (Opiate)
Funky Porcini - Wicked Cruel Nasty & Bad - Hed Phone Sex (Ninja Tune)
Pink Floyd - Quicksilver - Sndtrk from MORE (Capitol)
Negativland - Time Zones - Escape From Noise (Seeland)
Can - Paperhouse - Tago Mago(Spoon)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Playlist for June 15, 2011

Can - Studio outtakes, 1971-73 (Canobits Vol 2)

DJ Shadow - This Time - The Outsider (Ninja Tune)
Gil Scott-Heron - When You Are Who You Are - Pieces of a Man (Flying Dutchman)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun - It's Just Begun (RCA)
Liquid Liquid - Cavern - Liquid Liquid (MoWax)
DJ Q-Bert - Destination Quasar - Wave Twisters (Galactic Butt Hair)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Yu Gung (Adrian Sherwood remix) - Halber Mensch (Thirsty Ear)
Wagon Christ - Memory Towel - Tally Ho! (Astralwerks)
Speedometer - Two Beat Beast - Grazing In The Trash (Soul Fire)

Shuggie Otis - Sparkle City - Inspiration Information (Luaka Bop)
Bernie Worrell - Real Life Dreams - Funk Of Ages (Gramavision)
David Bowie - Golden Years - Station To Station (Ryko)
Elvis Costello - Brilliant Mistake - Live Santa Monica 4-16-87
15.60.75 (The Numbers Band) - Narrow Road - Jimmy Bell's Still In Town (Hearpan)
Moby - The Right Thing - Destroyed (Mute)
The Byrds - 8 Miles High (RCA Studios alternate version) - Never Before (Re-Flyte)
The Modern Lovers - I'm Straight - The Modern Lovers (reissue) (Rhino)

Tim Buckley - The Train - Blue Afternoon (Straight)
Bad Livers - I Know You're Married - Delusions Of Banjer (1/4-Stick)
Orange Sunshine Superman - Get Off The Phone & Drive - 7-inch (4-Way)
Bill Bruford - Sample & Hold - Feels Good To Me (Polydor)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

June 8, 2011

John Hartford
Nashua Center for the Arts

Nashua, NH 1988
(Set 2)

Frank Zappa - Who Are The Brain Police? - Freak Out (Ryko)
My Morning Jacket - Victory Dance - Circuital (ATO)
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds - UF Off (Island)
Can - Chain Reaction - Soon Over Babaluma (Mute/Spoon)
Explosions In The Sky - Let Me Back In - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (Temporary Residence)
Thurston Moore - Blood Never Lies - Demolished Thoughts (Matador)
Neil Young - Arc (excerpt) - Weld/Arc (Reprise)
Bevis Frond - Rat In A Waistcoat - Bevis Through The Looking Glass (Rubric)

Essra Mohawk - Love Is Still The Answer - Love Is Still The Answer (Mummy Pump)
Essra Mohawk - Endtime Blues - Essie Mae Hawk Meets The Killer Groove Band (Mummy Pump)
They Might Be Giants - Can't Keep Johnny Down - Join Us (Idlewild)
Moby - The Low Hum - Destroyed (Mute)
Wagon Christ - Lazer Dick - Toomorrow (Ninja Tune)
Amon Tobin - Go To 10 - Isam (Ninja Tune)

Richard Thompson

Shoot Out The Lights - Shoot Out The Lights (Hannibal)

Streets Of Paradise - Pour Down Like Silver (Hannibal)

The Money Shuffle - live, NPR

Pharaoh - The Reckless Kind 12-inch (Capitol)

A Poisoned Heart & A Twisted Memory - Hand of Kindness (Hannibal)

Roll Over Vaughan Williams - Henry The Human Fly (Carthage)

Johnny Cash - Delia's Gone - Love, God, Murder (Columbia)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June 1, 2011

Today's program was a tribute to the recently departed Gil Scott-Heron. The concert below was presented in its entirety, followed by my interview with Howard Kaylan.

Gil Scott-Heron The Fox Theatre Boulder, CO 8-2-92

Interview - Howard Kaylan of the Turtles, The Mothers of Invention and background singer extraordinaire.

The Turtles - Hot Little Hands - Turtle Soup (White Whale/Blimp)
Frank Zappa - Happy Together - Fillmore East June 1971 (Ryko)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playlist for May 25, 2011

Miles Davis Septet
November 1, 1973
Berlin Germany
Tony Williams Lifetime
North Sea Jazz Festival
, 1979

Herbie Hancock - Ostinato - Mwandishi (WB)
Soft Heap - Remain So - Al Dente (Reel Recordings)
Eddie Hazel - Physical Love - Games Dames & Guitar Thangs (WB)
Robert Fripp - The Zero Of The Signified - God Save The Queen (Polydor)

Here & Now - Improvisation - Give and Take (Charly)
Jimi Hendrix - Peace In Mississippi - Crash Landing (Reprise)
Frank Zappa - Return of the Son of Monster Magnet - Freak Out (Ryko)

Doc Sonic set-

Thao & Mira-Little Cup-(Kill Rock Stars)
Saint Etienne-Foxbase Alpha- Only Love Can Break Your Heart-(Warner Brothers)
Santogold-You'll Find a Way
Dum Dum Girls-Take Good Care Of My Baby
Buddy Rich Band-Big Swing Face-The Beat Goes On-(Pacific Jazz)

Still having technical problems with my podcast feed. WHRW's tech staff have been notified. If we still can't get the bugs out of our show recorder by next week, I'll rig up my own system. I won't see my podcast listeners disappointed like this again.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playlist for May 18, 2011

Robrt Fripp & Brian Eno
London Palladium
June 8, 1975

James Brown Birthday Set
(Various albums - Polydor)

Sex Machine
Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose
My Thang
Get On The Good Foot
Soul Power Pts 1&2
I Don't Want Nobody
Sai it loud-I'm Black & I'm Proud
Mother Popcorn
Get Up Offa That Thing
Make It Funky Pt 1
Funky President
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag 1-2-3

Mark Stewart & Maffia - As The Last Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade - Hypnotized 12-inch
DJ Me DJ You - Trouble - Can You See The Music? (Eenie Meenie)
Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin IV (Swan Song)
DJ Spooky - Dazed & Confused Dub - The Secret Song (Thirsty Ear)
Johnny Cash - Five Feet & Rising - Songs Of Our Soil (Columbia)

Doc Sonic Set

Bibio - Excuses, Pretntious - Mind Bokeh (Warp)
Tony Joe White - Rainy Night In Georgia (Bonzo Bajou's Georgia Dub) - What Is Hip (WB)
Portishead - Mysterians - Live at Roseland (Island)

Due to technical difficulties, my podcast will be late this week.
My apologies. Our tech dept. is on the case.
Watch this space.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

Chicago Fillmore West SF CA August 15-17 1969

Booker T. Jones- Progress - The Band From Memphis (Anti)
Menahan Street Band - The Crossing - 7-inch (Daptone)
Okkervil River - We Need A Myth - I Am Very Far (Jajaguwar)
Times New Viking - Downtown Eastern Bloc - Dancer Required
Prefuse 73 - When The Grip Lets You Go - Security Screenings (Warp)

Explosions In The Sky - Let Me Back In - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (Temporary

Sonic Youth - Theme De Laetitia - & Simon Werner Adisparu (Sonic Youth Records)
Poly Styrene - Code Pink Dub
Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - Sleepwalk - Songs We Didn't Write Vol 2 (New Folk)
Beastie Boys - Too Many Rappers - Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 (Capitol)
Gil Scott-Heron & co - Let Me See Your ID - From S. Africa to S. Carolina (TVT)
The Japanese Popstars - Arena - TRON Legacy Reconfigured
Beck - Heaven Hammer - Guerolito (Interscope)
Faust - Language of Angels - Rehearsals,Cloudhill Studios Berlin
The Byrds - The Day Walk (Never Before) -

The Lyres - High On Yourself - AHS1005 (Ace Of Hearts)
The Byrds - 8 Miles High - 5D (Columbia)
Fleetwood Mac - Long Grey Mare, Rattlesnake Shake - Live at the BBC (Castle)

Doc Sonic
Sammy Davis Jr.-Talk

Prefuse 73-Untitled
?uestlove/Rahzel-The Roots

Greyboy-Gap Jam

Deadmau5-Try Again

Wagon Christ-Toomorow

Wagon Christ-Manalyze This!

DJ Shadow-The Number Song

Friday, May 06, 2011

Playlist for May 4, 2011

Sorry I'm so late with this playlist. Had some tech difficulties. Won't happen again. (I hope!).

Bevis Frond - Malvolio's Dream Journey To Pikes - The Auntie Winnie Album (Reckless)
Carl Calm - Stamping Bent Money Lagoons - Dayglo Port
Fripp & Eno - Swastika Girls - Evening Star (Astralwerks)
Jefferson Airplane - Eskimo Blue Day - Volunteers (RCA)
Electric Prunes - I - Underground (Reprise)
Fifty Foot Hose - Fantasy - Cauldron (Weasel Disc)
Ultimate Spinach - Baroque - Ultimate Spinach (MGM)
Funkadelic - I'll Bet You - Funkadelic (Westbound)

Niles Chandler - Chop City USA
Black Pus Zero- River Ran Too Far - Ultimate Beat Off (Diarrhea)
Blacklab - DMT Nature - 2012 (excerpt)(darkambient dot org)

Doc Sonic

Johnny Greenwood - Moon Thrills, Moon Mall, Trench, Iron Swallow (from Bodysong soundtrack)

Art Of Noise - Il Pleure (At The Turn of the Century), Born On A Sunday (from The Seduction of Claude Debussy)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playlist for April 27, 2011

John Fahey
Syracuse U

Son Seals - Queen of the Slipstream - Vanthology (Evidence)
Gil Scott-Heron - Under The Hammer - Bridges (Arista)
Gil Scott-Heron - South Carolina (Barnwell) - From S. Africa to S. Carolina (Rumal-Gia)
Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle - It's Your World (Rumal-Gia)

Gorillaz - Hillbily Man - The Fall (Virgin)
7 Seconds - Misty Mountain Hop - The Song Retains The Name II (Safe House)
The Crystal Method The Gird - Tron Legacy Reconfigur3d (Disney)
The Damned - Wait For The Blackout - IRS Records Greatest Hits Vol 2 & 3 (IRS)
X-Ray Spex - Let's Submerge - Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival (WB)
Randoms - Let's Get Rid Of NY - Dangerhouse Vol 1 (Frontier)
The Sugarcubes - My March - World Domination Or Death (Bad Taste)
Black Flag - I Can See You - Blasting Concept Vol II (SST)

Bevis Frond - High In A Flat - Time Wil Show The Wiser (B.O.B./Triad)
Cherry Smash - Fade Away Maureen - Adventures In The Mist (BAm Caruso)
Looking Glasses - Visions - Pebbles Vol 11 (BFD)
Teddy & His PAtches - Suzy Creamcheeze - Pebbles Vol. 3 (BFD)
Steve Hillage - The Glorious OM Riff - Green (Virgin)

Keith Leblanc Einstein - Stranger Than Fiction (Enigma)
Talvin Singh - Eclipse - OK (Island)
Mimi & Richard Farina - Celebration For A Grey Day - Celebrations For A Grey Day (Vanguard)
Quintron - Sacre Du Sauvage - Sacre Du Sauvage (Goner)

John Trubee & The Geeks - A Blind Man's Penis - Enigma Variations (Enigma)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 20, 2011

Soft Machine
My Father's Place

March 19 1974

Special Long-Playing Edition
Podcast is divided into two parts for easier downloading.

Hawkwind - Assault & Battery Part 1 - Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Atco)
Love - 7 And 7 Is Number Fourteen - Elektra Masters (Elektra)
Zephyr - Sail On - Zephyr (Probe)
Laurent Garnier - SweetMellowD - 30 (F Communications)
Bevis Frond - Walking In The Lady's Garden - Inner Marshland (reissue) (Rubric)
Neil Young - Roll Another Number For The Road - Tonight's The Night (Reprise)

John Prine - Illegal Smile - Live On Tour (Oh Boy)
Hawkwind - D-Rider - Hall Of The Mountain Grill (United Artists)
Faust - Four Plus Seven Means Eleven - Ravvivando (faust.com)
Crystal Stilts - Sycamore Tree - In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland)
Jonathan Edwards - Shanty - Jonatha Edwards (Capricorn)
David Peel & The Lower East Side - Legalize Marijuana - The American Revolution (Elektra)

Barry Melton - Wonderfucked World - Revolution Down The Road (***)
Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - Best of The Origina Momo Recordings (Columbia)
Xyra - Back To Me - Where The Glass Birds Fly (xyra.com)
The Jam - Down In A Tube Station At Midnight - The Jam At The BBC (Polydor)
Larry Walis - Police Car - 7-inch (Stiff)
Bobby "Sofine" BButler - Cheaper Crude or No More Food - 7-inch

Bill Evans - Turn Out The Stars - Since We Met (Fantasy)
Garfunkel and Oates - Weed Card
Timothy Leary-Live and Let Live-Ryko

Download Part 1 here.


Doc Sonic Set: Bongwater-You Don't Love Me Yet: The Peel Sessions-Strange Fruit/Dutch East India Trading Co. Urge Overkill-Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon-Touch and Go The Monkees-Goin' Down-Colgems/RCA 7" Fat Daddy Holmes-Where Yo Is-Jet re-issue 7" Big Three-Cavern Stomp-Decca John Mayall-Life Is Just A Slow Train-Decca Please Do Listen-Bin Tangs The Bards-The Jabbewocky-Capitol 7" The Alleycats-Urgh! A Music War-Nothing Means Nothing Anymore-A&M Vonbrigi-O' Reykjavik-Rokki I Reykjavik-Hugrenningur Presidents Of The United States Of America-II-Volcano-Columbia Lyres-We Sell Soul-Some Lyres-Taang! Nick&Tracy-Don't You Want Somebody To Love-Meanwhile Back at the Ranch compilation-Bam/Caruso Man Or Astro Man-Philip K Dick in the Pet Section Of A Wal-Mart-/The Man From Uncle-Estrus 7" Joe Bennet & The Sparkletones-Black Slacks-ABC/Paramount 7" Link Wray & The Raymen w/Bunker Hill-Dancin Party-Norton 7" Hasil Adkins-Sally Wally Woody Wally-Norton 7" Byron & The Mortals-Do You Belive Me?-Pebbles vol. 9-BFD The Jam-Art School-Live At The BBC-Polydor/Universal Joe Jackson-Throw It Away (live)-Propaganda compilation-A&M Spacemen 3-Hey Man-Sound Of Confusion-Taang! The Cynics-A'int No Friend Of Mine-Blue Train Station-Get Hip Elvis Costello-The Mystery Dance-Live at the Acres Club in Utica Golden Earing-The Sound Of The Screaming Day Hedgehoppers Annonymous-Daytime Ian & The Zodiacs-No Money No Honey Gang Of Four-Anthrax-Entertainment-Warner Brothers Hot Rats-Damaged Goods-Turn Ons Dum Dum Girls-There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Dirty Rotten Finks-Meltdown/Close Out At Pier II-Dionysus 7" Mojo Nixon-She's All Liquored Up-Gadzooks! The Homemade Bootleg Southern Culture On The Skids-She's liquored Up and Laquered Down Hank Thompson-Rocking In The Congo-Capitol 7" Nina Hagen-Flying Saucers-Columbia records Supergrass-What Went Wrong In Your Head-Island

Download Part 2 here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13 2011

The Strokes - Call Me Back - Angles (RCA)
Asobi Seksu -Trails - Scence (Polyvinyl)
Mountai Goats - For Charles Bronson - All Eternals Deck (Merge)
Bevis Frond - High on a Downer - Valedictory Songs (Rubric)
Quintron - New Years Night - Sacre Du Sauvage (Goner)
The Meat Puppets - Vile - Lollipop (Megaforce)
Creation Rebel - Basic Principles - Historic Moments Vol 1 (On-U)
Devo - Whip It - What Is Hip? (WB)
The Byrds - Renaissance Fair - Younger Than Yesterday (Columbia)
Bad Livers - Chainsaw Therapy - Horses In The Mines (Quarter Stick)
Atilla The Stockbroker - New World Order Rap - Live In Belfast (Helmet)
J Mascis - Not Enough - Several Shades of Why (Sub Pop)
The Feelies - Way Down - Here Before (Bar None)
Alison Krause & Union Station - On The Outside Looking In - Paper Airplanes (Rounder)
Simon & Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy In NY - Bridge Over Troubled Water (deluxe reissue)(Columbia)

Pere Ubu - Chinese Radiation - The Modern Dance (Geffen)
Jeff Beck - Apache - Rock N Roll Party (Atco)
The Raveonettes - Forget That You're Young - Raven In The Grave (Vice)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April 6, 2011

Firesign Theatre
Dear Friends #15

Duke of Madness Motors

The Phantom Surfers - High Wall - The Phantom Surfers Play the Music From The Big Screen Spectaculars (Estrus)
The Raincoats - No Side To Fall In - The Raincoats (Rought Trade)
Simon & Garfunkel - Keep The Customer Satisfied - Bridge Over Troubled Water (deluxe reissue)(Columbia)
The Fall - Copped It - The Wonderful & Frightening World Of (Beggars Banquet)
Soul Coughing - Misinformed - El Oso (Warner Bros)

Xyra - Liquid Light - Through The Dark Glass Shining (xyra.net)
Lene Lovich - Home - Stateless (Stiff)
Bevis Frond - African Violet - A Gathering of Fronds (Reckless)
Smashchords - Caveman - 12-inch (Smash Trade)
Sonic Youth - The World Looks Red - Confusion Is Sex (DGC)

David Bowie - Heroes/Helden - 12-inch (RCA)
The Dead C - T Is Never Over Pt 1 & 2 - Vain Erudite & Stupid (Badabing)
Savage Republic - The Year of Exile - Ceremonial (Independent Project)
The Pixies - Monkeys Gone To Heaven - Wave of Mutilation (Elektra)
The Slits - FM - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit) *
Happy Flowers - Get Me Off The Brioler Pan - I Crush Bozo (Frontier)

Rachel Sage - Bravest Fear - Ballads & Burlesque (Mpress) *
Death - The Change - Spiritual Mental Physical (Drag City)
Marc Barrecca - Linear Breathing - Subterrane (Palace of Lights)

A sophisticated space swirl by Doc Sonic

* - by request

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Frank Zappa Broome County Arena 17 March 1988

I've dedicated today's show to the people of Japan. They've been through enough. They don't need any more. I hope things settle down for them soon so they can clean up and get their lives back. My sincerest condolences to all who have lost friends and relatives to the earthquake, tsunami, and their after-effects.

Boom Boom Satellites - Push Eject - Out Loud (Sony)
Ritsu Katsumata - 1W72 - Ritsu Hell (ritsu.com)
Boris With Michio Kurihara - You Laughed Like A Water MArk - Rainbow (Drag City)
Shonen Knife - Jackalope - Happy Hour (Big Deal)

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno - Woman From A Hell - Starless & Bible Black Sabbath (Alien8)
The Boredoms - Shock City - Chocolate Synthesizer (Reprise)
The Machine Gun TV - Ballad of the TV Violence - Touch (Japan Overseas)
Denki Groove - Shangri-La - Japan Not For Sale (Sony)

Jah Pelikaho - Pecker Power 2 - 21St Century Dub (ROIR)
DJ Krush - The Lost Voices (w/Sly & Robbie) - Japan For ale Vol. 3 (Sony)
Asobi Seksu - Trails - Fluorescence (Polyvinyl)
Yoko Ono - Hirake (Open Your Box) - Fly (Apple)
Stomu Yamash'ta & Go - Space song/Carnival - Live From Paris (Island)
Boom Boom Satellites - Soliloquy - Japan For Sale Vol. 2 (Sony)
Cornelius - The Micro Disneycal World Tour - Fantasma (Matador)
Supercar - Sunday People - Three Out Change (Sony)

Satoshi Tomiie - Come To Me/Radio Shell - (single)(Sony)
Gabby La La - Golden Flea - Be Careful What You Wish For (Prawn Song)
Yoko Ono - Hell In Paradise (single Version) - Hell In Paradise (12-inch)(Polydor)
Yoko Ono - Don't Worry Kyoko - Fly (Apple)
Sonic Youth - Mis-Fit with Eye from the Boredoms - live at Binghamton U 17-OCT-1992
The Boredoms - House of Sun - Seadrum EP (Vice)

There will be no program on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Watch for me again at 7AM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011.