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Playlist for August 30, 2006

Frank Zappa

3-Oct 1968, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

The MOI:

Jimmy Carl Black - drums, vocals
Ray Collins - vocals
Roy Estrada - bass, vocals
Bunk Gardner - woodwinds
Sandy Hurvitz (Uncle Meat) - vocals
Euclid James Sherwood (Motorhead) - baritone saxophone
Arthur Dyer Tripp III - drums
Ian Underwood - woodwinds, keyboards
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals

*Don Cherry - trumpet, flute, Guest

disc 1
Hungry Freaks Daddy
Bongo Madness
God Bless America
King Kong
Trouble Every Day
Absolutely Free (including There's A Small Hotel, Rockabye Baby, Teddy Bears' March)
In The Sky
The String Quartet (incl Oh No, Transylvania Boogie)

Kid Koala - Scratchcratchratchatch (excerpts) (Ninja Tune)
Steinski & Coldcut - I'm Wild About that Thing (12"-Tommy Boy)
Vulcan Freedom Fighters - Corbomite Maneuver - Stardate Unknown (vulvcansrock dot com)
Prince Geno & The Tailor Mades - Brand New Man with the Master Plan - Super Fly Soul (Union Square)
Grandmaster Flash & Scratch Perverts - Adventures on the Wheels of Steel - Still The joint (Castle)
Rockers Hi-Fi - 90 degree Fuzzwalk - Mish Mash (Warner Bros)
Danger Mouse - 99 Problems - The Grey Album (

Bacuzzi - Sunday's Child - Chillin 3 (Kickin')
Suns Of Arqa - Steppin To The Music - Arqaology (Arka)
Soul Coughing - Bong (w-808 State) - Rare Indigenous Creatures Lurking (boot)
Soft Machine - We Did It Again>Plus Belle Q’Une Poubelle>Why Are We Sleeping>Box 25/4 Lid - Soft Machine (One Way)

The Coup - Head of State (EFR) - Pick A Bigger Weapon (Epitaph)
Graham Parker - That's When You Know - That's When You Know (Mercury)
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes - I'm So Anxious - The Jukes (Mercuty)
Black Sabbath - Jack The Stripper>Fairies Wear Boots - Paranoid (WB)
The Machine Gun TV - Star Wars 1993 - Touch (Japan Overseas)
Tangerine Dream - Ashes To Ashes - Electronic Meditation (Relativity)


It was 40 years ago last Tuesday...

This is The Beatles' last live concert. As the legend goes, Paul McCartney himself wanted this show to be recorded, knowing that this would be their last live show ever. The tape was made on a portable tape recorder on one side of the stage by the band’s press secretary.

The Beatles
Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA, 29th August 1966

01 - Rock And Roll Music
02 - She's A Woman
03 - If I Needed Someone
04 - Day Tripper
05 - Baby's In Black
06 - I Feel Fine
07 - Yesterday
08 - I Wanna Be Your Man
09 - Nowhere Man
10 - Paperback Writer
11 - Long Tall Sally (cut)

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Playlist for August 23, 2006

Boot of the Week #1

Brian Eno- Music for the exhibit `77 Million Paintings`Milano Triennale, Teatro Dal Verme, audience recording12.July.2006 from 2:45 PM to 3:15 PM local time

lineage:iRiver iHP 120 WAV 44,1Khz-Core Sound Binaural Mics-Transfer to hard drive via USB-Wavelab

total length 33:27 minutes.

The recording itself is quite good, the music played is avariation of `Ikebukuro`- a piece Eno has used for variousinstallations in the past.

The venue itself is very noisy (you can hear a lot of noisefrom outside and the restaurant nearby). However, this addsa certain something to it (IMO)- there you have the outsidehectic `reality`and at the opposite the very quiet, almoststatic installation recording.

This very installation is on tour right now, starting off inTokyo, and will be set up (slightly altered) in variousEuropean cities such as Madrid to promote the new dvdrom release `77 Million Paintings`which I can highlyrecommend. If you run it you have your own mini Enoinstallation at home (with paintings permutating/changingpermanently on your PC screen)

Thanks and props to my Italian friend R. who made therecording and helped me out a lot lately!!!!!!!!
Last Saturday I had the chance to see Eno perform liveagain at the London Royal Academy of Arts. He onlyperformed one track (a world premiere called `Running Away`) as part of the Cushion concert series. The veryconcert had 11 world premieres performed by well andlesser known composers such as Michael Nyman, and Imust say that the first 10 songs were horrible! But those 4 minutes of Eno were worth every hassle I had went throughin order to be there ;-).

Boot of the Week #2

AFX (aka Aphex Twin)Analogue Bubblebath 5Rephlex CAT034EP (Vinyl Test Pressing Only)1995
Lineage: CDR(1) > EAC > WAV > FLAC 1.1.0 -8Source: Unreleased Vinyl Test Pressing

*Track b4. "Cuckoo" had to be omitted due to beingreleased on Analogue Bubblebath 4.

Nice piece of work by Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin,and about 4 other aliases. Analogue Bubblebath 5 has beensold on Ebay for $1800. Was a very limited test pressing of unknown quantities, probably 100 or less. There are plenty of mp3's of this floating around of dubious quality. This is straight from the vinyl to CD-R.Credit goes to Mr. X, the unnamed person who provided this. Enjoy!

If you want more info on Aphex Twin or any of his other aliases check out

Rhys Chatham - Die Donnergotter- Die Donnergotter (Table of the Elements)
Yes - And You And I (alt version) - Close to the Edge(Rhino)

Jens Johansson - Acrostic Shibboleth - Fission (Shrapnel)
King Crimson - Cat Food - In The Wake Of Poseidon (EG)
Pierre Henry - Psyche Rock - The Fat Boy Slim-Norman Cook Collection (Hip-O)
Velvet Underground - European Son - Peel Slowly & See(Polydor)

Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady - Young, Gifted and Black(Atlantic)
Labelle - Pressure Cookin'- Pressure Cookin' (RCA)
Esther Phillips - Home is where the Hatred Is - From AWhisper to a Scream (Kudu)
Grover Washington Jr - Not Yet - A Secret Place (Kudu)
Rodney Franklin - In The Center - Rodney Franklin(Columbia)
Jorge Ben - Ponta de Lanca Africano - Zero Accidents onthe Job (Luaka Bop)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Playlist for August 16, 2006

The Byrds - Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (NL) July 7, 1970 FM / SDB A+
**Anti-Noise Reduction Upgrade**

01. 'House announcement'
02. My Back Pages
03. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
04. Willin'
05. This Wheel's On Fire
06. Ballad Of Easy Rider
07. Jesus Is Just Alright
08. Medley: Turn Turn Turn /
09. Mr. Tambourine Man /
10. Eight Miles High /
11. Hold It / 'Encore Applause'
12. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
13. Mr. Spaceman
14. Chestnut Mare
15. Chimes Of Freedom

Time: 51m54s

Broadcast on the Dutch Radio2 on August 10, 2006 by KRO.
Originally recorded by the VPRO.

Soundboard -> R2R Master -> Digitally Edited -> FM -> Technics
GT350 tuner (Analog) -> Tascam DA20mk2 (A->D 16bit 44.1kHz) ->
HD -> Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalise & editing) -> CDWave ->
-> FLAC (level6) -> You

Line up:
Roger McGuinn - guitar, vocals
Clarence White - guitar, vocals
Skip Battin - bass, vocals
Gene Parsons - drums, vocals


Prof. says:

Great sound for a radio recording this old.
Not perfect, but very close. And the 'Untitled' line up was really on a roll,
even though reportedly Roger Mcguinn didn't have one of his best nights.

This show does not have excessive noise reduction
like the common 2 CD set (Swingin Pig 1990).

Unfortunately this is not a complete upgrade, as it misses about
half of the 2CD. The radio company selected the more popular tracks, and edited them together into a 52 minute long compilation. Not badly done tho.


Artist: Mouse on Mars, Munich

Date: 2/22/01
54 Minutes

Radio Broadcast on Bayrischer Rundfunk "Mittschnitt" => CD source => FLAC


no set list, sorry,

Laptop live gig, separated in tracks

Andi Toma
Jan Werner

Terminal Mind - I Want To Die Young (
The Rotters - Sink the Whales & Buy Japanese Goods - Pull It & Yell (Dionysus)
River City Rebels - 53rd & 3rd - Playing to Live (Victory)
04_F-Word - Out There-RADIO EDIT (

The Hymans - There's No Tomorrow - Back to Rockaway Beach (AMP)
Neil Young - Barstool Blues - Zuma (Reprise)
Henry Rollins - Jam w-Butthole Surfers - Hammer of the Rok Godz (promo) (Imago)
The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light-Years from Home - TSMR (Abkco)
Young Canadians - Where Are You - No Escape
The Unlovables - Today's The Day - Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak (Whoa Oh)
Dressy Bessy - All The Right Reasons - Little Music (Kindercore)
Paul Haig - Ghost Rider - Little Darla Vol.21 (Darla)
The Coup - I Love Boosters - Pick a Bigger Weapon (Epitaph)
Nitemares On Wax-Grandmaster Flash - Its Nasty - Still The Joint (Sugar Hill)
The Maskman & The Agents - My Wife My Dog My Cat - Super Fly Soul (Metro)

Merline Johnson - Don't You Get Me High - Copulatin' Blues (Jass)
Da Vinci's Notebook - Stuck In The Middle With You - Bendy's Law (Davinci's Notebook)

Amps For Christ - I hate This Dumpster - Every 11 Seconds (Kill Rock Stars)
Spike Jones - My Old Flame - Spike Jones' Greatest Hits (BMG)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Playlist for August 8, 2006



Boot of the Week #1

Ivor Cutler
John Peel Sessions
BBC - 1979-86

Recorded 20-2-79 / Broadcast 27-2-79

1. The Man With the Trembley Nose
2. The Obliging Fairy
3. Examine the Contents
4. A Saucer
5. A Lady Found An Insect (aka Buffet)
6. Lunatic
7. Melon
8. Egg Meat
9. Pass the Ball Jim
10. Boo Boo Bird

Recorded 15-4-81 / Broadcast 22-4-81

11. Tomato Brain
12. Step It Out Lively Boys
13. Counting Song
14. Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 15
15. Ready
16. A Land of Penguin
17. Her Darling
18. Pellets
19. Life in a Scotch Living Room Vol 2 Ep 16

Recorded & Broadcast 18-8-81 (Round Midnight)

20. Bad Eye

Recorded 23-2-83 / Broadcast 3-3-83

21. Pussy on the Mat
22. A Blue Bear
23. Women of the World
24. Halfway Through (?)
25. People Run to the Edge
26. Brenda
27. Mostly Tins
28. Life In a Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 17
29. A Doughnut in my Hand
30. Old Black Dog
31. Life In a Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 18

Recorded 15-2-84 / Broadcast 22-2-84

32. Vegetarians
33. Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 19
34. Lemonade
35. Jelly Mountain

Recorded 30-6-85 / Broadcast 15-7-85

36. Vermin
37. A New Home
38. Large & Puffy
39. Country Door
40. Are You a Tory?

Recorded 11-5-86 / Broadcast 21-5-86

41. Glasgow Dreamer Ep 4
42. Glasgow Dreamer Ep 3
43. God's Blessing
44. Laughter and Disbelief
45. Jewish Jokes
46. Bucket and Steam
47. Maturity
48. Bend Down Yetta
49. Crunch Crunch
50. A Ball in a Barrel
51. One of the Best
52. Questionnaire

The track names are taken from the exhaustive Ivor Cutler radion sessions listings at;

Boot of the Week #2

Graham Parker and the Rumour
Live at the Marble Arch
promo vinyl, 1976
(Now available on the import CD
set “That’s When You Know”)

1. White Honey
2. That's What They All Say
3. Back Door Love
4. Back To School Days
5. Silly Thing
6. Chain Of Fools
7. Don't Ask Me Questions
8. You Can't Hurry Love
9. Soul Shoes
10. Kansas City

Allan Holdsworth - Gattox - Velvet Darkness (Columbia)
Harlem Clavinet - Across 110th St Soundtrack (Ryko)
Mofungo - Rick's Song - Frederick Douglass (Coyote)
PFS - Fey - PFS 279 (Cuneiform)
Oneness of Juju - The Connection - Space Jungle Luv (Strut)
David Bowie - TVC15 - Station to Station (Ryko)
P-Funk - Dope Dog - Dope Dog EP (One Nation)

Todd Rundgren - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)
Tiny Tim-Eleanor Baruchian - I Got You Babe - You Are What You Eat (Columbia)
The Electric Flag - Freakout - You Are What You Eat (Columbia).
Bevis Frond - Solar Marmalade - Gathering of Fronds (Reckless)
Sly & Robbie & Howie B - Fatigue Chic - Drum & Bass Strip to the Bone (Palm)
Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused - BBC Sessions (Atlantic)

Artists unknown (to me) - To Anacreon In Heav’n

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bootleg of the Week #1

The Grateful Dead/John Oswald
Grayfolded (Volume 1, Transitive Axis)
Swell-Artifact Records

(This is a review which I wrote for the late, lamented Music Press back in '95.)

What's better than hearing the Dead play Dark Star live? Hearing them do it 51 times. All at once.

Obviously some explanation is required. For years, Toronto-based improvisational saxophonist and tape-doctor John Oswald has been following the example set by avant-garde composers like John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen who both incorporated "found sound" (like shortwave radio noises) into their work. Oswald doesn't merely "sample" but mutate, mutilate and put his own personal spin on everything from popular, jazz and classical music to radio and TV programs and commercials. Oswald describes his own home stereo system in an article he did for the Whole Earth Review [issue #57, Winter 1987]: "As a listener my own preference is the option to experiment. My listening system has a mixer instead of the one-choice-only function of a receiver; an infinitely variable-speed turntable, filters, reverse capability and a pair of ears." His Mystery Lab has been distributing tapes of his bizarre sound collages since the early 1980's, [some of which can now be found on UBUWEB] but it's probably his ill-fated Plunderphonic found-sound project that put him on the map. In 1989 Oswald put together a CD of his radical re-workings of familiar tunes by The Beatles, Igor Stravinsky, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson and many others. On Plunderphonic, Dolly's chirpy voice is slowed to the point where she sounds like an operatic tenor. The Beatles' Birthday (re-titled Birth) is presented here as a very infectious rhythm track. Although the Plunderphonic disc was distributed only to radio stations, libraries and music critics on a strict not-for-sale basis, that didn't stop the Canadian Recording Industry Association, reportedly acting at the behest of The "Bad" One, from nailing Oswald for copyright infringement (Oswald's grafting of Jackson's head onto a picture of a nude young woman's body on the cover of the CD's booklet probably didn't help matters). No sooner had a judge ordered all 300 undistributed copies of Plunderphonic destroyed (out of the 1000 he'd had pressed) when Oswald got a call from Elektra Records to do a Plunderphonic project for their 40th Anniversary. (This to me was not unlike a graffiti artist getting arrested by the police for vandalism, then being hired by the art department of the company whose building he wrote on! And I thought this sort of thing only happened to computer hackers!). The Oswald/Elektra union yielded Rubiyat/Plunderphonic, a collection of peculiar and sometimes hilarious chop-up versions of tunes by Elektra artists such as The Doors (O'Hell, a schizoid collage of the "good parts" of several familiar Doors tracks), Metallica (2Net, a break- neck-speed abridgement of their cover of Queen's Stone Cold Crazy which endlessly recapitulates the band's vocal riffs and guitar licks), and Carly Simon & Faster Pussycat (Vane), merging elements from both artists' wholly disparate versions of You're So Vain. Unfortunately Rubiyat/Plunderphonic was released only as a promotional item.

Fast-forward to 1993. The Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh, a longtime fan and financial supporter of avant-garde music approached confessed non-Dead-Head Oswald for a brief collage of Dead tunes to open David Gans' nationally-syndicated radio program, The Grateful Dead Hour with. Oswald proposed doing an album-length work instead. Lesh and guardian of The Vault [the late] Dick "Dick's Picks" Latvala obliged. After about 30 eight-hour days going through 25 years' worth of tapes of Dead shows, Oswald was ready to produce for them the ultimate Dark Star.

As I mentioned, Grayfolded is a 59-minute, 59-second-long composite of at least 51 different stage performances of Dark Star from 1968 to 1993 and the inevitable jamming which accompanies them. [Since this review was written, the album has been issued as a 2-CD set clocking in at a total of roughly one hour and 45 minutes]. Many of Oswald's early Mystery Lab tapes and some of the Plunderphonic tracks sound disjointed and choppy, and given the range of performance styles and vintages he's working with here, it would seem that Grayfolded would end up that way too. But to the contrary, it is the smoothest and most seamless Plunderphonic work I've heard yet. The disc starts up with concert crowd noises and the Dead sounding as if they're warming up. It gets just a little confusing and disjointed as the music starts to get going, but only slightly more so than when The Dead jam on their own. Once the music really gets underway it's very easy to think you're listening to just another vintage Grateful Dead concert tape until you hear Jerry Garcia's obviously digitally-enhanced voice, or free-form instrumental and rhythm freak-outs which are strikingly different from the Dead's. A great deal of Grayfolded [disc 1] seems to be pieced together from late-60's/early 70's performances with bits of later shows periodically popping their heads out of the mix. Sometimes you hear instrumental breaks from different decades at the same time (there is a timeline-style listing of source recordings in the liner notes). It seems like something which should sound absolutely awful, but it comes off stunningly well; the new Dead and the old Dead play beautifully together. The number one question in your head (and mine) was how would a hardcore Dead-Head react to Grayfolded? Well, I listened to my copy for the very first time with a Dead-Head friend [hi there, Ordinary Joe!] who's caught as many shows as his time and money would allow. He was kind of curious about what it was at first, but basically he enjoyed it, as did I. The [first] disc closes with those familiar, unmistakable opening notes.

Whether you're a Dead-Head or not, Grayfolded is the ultimate "It". Tape freaks will have a marvelous time figuring out which passages come from what concerts, although Oswald does plan to publish a source tape list in the liner notes to the upcoming second volume of this series, Mirror Ashes, due out later this year. Highly recommended.

The Music Press
Summer 1995

[Note: Grayfolded was shortly afterward released as a two-disc set (subtitled Transitive Axis/Mirror Ashes) featuring an elaborate chart cataloging exactly which Dead concerts Oswald sampled for the project and where each sample appears on each of the two discs].

(To find out more about John Oswald's Mystery Tape series, go here:

Boot of the Week #2

Tangerine Dream

New York, Avery Fisher Hall, USA

Tangerine Leaves - Volume 55 - New York 1977

01: Introduction (02:17)
02: Part One (14:56)
03: Part Two (17:28)
04: Part Three (17:23)
05: Part Four (15:21)
06: Part Five (10:42)

Performed by Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Peter Baumann.
Produced and released by the tadream discussion list (P) 2005.
Audience recording remastered by Whoopy Snorp. Special thanks to S. Behrends.
Tangerine Leaves concept and coordination by Tangerinedreamer.