Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Annual Frank Zappa Birthday Special

All music is by Frank Zappa and is on Rykodisc or Barking Pumpkin records unless otherwise noted. Happy 69th birthday, Frank!

Hour 1

The Mudshark - Fillmore East June 1971
I'm The Slime - Overnite Sensation
Willie The Pimp - Hot Rats (Rykodisc edition)
Who Are The Brain Police - Freak Out
Big Leg Emma - Absolutely Free (Rykodisc edition)
Disco Boy - Zoot Allures
Dinah Moe Humm - Overnite Sensation
Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Absolutely Free
Rollo - Imaginary Diseases (

Hour 2

I Have Been In You - Berlin 2-15-78
What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body - 1967, from the We're Only In It For The Money demos
Baby Ray & The Ferns - Hows Your Bird - Rare Meat (Del-Fi)
Appearance on KPPC, 11-27-68 (excerpt)
Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy - 1975 05 23 El Paso TX
Magdalena (edited for radio) - Just Another Band from L.A.
Dr Demento Show 1981 - On forming a band
Farther O'Blivion - 1973 08 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Hour 3

Burt Ward - Boy Wonder I Love You - 7-inch (MGM Records)
Lonesome Cowboy Burt - 200 Motels
Interview, Syracuse University, 1975 (excerpt) - The making of 200 Motels
Overture-Mystery Roach - 200 Motels
Brutality - Resolver & Brutality (studio experiments)
FZ on a Guest DJ Spot, WPIX 11-19-79 (excerpt)
Broome County Arena, 1974 - It Can't Happen Here
Broome County Arena, 1974 - Hungry Freaks Daddy
1969 - My Guitar- Extended 7in Stereo Mix
Dead Girls of London w Van Morrison (alternate version)
Dumb All Over - YCDTOSA Vol 1
The Dangerous Kichen - Man From Utopia
Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Playlist for December 16th, 2009

zappa from footfoot on Vimeo.

Remember - My annual Frank Zappa Birthday
Tribute is next Wednesday, 23-Dec-09, at 7AM
3 full hours of FZ music, live tracks, rarities,
interview excerpts and whatever else isn't nailed down!

Frank Zappa -
Opopoppa Concert
Soliden, Skansen

Alice Coltrane - Rashied Ali - Universal Consciousness (Impulse)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Wildlife - Actual Sounds & Voices (Nothing)
Jean-Michel Jarre - Diva - Zoolook (Dreyfus)
J McLaughlin-Carlos Santana - A Love Supreme - Chicago, Sep 1 1973
Charles Earland - Suite For Martin Luther King Pt 1 - Charles Earland In Concert (Prestige)
Bill Nelson - Living In My Limousine - Quit Dreaming & Get On The Beam (Cocteau)
Jacques Schwarz-Bart - Dio Pann - Abyss (Obliq)
DJ Spooky/Ursula Rucker - Being Black - Crosstalk (Bridge)

Brian Eno - St Elmo's Fire - Another Green World (EG)
Sybarite - Memory End - Cut Out Shape (Psapp)
Sly & Robbie & Howie B - Fatigue Chic - Strip to the Bone (Island)
Negativland - You Don't Even Live Here - Escape From Noise (Seeland)
Agitation Free - Sahara City - Psychedelic Underground Vol 7 (Garden of Delights)
The Bevis Frond - Begging Bowl - Vavona Burr (Flydaddy)
David Bowie - Warszawa Low (Ryko)
Rhys Chatham - Die Donnergotter - Die Donnergotter (Table of the Elements)
Afroskull - Me & My TV - To Obscurity & Beyond (Skull Sound)
Tyler Von Jeebes - The Zap Rap - 12-inch (The Holmes Line)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Playlist for December 9th, 2009

MV and EE
Wildfire Lounge
Ithaca, NY
November 23, 2009
recorded on the Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit

Mittelschmerz - Turn For Relief - Free Speech For Sale
Hawkwind - You Shouldn't Do That - In Search of Space (EMI)
Can - Soup - Ege Bamyasi (Spoon)
Todd Rundgren (TR-I) - No World Order - No World Order (Forward)
Suns Of Arqa - Saniascara Saturn - Arqaology(Arka)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Kangolight - Strategies Against Architechture II (Mute)
Spacecraft - Chromatique Ones - Paradoxe (Spalax)
Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to Fly - Buffalo Springfield Again (Atco)

Pink Floyd - One Of These Days - Meddle (Capitol)
Danger Mouse - 99 Problems - The Grey Album (Illegal Arts)
Buffalo Springfield - Everydays - Buffalo Springfield Again (Atco)
Grateful Dead - Cryptical Envelopment - Anthem of the Sun (Rhino)
In One Peace - In One Peace - Inner City Sounds (Luv'n'Haight)
The Doors - Break On Through - The Doors (40th Ann Reissue) (Rhino)
Funky Porcini - B Monkey - Hed Phone Sex (Ninja Tune)
Sunburned Hand of the Man - Easy Eagle - Double Puberty
The United States of America - No Love To Give - The United States of America (Sundazed)
Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (early version) - Loaded (reissue) (Atlantic)
The Bemus Point - Has Anyone Seen My Innocence - Infra-Dig (Level Green)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Playlist for December 2, 2009

Andrew Paine - High Aura'd - Richine Stearns Wildfire Lounge November 23, 2009 recorded on the Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit.

Those Poor Bastards - Among The Pines - Yells From The Crypt (Gravewax)
Southpaw Jones - Legitimate Film - Cruelty (Freshly Picked)
Slits - Pay Rent - Trapped Animal (Narnack)
Tin Huey - The Comb - Before Obscurity (Smog Veil)

Andy Fairweather-Low - Keep On Rockin' - Spider Jiving (A&M)
Love - Stand Out - False Start (Blue Thumb)
Flo & Eddie - Afterglow - Flo & Eddie (Reprise)
Rammstein - Leibe Ist Fur Alle - Leibe Ist Fur Alle (Vagrant)
Jim Carroll - I Want The Angel - live at SUNY-Binghamton 24-March-1992

Michael Evans Osborne - Journey's End - Force of Nature (Reel Recordings)

The Rolling Stones - Cops & Robbers - BBC broadcast, March 19 1964
15-60-75 - Thief - Jimmy Bell's Still In Town (Hearpen)
MC 900 Ft Jesus - Dali's Handgun - Welcome To My Dream (Nettwerk)
The Beat;es - Happiness Is A Warm Gun - The Beatles (Apple)
John Sinclair - Friday the 13th
Henry Rollins - The Death of Joe Cole, mixed with
Les McCann - Beaux J. Poo Poo - Invitation to Openness (Water)
XTC - Steam Fist Futurist - Explode Together (Virgin)
SUNN O))) and Boris - bloodswamp - Altar (Southern Lord)
Marc Ribot - Friendly Ghosts - Rootless Cosmopolitans (Antilles)
Todd Rundgren - There Are No Words - Runt (Bearsville)
Beanfield - Keep On Believing - Beanfield (Streetbeat)
George Carlin - There Is No God (excerpt) - You Are All Diseased (Atlantic)
DJ 4AM - The Room - Sex Darwinism & The Jungles of Hades (Nightmare Soul)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Playlist for November 25, 2009

Pandit Kamalesh Maitra - Tabla Tarang - Melody On Drums (Smithsonian Folkways)
Master Musicians Of Jajouka - The Truth Forever - The Truth Forever (Point)
Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme - World Galaxy (Impulse)
Olivia Tremor Control - various tracks - Animation Music
Zevious - Coma Cluster - After The Air Raid (Cuneiform)
Captain Beefheart - Mirror Man - Mirror Man (One-Way)
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful for What You Got - Be Thankful for What You Got (Roxbury)

Bevis Frond - Defoliation Part 1-Reflections In A Tall Mirror - Inner Marshland (Rubric)
Hal Blaine - Flashes - Psychedelic Percussion (MCA)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Intermission Dub - In Dub (Run)
High Aura'd - Part 6 - Bridge Cable Music
Syd Barrett - Dominoes - Barrett (EMI)
Funkadelic - I Got A Thing - Funkadelic (Westbound)
Bob Holman - The Impossible Rap - In With The Out Crowd (Mouth Almoghty)
Firesign Theatre - Thanksgiving (or Pass The Indian Please) - live a the Ash Grove 1970
Kleptones - Know How Frogs Function - 24 Hours (kleptones)
Bill Nelson - Falling Blossoms - The Summer of God's Piano (ENigma)
National Health - The Mind Your Back Tango - Missing Pieces (Voiceprint)
Coldcut - That Greedy Beat - Coldcut Cut Outs (A Moment of your Time)
Steinski & The Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On - What Does It All Mean? (Illegal Art)

The Muppets sing Bohemian Rhapsody

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 18, 2009

Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA

The Smashchords - Brand New Rambler - Smashchords (Smash Trade)
Face Value - Coming of Age - Rode Hard, Put Away Wet (Smog Veil)
Rollins Band - Do It - Hammer Of The Rok Godz (promo) (Imago)
Black Flag - TV Party - Damaged (SST)
Slayer - Hate Worldwide - World Painted Blood (American)

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Kid With The Replaceable Head - Spurts (Rhino)
Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias - Snuffin' Like That - Snuff Rock EP (Stiff)
Tin Huey - I Wanna Be Your Dog - Before Obscurity (Smog Veil)
Patti Smith - Gloria - Horses (Arista)
Replacements - Dope Smokin' Moron - Stink (Twin Tone)
For Against - The Tenebrists - Never Been (Words On Music)

Tom Waits - Lucinda/Ain't Goin' Down - Glitter & Doom Live (Anti)
Big Star - Ballad of El Goodo - Big Star Live (Ryko)
Peter Townshend - Drowned - Pete Townshend Live (Platinum)


Friday, November 13, 2009

November 11, 2009

Dixie Dregs
Miami 13-Sep-1975

Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy (excerpt) - Lumpy Gravy (Ryko)
John Cage - Sonatas and Interlude for Prepared Piano - Sonatas and Interlude for Prepared Piano (CRI)
Sun Ra - Some Blues But Not The Kind That's Blue - Some Blues But Not The Kind That's Blue (Atavistic)
Mad Professor - Devil's Playground - Who Knows the Secret of the Master Tape? (Ariwa)
John Oswald (Dolly Parton) - Pretender - Plunderphonic (Mystery Lab)
Eliot Sharp - Klystron - A Storm Of Drones (Asphodel)
Jello Biafra - Depends on the Drug - If Evolution is Outlawed... (Alt Tentacles)
Mike Osborne - Journey's End Force of Nature (Reel Recordings)
Scoolptures - Liverslice - Materiale Umano (Leo)
Iowa Ear Music - Anton's Chickenyard - Iowa Ear Music (Corn Pride)

Faust - Conplicated - Cloudhill Studios, Hamburg, Germany (
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Hymnen (excerpt) - Hymnen (Deutsche Grammophon)
Video Game Breaks (excerpt) (Yosumi)
Jefferson Airplane - Young Girl Sunday Blues - After Bathing at Baxters (RCA)
Klaus Schulze - af 765 - Macula Transfer (Brain)
Negativland/Chumbawamba - The ABC's of Anarchy - The ABC's of Anarchy (
Negativland - TYime Zones - Escape From Noise (SST)
Barmy Army - Billy Bonds MBE - Pay It All Back (On-U Sound)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

November 4, 2009

Shawn Phillips
March 31, 1977

Bevis Frond - Malvolio's Dream Journey to Pikes - The Auntie Winnie Album (Reckless)
Mu - Ain't No Blues - The Band From The Lost Continent (Ocean Records)
Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off Baby - Lick My Decals Off Baby (Straight)
Geggy Tah - Don't Close The Door - Sacred Cow (Luaka Bop)
Soupy Sales - Pachalafaka - Still Soupy after All These Years (MCA)

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Columbia)
Frank Zappa - Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Absolutely Free (Ryko)
Yoko Ono - Hirake - Fly (Apple)
Mariachi Tequila (track from demo CD - this is a regional band)
Esquivel - Who's Sorry Now? - Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music (Bar None)
Grateful Dead - New Speedway Boogie - Workingman's Dead (Warner Bros)
Soupy Sales - A Singer Without A Song - The Soupy Sales Show (Reprise)

Ozric Tentacles - Stretchy - Jurassic Shift (IRS)
Harry Miller's Isipigo - Family Affair - Full Steam Ahead (Reel Recordings)
Ken Hyder's Talisker - The Black Bear - Dreaming of Glenisa (Reel)
Soupy Sales - The Mouse - Still Soupy after All These Years (MCA)

Cristina - Mama Mia - Cristina (Ze)
Frank Zappa - Packard Goose - Joe's Garage Vol II (Ryko)
Merrell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty - Lost In The City - Things (Sundazed)
Moxy Fruvous - Kick In The Ass - You Will Go To The Moon (Bottom Line)
Love Psychedelico - Fantastic World - This Is Love Psychedelico (Hacktone)
David Bowie - Word On A Wing - Station To Station (Virgin)
Soupy Sales - The Soupy Shuffle - The Soupy Sales Show (Reprise)

Laika & The Cosmonauts - Circumstantial Evidence - Cosmopolis 1988-2008 (Yep Roc)
Rockabye Baby - Stairway To Heaven - Rockabye Baby (Baby Rock)

Friday, October 30, 2009

October 28, 2009

expo 70 at permanent records (chicago) october 3rd, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

"Rest on Water" - Blues Control from whitetapas on Vimeo.

Blues Control
Expo 70
Live at The Shop
Ithaca, NY

Suicide - Frankie Teardrop - Suicide (Red Star)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Sterophrenic - Subliminal Sandwich (Nothing)
DJ Spooky - Cognitiva - The Secret Song (Thirsty Ear)
Groove Armada - But I Feel Good - Love Box (Jive Electro)

Flaming Lips - The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine - Embryonic (Warner Bros)
MX-80 - It's Not My Fault - Out Of Control (Atavistic)
Sun City Girls - Esta Susan En Casa? - Horse Cock Phepner (Placebo)
Mr Scruff - Whiplash - Ninja Tuna (Ninja Tune)
The Mekons - Garage D'Or - The Edge of the World (1/4 Stick)
Faust - Faust Meets Faust - Cloudhill Studios 2/09 (private pressing)
Shockabilly - Lucifer Sam - Just Beautiful (Shimmy Disc)
Mission of Burma - That's When I reach For My Revolver - The Definitive Editions (Matador)

The Rubinoos - Rock And Roll Is Dead - Rubinoos (Berserkeley)
Mudhoney - Baby O Baby - promo CD - (Warner Bros)
Morphine - Thursday - Cure For Pain (Ryko)
Minor Threat - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White - Complete Discography (Dischord)
The Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Help (Capitol)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - The Longest Time - Ruin Johnny's Bar Mitzvah (Fat Wreck Chords
Rhinoceros - Top of the Ladder - Satin Chickens (Elektra)
David Porter - This Song Has No Title - Sweat & Love (Enterprise)
Big Audio Dymanite - Stone Thames - This Is Big Audio Dynamite (Columbia)
Emmitt Rhodes - Shoot The Moon - Farewell To Paradise (ABC)
Guided By Voices - Interest Position - Hold On Hope EP (TVT)
Steppenwolf - Who Needs Ya? - Steppenwolf 7 (Dunhill)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Playlist for October 21, 2009

Pink Floyd
Paris Theater
London, 16-July-1970
BBC, John Peel, MC

Green Is The Colour
Careful With That Axe Eugene
Atom Heart Mother

Mu - Eternal Thirst - The Band from the Lost Continent (Ocean Records)
Bob Downes Open Music - Basking In The Sun - Crossing Borders (Reel Recordings)
Rip Rig & Panic - Warm To The If In Life -Knee Deep In Hits (Virgin)
Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire - Nilsson Schmilsson (RCA)

Johnny Almond Music Machine - Tales of Junior - Patent Pending (Deram)
The 1000 Year Plan - If It Bleeds We Can Kill It - In Theory & Practice (
Soft Heap - Remain So - Al Dente (Reel Recordings)
G Fitz-Gerald & Lol Coxhill - Fairy Dance - Echoes of Duneden (Reel Recordings)
David Amram - Pull My Daisy - No More Walls (Flying Fish)

Electrocute - Fun Is A Floppy Bitch - Troublesome Bubblegum (Ryko)
Fapardokly - The Music Scene - Fapardokly (Sundazed)
The Flaming Lips - Evil - Embryonic (Warner Brothers)
Harry Miller's Isipigo - Family Affair - Full Steam Ahead (Reel Recordings)
East Bay Ray - Back West - Labyrinth (Manifesto)

Ambience - Just By Chance - Ambiance (Da Mon/Orisa Productions)
Yo La Tengo - Avalon - Popular Songs (Matador)
Papa John Creach - Plunk A Little Funk - Papa John Creach (Grunt)
Ken Hyder's Talisker - The Black Bear - Dreaming of Glenisla (Reel Recordings)

Woody Allen - The Moose

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 14, 2009

FAUST Rehearsals,
Cloudhill Studios
, Feb 2009

King Crimson - Red - Red (DGM)
Sea & Cake - Hotel Tell - Glass (Thrill Jockey)
Wire - Too Late - Chairs Missing (
Bevis Frond - Purtle Sline - BevisThrough The Looking Glass (Rubric)

Fat Boy Slim - Slash Dot Dash - Why Try Harder (Astralwerks)
Negativland - Moribund Music of the 1970's Part 1 - Dick Vaughn's Moribund Music of the 1970's - OTE Vol 4 (Seeland)
Negativland - You Must Respect Copyright/How Long Have You Been Waiting for U2? -
Fair Use (Seeland)
The Red Krayola - Microchips & Fish - Singles (Drag City)
Amon Duul II - Da Guadeloop - Hijack (Atco)

Theivery Corporation - Mandala - Radio Retaliation ((ESL)
Neu - Fur Immer - Neu 2 (Astralwerks)
Sigur Ros - Syndir Guds - Von (One Little Indian)
My Cat Is An Alien - Improv #2 - Through The Magnifying Glass of Tomorrow (Atavistic)
Black Feelings - Gails - Black Feelings (Alien8)

Garfunkel and Oates, "Worst Song Medley"

And just so you know, you can also hear the Doctor's podcasts on Itunes!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 7th, 2009

Jim Carroll Band
WBCN, Boston

Mr. Guy (Frank Zappa) - Letter From Jeepers - Pulp Surfin' (Del-Fi)
Blue Hawaiians - Penetration - Pulp Surfin' (Del-Fi)
David Bowie - Stay - Station to Station (Virgin)
Bubba Beyond - Evertything I Do Is Gonna Be Funky - Land of 1000 Dances (

Harry Nilsson - Me And My Arrow - The Point (RCA)
Moodswing Orchestra - Kings Fall - Moodswing Orchestra (El Destructo)

Momus - Walter Carlos - The Little Red Song Book (Le Grand Magistery)
Coralie Clement - Je Ne Sans Plus Ton Amour - Toystore (Nettwerk)
Sun Ra - Some Blues But Not The Kind That's Blue - Some Blues But Not The Kind That's Blue (Atavistic)
Big Star - Balad of El Goodo - Big Star Live (Ryko)
Jefferson Airplane - Eat Starch Mom - Long John Silver (Grunt)


Meadow Meal - Faust
So Far - So Far
J'ai Mal Aux Dents - The Faust Tapes
Miss Fortune - Faust
No Harm - So Far

Bevis Frond - Stain on the Sun (demo) - New River Head (Rubric)

Holy Modal Rounders - Put Your Ass In The Air

Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 23, 2009

I will be off the air next Wednesday, September 30, 2009. I'll back the following week on October 7th. Happy trails to you till we meet again!

Social Room
Binghamton U.
from the WHRW Archives
Digital re-tweezement by Doctor B.

Tandora - Love Understands - Dia Real (Moondo)
The As-Is Ensemble - Misty Mountain Hop - Turned On Turned Up (left three lanes)
Anne Drummond - Frevo - Like Water (Obliq)
Waitiki 7 - Left Arm of Buddha - Adventures In Paradise (Pass out)
Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley - Booty-Licious - Pigs' Feet & Potted Meat (
Mike Stern - 6th Street - Big Neighborhood (Heads Up)
Floyd/Buckner/Marsh - In Crossing The Busy Street - In Crossing The Busy Street (Mutable)

Dinosaur Jr. - Friends - Farm (Jagjaguwar)
Burnt By The Sun - Goliath - Heart of Darkness (Relapse)
The Raveonettes - Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed) - In And Out Of Control (Vice)
Bevis Frond - Solar Marmalade - New River Head (Rubric)
Bitter Sweet - Bittersweet Faith (Theivery Corp. remix) - The Remix Game (Quango)
Magik Markers - State Numbers - Balf Quarry (

Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Teenage Dream (alternate) - Zinc Alloy (deluxe) (Rhino)
The Smithereens - The Slider - Resurrection of the Warlock (Old School)
The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man - Wave of Mutilation (4AD)
Beastie Boys - Cookie Puss (edit) - Some Old Bullshit (Grand Royal)
Skinny Puppy - Spasmolytic - Brap (Nettwerk)
Yo La Tengo - Nothing to Hide - Popular Song (Matador)

Garfunkel and Oates - Silver Lining

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16th, 2009

Aston, UK
March 4, 1977

Parliament - The Goose - Up For The Down Stroke (Casablanca)
Suicide - Death Machine - American Supreme (Mute)
Blast - School's Out - 7-inch (SST)
Jim Carrol Band - I Want The Angel - Catholic Boy (Atlantic)
The Stranglers - White Room - Stranglers IV (IRS)

Pete Carr - Foxfire - Not A Word On It (Big Tree)
Rollins Band - Jam w/Butthole Surfers Dallas TX 8-23-91 - Hammer of the Rok Godz (Imago)
The Normal - Warm Leatherette - CD-5 (Mute)
R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day - Trapped - Exterminating Angel (Lust/Unlust)
Jim Carroll - 8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain - Pools of Mercury (Mercury)
Squat Thrust - Answerr to the Universe #5 - Charlie Manson Street (M.D. Records)
Focus - Focus II - Focus (Sire)
R. Stevie Moore - I Wasn't Drinking, I Was Just Tired - Love Compartment (

Jim Carroll Band - Nothing Is True - Catholic Boy (Atlantic)
The Golden Palominos - Omaha - Visions of Excess (Celluloid)
Jerry Hester & Judyth Henske - Farewell Alderberan - Farewell Alderberan (Straight)
The Minus 5 - Tonight You're Buying Me A Drink Bub - Killingsworth (Yep Roc)
NRBQ - Kentucky Slop Song - NRBQ (Columbia)
Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died - Catholic Boy (Atlantic)

Ford Theatre - 101 Harrison Street Excerpt (excerpt) - Ford Theatre (ABC)

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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Doctor is now on Itunes!

Now you can hear The Doctor on your Ipod® or Itunes®-compatible MP3 player anytime. Just go the the Itunes Store while in Itunes, do a search for “doctor b”, then under “Podcasts” in the results window click “See All”. I'm the little kid standing next to the family Victrola, vinyl in hand (my mom shot that picture when I was four, by the way!). The screen shot below will show you what to look for (click the image to enlarge it).

You can also access my latest podcasts by clicking this button at the bottom of every recent playlist.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Playlist for September 2, 2009

The Doors
The Matrix
March 7, 1967

1. Backdoor Man
2. My Eyes Have Seen you
3. Soul Kitchen
4. Get Off My Life
5. When The Music's Over
6. Close To You
7. Crawling King Snake
8. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
9. People Are Strange
10. Who Do You Love?
11. Alabama Song
12. The Crystal Ship
13. Twentieth Century Fox
14. Moonlight Drive

Roky Erickson & The Spades - We Sell Soul - I Have Always Been Here Before (Shout Factory)
Alice Cooper - Below Your Means - Easy Action (Warner Brothers)
Copernicus - Victim of the Sky - Victim of the Sky (Nevermore)
Fats Comet - Rockchester - 12-inch (On-U Sound)

Evolution Control Committee
- I Want A Cookie - Plagiarhythm Nation (
Lou Reed - Vintage Violence (Remix) - promo 12-inch (RCA)
Jad Fair - Retired Grocer Constructs Tiny Mount Rushmore Entirely of Cheese - Strange But True (Matador)
Parliament - Testify - Up For The Down Stroke (Casablanca)

The Damned - Sick of Being Sick - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)
Deep Purple - Burn - When We Rock... (Warner Brothers)
DJ Shadow - This Time - The Outsider (Universal)
Calexico - Deep Down - Garden Ruin (

Country Joe & The Fish (Vanguard Records)

Rock Coast Blues - Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine - The Life And Times...
Crystal Blues - Here We Are Again
Fish Cheer/Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag - Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die

Richard Thompson - I Can't Wake Up To Save My Life - Mirror Blue (Capitol)
Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds (Rockpile) - Poor Jenny - Seconds of Pleasure (Columbia)
The Raybeats - Tone Zone - Guitar Beat (Bar /None)
Sonny & Cher - You'd Better Sit Down, Kids - All I Ever Need (MCA)
Steve Tibbetts - Black Mountain Side - Big Map Idea (ECM)
Talking Heads - Burning Down The House - Stop Making Sense (Sire)

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungery (demo) Stay Hungry (Rhino)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playlist foir August 26, 2009

Ike Yard
Lost Dog Cafe
Ithaca, NY 4-20-07
(Recorded on the Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit)

Ekova - Cruel Sister - Space Lullabyes and Other Phantasmagore (Six
Squarepusher - Massif (Stay Strong) - Big Loada (Warp)
Senor Coconut - Upper Mambo/Lower Funk - El Gran Baile (Emperor Norton)
Negativland - A Most Successful Formula - Dispepsi (

MC 900 Foot Jesus - Adventures In Failure - Welcome to My Dream (Nettwerk)
John Cale & Terry Riley - Ides of March - Church of Anthrax (Wounded Bird)
Negativland - Sycamore/Car Bomb - Escape From Noise (

Randy California - Rain - Kaptain Kopter & His Fabulous Twirlybirds (Acadia Imports)
M'Lumbo - All You Have To Do Is Relax & Listen - Spinning Tourists in a City of Ghosts (Unit Circle)
Can - Safe - Inner Space (Spoon)

Sonny Bono - I Just Sit There - Inner View (Atco)
Fapardokly - Tomorrow's Girl - Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Rhino)
Peter Green - Bottoms Up - End of the Game (Reprise)
Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun - Jimi Plays Berkeley (Barclay)

Richard Thompson with Cry Cry Cry - Waltzing's For Dreamers live 2-13-99 - Fish Out of Water (WMNF, Tampa promo)
Captain Beefheart - Trust Us - Strictly Personal (Blue Thumb)

DJ Steve Porter - Press Hop (Youtube clip)

PODCAST In Effect Now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playlist for August 19, 2009

Nick Lowe
The Ritz
October 19th, 1985

Mandrill - Git It All - Mandrill Is (Polydor)
Sugar - Where Diamonds Are Halos - Besides (Ryko)
Melanie - Animal Crackers - Born To Be (Buddah)
Velvet Underground - I Heard Her Call My Name - White Light White Heat (Verve)

Flying Burrito Brothers - Lazy Days - Burrito Deluxe (A&M)
Funkadelic - Super Stupid - Maggot Brain (Westbound)
Green Bullfrog - Makin' Time - Green Bullfrog (Decca)

Graham Parker - Mercury Poisoning - Another Grey Area (reissue)(Razor & Tie)
Bob Seger - Tales of Lucy Blue - Bob Seger System (Capitol)
Heinz - Just Like Eddie - It's Hard To Believe It-The Amazing World of Joe Meek (Razor & Tie)
Pink Floyd - Fearless - Meddle (Capitol)

Sky Cries Mary
- 2000 Light Years From Home - A Return to the Inner Experience (World)
Mark Stewart & Maffia - These Things Happen - Metatron (Mute)
Robert Derby - Barbie - I'm Normal (Cachalot)

Dani Siciliano - Frozen - Slappers (K7)
Pluramon - Self Remix - Wire Tapper 6 (WIRE Magazine)
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Toccata - Brain Salad Surgery (Victory)

Herbie Hancock - Everybody's Broke - Magic Windows (Columbia)
Prince - Style - Emancipation (NPG)
Yo La Tengo - Autumn Sweater (remix) -Autumn Sweater (Matador)

Phish - Contact - Junta (Elektra)
Nightmares On Wax - E-A-S-E - A Word of Science (Warp)
Silicon Teens - Just Like Eddie - Music For Parties (Mute)

Julie Kobielush - I'm a Student Pilot - 7-inch (Herrick Aviation Pub)

Podcast In Effect NOW! Get it HERE!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playlist for August 12, 2009

The Grateful Dead
The Other One>Cosmic Charlie
Harpur College May 2, 1970
Dick's Picks Volume 8

Today's program exclusively features music by bands which played Woodstock '69, except for Giants, a fusion of Santana and War playing an ancient Santana tune which was played at Woodstock..

Jefferson Airplane - Have You Seen The Saucers? - Early Flight (Grunt)
The Who - Life With The Moons>Naked Eye - 30 Years of Maximum R&B (MCA)
Quill - They Love The Life - Quill (Cotillion)

Incredible String Band - El Wool Suite - U (Elektra)
Richie Havens - My Own Way - Electric Havens (Douglas)
Jimi Hendrix - Woodstock improvisation - Woodstock (MCA)
Giants* - Fried Neckbones & Home Fries - Giants (L.A.)

Arlo Guthrie - The Pause of Mr. Claus - Arlo (Reprise)
Mountain - Long Red - Mountain (Windfall)
Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You For Talkin' To Me, Africa - There's a Riot

Goin' On (Epic)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Penthouse Pauper - Bayou Country (Fantasy)
Joan Baez - Time Bag - Blowin' Away (Portrait)

Melanie - Cyclone - Photograph (Atlantic)
Santana - You Just Don't Care - Santana (Columbia)
Canned Heat - Pony Blues - Living The Blues (Liberty/UA)
Jimi Hendrix - Red House - Blues (MCA)
Sweetwater - Just For You - Just For You (Reprise)

Tim Hardin - Can't Judge a Book - Painted Head (Columbia)
Country Joe & The Fish - Crystal Blues - Here We Are Again (Vanguard)
Keef Hartley - The Half Breed - The Half Breed (Deram)

Ravi Shankar - Raga Tilak Shyam - Ravi (Capitol)

* - Didn't play Woodstock, but featured members of Santana, who did. This track is an early Santana tune. I can find nothing about this band online. If you have any information, won't you please let me know at bartlemania (which is at) gmail (dott) com?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Playlist for August 5th, 2009

Firesign Theatre
David Susskind Show

Beatles - Helter Skelter - The Beatles (White Album) (Capitol)
New World Electronic Chamber Ensemble - Norwegian Wood - Switched On Beatles (Mushroom)
Sergio Mendes - Somewhere In The Hills - Encanto (Concord Jazz)
English Beat - Too Nice To Talk To - promo 12-inch (Sire)
English Beat - Hands Off, She's Mine - I Just Can't Stop It (Sire)
Flying Lizards - Sex Machine - extended mix 12-inch (Statik)

Ramones - Glad To See You Go - Ramones (Sire)
Bakersfield Boogie Boys - Okie From Muskogee - Devotees (Rhino)
Flipper - Sex Bomb - Public Flipper Limited (Subterranean)
Angst - Just Me - Blasting Concept Vol II (SST)
Cabaret Voltaire - Nag, Nag, Nag - Wanna Buy A Bridge (Rough Trade)

Charles Manson - Cease To Exist - Lie (
Beach Boys - Never Learn Not To Love - Friends/20/20 (Capitol)
Negativland - Helter Stupid (excerpt) - Helter Stupid (
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - The Closet - No New York (Antilles)
DJ Shadow - Changeling (demo excerpt) - Endtroducing (deluxe ed.) (Island)
Star Wars Breakbeats - One Smooth Character - Star Wars Breakbeats (Suckadelic)
NY Dolls - Personality Crisis - New York Dolls (Mercury)
New Order - Turn The Heater On - Peel Session (Strange Fruit)
Charles Manson - interview - Lie (

Devo - Clockout>Come Back Jonee - Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years (Ryko)
Fluf - Kim Thayils Paw - Wasting Seed (Headhunter)
Donnas - Speed Demon - American Teenage Rock & Roll Machine (Lookout)
The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like - I Was A Teenage Zombie (Enigma)
The Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - Leave Home (Sire)

John Trubee - A Blind Man's Penis - Enigma Variations (Enigma)

Podcast Now In Effect.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playlist for July 29th, 2009

Koln Germany

Doctor B's Apollo 11 40th Anniversary (Outer) Space Mix -
Featuring Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Walter Cronkite, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, 808 State, Dawson Baker, and a host of others. Digitally-mutated sounds abound!

Prince Far-I
- Bedward The Flying Preacher - Pay It All Back (On-U Sound)
Two Badcard - Sergio Mendes Part 1 - Macro Dub Infection Vol. 1 (Caroline)
Boom Boom Satellites - Soliloquy - Japan For Sale (Columbia)
Suicide - Rocket USA - Suicide (Red Star)
The Doors - L A Woman - The Doors' Greatest Hits (Elektra)

The Ophelias - Wicked Annabella - The Night Of Halloween (Rough Trade)
David Sylvain - Brilliant Trees - Brilliant Trees (Virgin)
Innervisions - Mermaids - A Jaourney Into Ambient Groove (Quango)
Velvet Underground - Sister Ray - White Light, White Heat (Polydor)

Camille West - Viagra In The Water

Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Space Mix (Hour 2) - Click HERE!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Playlist for July 8, 2009

American Sphinx
Lost Dog Lounge, Ithaca
June 24, 2009

Mocean Worker - Velvet Black Sky - Aural & Hearty (Palm)
M'Lumbo Vs Kobalt 6 - Playing at Random - Spinning Tourists... (Unit Circle)
Sun Ra - Outer Spaceways Inc. - Space is the Place (Evidence)
Kenneth Lampl - Crockett & Tubbs - Electronic Soundtracks (SSRI)
The Prisoner (sndtrk) - Number 6 Hates the Tune - The Prisoner, file 1
Mark Stewart & Mafia - Jerusalem - Pay It All Back (On-U Sound)
Negativland - An Actual Attack - Ikebana (Important)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Trilogy - Between Nothingness & Eternity (Columbia)
Culver City Dub Collective - Everything - Culver City Dub Collective

Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness - Light of Worlds (Dee-Lite)
Bob Holroyd - Passing Through - A Different Space (6 Degrees)
David Bowie - Memory of a Free Festival, parts 1 & 2 (1970 single version) - Space Oddity (Ryko)
Allen Ginsberg - Ballad of the Skeletons - Ballad of the Skeletons (Mercury)

Firesign Theatre - Waiting For The Electrician or Someone Like Him - Waiting
For The Electrician or Someone Like Him (

Funkstorung - Henryk - Additional Productions (Studio K7)
DJ Mink - Hey! Hey! Can You Relate? - Warp Classics 10+2 88-92 (Matador)
James Brown - Payback (The Final Mixdown) - Keep On Doing...(Polydor)
John Oswald/Michael Jackson - Dab - Plunderphonic
Orb/Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess - Orb Remix Project (Deviant)
The Byrds - Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins - Ballad of Easy Rider (Columbia)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Playlist for July 1, 2009

The Magik Markers - Lost Dog, Ithaca, NY
Recorded on the Bartlermuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit

Magma - Kohntark (Pt. 2) - Magma Live (Utopia)

Petra Haden - Heinz Baked Beans/Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands - Petra Haden Sings The

Who Sell Out (Bar None)
Seals & Crofts - Summer Breeze (remix)- What Is Hip? (Warner Bros)
Captain Beefheart - Autumn's Child - Safe As Milk (Castle)
Mandrill - Silk - Solid (United Artists)
Videogame Orchestra - Thriller (

Negativland - Happy Hero (Regemedia Megamix) - Happy Heroes (negativland dot com)
Monkees - Your Auntie Griselda - Live 1967 (Rhino)
Bad Livers - Lumpy, Beanpole & Dirt - Industry & Thrift (Sugar Hill)
Richard Cheese - Beat It - I'd Like A Virgin (Surfdog)
D$ Al Fine - Magic Mose & His Royal Rockers - Nothing (Arf Arf)

Jackson 5 - Thaty's How Love Goes - Jackson 5 Anthology (Motown)
Bevis Frond - Stars Burn Out - North Circular (Flydaddy)
Pink Floyd - Saucerful of Secrets - Ummagumma (Harvest)
Negativland - Michael Jackson - Escape From Noise (
Mandrake Memorial - Bucket of Air - Puzzle (Poppy)

David Bowie - Heroes (French-language version) 12-inch (RCA, Germany)
Transformer Di Roboter - Stranger in Moscow (
Magna Carta - Airport Song - Seasons (Dunhill)
Lord Buckley - The Hip Einie - A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat (Demon Verbals)

DJ Steve Porter - This Is It

Friday, June 26, 2009

Playlist for June 24th, 2009

Sorry I'm so late with this week's playlist. I had a previous commitment.

Asbury Park
1982 (excerpt)

Sonic Youth - Anti Orgasm - The Eternal (Matador)
MX80 - Fender Bender - Out Of Control (Atavistic)
Morphine - Cure For Pain - Cure For Pain (Ryko)
Glenn Branca - Sympony #10 Second Movement - Selections from the Symphonies (Atavistic)
Jimi Hendrix - Drivin' South (Top Gear, November 1967) - BBC Sessions (MCA)

Frank Zappa - I'm The Slime - Overnite Sensation (Ryko)
Brian Eno - Third Uncle - Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (All Saints)
Up, Bustle and Out - The Hand of Contraband - Untuchable Outcaste Beats (Tommy Boy)
Television - Marquee Moon - Marquee Moon (reissue) (Rhino/Elektra)

Cornershop - Brimful of Asha (Fat Boy Slim Remix)Zero Accidents on the Job (Luaka Bop)
Future Sound Of London - Smokin' Japanese Babe - ISDN (Astralwerks)
Jon Appleton - Newark Airport Rock - Contes De La Memoire (Empreintes Digitales)
Metrodub - Cut Up Music - Unknownwerks (Astralwerks)
System 7 - Exdreamist - Golden Section (Hypnotic)
Marcio Local - Minha Rosa - Don Day...(Luaka Bop)
Dick Hayman - The Look of Love - Genuine Electric Latin Love (Command)

Brian Eno/Jah Wobble- Steam - Spinner (All Saints)
Ear Pwr - Furture Eyes - Super Animal Bros III (Carpark)
Booker T And th MG's - Green Onions - Striptease (sndtrk)(EMI)
The Who - Pure and Easy - Odds & Sods (Track)
The Clash - The Prisoner - Clash on B'Way (Columbia)

DJ Steve Porter - Rap Chop (via Youtube)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

But wait! There's More!!!

Found this via the Negativland listserv. I can never look at an infomercial the same way again!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Program for June 17th is cancelled

The chronic medical problems which resulted in far too many show cancellations last fall and winter have been under control for some time. Today, they came back to visit, so it looks like this week's program isn't going to happen. I do hate it when this happens. I hate even worse having to disappoint all of you.

I might do a surprise show later on this week during one of the many vacant time slots in WHRW's summer schedule. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, please feel free to check out the podcsts of my three most recent shows. I'll hopefully be back in your loudspeakers next Wednesday, badder than ever!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playlist for June 10th, 2009

NY Dolls
WMMS, Cleveland (live at the Agora)

Raybeats - Tone Zone - Guitar Beat (Bar None)
Lee Oskar - BLT - Lee Oskar (Avenue)
Lou Rawls - I'm A King Bee - Natural Man (Polydor)
Terry Reid - Superlungs My Supergirl - Superlungs (Astralwerks)
Richard & Linda Thompson - Wall Of Death - Shoot Out The Lights (Hannibal)
Velvet Underground - The Murder Mystery - Velvet Underground (Polydor)

Iggy Pop - Nice To Be Dead - Preliminaires (Astralwerks)
Minnie Ripperton - The Burning of the Midnight Lamp - Her Chess Years (MCA-Chess)
Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's 115th Dream - Bringing It All Back Home (Columbia)
Bob Dylan - All You Have To Do Is Dream - The Basement Tapes Vol 1 (Surprise)
Bob Dylan - Ballad of a Thin Man - Highway 61 Revisited (Columbia)

Sam Phillips - Raised on Promises - Cruel Intentions (Virgin)
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Experiment In Terror - Cosmopolis (Yep Roc)
The Raveonettes - Love In A Trash Can - Pretty In Black (Columbia)
The Kennedys - Here Without You - Evolver (Zoe)
Nick Lowe - Little Hitler - Pure Pop For Now People (Columbia)

Gato Barbieri - In Search of the Mystery - In Search of the Mystery (
Firesign Theatre - Sleep - Dear Friends (Columbia)

Daft Punk - Harder Faster Better Stronger - Ultra Dance 09 (Ultra)
Little Feat - Over The Edge - Hoy Hoy! (Warner Bros)
Firesign Theatre - Chinchilla - Dear Friends (Columbia)
Sex Mob/Medeski - Sign O' The Times - Sex Mob Meets Medeski (Thirsty Ear)
Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats (Ryko) *
Tri Atma - Aerolite - Kajakee Music (Lifestyle)
Frank Zappa - The Duke of Prunes (Medley) - Absolutely Free (Ryko)

Randall Terry - Ready To Fly - I Believe In You (Treehouse Records)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Playlist for June 3, 2009

Bootsy's Rubber Band
Live in Oklahoma

David Bowie - Let's Dance (Club Bolly Extended Mix) - Exclusive New Remixes (Virgin)
Art Bears - In Two Minds - Hopes & Fears (Re Records)
Syd Barrett - Terrapin - BBC Sessions (Strange Fruit)
Sun Ra - The World Shadow - Sun Ra Featuring Pharaoh Sanders and Black Harold (
Medeski Maretin & Wood - Junkyard - Radiolarians II (Indirecto)
Laurie Anderson - In Our Sleep (Trance Mix) (WB promo CD)
Maria Muldaur - Midnight at the Oasis (Cuica Remix) - What Is Hip (Warner Bros)

Faust - BBC 1-3-73 - BBC Sessions + (Re Records)

Dub Syndicate - Slummy Ghetto - Live (On-U Sound)
Robert Fripp - Disengage - Exposure (EG)
Jaymay - You'd Rather Run - Autumn Fallin' (Blue Note)*
Steve Reich - 8 Lines (Howie B Remix) - Reich Remixed (Nonesuch)
Steve Hillage - Hurdy Gurdy Man/Hurdy Gurdy Glissando - L (Virgin)

Velvet Underground - Sister Ray/Foggy Notion - The Quine Tapes (Polydor)

* - by request

Podcast Available HERE.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playlist for May 27th, 2009

Police - the lost BBC studio tapes

1. Next To You 2'51
2. Roxanne 3'56
3. Truth Hits Everybody 2'38
4. So Lonely 3'17
5. Interview 1'58
6. Message In A Bottle 4'32
7. The Beds Too Big Without You 5'14
8. Can't Stand Losing You 5'47
9. So Lonely 7'01
10. Fall Out 2'40
11. The Beds Too Big Without You 5'16
12. Message In A Bottle 4'38
13. Roxanne 4'31
14. Walking On The Moon 5'11
15. Deathwish 3'35
16. Bring On The Night 5'43
17. No Time This Time 3'10

Tracks 1-4: John Peel session 1978 Tracks 5-7: Capital Radio session 1979 Tracks 8-13: BBC In concert 1979 Tracks 14-16: Melbourne 1981 Track 17: unknown source, but believed to be Fat Cats, Miami, 04.05.79

Velvet Underground - New Age - Loaded (Atlantic)
David Bowie - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - Pinups (Ryko)
The Beach Boys - Cool Cool Water - Sunflower (Capitol)

The Byrds - CTA-102 - Younger Than Yesterday (Columbia)
New York Dolls - This Is Ridiculous - Cause I Sez So (Atco)
The Vaselines - You Think You’re a Man - Enter The Vaselines (Sub Pop)
James Brown- Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing - Best Of James Brown Vol 2 (Polydor)
Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up - Greatest Hits (Tamla)

Procol Harum - Whaling Stories - Home (A&M)
Melt Banana - Smell The Medicine - Squeak Squeak Creak (A-Zap)
The Residents - Whoopy Snorp - Residue (Ralph)
Erica Pomerance - The French Revolution - You Used To Think (
Butthole Surfers - Hurdy Gurdy Man - Dumb & Dumber sndtrk (BMG)
Nirvana - Man Who Sold the World - Unplugged (DGC)
Ben Folds - Fred Jones Part 2 - University A Capella (Epic)
Free Design - Kites Are Fun - Best Of The Free Design (Cherry Red)

The Clash - London Calling - Live At Shea Stadium (Columbia)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero - Zero Remix EP (
John Lennon - I Don't Want To Be A Soldier - Imagine (Capitol)

PODCAST available HERE.