Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Bartlemania for August 30 (WRFI, 88.1FM Ithaca, 91.9FM Watkins Glen) and September 4 (WBDY-LP. 99.5FM, Binghamton), 2022

Hour 1

21:00:00  3:14  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:14  2:14  DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist  Dance The Slurp  Brainfreeze  Sixty-7

21:06:08  2:27  They Might Be Giants  The Communists Have the Music  My Murdered Remains  Idlewild
21:08:34  2:41  They Might Be Giants  This is Only Going to Go One Way My Murdered Remains  Idlewild
21:11:12  3:27  They Might Be Giants  Starry Eyes  My Murdered Remains  Idlewild

21:15:02  3:31  The Who  Time Is Passing  Odds & Sods (CD edition)  MCA
21:18:31  4:33  The Beatles  Let It Be-Please Please Me-Let It Be (Take 10)  Let It Be (Super Deluxe Ed)  Apple
21:23:01  5:01  Norma Tanega  Solar Winds  I'm the Sky-Studio and Demo Recordings 1964 - 1971  Anthology

21:28:40  4:45  TZAR (Michael Stark & Willie B)  Story & Clark  TZAR  tzar.bandcamp.com
21:33:25  5:15  TZAR (Michael Stark & Willie B)  MIKEY DUB  EP  tzar.bandcamp.com
21:38:32  5:58  SUNN O))) & PAN SONIC  Che  digital single  https://sunn.bandcamp.com/

21:44:57  4:37  Laurie Anderson  Coolsville  Strange Angels  WB
21:49:28  4:25  Corrina Bailey Rae  Since I've Been Loving You  Corrine Bailey Rae  Capitol
21:53:46  3:44  Talking Heads  Life During Wartime  Fear Of Music-early mix SR Studio NYC  Not on album-not on label

Hour 2

22:00:29  31:47  SUNN O)))  Troubled Air  Metta, Benevolence BBC 6 Music - Live on the Invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs  https://sunn.bandcamp.com/

22:32:51  21:56  Meridian (Tim Feeney-Sarah Hennies-Greg Stuart)  2 & 3  Tuyeres  Caduc

22:55:29  3:31  PAS Musique, Brandstifter  Live in Torun, Poland  Lost & Found In Europe  alrealonmusique.com

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Bartlemania for August 23 (WRFI, 88.1FM Ithaca, 91.9FM Watkins Glen) and 28 (WBDY-LP, 99.5FM Binghamton), 2022

Hour 1

21:00:00    3:14    Silicon Teens    Chip 'N' Roll    Music For Parties    Mute

21:03:27    2:15    Ronnie Dio & The Prophets    Gonna Make It Alone    Various Artists - Smash Boom Bang    Ace
21:05:34    2:57    The Honeycombs    Have I The Right    It's Hard To Believe It-The Amazing World of Joe Meek    Razor & Tie
21:08:27    2:19    The Beatles    Things We Said Today    Indianapolis Sep 3 1964    not on album-no label

21:11:23    2:45    Young Marble Giants    Wurlitzer Jukebox    Colossal Youth    Domino
21:14:02    5:21    The Blitzoids    The Beard Of Percy    Stealing From Helpless Children & Look Up    Ad Hoc
21:19:16    2:35    Weather Report    Milky Way    Weather Report    Talking Elephant

21:22:20    3:15    DJ Lobsterdust    Pussycats Gone To Heaven    Dust Smoke (2008)    https://lobsterdust.bandcamp.com/album/dust-smoke-2008
21:25:28    4:08    Negativland    We Can Really Feel Like We're Here - live in Copenhagen    Aux Brain    Seeland

21:30:00    14:53    Darsombra    Call The Doctor    Nightgarden EP     https://darsombra.bandcamp.com/album/call-the-doctor-nightgarden-ep

21:45:03    9:30    GOLDENROD    Standing Ovulation    Goldenrod    https://undergroundfiles.bandcamp.com/album/goldenrod-s-t-heavy-psych-rock-acid-us-1969
21:54:33    2:42    Paul McCartney    Come And Get It (Studio Demo)    Abbey Road (Super Deluxe Ed)    Apple
21:57:12    2:48    Eugene Chadbourne     Pursuance (excerpt)    Head of Books    eugenechadbourne.com

Hour 2

22:00:38    14:43    Alice Coltrane & Carlos Santana    Angel of Sunlight    Illuminations    Columbia

22:15:29    26:18    Sun Ra    Disco 3000    Disco 3000    Art Yard

22:42:09    15:51    Harold Budd    Bismillahi Rrahmani Rrahim    The Pavilion Of Dreams    Superior Viaduct

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Bartlemania for August 16th (WRFI, 88.1FM Ithaca, 91.9FM Watkins Glen) and 21st (WBDY-LP, 99.5FM Binghamton), 2022.

Hour 1

Silicon Teens - Chip 'N' Roll - Music For Parties (Mute)
The Blitzoids - Theme From A Summer Place - Stealing From Helpless Children/Look Up (Ad Hoc)

Elvis Costello and The Roots - Sugar Won't Work - Wise Up Ghost (Standard) (Blue Note)
Elton John - Burn Down The Mission (BBC Session) - Tumbleweed Connection (Deluxe Edition) (Polydor)

R U Sirius - I Should've Been A Guru (SLT 2010) - Fake Fur
R U Sirius - Gut Sandwich (Party Dogs 1982) - Fake Fur (https://rusirius.bandcamp.com/album/fake-fur-1982-2022-the-r-u-sirius-collection-with-various-bands)
Mother Mallard - To The Rescue - Like A Naked Man To Water (Lameduck)

Ginger Baker & Graham Bond - Sunshine of Your Love->Toady - Live, Bremen 1970

Dr Seuss Singers - The Left Sock Theives - The Cat In The Hat Songbook (Buddah)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Toccata - Brain Salad Surgery,The Original Album Remastered (Razor & Tie)
Lucky Dragons - Aluvum te na Hagaru (live) - Mini Dream Island (https://luckydragons.bandcamp.com/album/mini-dream-island)

1X1 - Little Man In A Hurry - 1X1-Seventeen Poems On Love By E E Cummings (Norfolk Unitarian Records)
Bubba Crumrine - New Cartographers - Center & Blur (https://orbtapes.bandcamp.com/album/center-blur)

Hour 2

Herbie Hancock & Headhunters - Chameleon - Radio Bremen, Germany Nov 6, 1974

Allan Holdsworth - Road Games - Live at Tut's Bar in Chicago Illinois USA, March 16th 1984  

Vangelis - Heaven And Hell Part 1 - Heaven & Hell (Sony Music)

Monday, August 08, 2022

Bartlemania for Tuesday, August 9 (WRFI, 88.1FM Ithaca, 91.9FM Watkins Glen) and Sunday, August 14 (WBDY-LP, 99.5FM Binghamton), 2022

Hour 1

Silicon Teens - Chip 'N' Roll - Music For Parties (Mute)
DJ Lobsterdust - It's Fun To Smoke Dust - Dust Smoke (2008) (https://lobsterdust.bandcamp.com/)

Led Zeppelin - Hots On For Nowhere - Presence (Swan Song)
Jonesy - No Alternative - Ricochet (Cherry Red)
Lord Buckley - His Majesty The Policeman (1960) - Bad Rapping of the Marquis DeSade (World Pacific)

Young Marble Giants - Clicktalk - Colossal Youth (expanded) (Domino)
Sly & The Family Stone - Underdog - A Whole New Thing (Legacy)
The Persuasions - 8 Days A Week - The Persuasions Sing The Beatles (Chesky)
The Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gun - The White Album (Apple)

Sugar - Company Book - File Under Easy Listening (Ryko)
Pete Hammill - The Institute of Mental Health Burning - Nadir's Big Chance (Charisma)
Speedies - Let Me Take Your Photo - The Great NY Singles (ROIR)

Silicon Teens - Yesterday Man - Music for Parties (Sire)
Spirit - Exit 27/Turn To The Right - Potatoland (original version) (Esoteric)
Omnivore - Gnarwarblers - Rounds (https://omnivoresounds.bandcamp.com/)

Hour 2

Jack Rose - Syracuse NY 6-DEC-06 - Recorded live from the soundboard

Solo Organ - Atom Heart Mother - Atom Heart & Beyond The Infinite (https://soloorgan.bandcamp.com/)

101 Strings - Karma Sitar - Sounds of Today (Alshire)
The Trinity Project - The Subtle Movements of The Entropy Engine - The Subtle Movements of The Entropy Engine (Angelfall)

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Bartlemania, August 2 (WRFI, 88.1FM Ithaca, 91.9FM Watkins Glen) and August 7 (WBDY-LP, 99.5FM Binghamton), 2022

Hour 1

Silicon Teens - Chip 'N' Roll - Music For Parties (Mute)
Towa Tei - I Want To Relax Please - Future Listening (Elektra)

Jack B Nimble & The Quicks - Like Keyed - Technicolor Grease (Kim Fowley) (Norton)
Los Straitjackets - Lynxtail - The Utterly Fantastic & Totally Unbelievable Sound Of Los Straitjackets (Lookout)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - When The Apple Blossoms Bloom In The Windmills Of Your Mind I'll Be Your Valentine - Brain Salad Surgery (expanded edition) (Razor & Tie)

Jimi Hendrix - Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice - South Saturn Delta (Experience Hendrix)
Jimi Hendrix - Here He Comes (Lover Man) - South Saturn Delta (Experience Hendrix)
Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower (alt take) - South Saturn Delta (Experience Hendrix)

The Doors - Cars Hiss By My Window - L.A. Woman (expanded) [40TH Anniversary Mixes] (Elektra)
The Doors - (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further - L.A. Woman (expanded) [40TH Anniversary Mixes] (Elektra)

They Might Be Giants - She's Actual Size - Apollo 18 (Elektra)
The Mothers of Invention - Absolutely Free (mono mix) - Lumpy Money (zappa.com)
Led Zeppelin - Your Time Is Gonna Come - Led Zeppelin (Atlantic)

King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man - In The Court of the Crimson King (EG)

Hour 2

Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura - The Happy Life The Tripartite Classification Of Authority Gives Us - Untitled (https://desmadradossoldadosdeventura.bandcamp.com/)

The Great Atomic Power - Equinox - The Mushroom Of Destruction (Transcendental)

Pink Floyd - Echoes - Meddle (Capitol)

Perrey & Kingsley - EVA - The Out Sound From Way In (Vanguard)