Friday, October 03, 2008

ANNOUNCING - The Bartlepodcast!

Now you don't have to get up with the chickens to hear The Doctor!

Just click the "This Week's Podcast" link at the end of every playlist, and hear anywhere from one to three hours' worth of Doctor B!

My space-mix segment from September 17th, 2008 is up now. Go ahead, give it a try!

During the semester, my program runs like this:

7 AM to 8 AM - Boot of the Week (Bartlemania, Part 1)*
8 AM to 9 AM - Apprentice segment
9 AM to 10 AM - Bartlemania, part 2

Part 3 is the part which will be podcast each week.

During breaks and vacations, the entire program will be podcast*.

(*-Due to legal and technical issues, I regret that I cannot podcast the Boot of the Week. Sorry about that!)

The permanent link to my podcast page (which includes RSS feed) is at:

(Please ignore the dumb banner ads!)

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