Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Playlist for January 25, 2006

Links of the Week

Boot of the Week

The Meditations
recorded at
The Haunt, Ithaca, NY
January 18, 2006
via the Bartlemuzik Ltd Mobile Unit

Spacetime Continuum - Naugahyde (Ponga Remix) - The Ponga Remixes (Loose Groove)
Detroit Sex Machines - The Stretch - Cold Heat (stonesthrow.com/nowagain)
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks - The Best of Funk (Mercury)
James Brown - Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing Pts 1 & 2 - Star Time (Polydor)

Scoop Nisker - It's Oil Over Now - Scoop's Last Show (Berserkeley)
Patti Smith - Piss Factory - The Great NY Singles (ROIR)
The Soft Pink Truth- Do They Owe Us A Living? - WFMU On The Download
15-60-75 - Jimmy Bell - Jimmy Bell's Still in Town (Heathan)
The Yardbirds - He's Always There - Roger the Engineer (Warner Bros)
The Music Machine - Talk Talk - Turn On The Music Machine (Line)
The Invaders - With the TV On - The Great NY Singles (ROIR)
Eric Idle - FCC Song (edited) - http://wfmu.org/onthedownload.php/byartist
King Missile-America Kicks Ass-Royal Lunch (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Missile)
The Standells - Last Train to Clarksville - The Hot Ones (Tower)

Playlist for January 18, 2006

Week Late & A Dollar Short Edition

Boot of the Week

Be Bop Deluxe
Live at the Riviera Theatre
Chicago, Illinois
April 16, 1976
Radio broadcast by WXRT-FM

1. Fair Exchange (4:55)
2. Stage Whispers (3:02)
3. Life in the Air Age (4:58)
4. Sister Seagull (4:04)
5. Yorkshire Landscape (9:10)
6. Maid in Heaven (2:26)
7. Ships in the Night (3:35)
8. Bill's Blues (7:29)
9. Blazing Apostles (12:56)

The taper of this show writes: One of the great things about trading music is that you get to relive those pivotal concerts of the past. Such is the case with the 1976 Be Bop Deluxe show from the Riviera Theatre, Chicago. I, like another or two on this list, was at that show. Be Bop Deluxe opened for Thin Lizzy on the first date of their American Tour. I believe it was the first American date for Be Bop Deluxe. The concert was breathtaking. Both bands had such energy, such power in that small theater. It was one of those shows where when you walk out you just know you witnessed something extraordinary. The remastering that was done on this show truly does capture that energy all over again. Those soaring guitar solos from Bill Nelson are doing it to me again Listening to this show again makes me again say, "This is why I collect and love music so much."

The Kaygees - Get Down & Let's Boogie - Keep On Bumpin' and Masterplan
(Gang Records)
Towa Tei - Love Connection - Futurelistening (Warner Bros)
St Etienne - Only Love - Fox Base Alpha (Warner Bros)
The Blackbyrds - Gut Level - Greatest Hits (Fantasy)

13th Floor Elevators - She Lives in a Time of Her Own - Easter Everywhere
Bevis Frond - This Ship has Wings - Rubric Records Compilation 01 (http://www.rubricrecords.com/)
Pulse - Peace I & I Want To Live - Pulse (Thimble-Audio Fidelity)
Date Bait - Skull Diggery - I Spit on your Grave (New Rose)
Brownsville Station - Kings of the PArty - School Punks (Big Tree)
Rap Reiplinger - Record Offer - Rap (Mountain Apple)
Negative Trend - Mercenaries (CD-5) (2-13-61)
Tony Joe White - Saturday Night in Oak Grove Louisiana - Homemade Ice Cream

The Skydogs - What You Do To Me - Guitars and Barbecue ("burned" CD from
the band, found in a thrift shop)
The Coasters - Framed - Yakety Yak (Rhino)
Cassetteboy - Sandra Bullock's in tent - Flogging a Dead Horse
Iggy Pop - Down On The Street - Funhouse Sessions (Rhino Handmade)
X-Ray-Spex - The Day The World Turned Day Glo - Germ Free Adolescents The
Anthology (Sanctuary)
The United States of America - Do You Follow Me - The United States of
America (Sundazed)
Bill Nelson - UHF - Quit Dreaming and Get On The Beam (Cocteau)
Sugar - Company Book - File Under Easy Listening (Ryko)
Frank Zappa - Big Leg Emma - Absolutely Free (Ryko CD reissue)

Focus - Happy Nightmare (Mescaline) - In And Out Of Focus (Sire)
Tangerine Dream - 3AM- - Okeefenokee - Stratosfear (Virgin)
Sonny Simmons - A Distant Voice - Complete ESP Disk Recordings
DJ Vadim - Headz Still Ain't Ready - Conquest of the Irrational (Ninja Tune)

Bob Thompson - Starfire - The Sound Of Speed (Dionysus)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Playlist for January 11, 2006

Link of the Week
http://www.savethecourt.org - VERY important!

Who needs pundits when you have horosacopes?

Boot of the Week

Kaki King
5 March 2005
Schuba's, Chicago IL

"A spellbinding performance."

Recorded off the board.

A set list would've been nice too.

"anyone is welcome to record and trade my
live shows as long as the microphones aren't
in anyone's way." www.kakiking.com

= =

Cassetteboy - Duck breath - Flogging a Dead Horse
Isolee - Bon Mot Plage - Marques Wyatt-Sound Design Vol 1 (OM)
Avalanches - Radio - Since I Left You (Sire)
Avalanches - Two Hearts in 3-4 Time->Since I Left You (Sire)
Roots Manuva/Grandmaster Flash - The Message - Sugar Hill-Still The Joint (castlemusic.com)
Stephen_McQuillen - Criminal_Incompetence_
Brick - Dazz - Good High (Bang)
Bootsy's Rubber Band - Stretchin’ Out - live in Louisville 1978 (Disky)
Bob Pinado & His Sound Casters - Me You One - Ghana Soundz Vol 2 (Soundway)
James Brown - Sex Machine Pts 1 & 2 - 20 All-Time Greatest Hits (Polydor)
The Blackbyrds - Gut Level - Greatest Hits (Fantasy)
ECC - Rocked by Rape - (http://evolution-control.com/)

The Turtles - I Cant Stop - Wooden Head (Sundazed)
Raybeats - Calhoun Surf - Guitar Beat (Bar None)
Mermen - With No Definite Future - Glorious Lethal Euphoria (Toadophile)
Moby Grape - Going Nowhere - Vintage (Columbia)
Spirit - Fresh Garbage - Spirit (Columbia Legacy)
Procol Harum - Beyond the Pale - BBC Live (Fuel 2000)

McDonald's Happy Meal Music - Little Rabbit Foo Foo - McDonald's promo 7-inch, 1980's (?) (Fisher-Price)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Playlist for January 4, 2006



One of my favorite Texans, Molly Ivins

Under the heading of “I can’t make this stuff up...”


Frank Zappa

October 31st, 1981 Late Show
Palladium NYC
Mixed SBD 132:49

"Mixed" means that majority of the show here was likely mixed by FZ or someone else working for FZ. Or maybe "Mixed" that the sources are spliced together to make it more complete. You decide.

The band:
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocal, conducting & madness
Ray White - guitar & vocals
Tommy Mars - keyboards & vocals
Scott Thunes - bass & vocals
Chad Wackerman - drums
Ed Mann - percussion
Bobby Martin - more keyboards & vocals
Steve Vai - stunt guitar, screaming

01 Black Napkins
02 Montana
03 Easy Meat
04 Society Pages
05 I'm A Beautiful Guy
06 Beauty Knows No Pain
07 Charlie's Enormous Mouth
08 Fine Girl
09 Teenage Wind
10 Harder Than Your Husband
11 Bamboozled By Love
12 Sinister Footwear
13 Stevie's Spanking
14 Cocaine Decisions
15 Nig Biz
16 Doreen
17 Goblin Girl
18 Black Page
19 Tryin' To Grow A Chin
20 Strictly Genteel

encore 1:

21 The Torture Never Stops

encore 2:

22 Joe's Garage
23 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee (Omitted due to FCC issues. Complain to THEM!)
24 The Illinois Enema Bandit
25 King Kong
26 Auld Lang Syne

Half-Japanese - I Want Something New - 30 Seconds Over DC (http://21361.com/)
Degenerate Art Ensemble - SmokingCar - The Bastress (tellous.net)
PAtty Waters - Wild is te Wind - THe Complete ESP-Disk Recordings (espdisk.com)
Negativland - Time Zones - Escape From Noise (negativland.com)
Suns of Arqa - Paintings of a Cave-Acid Tabla-Acid Tabla Dub - Arqology (Arka Sound)
Jimi Hendrix - Fire - Live at Clark U (Dagger Records)
DJ Q-Bert - Invasion of the Octopus People - Wave Twisters (http://www.djqbert.com/)
R Stevie Moore - California Rhythm - Phonography (rsteviemoore.com)
Robert Palmer-Gary Numan - I Dream of Wires - Addictions Vol 2 (Island)
Trendy - Facts about Crack - I'm Just the Other Woman-MSR Madness Vol 4 (Carnage Press)
see also:http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2005/07/american_song_p.html