Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Playlist for August 29, 2007

Steel Mill featuring
Bruce Springsteen
7th And Marshall Street Parking Deck
Richmond, Virginia
August 14, 1970


Come On
The War Is Over
Why'd You Do That?
Sherlock Goes Holmes
He's Guilty (Send That Boy To Jail)

The Buzzcocks
The Palladium
New York City
1 December 1979
WNEW FM Broadcast
contains the same flaws as the broadcast

1. I Don't Mind
2. Autonomy
3. Ever Fallen In Love
4. Mad Mad Judy
5. Sixteen
6. Pulsebeat
7. Noise Annoys
8. Love You More
9. What Do I Get?
10. //Harmony In My Head (Tape flip-last minute of the song only)
11. Everybody's Happy Nowadays, You Say...(false start)
12. You Say You Don't Love Me
13. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
14. I Believe
15. Fast Cars
16. Breakdown
17. Boredom

Notes from the taper:

This, in my opinion, is the closest thing to a perfect Buzzcocks performance that I have heard.

The entire show is excellent. The closest thing to a problem in the performance is I Believe, and
it's the best version I've heard.

The final 8 minutes are absolutely stunning.

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Sotheby's auction tapes

01. Jazz Jimi Jazz
02. Electric Ladyland (blues)
03. She's So Fine
04. Castles Made Of Sand
05. Spanish Castle Magic (inst)
06. South Saturn Delta
07. Electric Ladyland (drums)
08. Wait Until Tomorrow
09. Ain't No Telling
10. Little One (1)
11. Little One (2)
12. Golden Rose
13. Bold As Love
14. EXP
15. Up From The Skies

Notes from the taper:

These tracks, also known as the Axis Outtakes, nearly never made it past Kathy Etchingham's
dustbin. Luckily they were retrieved and ended up in an auction at Sotheby's in December 1981.

Since then they have turned up in various guises on collectors lists and of course have been

treated to the usual shabby mangling on various bootleg releases.

Over the years I've had various copies of these tracks from terrible to very good. These however are the best I have ever come across and were supplied to me by a very reliable source who told me he had managed to track down and obtain a dub from the masters on DAT. Given the quality I have no reason to doubt his claim.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Playlist for August 22, 2007

Max Roach
& M'Boom - Paris 1982
FM broadcast (Radio-France)

M'Boom (Re-Percussion ) :
Max Roach, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits, Roy Brooks,
Joe Chambers, Omar Clay, Fred King, Ray Mantilla
Th�atre Musical de Paris, 30 octobre 1982

Setlist :

1. Glorious Monster (14:53)
2. Caravanserail (12:03)
3. Kujichaglia (7:56)
4. Gis�le (8:32)

Jimi Hendrix
The Capricorn Tape

Hear My Train a Comin'
Belly Button Window
Villanova Junction Jam
Lover Man
New Rising Sun

Produced by Alan Douglas

Space Mix Deluxe

Monsoon - Ever So Lonely - 12-inch (Polydor)
Pierre Henry - Cortical Art Part 2 - Cortical Art
(Creel Pone)
Red Crayola - Pink Stainless Tail - Parable of Arable
Land (Radar)
Ellen Fullman & Sean Meehan - live Berkeley Easter
2006 (excerpt) (cut dot fm)
John Cage - Cartridge Music (excerpt) - Cartridge
Music (Time Records)
Bruits Torontoises (excerpt)
Ivor Cutler - Squeeze Bees - Jammy Smears (Virgin)
Raymond Scott - The Happy Whistler - Soothing Sounds
for Baby Vol 2 (Basta)
Firesign Theater - Lets Eat-Week 2 (excerpt)
Frank Zappa - Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy - FZ-OZ (zappa
dot com

386DX - Layla - WFMU, on the download

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Playlist for August 15th, 2007

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
Magic City Music Hall
Johnson City, NY

Stomping Grounds
Christmas Song
All You Need Is Love
Tell It To The Guv'nor

Tegan & Sara - Are You 10 Years Ago - The Con (Sire)
Zibrazibra - The 21st Century- 777 (Royalty Etc.)
Gabby Glaser - Spirit of Long ISland - Gimme Spalsh (Latch Key)
Elvis Presley - Old MacDonald - Elvis Greatest Shit (Dog Vomit)

Clorox Girls - Telephone - J'Aime Les Filles - (BYO)
Smashing Pumpkins - Doomsday Clock - Zeitgeist (Reprise)
Bad Religion - Requiem For Dissent - New Maps of Hell (Epitaph)
Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver - Our Love To Admire -(Capitol)
The Who - Pictures of Lily - BBC Sessions (MCA)
Flexie - The Kids AreAll Right- Who Cares (
Elvis Presley - U.S. Male - Elvis Greatest Shit (Dog Vomit)

TMBG - ShadowGovernment - The Else (Zoe)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy - Is Is (Dress Up)
Birds & Batteries - Jungles (Oceans) I'll Never Sleep Again (
Samael - Western Ground - Solar Soul (Nuclear Blast)
Bevis Frond - 1970 Home Improvement - Through the Looking Glass (Rubric)
Elvis Presley - The Bullfighter was a Lady - Elvis Greatest Shit (Dog Vomit)

Tim Armstrong - Into Action - A Poet's Life (Hellcat)
Rasputina - Draconian Crackdown - Oh! Perilous World (Filthy Bonnet Co.)
Get Him Eat Him - Push & Pull - Arms Down (Absolutely Kosher)
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - Elvis Is Everywhere -Bo Day Shus (Restless)
Elvis Presley - Shake Rattle & Roll - Elvis 56 (RCA)

B-Side Players -Unplug This Armageddon - Fire in the Youth (Concord)
DJ Axel - Could you Be Kicked Pushed & Loved - Bob Marley vs Lupe Fiasco vs James Brown - Breakin the Law (

U2 - Beat On The Brat - We're A Happy Family (Columbia)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Playlist for August 8, 2007

"It's All In Your Head FM"
live at the Highline Ballroom
New York City
August 2, 2007

recorded live on the
Bartlemuzik Ltd. Mobile Unit.

Check out my review of the show

Suicide - Harlem - Suicide (Reissue) (Mute)
Strick - Song of the Andoumboulou 20 - Song of the
Andoumboulou (Spoken Engine Co.)
James Blood Ulmer - Nobody But You - Blues Preacher
Subtle - Song Meat (
Voivod - Astronomy Domine (edit) - Nothingface
Fishbone - Freddie's Dead - Truth and Soul (Columbia)
Curtis Mayfield - No Thing On Me - Super Fly (Rhino)
Kerrier District 2 - Realistique - Kerrier District 2

Hans Koller -Nom - Kunstkopfindianer (MPS)
Pere Ubu - Young Miles In The Basement - The Art of Walking (
Perry Robinson - Kundalini - Kundalini (IAI)
Don Cherry - Neapolitan Suite-Dios E Diablo - Live at
Cafe Montmartre 1966 (espdisk dot com)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Playlist for August 1, 2007

The Bevis Frond -
Stoned Sound Driver

Date: Friday April 17, 1998
Event: Terrastock II
Venue: Custer Avenue Stages, San Francisco, CA, USA

01 - Intro Jam - Hole Song #2
02 - Wild Jack Hammer
03 - 'Terrible Feedback' - Stars Burn Out
04 - Stoned Train Driver
05 - Lights Are Changing
06 - Love Is
07 - New River Head
08 - Maybe
09 - Red Hair
10 - He'd Be A Diamond
11 - Well Out Of It
12 - Signed DC

I'd guess SBD due to quality and lack of audience

Aside from some technical problems which had nothing
to do with the band, and are overcome, I'd rate this
show an EX-, the first track aside. Starts out
extremely bass heavy, but the Stoned Sound Driver gets
it mostly together by the second tune. Have fun with
that EQ ;-) A great intro jam, which may have been
serving as a soundcheck, a positively funky version of
Wild Jack Hammer, and an all around great set.

The title is an obvious play on track 4, and can be
justified by the buried vocals in track 1 and the
band's need to restart track 3, as you shall hear. To
be fair, if Terrastock II was anything like the first
"happening" in Providence, RI, the year before, which
I was fortunate enough to attend, it's probably due to
a lack of a soundcheck, or at least an adequate one.

Max Roach & M'Boom - Paris 1982

M'Boom (Re-Percussion ) :
Max Roach, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits, Roy Brooks,
Joe Chambers, Omar Clay, Fred King, Ray Mantilla
Paris, Theatre Musical de Paris, 30 octobre 1982

Setlist :

1. Glorious Monster (14:53)
2. Caravanserail (12:03)
3. Kujichaglia (7:56)
4. Gisele (8:32)

Space Mix Deluxe

Einsturzende Neubauten - Kangolicht - Strategies
Against Architechture II (Elektra)
Shrigley - Loahesome -Forced to Speak with Others
found cassette - Lead Chorus-Nikki - Eavesdrop
Mouse on Mars - Sehnsud - Autoditacker (Thrill Jockey)
Dr Seuss - A Rainy Day in Utica - The Cat in the Hat
Songbook (Buddha)
Hapshash & The Coloured Coat - Empires of the Sun -
Hapshash & The Coloured Coat (Repertoire)
Beaver & Krause - Circle X - Ragnarok (Limelight)
Various - Curtsy - Darn It! (Anerican Clave)

...and miscellaneous things which happened to be lying