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Playlist for July 2, 2008

Todd Rundgren's Utopia: Music Hall Cleveland, OH October 16, 1974 (2 CDs)

Set 1:

01 Utopia Theme
02 Don't You Ever Learn
03 Another Life
04 A Dream Goes On Forever
05 Real Man
06 Freedom Fighters
07 The Wheel
08 Good Times Were Better
09 Sunset Boulevard/Le Feel Internacional
10 The Last Ride

Set 2:

01 Bass Ball
02 Number One Lowest Common Denominator (cut)
03 A Night In New Orleans
04 Do Ya
05 Freak Parade
06 Born To Synthesize/The Spark Of Life/The Goon
07 Slut
08 Couldn't I Just Tell You


Todd Rundgren: g, voc
Moogy Klingman: key
John Siegler: bass
Roger Powell: key
John Wilcox: drums

Taper's Notes:

this was the first show featuring Roger Powell. It's an audience recording, but was remastered beautifully. The sound is rich, full, simply outstanding.

This show comes from the incredible archive of Frank Bubnick, from whom I acquired many, many Todd shows. He was always a great guy, and my eternal thanks go to him for all the work he put into leaving the best possible sounds of Todd shows. Thanks, Frank.

If anybody wants to get in touch with Frank, please go to the following site: You WON'T be disappointed!

According to Frank's notes, he took the songs from the original masters. They were remastered by Paul Russo.

Of course, if anybody has a better version of this show (I seriously doubt it, though), I'd love to hear it. So, please upload it.

AND: please, support this and all other artists by buying their official output and going to see their shows. This is what we can do to keep the music we love alive!

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