Friday, December 30, 2005

Links of the Week -
Are you old enough to remember CKLW?
A few thangs or things to think about
from the late, great Mr. Burl Ives.

Boot of the Week

Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians
06-14-89 The Lisner Auditorium, Washington, D.C.
FM (99.1 WHFS in Baltimore)

I Often Dream Of Trains
My Wife and My Dead Wife
Tropical Flesh Mandala
I'm Only You
Raining Twilight Coast
Viens of The Queen
Madonna of The Wasps
Ted Woody and Junior
Flesh Number 1
Goodnight I Say
Message For You
Balloon Man
Kingdom of Love
Raymond Chandler Evening
Listen To The Higsons

Year-End Retrospective

Devo - Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA

Uncontrollable Urge
Jocko Homo
Smart Patrol

The Slits - Dingwall's, London

Instant Hit
So Tough
New Town
Love & Romance
Number One enemy

Ramones, CBGB's, New York 10-77

Beat on the Brat
Blitzkrieg Bop
Teenage Lobotomy
Rockaway Beach
Cretin Hop

The Doors -
live at The Matrix, San Francisco, CA - 7-MARCH-1967

When The Music's Over -

The Pop Group w/Mark Stewart
London, 15-JUNE-1980

Shake the Foundations
Thief of Fire
There Are No Spectators
How Much Longer?
We Are All Prostitutes

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Frank Zappa 65th Birthday Special

Berlin - Deutschlandhalle 15-FEB-78 (Excerpts)

A Pound for a Brown
I Have Been In You
King Kong
Yo Mama
Black Page 2
Jones Crusher
Little House I Used to Live In
Disco Boy
Dinah Moe Humm (Ave Maria)
Camarillo Brillo

Royal Albert Hall, London, 3-JUNE-69 (Excerpts)

Uncle Meat
drum duet
Some Ballet Music
The String Quartet

Osaka, Japan, 3-FEB-1976 (Excerpts)

Stink Foot
Filthy Habits
How Could I be Such a Fool
Black Napkins
Advance Romance
The Illinois Enema Bandit
Tryin' to Grow a Chin
The Torture Never Stops
Ship Ahoy

The following selections are from Rykodisc CD’s
unless otherwise noted.

Brown Shoes Dont Make It - Absolutely Free
Cheepnis - YCDTOSA
PSA - Do It Now Foundation (c. 1968)
Ship Arriving too Late to Save a Drowning Witch (title track)
Montana - Overnite Sensation
From We're Only In It For the Money (1967, restored version)

Bow Tie Daddy
Harry You're a Beast
What's the Ugliest Part of your Body?
Absolutely Free
Flower Punk

John Belushi Intro, Dancin’ Fool - Saturday Night Live, 10-21-78

Would You Go All The Way - Chunga's Revenge
Cheap Thrills - Reuben & The Jets (LP Mix)(Verve)
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted - Mystery Disc

Part 2

From Joe's Corsage (

I'm So Happy I Could Cry
Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder
How Could I Be Such a Fool?
recorded in early 1966

Honey, Dontcha Want A Man Like Me? - Lather
Love of my Life - Reuben & The Jets (LP Mix)(Verve)
God Bles America live at the Whisky - Uncle Meat
Dead Girls of London - L. Shankar and FZ (Van Morrison on vocals)(unofficial)
Frog Song - Joes Domage ( >
Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal - Waka/Jawaka
Waka/Jawaka - Waka/Jawaka
Interview on Australian radio, 1990 (Excerpt)
When the Lie's So Big - Broadway the Hard Way
Murder By Numbers (with Sting) - Broadway the Hard Way

14-NOV-77 Denver CO KFML Interview (incl Show spot)
Included here is The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary
(Alt version with alt ending, test pressing?).
Tape rolls on for a while after the song has ended.

“Obscenity is a Legal Term” - from Rykodisc promo CD, “Kill Ugly Radio”
Interview, Dr. Demento (excerpt)
Jelly Roll Gum Drop - Reuben & The Jets (LP Mix)(Verve)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Playlist for December 14, 2005

Frank Zappa Brithday Special
Next Week, 7AM to at least 10 AM!

Link of the Week

University Of Essex, Colchester, England

See also:

Chain Reaction 23.00 *
Bel Air 8.24 *
Bel Air (cont) 9.46 *
Dizzy Dizzy 11.15
Pinch > Mother Sky 12.51 (beg of 2nd Set)
One More Night 8.45
Half Past One > 8.19
Vitamin C 5.35
Meadow Sweet > The Gypsy > 17.10
Full Moon On The Highway 25.00
Up The Floyd 3.19

Audience Recording

* from the bootleg 'Future Days And Past Nights'

Cramps – San Francisco, On Broadway 6.Nov.81

See also:

Time 57:58
Quality: EX

01 Five Years Ahead Of My Time
02 Hungry
03 Goo Goo Muck
04 She Said
05 You set my soul on fire
06 Domino
07 What’s Behind The Mask?
08 Zombie Dance
09 Primitive
10 Green Door
11 Some New Kind Of Kick
12 Strychnine
13 The Crusher
14 Beatiful Gardens
15 Hanky Panky
16 Drug Train
17 Fever
18 Save It

Twink - The Broken Record (exzcerpts) (

King Crimson - Thrak (excerpts) (

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Playlist for December 7, 2005

Link of the Week:

Boot of the Week

Number 1:

The Beach Boys
SMiLE - a STEREO reconstruction
(or "Not another damn SMiLE mix??!!??")
by Purple Chick

see also:

SBD > ? (many varied sources, I'm sure) >
'original' CDR > EAC > FLAC > you

1: Our Prayer/Gee
2: Heroes And Villians
3: Roll Plymouth Rock
4: Barnyard
5: Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
6: Cabin Essence
7: Wonderful
8: Song For Children
9: Child Is Father Of The Man
10: Surf's Up
11: I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop
12: Vega-Tables
13: On A Holiday
14: Wind Chimes
15: Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
16: In Blue Hawaii
17: Good Vibrations

Very Unnecessary Bonus Tracks:

18: Vega-Tables (vocals only)
19: Our Prayer/Gee (mono)
20: Heroes And Villians (mono)
21: Roll Plymouth Rock (mono)
22: Child Is Father Of The Man (mono)
23: Surf's Up (alternate)
24: I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop (mono)
25: Vega-Tables (mono)
26: In Blue Hawaii (with mono sections)
27: Good Vibrations (stereo - original lyrics)

Brian Wilson's 2004 arrangement of SMiLE as performed
by the Beach Boys back in the day. In
glorious STEREO, just like it says on the cover.
We decided to do it the way we imagined which
necessitated edits, manipulation, speed tempo
and pitch correction, etc. Despite killing
all the sacred cows it sounds mighty fine to us.

There have been many, many other attempts
at reconstructing SMiLE. This one is by far the best I've
heard. It all flows together beautifully, the
arrangements and cuts are probably as good
as we're going to get. Also, unlike any other version, it's
almost completely in stereo. I think only
"On A Holiday" is mostly mono, by necessity.
Good Vibrations really packs a punch.

Number 2:

John Lennon -
Interviewed LIVE on WHRW

June 1972 by Bob Yass
Tape courtesy of Ron Drumm
Digital re-tweezement by Doctor B.

see also:

Rock Set

Ladytron - Sugar - Thinking XXX (Emperor Norton/Ryko)
Cubanate - The Horsetrader - Interference (Wax Trax)
R.Stevie Moore - Positively 4th Street - Aesthetic (
The Flashcubes - Carl (You Da Man) - This is Rock & Roll Radio vol 1 (jamrecordings dot com)
River City Rebels - 53rd and 3rd - Playing to Live (Victory)
The Rolling Stones - Growing Up Wrong - 12 X 5 (Abkco)

Space Mix Deluxe

CTEPHIN - Black - Colors
Radio India - (excerpt) - The Eternal Dream of Sound (
K Leimer - Heart Of Stillness - Neo Realist at Risk(
Sun Ra - His Band from Outer Space - Nothing Is (
...and found audio elements...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Playlist for November 30, 2005

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