Thursday, December 26, 2013

Annual Frank Zappa Birthday Special

All tracks by Frank Zappa, and issued by, unless otherwise noted.

Intro by John Belushi, Dancing Fool - Saturday Night Live Oct 21 1978

Call Any Vegetable/Eddie, Are You Kidding? - Just Another Band From LA
Watermelon In Easter Hay - Joe's Garage
Interview - "I started out collecting records..."
Cosmik Debris - Harpur College Oct 29 1972
Who Are The Brain Police? (Studio tracks) - Making Of Freak Out (MOFO)
Jerry Kay interview, 1978
Honey, Dontcha Want A Man Like Me? - Lather

Dead Girls of London/Ain't Got No Heart/Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Brest France March 19 1979

Do It Now Foundation PSA, "Susie Speedfreak"
Lumpy Gravy, original Capitol Records mix, 1966 - Lumpy Money
The Story of Lumpy Gravy - Syracuse U, April 23, 1975
DC Boogie - Imaginary Diseases

Farther O'Blivion - Stockholm 8-21-73

Dead Girls Of London - Original Version with Van Morrison on vocals
Uncle Meat radio commercial
Project X (excerpt), Cruising For Burgers - Uncle Meat
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy - FZ:OZ
Story of Holiday In Berlin (date and place unknown)
Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown - Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Murder By Numbers (with Sting) - Broadway The Hard Way

Bob Guy - Dear Jeepers - Rare Meat (Rhino)
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here (Instrumental Track) - MOFO
The Dangerous Kitchen - Man From Utopia *
Concentration Moon (Mono Mix) - Lumpy Money
I'm The Slime - Saturday Night Live Dec 11, 1976
Dumb All Over - Have I Offended Someone?
Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats
Big Leg Emma - Absolutely Free

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 18th, 2013

Beatles Xmas Record 1967

Beatles - I've Got A Feeling - Let It Be (Apple)
MIJ - Grok (Martian Love Call) - Yodeling Astrologer (ESP)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Ramble Tamble - Cosmo's Factory (Fantasy)
Bob Dylan - Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat - Greatest Hits Vol II (CBS)

The Numbers Band - Jimmy Bell - Jimmy Bell's Still In Town (Exitstencil)
Jimi Hendrix - Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne - 7-inch (Reprise)
Jerry Jeff Walker - She Left Me Holding - Collectibles (MCA)
Mushroom Tabernacle Choir - 12 Drugs of Xmas - Tanks for the Mammaries (TAKRL)
Tom Waits - Shore Leave - Beautiful Maladies (Island)
Johnny Cash - Bird On A Wirw - American Recordings (American)

Jerry Jeff Walker Interview

Jerry Jeff Walker -

The Christmas Song - Christmas Gonzo Style (Ryko)
Mr. Bojangles - Mr. Bojangles (Atco)
Will There Be Any? - Collectibles (MCA)
Stoney - Bein' Free (Atco)
Up Against The Wall Redneck - Best of Jerry Jeff Walker (MCA)
The Ballad of the Hulk - Mr. Bojangles (Atco)
Hill Country Rain - The Best of Jerry Jeff Walker (MCA)

Vince Guaraldi - Christmas Time Is Here - A Charlie Brown Christmas (Fantasy)
Neil Young - Driftin Back - Psychedelic Pill (Reprise)

Burned - Veruca Salt - Cinnamon Girl (American Laundromat)
Rolling Stones - Still A Fool - Trident Acetates, 1969
Kaki King - Until We Felt Red - Until We Felt Red (Velour)

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 13, 2013

Bruce Cockburn - Get Up Jonah - The Charity of Night (True North)

Johnny Cash - Would You Lie With Me In A Field of Stone? - American III:Solitary Man (American)
The Flying Burrito Brothers - To Love Somebody - Close Up The Honky Tonks (A&M)
The Flying Burrito Brothers - Sin City - Close Up The Honky Tonks (A&M)
The Byrds - Drug Store Truck Driving Man - Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde (Columbia)
The Byrds - Pretty Boy Floyd - Sweetheart of the Rodeo (Columbia)

Billy Bragg & Wilco - Walt Whitman's Niece - Mermaid Avenue (Elektra)
Leo Kottke - Pamela Brown - Ice Water (Capitol)
Leo Kottke - Busted Bicycle - 6 & 12-string Guitar (Takoma)
Jonathan Richman - Corner Store - Jonathan Goes Country (Rounder)

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline Rag - Nashville Skyline (Columbia)
Bob Dylan - I'm Not There - Basement Tapes, 1967
Lee Hazlewood - LA Lady - Requiem For An Almost Lady (Smells Like Records)
Phil Austin - A Square Dance - Roller Maidens from Outer Space (
Nick Lowe - She Don't Love Nobody - live at the Ritz, NY, Oct 1985

Rhonda Vincent Interview

Rhonda Vincent:

In The Garden By The Fountain (w/Dolly Parton) - Taken (Upper Management)
When The Bloom Is Off The Rose (w/Sally Berry & Tensel Sandker) - Taken (Upper Management)
Sweet Summertime - Taken (Upper Management)
Blue Sky Cathedral - Sunday Mornin' Singin' Live  (Upper Management)

Thursday, December 05, 2013

December 4th, 2013

Frank Zappa - Stairway To Nicaragua - live, Broome County Arena March 17 1988
Bevis Frond - Stoned Train Driver - Live at the Great American Music Hall (

Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro - Big Lizard In My Backyard (Enigma)
Splatcats - Surfin' Hearse - Sin 73 (Moving Target)
Angry Samoans - Hot Cars - Unboxed Set (Triple X)
Dead Kennedys - Buzz Bomb - Plastic Surgery Disasters (Alt Tentacles)
Dickies - Manny Moe & Jack - Great Dictations (A&M)
Devo - Speed Racer (ext. Mix) - Promo 12-inch (WB)

The Numbers Band - Drive - Jimmy Bell's Still In Town (Exitstencil)
Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire - Nilsson Schmillson (RCA)
Public Service Broadcasting - Signal 30 - Inform Educate Entertain (Test Card)
Negativland - You Don't Even Live Here - Escape From Noise (

The Nice - Rondo - Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack (Columbia)
Deep Purple - Maybe I'm A Leo - Machine Head (WB)
Jad Fair & Kramer - Elenor - The Sound Of Music (Shimmy Disc)
Erasure - Christmas Song - Snow Globe (Mute)

Ayurveda - White - Being (
Urge Overkill - Need Some Air - Exit The Dragon (Geffen)
The Minus Five - Rockin' Here Tonight - Songs For Slim (New West)