Thursday, December 27, 2007

Playlist for December 26, 2007

Sly and the Family Stone
Fillmore East
October 5, 1968

Late Set

1) M'Lady
2) Color Me True
3) Are You Ready?
4) It Won't Be Long
5) Color Me True
6) Dance to the Music
7) Love City
8) Turn Me Loose
9) Outro

Early Set * - (I incorrectly announced this as being
"Cornell University, November 1973". Sorry
about that!)

1) Life
2) Color Me True
3) It Won't Be Long
4) Are You Ready?
5) Dance to the Music
6) M'Lady

Decent soundboard, Great show!

Weird Paul - Not Of This World - Lo Fidelity Hi Anxiety (Homestead)
Von Lmo - Leave Your Body - Tranceformer (Munster)
The Records - Starry Eyes - The Records (Virgin)

Curtis Mayfield - No Thing On Me - Super Fly (Rhino)
Todd Rundgren-TR-I - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)
Allen Ginsberg - Dance of the Skeletons - CD5 (Mercury)
David Axelrod - The Dr and the Diamond - David Axelrod (Mo' Wax)

Joe Jackson - Got the Time - Look Sharp (A&M)
Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Experiment In Terror - 7-inch (RCA)
Cibo Matto - About a Girl (unreleased track)
Rolling Stones - Citadel - TSMR (Abkco)
Young Canadians - Hawaii - No escape (Sudden Death)

Frank Zappa - Agency Man - Ahead of their Time (Ryko).mp3
Niles talks to FZ on Larry King .mp3
Frank Zappa - Dyna-Moe-Humm - Overnite Sensation (Ryko).mp3

Frank Zappa - Charva - The Mystery Disc (Ryko)
Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy part 1 - Lumpy Gravy (Ryko)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Playlist for December 19, 2007

Frank Zappa Birthday Special
All tracks by Frank Zappa unless otherwise noted.

You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here - MOFO (zappa dot com)
Call Any Vegetable (EFR) – Just another and from L.A. (Ryko)

I Have Been In You - Sheik Yerbouti (Ryko)
Flakes - Saarbrucken, Germany, 3-SEP-1978
Tryin' To Grow A Chin - Palladium, New York, 31-OCT-1981
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy - FZ-OZ (zappa dot com)

Uncle Bernie's Farm>Son of Suzy Creamcheese - Absolutely Free (Ryko)
Dr. Demento Show, 1981 - Lightnin' Slim and
Brown Shoes Don't Make It - 17-MAY-81
Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Brest, France, 19-March-1979
Sydney, Australia, 24-JUNE-1973

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
Nanook Rubs It
St Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

Big Leg Emma-Hungry Freaks - Ann Arbor, Michigan 3-DEC-1967

TV interview excerpt -Nightlife with David Brenner- 5-March-1987
Dumb All Over – You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Vol 1 (Ryko)
Dickie's Such an Asshole – You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Vol 3 (Ryko)
Saarbrucken, Germany 3-SEP-1978 - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
Burt Ward - Boy Wonder I Love You – 7-inch, 1966 (MGM)
She Painted Up Her Face>Half A Dozen Provocative Squats>Shove
It Right In (EFR) - 200 Motels (Ryko)

Holiday In Berlin Story
Holiday In Berlin (vocal version) - Freaks and Motherfuckers,
Fillmore East, 13-NOV-1970 (Beat the Boots) (Foo-Eee)
Frank discusses the drug problem with Dr. Demento, 14-FEB-1988
Cocaine Decisions - Man From Utopia (Barking Pumpkin)
Who Are The Brain Police? (Section A, C, B) MOFO (Deluxe edition) (zappa dot com)
Who Are the Brain Police - MOFO (zappa dot com)
Improvisations - Copenhagen 3-OCT-1968 (w/Don Cherry)

Nicolas Slominsky talks about Zappa - UBUweb
Edgard Varese-Ionisation-Edgard Varese (Elaine Music Store LP EMS-401)
Baby Ray & The Ferns - How's Your Bird (1963) - Rare Meat (Del-Fi)
Paul Buff-60 Cycle Brain - Dr. Demento 17-MAY-81
Dead Girls of London w-Van Morrison
The story behind Lather
Honey Dontcha Want a Man Like Me (EFR) – Lather (Ryko)

PSA - Do It Now Foundation
Texas Motel Medley - Binghamton, NY 17-March-88
Improvisation at a concert at Mount St. Mary's College, 19-MAY-63

Big Leg Emma - Absolutely Free (CD reissue)(Ryko)

* - EFR - Edited for radio (nasty words removed)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Playlist for December 12, 2007

Special Dual-Boot Show!

Soft Machine March 1971, Het Turfschip, Breda Netherlands (T-818)

This release is sourced from a reel-to-reel tape recorded at 7 1/2 ips. It's a soundboard recording, though with obvious distortion.

disc 1

1. Facelift
2. Pigling Bland
3. As If

disc 2

1. Teeth > Out-Bloody-Rageous
2. Eamonn Andrews
3. All White
4. Virtually pt. 2 and 3
5. Esther's Nose Job
6. Slighty All The Time
7. (applause)
8. (Robert Wyatt explains to the audience why they don't do encores)

Basel, Switzerland
Das Schiff
22 November 2007

Tsuyama Atsushi - bass, vocals
Higashi Hiroshi -synthesizer, guitar, vocals
Shimura Koji - drums
Kawabata Makoto - guitar, vocals

Remember, my annual Frank Zappa Birthday Special
is next Wednesday, December 19th, at 7AM!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Playlist for December 5th, 2007

Laurie Anderson Homeland Tour
Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
22nd of October 2007

Taper's notes:

I enjoyed the shows very much and I'm very glad I went to both nights. This show really grows on me with every time of hearing it again.

Laurie was also very well received in Sydney, I think she's got a very dedicated circle of fans here.

This was the second night of Laurie Anderson's Homeland at the Sydney Opera House.
The Sydney Opera House has 2 major performance venues, the Concert Hall in the left wing (looking from the side of the staircase) and the slightly smaller Opera Theatre in the right wing. Normally all concerts are performed in the Concert Hall, but these 2 shows
were performed in the Opera Theatre, which apparently has better acoustics than the Concert Hall.

Recorded from the 6th row, close to the right speaker stack with Churchsound Cardioid Microphone System STC-9000

Laurie Anderson words and music, vocals, one of a kind violin/viola, keyboards and samples
Eyvind Kang (viola)
Jamshied Sharifi (keyboards)
Skuli Sverrisson (bass, guitars)

01. The Lark
02. Why Do People Hate Us
03. Transitory Life
04. Only An Expert
05. Maybe If I Fall
06. Short Fall
07. Tuvan Loop
08. The Underwear Gods
09. Out Of The Heart
10. Calling Them Up
11. Perfect
12. Pictures And Things (Male Voice)
13. Bodies In Motion
14. Sky Flying Birds
15. Lost Art Of Conversation
16. No Man's Land
17 Let X=X It Tango

Artist info at
Fan forum at
Sydney Opera House info at

The Flexible Orchestra
Homeland will be performed in various musical configurations. Recently I have been working with various small ensembles and this has made me value the flexibility of musical arrangements. As a consequence I am writing Homeland so it can be performed by various small ensembles which may change throughout various parts of a tour. In addition the piece can be expanded to include additional string and vocal sections such as Chirgilchin the Tuvan group I?m currently working with.
In many ways Homeland will be an addendum to the eight hour work I completed in 1983, United States. This is a work I have looked forward to for a very long time."

Pink Floyd -Set The Controls For the Heart of the Sun - Saucerful of Secrets (EMI)
Building the Cathedral (Wrath Racasan) - Whispers & Light - Building the Cathedral
Sunburned Hand of the Man - Let Us Take Higher - Closer to the Bone
John Oswald - Way - Plunderphonic (Fony)
Can - Unfinished - Landed (Spoon)

Remember, on Wednesday, December 19, 2007, I'll be having my annual Frank Zappa Birthday Special. Live tracks, interviews, and more!