Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Playlist for November 24th, 2004

Happy Turkey, kids!!!

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How it goes: Artist - Track - Album (label)


Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag - 12" (Celluloid)
Johnny Dowd - Regrets, I've Had a Few... - Down In The Valley EP (
The Nice - St. Thomas - America-BBC Sessions (Receiver Records)
Nico - Janitor of Lunacy - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
John S. Hall - A Little Restraint - The Body Has a Head (Manifatture

Frank Zappa - Ya Hozna - Them or Us (Rykodisc)
Aleuchatistas - Good Question - The Same and the Other
MX-80 - Fender Bender - Out of Control (Atavistic)
Unknown artist - untitled rap track - from a found cassette

Perrey and Kingsley - Soul City - The Out Sound from Way In
Fat Boy Slim - The Joker (w/Bootsy Collins) -Palookaville (Astralwerks)
The Byrds - Don't Make Waves - Don't Make Waves, Make Love
soundtrack (MCA)
Lesbians On Ecstasy - The Pleasure Principal - Lesbians On Ecstasy (

The Black Outs - The Underpass - History In Reverse (
The Mekons - Armalite Rifle/Smoke on the Water - live at Wuppertal.
Germany 1980 (from
Deep Purple - Lazy - Machine Head (WB)

The Upsetters - Vamp-A-Dub - Lee Scratch Perry Arkology box set (Island)
Kinder Atom - Juice Bar - Supernice/Hippy Panty (Atomica Technologies)
Quiet American - Back Alley Swing - sounds of Burma (
Kosma - Les Promesses D'une Chevelure - Universal (Instinct)
Can - Soup - Ege Bamyasi (Mute)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Schwarz - Strategies Against Architecture (Mute)
Steve Fisk - One More Valley - Over and Thru the Night (
Mad Professor - Ragga Doll - Macro Dub Infection
Avalanches - Pablo's Cruise/Summer Crane - Since I Left Youy (Sire)
unknown Cornell University student, WVBR-AM, from 1940's-vintage acetate
Union Jack - There Will Be No Armageddon - Dimensions in Ambience (Quango)

St Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Single remix) (WB)
Todd Rundgren - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward/Rhino)
Von Trap Family - Brand New Thrill > The Outskirts of Infinity - Tales of
Brave Ulysses - Woronzoid (

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Playlist for 11-17-04

I posted this playlist a bit late this week. Sorry about that.

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Same as it ever was: Artist - Track - Album (label)

St. Jerome's Chorus - Enter The Young - St. Jerome Presents Sounds of Life 7" (private pressing)

Captain Beefheart - Ella Guru - Grow Pins box set (Revenant)
Sonic Youth - Electricity - Fast and Bulbous (Imaginary)
Frank Zappa - Kaiser Roll-Find Her Finer - FZ:OZ (

Cleavers - Latin Lover - demo cassette
Tampa Red - My Daddy Rocks Me with One Steady Roll - Copulatin' Blues (Jass Records)
Prince - I Wanna Melt With You - Prince and the NPG (Paisley Park)
Ramsey Lewis - Stash Dash - The Electric Collection (Columbia)

Buster Poindexter - Totalitarian State - Cash Cow (Giorno Poetry Systems)
The Fugs - If You Want to Be President - Refuse to Be Burnt Out (Olufsen Records)
Controlled Bleeding - Trang and I - (various) High Priests of Electronic Dub (Hypnotic)

Executive Slacks - Man of Christ - You Can’t Hum When You’re Dead (Fundamental)
Tom T. Hall - The Monkey That Became President - (Various) Kooky Tunes (K-Tel)
Moon Patrol - Carucified - (various) Towers of New London III (
Keith Moon - Don't Worry Baby - Two Sides of the Moon (Mausoleum Classix)

This coming Wednesday (November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving (US), I'm on at 7AM, going till 9:30 or 10.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Playlist for November 10th, 2004

You know the drill:

Artist - Track - Album (label)
David Bowie - Panic In Detroit - Aladdin Sane 30th Anniversary Edition (Virgin/EMI)
David Bowie - The Jean Genie (45 RPM version) - Aladdin Sane 30th Anniversary Edition (Virgin/EMI)
The Damned - New Rose - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)
The Executive Slacks - I’m Coming - You Can’t Hum When You’re Dead (Fundamental)

Cleavers - 10 Things I Like About Myself - Any Which Way But Loose (demo cassette)
John S. Hall & Kramer - Garbage Party - Real Men (Shimmy Disc)
St. Jerome’s Chorus - Air (from “Hair”) - Sounds of Life 7" (private pressing, late 60's or early 70's)

Frank Zappa -
Motherly Love
Plastic People
Anyway The Wind Blows - Joe’s Corsage (

John Peel - Excerpt from “The Perfumed Garden”, Radio London, August 6, 1967

More information on John Peel and Radio London can be found at:

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"... those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety"

Format: Artist - Track - Album (label)
Cookie Galore - Secret Kiss - Audio Precision (
(The Late, Great) Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In The End - Discovered Covered (Gammon)
Books On Tape - People That Don't Like Me - The Business End (
The Donnas - Is That All You've Got For Me? - Gold Medal (Atlantic)
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - Back In NYC - EP (Interscope)
various artists - Department of Eagles -Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002 - The Isota Singles Club (

Nancy Sinatra - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time -
Nancy Sinatra (
The Legendary Shack Shakers - Agony Wagon - Believe (Yep Roc)
Elvis Costello - The Name of This Thing Is Not Love - The Delivery Man (Lost Highway)
Tom Waits - Real Gone (Epitaph)
REM - I Wanted to Be Wrong - Around the Sun (Warner Bros)
Wan Santo Condo - I Wish I Was A Drug -
Wan Santo Condo (Everloving)
Hellacopters - All New Low - By The Grace of God (Liquor and Poker)
King Missile III - Good Things - Royal Lunch (Important)

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Doctor B's Day-Before Election-Day Political Audio Rarity Special

Scott Beach - Religion and Politics - Dementia Royale (Rhino)

Adlai Stevenson on Communism - Great Speeches of the 20th Century (Rhino)
Cache Valley Drifters - The Wild West is Where I Want to Be - Step Up to Big Pay (Flying Fish)Country Joe and the Fish - Super Bird - Electric Music For Mind and Body (Vanguard, 1968)excerpts from ABC Scope-A Year in a New Kind of War (ABC Records, 1967)
The Sound of Dissent - Peace March, NY and Washington DC - The Sound of Dissent (Mercury, 1969)
excerpts from ABC Scope-A Year in a New Kind of War (ABC Records, 1967)

The BBC Review of the year 1968 (BBC Records)
(Vice President) Spiro T. Agnew Speaks Out (RCA, 1972)
Abbie Hoffman - Wake Up America (Big Toe, 1971. Available for download at
Mayor Daley - Great Speeches of the 20th Century (Rhino)The Fugs - Belle of Avenue A (Reprise, 1969)

excerpt from Prejudice, The Invisible Wall (Scholastic Records, 1968)
Malcolm X - Great Speeches of the 20th Centure (Rhino)
Miriam and Mbongi Makeba - Do You Remember Malcolm - Black and Proud (Trikont, Germany, 2002)

Orson Welles - The Coming of Richard - The Begatting of The President (Mediarts, 1972)excerpt from Scoop's Last Show (Berserkeley Records, 1976)
National Lampoon Missing White House Tapes - Mission Impeachable - National Lampoon Missing White House Tapes (Banana/Blue Thumb, 1973)
excerpt from Scoop's Last Show (Berserkeley Records, 1976)
Bill Horwitz - If I had A Friend Like Rosemary Woods - Lies, Lies, Lies (ESP Disk, 1975)
Nixon, Orlando Florida 11-17-73 - Great Speeches of the 20th Century (Rhino)
National Lampoon Radio Hour - Prison Farm - Gold Turkey (Epic/Legacy)

The Registered Voters - Political Awareness - 12" on a private label ("Help! We need a label and a distributor!", 1984)