Friday, March 27, 2009

Playlist for March 26th, 2009

Frank Zappa
Broome County Arena
Binghamton, NY

Sun Ra - Love In Outer Space - Live in Cleveland (Leo)
Welcome to the Party - Har-You Percussion Group - Sounds of the Ghetto
Youth (ESP)

Mick Fleetwood - Rattlesnake Shake - Blue Again (Tallman)
Condo Fucks - Gudbuy T'Jane - Fuckbook (Matador)
DJ Shadow - This Time - The Outsider (Motown)
The Black Keys - Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles - Covered (Warner Bros)


Friday, March 20, 2009

The Doctor is now blogging for PREX!

Photo copyright by Princeton Record Exchange.

The Doctor is now writing music reviews and articles for the Princeton Record Exchange's weblog, which can be found here or by clicking the above picture. My first entry for the Prex blog is here.

Oh yes, the Princeton Record Exchange is a very nice place to "dig"!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bad News and Good News

Photo Creative Commons by fofurasfelinas.
Non-comm, attrib, no derivs.

The bad news is, I'm sick and won't be on the air this week. Don't know what I've got (and apparently my doctor don't know either) but it sure is a bear.


The good news is that I'll soon be blogging on the Princeton Record Exchange's blog. I'll be doing articles and reviews of music, new and old.

More good news: My last two weekly podcasts (see links at end of te two most recent playlists) are still available for your perusal and enjoyment.

I'll be on the air next week, cross my heart and hope I don't die!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Playlist for March 24, 2009

Milan, Italy

The Rozatones
- Weapons Of Control - Tastes So Good
Tower of Power - Just Make A Move (And Be Yourself) - Back On The Streets
The Beatles - Don't Ever Change - Live at the BBC (Capitol)
Frank Zappa - Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Absolutely Free (Ryko)

Voodoo Glow Skulls - Walking Frustration - Band Geek Mafia (Epitaph)
Sonic Youth - Plastic Sun - Murray Street (DGC)
The Byrds - Everybody's Been Burned - Younger than Yesterday (Columbia)
Paul & Barry Ryan - Gotta Go Out To Work - The Best Of... (Repertoire)

Ra Can Row - Things Beyond Our Control - Ra Can Row (Eye Records)
Lord Buckley - Murder - Blowing His Mind (***)

Seelenluft - Something Tropical - Tipsy Remix Party (Asphodel)
The Bad Plus - Lithium - For All I care (Heads Up)
Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats (Ryko) *
The Bran Flakes - Dance of the Sugarsnap Fairy - I Have Hands (Illegal
Negativland - Time Zones - Escape From Noise (Seeland)
And You Will Know Us By Our Trail Of Dead - The Far Pavilions - The
Century of Self (Justice)
Mr Scruff - Music Takes Me Up - Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tune)
Lee Hazelwood - If It's Monday Morning - Requiem for an Almost Lady (Smells Like Records)
Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox - When Machines... (Warp)

Podcast HERE (sorry it took so long!)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Playlist for March 4th, 2009

Tim Buckley
live at the Felt Forum, NYC
(Opening for Frank Zappa!)


1. Buzzin’ Fly (7.46)
2. Love from Room 109 (4.36)
3. Happy Time (5.53)
4. I just don’t work right
in the morning (16.07)
5. Gypsy Woman (17.18)

Tim Buckley: 12 string guitar
Lee Underwood:Lead guitar
Carter CC Collins: conga drums
Maury Baker: drums
Mark Sporer: Bass

Manchester Polytechnic
1980 05 22
Radio Broadcast FM

01. I Don’t Mind
02. Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve
03. What Do I Get
04. Strange Thing
05. Why she’s A Girl from the Chainstore
06. What Do You Know
07. Autonomy

Sonny Sharrock/Nicky Skopelitis - Sacrifice - Faith Moves (CMP)
Spring Heel Jack - Obscured - Amassed (Thirsty Ear)
Joy Division - She's Lost Control - Unknown Pleasures (Factory)
John Cale - Barracuda - Fear (Island)

Hot Chip - Sexual Healing - Remixes and Rarities (Astralwerks)
Southern Culture on the Skids - She's Bought A Dog - Too Much Pork... (Moist Records)
Funkadelic - I'll Bet You - Funkadelic's Greatest Hits (Westbound)
The Fugs - Turn On Tune In Drop Out - Tenderness Junction (Reprise)
R. Stevie Moore - Cathy Cline - I Killed The Monster (various artists) (Second Shimmy)

Mr. Scruff - Nice Up The Function - Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tune)
Modern Lovers - Dodge Veg-O-Matic - Rock & Roll with the Modern Lovers (Berserkeley)
The Bran Flakes - Marchy March - I Have Hands (Illegal Art)
Tom Verlaine - A Town Called Walker - Flash Light (IRS)
Jefferson Handkerchief - I'm Allergic To Flowers - Pebbles Vol 3 (BFD)

Hot Water Music
- Jet Set Ready - No Division (Some Records)
Funkadelic - Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow - Free Your Mind &
Your Ass Will Follow (Westbound)
Parliament - Presence of a Brain - Up For the Down Stroke (Casablanca)
Southern Culture On The Skids - Camel Walk - Dirt Track Date (DGC)*
Funkadelic - Super Stupid - Maggot Brain (Westbound)

Charles Manson - Don't Do Anything Illegal - Charles Manson Sings (

Monday, March 02, 2009

It's that most wonderful time of the year!

How This Works...

Support Freeform Radio!

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The Doctor has a confession to make. I've never given money to a public radio station during its pledge drive. No tote bags or travel mugs for this boy! The only radio station I've ever made a pledge to is WFMU. Why WFMU and not the other public radio stations? Because WFMU doesn't get corporate funding like the NPR stations do. This means you'll never hear a commercial for soy milk, investment firms, body lotion or Fox TV. It also means that the only way they're going to stay on the air is if we make it possible for them to do so. And as anyone who knows anything about radio will tell you, running a radio station ain't cheap!

As good as WHRW is, it is only one member of a great fleet of free-form radio stations across the USA and Canada. WFMU is their East Coast flagship. WFMU has never failed to amaze The Doctor, no matter when I tune in. I keep on hearing great music which I never knew existed and probably would never know about without the hard work of the dedicated dudes and damsels in WFMU's Jersey City studios. Give them a listen and see what I mean! And while you're at it, pledge a few coins to the coolest free-form station in the nation. (Check out their pledge premiums! You'll be convinced!)

(Shout outs to WFMU web dude and former WHRW DJ, Ken Garson!)