Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Playlist for November 23, 2005

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Boots of the Week

Link Wray
Middle East Downstairs
Cambridge, Mass.
May 22, 1998

see also: http://www.linkwraylegend.com

The Sopwith Camel
Studio outtakes, 1966 or 67

see also: http://www.sopwithcamel.com

No track listings or studio information available
for either of these recordings. Sorry!

Moog Cookbook - Black Hole Sun - first album (Restless)
The Soft Boys - The Face of Death - Raw Cuts (Overground)
John's Children (with Marc Bolan) - Desdemona - The Complete John's Children (Burning Airlines)
Rocket From the Tombs - Aint It Fun - live on WFMU June 2003
The MC5 - The American Ruse - Back In The USA (Atlantic)

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Still You Turn Me On - Brain Salad Surgery (Victory)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun - It's Just Begun (RCA)
Brian Eno & John Cale - One Word - Wrong Way Up (Opal)
Tower of Power - Get Yo Feet Back On The Ground - Tower of Power (Warner Bros)
Unknown artist - Shame on you Mister Bush - DIYmedia.net
Towa Tei - I Want To Relax Please - Futurelistening (Elektra)
Frank Zappa - The Illinois Enema Bandit - YCDTOSA Vol 6 (Ryko)

Gilli Smyth - excerpt from the album Mother (Charly)
The Fugs - Virgin Forest (excerpts) - The Fugs (2nd album - www.espdisk.com)
Firesign Theatre - Thanksgiving or Pass The Indian Please - Dear Friends Radio Program 1970
Sun Ra - Heliocentric Worlds - Heliocentric Worlds Vol 3 (www.espdisk.com)
Silver Apples - Fantasies - Contact (Kapp-MCA)
DJ Me DJ You - Vital Target Area - Simplemachinerock (Emperor Norton)

Steinski & The Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On (Tommy Boy)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Playlist for November 16, 2005

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Boots of the Week

May 13, 1968 [date uncertain]
Avalon Ballroom
San Francisco, CA

The sound quality is very good FM from low gen. off-air reel.

1st set 47:04
01 Waiting 8:21
02 Treat 10:22
03 Evil Ways 8:45
04 Shades of Time 3:40
05 > Savor 5:03
06 > Jingo 10:19
07 announcer & crowd noise 0:41

2nd set 40:29
01 announcer intro & crowd noise 0:10
02 Persuasion 3:47
03 Soul Sacrifice 3:31
04 > drums 11:36
05 > Soul Sacrifice 20:44
06 talk: "Don't Go No Further..." & crowd noise 0:38

Carlos Santana: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Marcus Malone: Percussion
David Brown: Bass
Gregg Rolie: Keyboards, Vocals
Bob "Doc" Livingston: Drums

Probable lineage: 1st or 2nd gen. copy of off-air reel master.

The date is uncertain because of the announcer comments at the end of the first set about 5 nights coming up of benefit shows with 5 bands a night. There is a poster for Santana playing at the Avalon from May 17-19, which would be the last 3 nights of that "5 day benefit" if the date of the 13th was correct but only 2 bands and no benefit are listed on the poster for the May 17-19 run. Some people think that this is from that May 17-19 run at the Avalon, but that comment about the benefit still messes things up, because there are Avalon posters with the typical 2 bands and no mention of any benefits all the way up to the end of November 1968. After Chet Helms "Family Dog" stopped booking shows at the Avalon another promoter, "Soundproof", put on more shows at The Avalon starting in January 1969. Jerry Abram's Headlights are mentioned also by the announcer, and they did do both the '68 Family Dog Avalon shows and the '69 Soundproof shows.

Based upon all of this information, I would put the probable date as being close to the end of Chet Helms run at the Avalon. The posters for weekly Friday thru Sunday shows stopped at the end of November, 1968. Soundproof took over in January '69, so I would speculate that this show here is really from December, 1968. That would be when benefits to keep Chet Helms going at The Avalon would have been probable. The announcer doesn't say that the benefit shows would be for any other cause, and the regular scheduled weekend shows apparently had ended, so there might have been time for a 5 day Wednesday thru Sunday benefit before the Family Dog completely stopped doing shows at the Avalon...

So I am listing this as 5-13-68 [date uncertain - might actually be from December, 1968]

But I'm sure you will enjoy this no matter what!

The Housemartins
Glastonbury Fetival - June 1986
From BBC Radio 1 broadcast 30th Nov 1986.

01 Think For A Minute
02 Heaven Help Us All
03 Over There
04 Sheep
05 We're Not Deep
06 Anxious
07 Me & The Farmer
08 Happy Hour
09 I'll Be Your Shelter (Just Like A Shelter)

DJ Me DJ You - Take Your Medication - Simplemachinesrock (Emperor Norton)
Grand Master Flash - White Lines - (v.a.) SOUL (Rhino)
DJ Pantshead - Don't Believe The Sensorair - www.evolution-control.com
R Stevie Moore-Yukio Yung - Norway - The Yung & Moore Show (www.rsteviemoore.com)
R Stevie Moore - She Dont Know What to Do With Herself - Phonography (www.rsteviemoore.com)
The Raincoats - Life on the Line - The Raincoats (DGC)
The Beatles - Please Mr postman - With The Beatles (Capitol)
Timbuk 3 - Legalize Our Love - A Hundred Lovers (High Street Records)
DJ Spooky - Bill LAswell vs Vadic - Rhythm Science (Sub Rosa)
Tangerine Dream - Fly and Collision of Comas Sola - Alpha Centauri (Sanctuary)
Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine - Wish You Were Here (Capitol)
unknown artist - rap track - from found cassette

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Playlist for November 9, 2005

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New entry in The Fuddler!

Boots of the Week

Boards of Canada / Christ BBC sessions

Boards of Canada - 'XYZ' unreleased peel sessions track, recorded from the original radio broadcast.

Christ - live Maida Vale (presented by John Peel).

“Christ” was once a Boards of Canada band member but left the band before they became famous. However, BOC and Christ's music have a lot in common: voice samples, haunting ambient, dreamscape like melodies.

(In case you become interested in Christ's official releases: 'Pylonesque' EP and
'Metamorphic reproduction Miracle' album are both released on the Scottish Benbecula label.
Both highly recommended).

= = = = = =

December 20, 1978
Max's Kansas City
New York, NY

DISC #1/1 (25:29)
01) Bullet (Omitted due to FCC issues)
02) Where Eagles Dare
03) Who Killed Marilyn
04) Horror Business
05) Static Age
06) TV Casualty
07) Hollywood Babylon
08) Teenagers From Mars
09) Children In Heat
10) Attitude
11) Blue Christmas
12) We Are 138

= = = = = =

Debbie Harry + David Thomas ( Pere Ubu ) - NBC " Nightmusic", NYC, Chelsea Studios 1989
( TV - Stereo )

1. Breath ( D. Thomas )
2. Calamari ( D. Harry )
3. Short interview with Debbie Harry ( incl. Debbie plays trombone !!! )
4. What Happened To Me ( D. Thomas )
5. ( D. Harry + D.Thomas )

A great performance of Debbie Harry together with David Thomas.

= = = = = =

Einsturzende Neubauten - Vanadium I Ching - SAE II (Mute)
Eno - Fat Lady of Limbourg - Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy (Astralwerks)
X-Ecutioners - A Journey into Sound - Built From Scratch (Columbia)
Fat Boy Slim - Love Life - Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars (Astralwerks)
Akiko Yano - Rose Garden - Tokyo Mobile Music Vol. 1 (Mobile Suit-Mercury)
Pastor John Rydgren - Groovin' on a Saturday Night - http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2005/07/pastor_john_ryd.html

Evolution Control Committee - Rocked By Rape (Plagiarhythm Nation (evolution-control.com)
Todd Rundgren - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)
Beanfield - Keep On Believing - Beanfield (Compost)
Gary Numan + Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric - Replicas (Beggars Banquet)

Bevis Frond - Solar Marmalade - Gathering of Fronds (Reckless)
Bob Holman - Story Line - In With the Out Crowd (Mercury, http://www.ubu.com/sound/holman.html)
David Bowie - Alternative Candidate - Diamond Dogs Deluxe Reissue (EMI)
Johnny Dowd - Sleep in the Grass - Total Lee (Astralwerks)
Daniel Johnston - I Killed the Monster - Artistic Vice (Shimmy Disc)
Soft Boys - Leppo & The Jooves - A Can of Bees (Ryko)
Pastor John Rydgren - Hippy version of Creation - http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2005/07/pastor_john_ryd.html

Mr Stick & The Plainclothed Giraffes - Osama Bin Hidin' - GBBVN@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Playlist for November 2, 2005

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(May not be work-safe)

Terry Riley and Don Cherry
Koln Concert

Probably 2.23.75
With Bengt Berger on Vibes (or maybe Karl Berger)


1) Descending Moonshine Dervishes 19:44
2) Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector 8:12
3) Untitled 12:34

Cologne 1975-03-22

as broadcast on German radio (WDR)

BONUS: radio interview w/ Ralph Hutter, Ohio 1978
Station and interviewer unknown

Dead Boys
The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA

01 Sonic Reducer
02 All This And More
03 Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth
04 I Won’t Look Back
05 Not Anymore
06 What Is Love
07 Flame Thrower Love
08 Son Of Sam
09 Down In Flames
10 Search And Destroy

I announced this show as Mabuhay Gardens, 1977.
Sorry about the mix-up!

Frank Zappa Set:

Dead Girls of London (Van Morrison, Vocals) - from the Leatherette bootleg
Uncle Meat
Mr. Green Genes
We Can Shoot You
If We'd All Been Living in California...
The Air
Project X
Cruising For Burgers - Uncle Meat (Ryko)
Honey Dontcha Want A Man Like Me? - Lather (Ryko)

Evolution Control committee - I Want a Cookie - Plagiarhythm Nation (www.evolution-control.com)