Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playlist for May 28, 2008

It has come to my attention that WHRW will be doing some much-needed technical work this coming week. That means WHRW will be off the air next Wednesday, which means I'll be pre-empted.

I'll be back the following Wednesday, June 11th, 2008.

Jonathan Richman - Manchester International 29th May 1991

Taper's Notes:

A few great standout moments, particularly so with Monologue on Bermuda, Pablo Picasso, and a very early sounding version of Velvet Underground, for which Jonathan is still playing about with lyrics... sounds pretty different here.

Set 1

1 - Yo Jojo

2 - She doesn't laugh at my Jokes

3 - Chewing gum wrapper

4 - Circle I

5 - Our swinging pad

6 - It will stand

7 - The Beach

8 - That Summer Feeling

9 - The UFO Man

10 - The Neighbors

11- Monologue on Bermuda

12 - Blue Moon

13 - Egyptian Reggae

14 - I love hot nights

15 - My career as a Homewrecker

Set 2

1 - When I say wife

2 - Fender Stratocaster

3 - Gail Loves me

4 - You're crazy for taking the bus

5 - Rodeo Wind

6 - Since she started to ride

7 - When Harpo played his Harp

8 - Pablo Picasso

9 - Velvet Underground

10 - Vincent van Gogh

11 - Action Packed

12 - Dancin' late at night

13 - Lets take a trip

14 - This kind of music

15 - Just for fun

16 - When she kisses me



The Who

I Don't Even Know Myself
Young Man Blues
My Generation

Fillmore West, San Francisco CA, June 19, 1969
Various sources


Third World with Stevie Wonder - Jamaica Sunsplash 4, August 4, 1982
Jarrett Park, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Taper's Notes:

A Tribute to Bob Marley. Excellent audience recording. 6:00 AM show.

This recording focuses on Stevie's contribution to Sunsplash 4. Recording starts off with fade in to a Third World song "...Get off of your backside and do something for the world", quickly moves into Masterblaster, Stevie's tribute to Bob. Next is Redemption Song (joining in is Rita Marley!). Stevie dedicates the next tune, Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bob Marley. Next is Now That We've Found Love & Dancing on the Floor. The set ends with Always Around -> One Love. So, for the list types:

Track 1: Masterblaster
Track 2: Redemption Song
Track 3: Happy Birthday
Track 4: Now That We've Found Love
Track 5: Dancing On the Floor
Track 6: Always Around -> One Love.

I've never seen this posted anywhere else before, so hopefully someone will enjoy listening to this great early morning music!

This post is dedicated to my good friend Mr. Mags, who has been suggesting that I post this for some time now.

Enjoy! and share the good vibes.


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