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Review - Music Uncanny! - Sunday May 3 2020

Music Uncanny! - Sunday May 3 2020

Archives of the show, as well as future online concerts, can be seen at:

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Who Played:

Pettiecord (

This first act was an ambient composer/performer on the order of Robert Fripp's "Frippertronics". I could only see pulsating multicolored bars and no name on the screen, but the dreamy, multilayered droney music for the most part came through loud and clear. The performer's name turned out to be Pettiecord, as it appeared in the chat bar to the right of the image area.

Staticer (

A one-man ambient drone act. His sound is not quite as complex as Pettiecord, but a good deal more haunting. The visuals, from an old horror movie, add to the overall effect as do the synthesized or sampled pipe organ passages.

Rainbow Trash (

This young woman from Montreal performed for ElectroZone a couple of weeks ago. Slightly wonky video (or was it intentional?) rather than the straight webcam video view used last time. Theremin, synths and processed, sampled dog noises that sound a bit like a DJ scratching. If Devo had met Brian Eno (wait a minute...they did, actually! But I digress). Though I found the highly-processed video hard to watch, the music was interesting, just like last time. Her final piece was her playing theremin and vocal/instrumental samples while her partner played acoustic guitar.

Kympootur Muhsheen (

The on-stage or on-screen alias of ElectroZone impresario, Elijah Joseph Weber-Han. This time, his music comes on like vintage Todd Rundgren synth work, then immediately takes off for deep space. A mechanical vortex of processed, robotic vocals and machine noises. Satellite transmissions coming in from all directions. Very abstract video presentation to go along with very abstract sounds.

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