Sunday, May 24, 2020

REVIEW: The ElectroZone - Machines In Your Screen - Friday, May 22, 2020, 9PM

The ElectroZone
Machines In Your Screen
Friday, May 22, 2020, 9PM

Donations for each show of US$10.00 can (and should) be made at and

Andrei Jay

Kind of a retro feel to this performance. A simple drone, followed by some harmonizing drones. All the while, what looks like a stylized oscilloscope trace graces the screen on a black background. More analogue-synth-sounding tones enter the mix and influence the display. Eventually, color is added. The display and the music become more abstract. Or should I say trippy?


Performance begins with a short poem. And a pleasing color wave display. The music starts with a repeating figure with other musical sound bites mixed into it. (The program code for the sound and the video display is visible on-screen too!) At times the music becomes very simple, down to simple tones and a beat. More of the performer's poetry is mixed in. The visual display continues for a few minutes after the music has stopped, the last poem recited. Wait, there's more music? Actually, just a beat and a simple tone. What's he going to put into the mix this time?


The white metal box on the screen festooned with knobs and with wires crisscrossing it promises more of a traditional analogue synth sound. And that's just what our man here delivers! A bit more free-form and EDM-like than any of the familiar electronic acts from the past, but he does get melodic in places. Think um...Buchla with a touch of Moog. Along with images of the artist hard at work, in one corner of the screen hovers a virtual yellow-jacket. (Hell of a mascot. Those things are a nuisance in real life!) You can watch close-ups of the performer operating his machines. You can tell that he's really into it too!

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