Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Bartlemania, Week Of December 26, 2023 (repeat)

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WRFI is archiving my programs for two weeks after they air on Tuesdays (9-11PM).

Go to: https://spinitron.com/WRFI/calendar, and click on "Bartlemania" (Tuesday at 9PM, natch). You will be redirected to a page with a media player and a playlist.


21:00:00  3:14  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:14  3:39  Frank Zappa  Peaches En Regalia  Hot Rats  Ryko

21:07:34  5:53  Frank Zappa  Apostrophe  Apostrophe  Ryko
21:13:22  10:32  Frank Zappa & The Mothers  Call Any Vegetable > Eddie, Are You Kidding?  Just Another Band From LA  Ryko

21:24:16  5:20  Frank Zappa  Dead Girls of London (Van Morrison, vocals)  not on album  no label
21:29:36  2:19  Frank Zappa & The Mothers  Cheap Thrills (Vinyl mix)  Reuben & The Jets  Verve
21:31:51  2:06  Burt Ward  Boy Wonder I Love You  7-inch  MGM Records

21:34:55  2:31  Frank Zappa & The Mothers  Big Leg Emma  Absolutely Free  Ryko
21:37:24  4:58  Frank & Moon Zappa  Valley Girl  12-inch  Barking Pumpkin
21:41:19  5:20  Frank Zappa & The "Petit Wazoo Band"  Cosmik Debris  SUNY Binghamton,  October 29, 1972

21:48:14  1:15  Frank Zappa & The Mothers  Who Are The Brain Police (Section B-alt take)  MOFO, Deluxe Edition  Zappa.com
21:49:29  3:26  Frank Zappa & The Mothers  Who Are The Brain Police (Original stereo mix)  MOFO Deluxe  Zappa.com
21:52:48  4:20  Frank Zappa  Dumb All Over  You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 1  Zappa.com
21:57:08  0:52  Frank Zappa  Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwich (excerpt)  Burnt Weeny Sandwich  Ryko

22:01:05  2:11  Frank Zappa & The Mothers  Uncle Bernie's Farm  Absolutely Free  Ryko
22:03:15  2:22  Frank Zappa & The Mothers  Concentration Moon (MONO Mix)  Lumpy Money  zappa.com
22:05:37  3:53  Wild Man Fischer with Frank Zappa & The Mothers  Circles  An Evening With Wild Man Fischer  Bizarre

22:09:52  21:42  Frank Zappa  Farther O'Blivion (Join the March)  Stockholm, August 21, 1973  no label

22:31:52  17:13  Frank Zappa  Andy>Inca Roads  Brest France March 19 1979  no label

22:49:21  2:51  Frank Zappa  The Dangerous Kichen  Man From Utopia  Ryko
22:52:12  5:38  Frank Zappa & Sting  Murder By Numbers  Broadway The Hard Way  Ryko

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