Friday, April 28, 2023

Bartlemania for the week of May 2, 2023

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WRFI is archiving my programs for two weeks after they air on Tuesdays (9-11PM).

Go to:, and click on "Bartlemania" (Tuesday at 9PM, natch). You will be redirected to a page with a media player and a playlist. 

21:00:00  3:07  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:07  3:57  Joni Mitchell  Big Yellow Taxi (Traffic Jam Mix)  Friends TV show sndtrk  Reprise

21:07:27  2:59  Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys  Black Carnation  Let's Go Terry!  King (Japan)
21:10:22  2:56  West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  Leiyla  Part One  Reprise
21:13:12  3:30  Jimi Hendrix  Mastermind  Live At Woodstock, August 18, 1969  no label

21:17:31  4:00  Rickie Lee Jones  Show Biz Kids  On The Mountain Vol 7  KMTT
21:21:29  4:16  The Mammals  1952 Vincent Black Lightning  Evolver  Humble Abode Music
21:25:40  3:40  Aura  Annual Sex Drive  demo disc  no label

21:29:47  5:13  Blue Man Group  I Feel Love  The Complex  Lava
21:34:58  4:37  The Boredoms  Anarchy In The UKK  Chocolate Synthesizer  Reprise
21:39:34  3:02  Dan Deacon  Ohio-demonstration version  Twacky Cats  Comfort Sound

21:43:06  5:30  The Fugs  Four Minutes To Twelve  The Belle Of Avenue A  Reprise
21:48:31  3:24  Glass Family  Agorn (Elements Of Complex Variables)  7-inch  Warner Bros
21:51:50  3:53  The Red Crayola  War Sucks  Parable of Arable Land  Int'l Artists
21:56:24  1:26  Sandy Nelson  Freakbeat (excerpt)  King of the Drums  See For Miles

22:00:16  12:38  Makoto Mango (Acid Mothers Temple)  Guru & Zero (excerpt)  Guru & Zero  Swordfish
22:12:35  9:50  Ctephin  Achamoth  Maaseh (Gnosis)
22:22:14  4:22  A Produce  Dwell  Soundscape Gallery  Lektronic Soundscapes
22:26:08  14:00  Laraaji (Edward Larry Gordon)  Bethlehem (excerpt)  Segue to Infinity  Numero Group
22:39:56  14:12  Makoto Mango (Acid Mothers Temple)  Guru & Zero (excerpt)  Guru & Zero  Swordfish
22:51:19  4:14  Dzihan & Kamien  Two Minutes  Refreaked  Six Degrees

22:57:01  0:59  The Blitzoids  Theme From A Summer Place (excerpt)  Stealing From Helpless Children/Look Up  Ad Hoc

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