Saturday, October 03, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! October 8 & 10 (WRFI) and 11 (WBDY-LP), 2020

El Topo Sndtrk - The Hell Of The Prostituted Angels - El Topo Soundtrack (Abkco)

Parlet - Are You Dreaming - Pleasure Principle (Real Gone Music)
Monk Higgins - Straight Ahead - Extra Soul Perception (Real Gone Music)
Dr Al Jameson - Love-Honey Melting Within The Infinite-See - Nada (private pressing)

The Bonzo Dog Band - Noises For The Leg - Keynsham (Liberty)
Bamboo Trading Company - Tweet (Don't Talk Anymore) - From Kitty Hawk To Surf City (Steelsurf Records)
Big Star - Thirteen - Big Star Live (Ryko)

Kompyootur Muhsheen, Teenage Algorithm - Waiter, There Are Some Flies in My Madness! (Remastered) - K IS 4 Kompyootur (
Murderfog with special guest Overflow - 02 An Animal Drags Its Prey - Problematic Apocalypse 1 (

Mount Shrine - Underpass - Ghosts On Broken Pavement (Cryochamber)

From: Various Artists Working to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy - Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy- Volume 2

Arcade Fire feat. David Byrne - This Must Be the Place
Guided By Voices - Game Of Pricks (Live)
Dan Deacon - Rally Banner
YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND - There's No Goodbye Between Us
John Prine -Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore
David Byrne - People Tell Me

Alice Coltrane - Om Navah Sivahya - Spiritual Eternal (Real Gone Music)

The ElectroZone - Mayhem- by Human Resources and Khamieleion - Electrophile Dysfunction, Vol. 1 (

Eno-Mobius-Roedelius - The Belldog - After The Heat (Gyroscope)

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