Thursday, December 28, 2017

Playlist Dec. 26-30 - Annual Frank Zappa Birthday Special


Frank Zappa:(all cuts, except in the case of vintage vinyl, interview segments or unreleased material)

Vegetable Medley - Absolutely Free

I'm The Slime - SNL, Dec 11, 1976 (w/Don Pardo)
Interview Segment
Willie The Pimp - Hot Rats (vinyl Mix) (Bizarre/Reprise)
Cozmik Debris - Apostrophe

Interview Segment
Bob Guy - Letter From Jeepers (Del-Fi)
Love Of My Life - Reuben & The Jets (vinyl mix) (Verve)
Murder By Numbers - Broadway The Hard Way

Interview Segment
Camarillo Brillo - Over Nite Sensation
The Purple Lagoon (w/John Belushi) - SNL Dec 11, 1976
Who Are The Brain Police - Freak Out

Burt Ward - Boy Wonder I Love You - 7-inch (MGM)
Flakes - Sheik Yerbouti

Farther O' Blivion - Stockholm Aug 21, 1973

Mr. Green Genes - Uncle Meat (vinyl mix) (Bizarre/Reprise)
Interview Segment
Lumpy Gravy (excerpt)(vinyl mix)(Verve)


Brest, France, March 19, 1979 (excerpts)

King Kong - Ann Arbor, Dec. 3, 1967

Little House I Used To Live In/Rat Tomago (excerpt) - Berlin, Feb 15, 1978


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