Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playlist for November 10, 2010

Passport, Hamburg Germany
1-12-74 (excerpt)

Brian Eno - Slow Ice Old Moon - Small Craft on a MILK sEA (wARP)
Jack Dangers - Fourcade-Figuero - Music For Planetarium (Brainwashed)
Sunn o))) - Mocking Solemnity - Flight of the Behemoth (Southern Lord)
Corsair - Space Is A Lonely Place - Alpha Centauri (Skyrakken)
Bevis Frond - 1970 Home Improvements - Bevis Through the Looking Glass (Woronzow)
Grey Daturas - Answer February - Dead In The Woods (Crashing Jets)

Myself and Doc Sonic:

Glenn Branca-Guitar Lesson 1 for Electric Guitar-Lessons (99 records)
Lenny Bruce-Would You Sell Out Your Country-What I Was Arrested For (Douglas Records)
Paul McCartney & Super Furry Animals-Liverpool Sound Collage (Capitol Records)
Beatles-studio out-takes
Timothy Leary P.H.D. -L.S.D. (Pixie records)
Squarepusher-Lost In Space Drum & Bass Mix - 12-inch (Astralwerks)
Ry Cooder-Paris Texas & Theme from Southern Comfort-Music by Ry Cooder anthology (Warner Bros. records)
Telekinetic Soulmate-Playful Alien (Defective Records)
John Oswald - Black - Plunderphonic (Illegal Art)

Negativland - Nesbitt's Lime Soda - Escape From Noise (SST)

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