Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playlist for February 27, 2008

DATE: 1977-06-10
CITY: New York City, NY

1st set:
01 I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement [adjusting volume]
02 Beat On The Brat
03 Good Boy
04 Swallow My Pride
05 Glad To See You Go
06 Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
07 I Don't Care
08 Now I Wanna Sniff Your Glue
09 Sheena Is My Punk Rocker
10 You Should Never Have Opened That Door
11 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
12 Suzy Is A Headbanger
13 Listen To My Heart
14 California Sun
15 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
16 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
17 Today Your Love Tomorrow The World

2nd set:
01 Loudmouth
02 Do You Wanna Dance
03 Blitzkrieg Bop
04 I Remember You
05 Glad To See You Go
06 Teenage Lobotomy
07 You're Gonna Kill That Girl
08 Carbona Not Glue
09 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
10 Commando
11 Babysitter
12 Oh Oh I Love Her So
13 Let's Dance
14 Judy Is A Punk
15 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
16 Pinhead
17 Suzy Is A Headbanger
18 Chainsaw
19 California Sun

Taper's Notes:

This one is often mislabeled as June 10th AND 11th, also
it's pretty much known by the usual suspects but so what - I like
to share it here anyway coz it's ~if not a huge, but~ an upgrade to
the old cassette copies of this gig (I've exactly 6 of 'em...) that
was going around, than where digitalized back than and send around
the world by snailmail trades. The 90s and its CD burners, yano?
This one is, at least compared to the copies I have, a lil upgrade.
As usual, no exact lineage is known to me as mostly by this old Mones.

If you don't have it already, grab it guys or wet your panties later.
It's as good as this olde Mones gigs where and for sure it won't make
your anus bleed - I give it a solid 7 out of 10 for such an olde, yep,
recording and for the ones who also have already a shitload full of
boxes with various tape versions of this gig, I make a mp3 sample or
even two so you can check it out - quality wise before you download it.
And as Joey says at COMMANDO - HG: "This one goes out to the Pinkos!"

Referring to MontY Melnick's book, the band played June 9th, 10th and
11th at CBs with the Cramps so maybe that's the reason this gig is
going around also at 11th... Say, could it happend that it was those
times where Punk was dangerous and sex still happend to be safe so they
didn't care about any Snoopys and played the 2nd set just after
"the midnight hour"? No "all ages shows", back than?
Even no such things as "parental stickers"? ... Oh boy!

And, just btw, if you don't already own MontY's book, it's
one of the three commercial ones out there worth having. That's just my
two pence. Look it up at yer bookstore: "On The Road With The Ramones"
by MontE A. Melnick - just released an updated edition [spam mode off].

TORRENT INFO: Uploaded to DIME by user commando_hg, February 2008.
EAC.log and MD5.check OK included. Artwork: Hey, why don't ya ask Arty?

Eater - Outside View - All of Eater (Cargo)
D H Peligro - King of the Road - Peligro (Alternative Tentacles)
Mary Lou Lord - Camden Town Rain - Stars Kill Rock (Kill Rock Stars)
Bevis Frond - Down Again - Auntie Winnie Album (Rubric)
Loudon Wainwright - Cardboard Boxes - KBCO Studio C Vol 4 (KBCO)

Space Mix - Ingredients:

Excepter podcast Feb 9 2008
United States of America - Coming Down (extended by Dr. B.) - United States of America (Sundazed)
Lindha Kallerdahl - Gold - Gold (espdisk dot com)
Bob James Trio - Wolfman - Explosions (espdisk dot com)
Terre Thamelitz - Night Watch (Johnny Rio Edit) - Electronic Thisturbance (thisco dot net)
Niles Chandler - Chop City - Radiocollage 25A-B (Rhino Shack)
Bill Hicks - Mandatory Marijuana - Flying Saucer Tour Vol 1 (Ryko)
Coldcut - Off to Work - Coldcut Cut-Outs (A Moment of your Time)
Galactic Harbour - Galactic Highway - Live at the Bug Jar (continuum666.tripod.com)

Men & Volts - Charlie Brannock's Device - Object Lessons (Inconspicuous)

This is a Public Service Announcement!

WFMU is a radio station in New Jersey. I think it is exaggerating only slightly to call it the flagship station of the free-form radio movement on the east coast.

WFMU was once a college station like WHRW. They began broadcasting in 1958 (8 years before WHRW went on the air) and except for a brief hiatus in 1969, they've been cranking out free-form programming since then. They raise funds for day-to-day operating expenses and equipment purchases entirely on their own. They don't bend over for any corporation or abstinence-only government agency. Neither do they get funding from (or answer to) any college administration.

As a life-long free-form radio DJ, I want to see stations like WFMU succeed. I believe that their successes reflect back upon the free-form radio community as a whole. As commercial radio becomes more centralized and standardized, stations which prove every day that there are more than a few hundred songs in the world become more and more critical.

Won't you please consider pledging what you can afford to WFMU, as The Doctor has done? At the very least, check out their premium page. No travel mugs and tote bags for these fellas!

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