Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Playlist for September 19, 2007

The Police
Lost BBC Studio Tapes 1978-79

More info:

01 Next To You
02 Roxanne
03 Truth Hits Everybody
04 So Lonely
05 interview
06 Message In A Bottle
07 The Bed's Too Big without You
08 Can't Stand Losing You
09 So Lonely
10 Fallout
11 The Bed's Too Big without You
12 Message In A Bottle
13 Roxanne
14 Walking On The Moon
15 Deathwish
16 Bring On The Night
17 No Time This Time

Tracks 1-4 at the John Peel Sessions November 1978
Tracks 5-7 at the Capitol Radio Sessions May 1979
Tracks 8-13 at a BBC Concert 1979
Tracks 14-16 at the Festival Hall, Melbourne,
Australia Feb 22nd 1981
and track 17 is at Fat Cats Club, Miami May 4th 1979

Space Mix


Building the Cathedral - Voice Over Wire - Building the Cathedral (
Jean-Claude Eloy - Shanti (part 2) - Shanti (Creel Pone)
Negativland - It's All In Your Head (Pt 1 excerpt) - It's All In Your Head (negativland dot com)
Electronic Music Club of Edmonds Community College - Video 1 - Iatrogenics (Creel Pone)
Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music Part 2 (excerpt, heavily processed by Dr. B) - Metal Machine Music (RCA)
DJ Me DJ You - Take Your Medication - Simplemachinesrock (Emperor Norton)
Deadbeats - Funky For You - Back To Mine/Everything But The Girl (Ultra)

Pere Ubu - A Day Such as This - Song of the Bailing Man (ubuprojex dot net)
Luciano Berio - Visage (excerpt) - Electronic Music (Turnabout)
Sun Ra - Outer Space Emergency - Celebration for Comet Kohoutek (espdisk dot com)
Faust - The Faust Tapes (excerpt) (ReRecords)
Lounge Lizards - Fat House - Big Heart (Antilles)
David Torn - The Entire Wish Spent Timing - Tripping Over God (CMP)
Ritsu Katsumata - Dub - Jungle (ritsu dot com)

...Plus whatever happened to be lying around.

Stevie Boy - Aint Got No Car Blues - 7-inch (Burnin'

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