Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Playlist for September 27, 2006

The Bottom Line, New York
April 10,1976
as heard on WNEW-FM

Band set
1-Sunshine Superman
2-There Is a Mountain
3-Dark Eyed Blue Jean Angel
4-Laughing River
5-Take Your Time
7-Woman's Work
8-Catch the Wind
9-My My They Sigh
10-Season of the Witch

Solo set
1-Black Widow
2-Happiness Runs
4-Intergalactic Laxative
6-I Love My Shirt
7-Mellow Yellow
8-Crowd/radio Announcers
9-Saturday Night
10-Hurdy Gurdy Man

From the Bottom Line Show List :
APR 7-11, 1976
An Evening With
With special guest Derroll Adams
All Seats $5.50 [THOSE were the days!]
* April 10 show broadcast live on five radio stations:
WHCN (Hartford), WMMR (Philadelphia),
WBRV (Providence), WBCN (BOSTON), WNEW (N.Y.)

Frank Zappa - Inca Roads - YCDTOSA Vol 2 Helsinki (Ryko)
T Rex - Life's A Gas - Electric Warrior (Rhino)
Jason Trachtenberg - Camouflaged Mind - Together (
Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan Blues
Ching Chong Song - Cigarettes - Ching Chong Song (
Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness - Light Of Worlds (Mercury)

Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players - Look at me - Live at Castaways 9-23-06
Leo Kottke - Tilt Billings & The Student Prince - Ice Water (BGO)
People Like Us - Dolly Pardon - Abridged Too Far
Pastor John Rydgren - Dark Side of the Flower - (wfmu blog)
London & The Bridges - It Just Ain't Right - 60's Choice 1&2 (Eva)
Sally Timms - Homburg - To The Land of Milk & Honey (Feel Good All Over)
The Wallys - First Base with You - Double Play EP

DJ Q-Bert - Organ Donor w-DJ Shadow - mp3 download
Billy Cobham - Pleasant Pheasant - Crosswinds (Wounded Bird)
Perrey & Kingsley - EVA (Fat Boy Slim Remix) - Out Sound From Way In (Vanguard)
Ursula 1000 - Descarga en la Discoteca - Here Comes Tomorrow (ESL Music)
Todd Rundgren - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)

Bull Moose Jackson - Big 10-inch Record - King R&B Box Set (King)

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