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Playlist for December 7, 2005

Link of the Week:

Boot of the Week

Number 1:

The Beach Boys
SMiLE - a STEREO reconstruction
(or "Not another damn SMiLE mix??!!??")
by Purple Chick

see also: http://www.cokemachineglow.com/reviews/beachboys_smileysmile1967.html

SBD > ? (many varied sources, I'm sure) >
'original' CDR > EAC > FLAC > you

1: Our Prayer/Gee
2: Heroes And Villians
3: Roll Plymouth Rock
4: Barnyard
5: Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
6: Cabin Essence
7: Wonderful
8: Song For Children
9: Child Is Father Of The Man
10: Surf's Up
11: I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop
12: Vega-Tables
13: On A Holiday
14: Wind Chimes
15: Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
16: In Blue Hawaii
17: Good Vibrations

Very Unnecessary Bonus Tracks:

18: Vega-Tables (vocals only)
19: Our Prayer/Gee (mono)
20: Heroes And Villians (mono)
21: Roll Plymouth Rock (mono)
22: Child Is Father Of The Man (mono)
23: Surf's Up (alternate)
24: I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop (mono)
25: Vega-Tables (mono)
26: In Blue Hawaii (with mono sections)
27: Good Vibrations (stereo - original lyrics)

Brian Wilson's 2004 arrangement of SMiLE as performed
by the Beach Boys back in the day. In
glorious STEREO, just like it says on the cover.
We decided to do it the way we imagined which
necessitated edits, manipulation, speed tempo
and pitch correction, etc. Despite killing
all the sacred cows it sounds mighty fine to us.

There have been many, many other attempts
at reconstructing SMiLE. This one is by far the best I've
heard. It all flows together beautifully, the
arrangements and cuts are probably as good
as we're going to get. Also, unlike any other version, it's
almost completely in stereo. I think only
"On A Holiday" is mostly mono, by necessity.
Good Vibrations really packs a punch.

Number 2:

John Lennon -
Interviewed LIVE on WHRW

June 1972 by Bob Yass
Tape courtesy of Ron Drumm
Digital re-tweezement by Doctor B.

see also: http://www.john-lennon.com/theassassinationofjl.htm

Rock Set

Ladytron - Sugar - Thinking XXX (Emperor Norton/Ryko)
Cubanate - The Horsetrader - Interference (Wax Trax)
R.Stevie Moore - Positively 4th Street - Aesthetic (www.rsteviemoore.com)
The Flashcubes - Carl (You Da Man) - This is Rock & Roll Radio vol 1 (jamrecordings dot com)
River City Rebels - 53rd and 3rd - Playing to Live (Victory)
The Rolling Stones - Growing Up Wrong - 12 X 5 (Abkco)

Space Mix Deluxe

CTEPHIN - Black - Colors
Radio India - (excerpt) - The Eternal Dream of Sound (www.sublimefrequencies.com)
K Leimer - Heart Of Stillness - Neo Realist at Risk(www.palaceoflights.com)
Sun Ra - His Band from Outer Space - Nothing Is (www.espdisk.com)
...and found audio elements...

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