Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Playlist for November 23, 2005

Link of the Week:
Here 'tis - More "found" recordings than
you can shake an Ipod at!

Boots of the Week

Link Wray
Middle East Downstairs
Cambridge, Mass.
May 22, 1998

see also: http://www.linkwraylegend.com

The Sopwith Camel
Studio outtakes, 1966 or 67

see also: http://www.sopwithcamel.com

No track listings or studio information available
for either of these recordings. Sorry!

Moog Cookbook - Black Hole Sun - first album (Restless)
The Soft Boys - The Face of Death - Raw Cuts (Overground)
John's Children (with Marc Bolan) - Desdemona - The Complete John's Children (Burning Airlines)
Rocket From the Tombs - Aint It Fun - live on WFMU June 2003
The MC5 - The American Ruse - Back In The USA (Atlantic)

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Still You Turn Me On - Brain Salad Surgery (Victory)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun - It's Just Begun (RCA)
Brian Eno & John Cale - One Word - Wrong Way Up (Opal)
Tower of Power - Get Yo Feet Back On The Ground - Tower of Power (Warner Bros)
Unknown artist - Shame on you Mister Bush - DIYmedia.net
Towa Tei - I Want To Relax Please - Futurelistening (Elektra)
Frank Zappa - The Illinois Enema Bandit - YCDTOSA Vol 6 (Ryko)

Gilli Smyth - excerpt from the album Mother (Charly)
The Fugs - Virgin Forest (excerpts) - The Fugs (2nd album - www.espdisk.com)
Firesign Theatre - Thanksgiving or Pass The Indian Please - Dear Friends Radio Program 1970
Sun Ra - Heliocentric Worlds - Heliocentric Worlds Vol 3 (www.espdisk.com)
Silver Apples - Fantasies - Contact (Kapp-MCA)
DJ Me DJ You - Vital Target Area - Simplemachinerock (Emperor Norton)

Steinski & The Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On (Tommy Boy)

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