Monday, July 06, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! July 9 & 11 (WRFI) and 12 (WBDY-LP), 2020

Amy Rigby - Dancing with Joey Ramone - Little Fugitive (
Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement - Ramones (40th Anniversary Mono Mix) (Sire)

Mojo Nixon & World Famous Blue Jays - UFOs Big Rigs & BBQ - 7-inch (Diesel Only)
The 101ers - Keys To Your Heart - Fool's Gold (Chiswick)
Beatles - Old Brown Shoe - The Beatles Again (Hey Jude) (Capitol)

The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey - The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)
The Beatles - Why Don't We Do It In The Road - The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)
Captain Beefheart - Moonchild - The Legendary A&M Sessions (Edsel)

Public Image Ltd - Public Image - First Issue (Virgin)
The Waitresses - The Comb - AKRON Sampler (Stiff)
The Vores - Amazing Offer - From The City That Brought You Absolutely Nothing (Out-Of-Print Records)

Nancy Tucker - Don't Needle Me - A  Little Stronger (Collie Flower)
Michael Hurley & Rebby Sharp - Wildgeeses- 7-inch (SOL)
Wild Man Fischer - Merry Go Round - An Evening With Wild Man Fischer (Bizarre)

Snakefinger - Kill The Great Raven - Boarding House SF CA Dec 3 1979
Russell Steinberg & Mike Brydalski - Watch Dub - Airwaves (BCMK)
Girls In The Nose - Funky Slide - Girls In The Nose (cassette)
Jan Akkerman - Bags Groove - Talent for Sale (Esoteric)

Bob Suber - Exile-Fear - The Arf Arf Contemporary Music Sampler Vol 1 (Arf Arf)
Suicide - Rocket USA (demo) - Max's Kansas City 1976 (Ram)
The Fugs - Four_Minutes_To_Twelve - Belle Of Avenue A (Reprise)

Frank Zappa - Bebop Tango Dance Contest Waterloo Canada Oct 18 1973

Drekka - Tonal 2 - Collected Works Volume 1 (
Eric Ross - Etude for Electric Piano & Synthesizer - Electronic Etudes (Op 18)-Songs For Synthesized Soprano (Op 19) (Doria)

Holger Czukay - Hollywood Symphony - Movies (Spoon)

Ager Sonus - Deciphering Hieroglyphs - Necropolis (

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! Thursday, July 2, Saturday, July 4 (WRFI) and Sunday, July 5 (WBDY-LP), 2020

Negativland - Our National Anthem - Free (Seeland)

Ramones - I Don't Wanna Walk Around with You - Ramones (40th Anniversary Mono Mix) (Sire)
If Man Is Five - Azraela - free sampler EP (
Robin Trower - Twice Removed From Yesterday - Twice Removed From Yesterday (Chrysalis)

Blondie - Contact In Red Square - Plastic Letters (Chrysalis)
Times Five - Is Your Radio Active? - 415 Music (415 Records)
The Fugs - Crystal Liaison - Electromagnetic Steamboat (Rhino)

Rod McKuen - Everybody's Rich But Us - Rod McKuen At Carnegie Hall (WB)
Buzzo's Bandits & Friends - Iggue-Figgue - Take A Chance (private label)
The Groundhogs - Still A Fool - Scratching The Surface (World Pacific)

Kraftwerk - Les Mannequins (Showroom Dummies in French) - 12-inch (Capitol)
Boy With A Fish - I Put My Tongue On The Window - I Put My Tongue On The Window (Left Ear)
Uriah Heep - Seven Stars - Sweet Freedom (WB)

Matthew Ryals - Three Musicians - We Could Make The Ride Better for Everyone (Behind Glass Records)

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Help I'm A Rock - Part One (Reprise)
Frank Zappa - Call Any Vegetable - JABFLA (

Jona Lewie - God Bless Whoever Made You - On The Other Hand There's A Fist (Stiff)
Budgie - Zoom Club - Best of Budgie (MCA)
Bob Dylan's 115th Dream - Bringing It All Back Home (Columbia)

Sopwith Camel - Dancin' Wizard - The Miraculous Hump Returns from the Moon (Reprise)
Glen Phillips Band - Arlo - Elevator (SST)
Ruptured World - The Bright Communion of Primal Energies - Exoplanetary (

Mighty Baby - A Blanket In My Muesli - Revelations (Akarma)

Sunday, June 21, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! June 25 & 27 (WRFI), and June 28, 2020 (WBDY-LP)

Human League - Dignity of Labour Part 2 - Dignity of Labour EP (Fast)
Magma - Soiloi & KMX-E XII Opus 3 - Inedits (Tapioca)
Bernie Worrell - Insurance Man For The Funk - All The Woo In The World (Arista)
Mick Abrahams - Greyhound Bus - El Pea (Island)
Minnesoda - Shop Talk - Minnesoda (Capitol)
Lee Hazlewood - The Railroad - Trouble Is A Lonesome Town (LHI)
Jimmy Cliff - Can't Stop Worrying Can't Stop Loving - El Pea (Island)
Bronco - Sudden Street - El Pea (Island)

Strider - Get Ready - Exposed (WB)
Glass Eye - Glass Eye - Marlo EP (Glass Eye)
Procol Harum - Whisky Train - Home (Esoteric)
Acid Mothers Temple - Pink Lady Lemonade with IAO Chant - Mercury Lounge April 5 2016
Tim Blake - From Outer Space - Blake's New Jerusalem (CD Reissue) (Esoteric)

Monday, June 15, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! Playlist for June 18th and 20th (WRFI) and 21st (WBDY-LP)

Yes, it's that silly quarterly-reporting-format playlist again. Worry not, we shall be back to normal next week!

23:00:00  4:05  James Last - Mr. Giant Man - Voodoo Party (Polydor)
23:04:05  4:40  Pulsallama  The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body  12-inch  Y Records

23:09:45  6:13  Funkadelic  I'll Bet You  Funkadelic  Westbound
23:15:00  5:17  Jean-Jacques Perrey  The Groovy Leprechauns  At Home With The Groovebox  Grand Royal

23:21:17  3:43  The Fall  Popcorn Double Feature  Extricate  Cog Sinister
23:25:43  4:15  The Horseflies  I Need A Plastic Bag (To Keep My Brains In)  Gravity Dance  Rounder
23:29:01  5:36  Talking Heads   Making Flippy Floppy-Binghamton 1983  not on album  no label

23:35:05  4:38  Deep Purple  And The Address  Shades of Deep Purple  Spitfire
23:39:03  5:30  Samuel Prody  Hallucination  Signed & Sealed  Acid Nightmare Records

23:41:15  3:48  Future Bible Heroes  Death Opened A Boutique  Memories of Love Eternal Youth & Partygoing  Merge
23:45:01  5:28  Aztec Camera  Jump  Backwards & Forwards (10-inch)  Sire

23:55:28  4:00  Velvet Underground  Guess I'm Falling In Love (live)  Peel Slowly & See  Polydor

00:00:30  6:15  Holger Czukay  Der Osten Ist Rot  Der Osten Ist Rot  Virgin
00:06:45  6:34  Richard Heyman & Walter Sear  Goin' Out Of My Head  Electronic Evolutions  Command

00:14:09  2:59  Gregory Isaacs  Public Eyes (dub)  Back To Mine-Underworld  Back Records
00:17:02  8:17  Juju  Nia  Chapter Two-Nia  Black Fire Records
00:25:02  4:33  Skip Heller  Goin' Back To Cali  Career Suicide  Dionysus

00:31:02  3:28  Death By Chocolate  The Land Of Chocolate  Death By Chocolate  Jetset
00:34:28  2:35  High Places  Sandy Feat  Hello High Places  private label
00:37:00  4:54  Thirty Days Out  Survival  Thirty Days Out  Reprise

00:43:00  3:53  Michael Hurley  The Revenant  Wolf Ways  Koch
00:46:53  3:10  Jolliver Arkansaw  Grey Afternoon  Home  Bell Records
00:50:00  9:00  CAN  Peking O  Tago Mago  Spoon Records

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Review: Secret Synth Society - Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Secret Synth Society
Tuesday June 9, 2020

Virtual Synth II Featuring: Pettiecord, Kompyootur Muhsheen: Teenage Algorithm, Pam the Webivore, & Sloopygoop

You can send donations to @SecretSynthSociety on venmo. All proceeds go to performers.

Kompyootur Muhsheen: Teenage Algorithm (Elijah Joseph Weber-Han) (Ithaca, NY)

Processed (synthesized?) vocals at the beginning. Sounds like a newscast taken from today's headlines. Segues into a storm of synthesized sounds. The vocals change character as the music becomes more complex and intense. (Wait a minute. Isn't that the voice of the president in the mix?) The music becomes progressively more abstract, vocals less identifiable, less intelligible. An intense, reverberant sonic rabbit hole.

Pettiecord (Brooklyn, NY)

Pleasantly simple synth tones and licks accompanied by complex and colorful, sometimes Rube-Goldbergish falling-domino installations by Hevesh5. (

Pam The Webivore

This tune (which I believe is called Tidal Cycles) starts out as two subtle but distinct rhythm lines with a simple tone way back in the mix. The music builds up layer by layer. Tones. Rhythms. Bird calls? This is definitely music that's meant to be danced to. But not just yet. The music hasn't been allowed to develop fully yet. What's that, a processed tabla? Now we're into sampled and processed glockenspiel notes mixed with electronic rhythm, bird calls and baby noises. Now there are 808-style rhythm machine breaks and synth notes. All the while, we see the performer's computer screen as she changes commands in order to change the sound during the performance.

Sloopygoop        ,, 

"Awesome tunes from old Game Boys". He has at least three on a music stand behind him. I think he also has two more in front of him. His singing voice, kind of reminiscent of Daniel Johnston, isn't too bad either. Splendid chiptune pop. Straight-ahead 8-bit rockin'! The mannequin with the light-up head is a nice extra touch, especially when it contributes backing vocals!

Monday, June 08, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! June 11 (WRFI) and June 14 (WBDY-LP) 2020

Buster Poindexter (David Johansen) - Totalitarian State - Cash Cow (ESD)

Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A-Comin' - BBC Sessions (MCA)
Parliament - Up For The Down Stroke (alt mix) - Up For The Down Stroke (Mercury)
Malone-Barnes & Spontaneous Simplicity - Road Man (1977) - Freedom Serenade -  (Humpin' Int'l Records)
Sugar Billy Garner - I Got Some - Super Funk 4 (BGP)

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert - Ye Olde Beatbox - Moog Acid (lorecordings)
Hal Blaine - Bang Bang Rhythm - Drums Drums A Go Go (cd reissue) (Varese Vintage)
The New Jersey Queens & Friends - Party & Don't Worry 'Bout It - Super Funk 4 (BGP)

David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight) - The Next Day (Columbia)
Nazz - Meridian Leeward - Open Our Eyes (Sanctuary)
Nazz - Under The Ice - Open Our Eyes (Sanctuary)
Gentle Giant - The Runaway (Dusseldorf Germany 1976) - In A Glass House (DRT)

Phish - Chalk Dust Torture - A Live One (Elektra)
Be Bop Deluxe - Shine - Sunburst Finish (CD reissue) (Harvest)

Bonnie Raitt & Lowell George - A Apolitical Blues - Ultrasonic Studios (WLIR) October 17 1972
Talking Heads - Slippery People - SPAC 8-3-83
The Undertones - The Love Parade - The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)

Pete Banks - Clues - Self-Contained (One-Way)
Prism - Evolution - Prism (Dare 2)

The Soft Machine - Esther's Nose Job - Live At The Proms 1970 (Reckless)

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! June 4 (WRFI), June 6 (WRFI and June 7 (WBDY-LP), 2020

Inertia - the screen (1980) - 7-inch (Inertial)

Big Mean Sound Machine - March of the Machine - Ouroboros (
The Boredoms - Jungle Taitei (Laughter Robot's Hemp Mix by Yann Tomita) - Super Roots 8 (Vice)

Joy Division - She's Lost Control - Complete BBC Recordings (Fuel 2000)
Cabaret Voltaire - Ride Baby Ride - Cash Cow (ESD)
Omnivore - Happening - Rounds (

The Poet Schwartz - Diesel Cat Drives The Executive Cheese Wagon - Six of a Continuum Series (private Label)
Bardo Pond - Night of Frogs - On The Ellipse (ATP)
Prince - Le Grind - The Black Album (WB)

Fapardokly (Merrell Fankhauser) - The Music Scene - Fapardokly (Gear Fab)
The Beatles - If I Needed Someone - Nippon Budokan Hall Tokyo July 2 1966
Buster Poindexter (David Johansen) - Totalitarian State - Cash Cow (ESD)

Explosions In The Sky - live, 2010-09-04
Todd Rundgren - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)

Monday, May 25, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! Playlist for May 28 (WRFI, Watkins Glen/Ithaca) and May 31 (WBDY-LP, Binghamton)

HAIR - The Air - Orig B'Way Cast 1967 (RCA)

Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive - Piper at the Gates Of Dawn (Capitol)
Pink Floyd - Up The Khyber - More (sndtrk) (Capitol)
Tangerine Dream - Cold Smoke-Ashes to Ashes - Electronic Meditation (Relativity)
The Red Krayola - Free-Form Freakout/War Sucks - Parable of Arable Land (Spalax)

Velvet Underground - The Murder Mystery - Peel Slowly & See (Polydor)
Matotumba - Quienes Somos - Un Camino Un Ojo (
Negativland - Time Zones - Escape From Noise (SST)
Philip Glass - River Run - North Star (Virgin)

Darsombra - Transmission - Transmission (

Ruckzuck - Sound Proof - Safe 'n' Sound (
Lee Ranaldo & The Dust - The Rising Tide - Last Night On Earth (Matador)

Sunday, May 24, 2020

REVIEW: The ElectroZone - Machines In Your Screen - Friday, May 22, 2020, 9PM

The ElectroZone
Machines In Your Screen
Friday, May 22, 2020, 9PM

Donations for each show of US$10.00 can (and should) be made at and

Andrei Jay

Kind of a retro feel to this performance. A simple drone, followed by some harmonizing drones. All the while, what looks like a stylized oscilloscope trace graces the screen on a black background. More analogue-synth-sounding tones enter the mix and influence the display. Eventually, color is added. The display and the music become more abstract. Or should I say trippy?


Performance begins with a short poem. And a pleasing color wave display. The music starts with a repeating figure with other musical sound bites mixed into it. (The program code for the sound and the video display is visible on-screen too!) At times the music becomes very simple, down to simple tones and a beat. More of the performer's poetry is mixed in. The visual display continues for a few minutes after the music has stopped, the last poem recited. Wait, there's more music? Actually, just a beat and a simple tone. What's he going to put into the mix this time?


The white metal box on the screen festooned with knobs and with wires crisscrossing it promises more of a traditional analogue synth sound. And that's just what our man here delivers! A bit more free-form and EDM-like than any of the familiar electronic acts from the past, but he does get melodic in places. Think um...Buchla with a touch of Moog. Along with images of the artist hard at work, in one corner of the screen hovers a virtual yellow-jacket. (Hell of a mascot. Those things are a nuisance in real life!) You can watch close-ups of the performer operating his machines. You can tell that he's really into it too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Here's a review I wrote for a great show that I saw 11 years ago.

I'd only heard a few of Acid Mothers Temple's recordings before I saw them last April [2009] in Philadelphia. One of them was a seven-inch which sounded much to me like the output of any number of Japanoise bands, such as The Boredoms or The Machine Gun TV. Another was a live recording from 2004 which had them sounding like Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd jamming with Blue Cheer with members of Pere Ubu sitting in. This turned out to be merely a fraction of a fraction of the output of this extremely prolific Japanese psychedelic-rock band One day while I was in Philadelphia visiting friends, I heard on the radio that Acid Mothers Temple's 2009 North American tour would bring them to a club in Philadelphia called Johnny Brenda's. So I decided to make the trip and check them out.

Johnny Brenda's has two levels. The first is a typical bar/restaurant, pool table next to the bar, tables in the back. The second level, the performance space, well, it's actually two levels. You go up a narrow staircase and arrive in what looks like a 1960's recreation room. That's where AMT and the opening act, Sonic Suicide Squad were selling their vinyls and CDs. Go a bit further, past the end of the bar and you're on an intimate (read:small) dance floor in front of the stage, itself an elegantly-appointed number with a backdrop of lights and reflective beads. Across from the stage is a staircase which takes you upstairs to yet another bar, and the balcony. This is the vantage point from which I watched and photographed the show (photos here).

The only clues we got that the main event was on was the wail of a lone, rising, then falling synthesizer note. Next came the microphone-check-like vocalizations of the band's bass player in front of the first tune of the evening, Are We Experimental? A sing-songish “Philly...Philly...Phillllllyyyyyyy!” is how he saluted the city which hosted them that evening. Immediately, the band broke into free-form freak-out mode, slipping into Sabbath-ish stoner-dirge-rock mode, then cranking up to speed-freak tempo before ending the piece.

In the middle of the whole thing, between numbers, the bass player asked the audience jokingly if former baseball manager and Phillies team member Pete Rose was still playing. That got a few laughs before the band launched into still another high-wattage jam. I must say, these guys sure learned a lot from their apprenticeship with Gong (whom they shared a stage with in 2003). At times I could almost picture Daevid, Gilli and the rest of the Gong crew on the stage with them. AMT have described their music as “extreme trip music”. Loud and fast rave-ups were punctuated by slow, languid stoner-blues with a Japanese-language speed-freak rap/poem in the middle of it all, followed by a distant, dream-like trip-to-the-center-of-the-power-spot drone, powered by the wail of an e-bowed guitar. The show was unusually long, clocking in at just under two hours.

There were many flavors in this mix. Permit me to drop some names - Hendrix from his Band of Gypsies period, Paranoid-era Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane circa ...Baxter's or Crown of Creation, (dare I say it?) The Grateful Dead in full Dark Star mode or Can's Soon Over Babaluma. But flavors are just what they are. AMT is no way a cover band or a nostalgia act. Youthful headbanger, aging acid-head and all in between are welcome in the presence of Acid Mothers Temple.

Wanna hear some live Acid Mothers Temple for yourself? For free?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! May 21 (WRFI) and 24 (WBDY-LP), 2020

R Stevie Moore - I Wish I Could Sing - Live at Irving Plaza 1985 (

Saint Booty - Afro-D - Saint Booty (cassette)(
Bootsy Collins - Mirrors Tell Lies (w-Hendrix) - The Funk Capital of the World (Mascot)
Esquerita - Esquerita & The Voola - Esquerita (Capitol)
James Chance & The Contortions - Sophisticated Cancer - Live In NY (ROIR)

Moe Tucker - Crackin' Up - Dogs Under Stress (Ichiban)
Spirit - All The Same - Boston Tea Party-Spring 1970 (
Ivor Cutler - Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 15 - Peel Session (
Sopwith Camel - Hello Hello - Studio Outtakes, 1966
The Beatles - I've Got A Feeling - Let It Be (Capitol)

The B-52s - Planet Clare - The B-52s (WB)

United Future Organization - United Future Airlines - No Sound Is Too Taboo (Brownswood)
Harpers Bizarre - Witchi-Tai-To - Feelin' Groovy-The Best Of Harpers Bizarre  (WB)
Iris DeMent - Makin' My Way Home - Sing The Delta (

Pink Floyd - One of These Days - Demo, 1971
Crescent - There Is No Matter - Electronic Sound Constructions (Atavistic)

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Dream - Felt Forum March 16 1973

Arthur Jarvinen-The California Ear Unit - Murphy-Nights - Edible Black Ink (OO Discs)

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Weird Music - ElectroZone - Friday, May 15th, 2020

Weird Music
ElectroZone, Friday, May 15, 2020

Live feed and archives -

The Electrozone is also on Facebook: Find out about upcoming events there.

Donations of US$10.00 can (and should) be made at venmo@electrozone.
Or PayPal -

6runge5ong     @GrungeArt

This Mexican solo act swings between danceable Kraftwerk-esque electronica and what sound to me like slightly spaced-out versions of old pop standards.

Tara & Bobby (Inanimate Sounds)

He does Floydian cymbal work (think "More" or "Ummagumma"), far-out drumming, percussion, and bowed or hammered vibes. She accompanies him on a spooky bowed musical saw. Gaps appear to be filled in by feedback and synthesis. Noise is added at critical points.

Sandy Ewen -

Heavily processed electric guitar, played with a stick, an e-bow, anything but a pick. Sounds more like a synth or oscillator than a guitar. High-frequency drones, reminiscent of bells or wind chimes. Visual is a steadily-rotating palette of spherical flowers. Sound effects, like a barking dog, are added in places.

Monday, May 04, 2020

Review - Music Uncanny! - Sunday May 3 2020

Music Uncanny! - Sunday May 3 2020

Archives of the show, as well as future online concerts, can be seen at:

The Electrozone is also on Facebook: Find out about upcoming events there.

Who Played:

Pettiecord (

This first act was an ambient composer/performer on the order of Robert Fripp's "Frippertronics". I could only see pulsating multicolored bars and no name on the screen, but the dreamy, multilayered droney music for the most part came through loud and clear. The performer's name turned out to be Pettiecord, as it appeared in the chat bar to the right of the image area.

Staticer (

A one-man ambient drone act. His sound is not quite as complex as Pettiecord, but a good deal more haunting. The visuals, from an old horror movie, add to the overall effect as do the synthesized or sampled pipe organ passages.

Rainbow Trash (

This young woman from Montreal performed for ElectroZone a couple of weeks ago. Slightly wonky video (or was it intentional?) rather than the straight webcam video view used last time. Theremin, synths and processed, sampled dog noises that sound a bit like a DJ scratching. If Devo had met Brian Eno (wait a minute...they did, actually! But I digress). Though I found the highly-processed video hard to watch, the music was interesting, just like last time. Her final piece was her playing theremin and vocal/instrumental samples while her partner played acoustic guitar.

Kympootur Muhsheen (

The on-stage or on-screen alias of ElectroZone impresario, Elijah Joseph Weber-Han. This time, his music comes on like vintage Todd Rundgren synth work, then immediately takes off for deep space. A mechanical vortex of processed, robotic vocals and machine noises. Satellite transmissions coming in from all directions. Very abstract video presentation to go along with very abstract sounds.

Playlist for May 7 & 10, 2020

Mick Farren and the Deviants - Let's Loot The Supermarket Again Like We Did Last Summer - This CD is Condemned (Total Energy)
Death - Can You Give Me A Thrill - Spiritual-Mental-Physical (Drag City)
The Fugs - Yodeling Yippie - Belle of Avenue A (Reprise)
Matmos - C30 C60 C90 GO - Like All Men of the Library I Have Travelled In My Youth (cassette release)
Holy Moses - Roll River Roll - Holy Moses (Fallout)
Frank Zappa - East LA (Columbia U) - The Artisan Acetate 1969
Frank Zappa - The Air - Meat Light (
Lonnie Holley - The Start of a River's Run (One Drop - Keeping A Record Of It (Dust to Digital)
Scoop Nisker et al - Dark At The End of the Tunnel - Scoop's Last News Show (Berserkeley)
Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto - Security (Geffen)
T Rex - New York City (alt take) - Futuristic Dragon (Rhino)
Ragpicker String Band - Bruno's Dream - Ragpicker String Band (Yellow Dog)

Glass Harp - Look In The Sky - Live At Carnegie Hall (Canis Major)
Jo Jo Gunne - Take Me Down Easy - Ultrasonic Studios-Long Island 1973
James Brown - Get Up Get Into It & Get Involved - In The Jungle Groove (Polydor)
Brandstifter - Live In Vilnius Lithuania Part 2 - Lost & Found In Europe (Asphaltbibliotheque)
Rick Wakeman - Anne of Cleves - The Six Wives of Henry VIII (A&M)
Billy Bragg - preamble-Days Like These - Binghamton U April 14 1988
CAN - All Gates Open - Inner Space (Spoon)

Devo - Social Fools - Hardcore (Superior Viaduct)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! April 30 and May 3, 2020

Circle Jerks - When The Shit Hits The Fan - 1984-04-17

Soft Boys - Rock And Roll Toilet - Invisible Hits (Ryko)
Soft Boys - Have A Heart Betty I'm Not Fireproof - Invisible Hits (Ryko)
Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You - Underwater Moonlight (Matador)

Soft Boys - I Got The Hots - Underwater Moonlight (Matador)
Soft Boys - Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole (live) - Invisible Hits (Ryko)
Soft Boys - Insanely Jealous (alt. take) - Underwater Moonlight (Matador)

Soft Boys - Vegetable Man - Underwater Moonlight (Matador)
Robyn Hitchcock - Brenda's Iron Sledge (Amniotic Mix) - Black Snake Diamond Role (Rhino)
Robyn Hitchcock - How Do You Work This Thing - Gravy Deco (Rhino)
Robyn Hitchcock - Acid Bird - Black Snake Diamond Role (Rhino)
Robyn Hitchcock - Do Policemen Sing - Black Snake Diamond Role (Rhino)

Soft Boys - Positive Vibrations - Underwater Moonlight (Matador)
Robyn Hitchcock - The Cars She Used To Drive - Gravy Deco (Rhino)
Robyn Hitchcock - City of Shame - I Wanna Go Backwards (Yep Roc)
Robyn Hitchcock - The Man Who Invented Himself - I Wanna Go Backwards (Yep Roc)

Wreckless Eric - Lower Sproul Plaza, Berkeley - November 16, 1979

Walking on the Surface of the Moon
Semaphore Signals
I Wish It Would Rain
Whole Wide World
Roll Over Rock-Ola

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - The Nines - Jan 21, 2012

Reconnez Cherie
Hit & Miss Judy
You're A Creep
Red Rubber Ball
The Endless Wire
The Trouble With Jeannie
Are We Ever Going to Have Sex Again?

Wreckless Eric's Blog:

Ragpicker String Band - Blue Monk (excerpt) - Ragpicker String Band (Yellow Dog)

Saturday, April 25, 2020

MUSIC/FUN - a review of a recent ElectroZone event

The Electrozone will be doing online musical events every Friday and Saturday night until lockdown ends. These reviews are about the program titled MUSIC/FUN (, which went live on Friday, April 24th, 2020.

Here are my capsule reviews of what went on. I strongly recommend that you check out the shows video archives. Links below.

Deep Creature (

Deep Creature is the solo project of New Jersey keyboard player Sam Gutman. This guy has a sound that reminds me of Roger Powell (circa Cosmic Furnace) with a little bit of George Duke and mid-70s Herbie Hancock tossed in for good measure. A very vintage, analogue sound. Three keyboards and a roomful of other electronic goodies. One piece features the voice of the late Carl Sagan, describing our planet in loving detail, another the sampled calls of songbirds.

Samuel Aronoff (

Much more minimalist setup than the previous act, only two keyboards and a sequencer. But the sound is no less fat, or vintage. And it's no less engaging. Samuel does a lot with his minimal setup. If you weren't watching, you might think he was playing a room's worth of analogue synths. Faint echoes of Kraftwerk, circa Autobahn.

Grant Bouvier (

Sounds a bit like we may have another Kitaro here! His instrumental stylings owe more than a little to Asian musical styles, at least until he gets into full-on analogue-flavored noise-music mode before returning to more mellow but no less interesting electronic sound. Rather than show images of himself at the controls, his highly-psychedelicized videos accompanying the music are of trains, urban scenes and machinery. The sampled vocals are equally spacey.

Viola Yip (

I last saw Viola Yip perform at the Greyhaven Motel in Ithaca a few years ago. Her music was unconventional to say the least. It involved electric buzzers which injected buzzing tomes into the mix, and controlled a bank of different-colored light bulbs. This time, she is playing a specially-modified PVC pipe which is rigged as an amplified one-stringed instrument. It produces some dreamy, droney and sometimes mildly disturbing sounds. She plays it by hand, or with a bow, a stick, and/or a motorized wire brush (shades of Remko Scha!).

To see future and past ElectroZone online performances, follow the links below:
Live link:

Donations of US$10.00 can (and should) be made at 
venmo @electrozone.
Or via PayPal -

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

My review of a recent Electro-Zone online concert (April 17th, 2020)

ElectroZone Event
Friday, April 17, 2020
9-11 PM

I caught ElectroZone’s online show last Friday evening. If you missed it, don’t sweat it, the link to the archived videos is below.

Here are my capsule reviews of the four performers:

Vishwanath Gi

Definitely a lot of Berlin school influence here. I'm almost tempted to compare him to Tangerine Dream, or another ElectroZone favorite, Finite Element. But he definitely tips his hat to 90s ambient champions like the Orb or maybe 70s space cadet Steve Hillage. I found myself spacing out and swaying to this performer's music, which varied in intensity. A great, blue-black wall of sound.

Monty Sciencist (Instagram: @SynthScienceist)

Old-school ambient with a new school twist and vocal samples. Harold Budd-style electronic percussion. More solid beats get into the mix as the tune progresses. A bit more down to earth than Vishwanath Gi but definitely influenced by the Berlin school. Just a little bit of Kraftwerkishness is present. There are several layers in Monty’s music, some of which is very danceable, some of which is sonorous and dreamy. Some nice grooves here. (Scienceist is not a misspelling. Oh yes. The pants he wore as he performed were very psychedelic!)

Shivasongster (

Think Gary Numan, or later Ultravox. Only a bit more produced. A bit of Merrell Fankhauser’s lyricism. Electro-metal new age? Very danceable without smacking you over the head with the beat. His virtual light show wasn't too shabby either! Much more accessible stuff of the whole. He played songs rather than instrumentals, whose lyrics centered around sci-fi themes. Some vocals had just the right amount of vocoder processing.

Rainbow Trash (Headliner)

This female performer is from Montreal, Canada. She uses synths, which were off-camera in the video feed, a Nintendo Game Boy for that 8-bit lo-fi sound, and a very prominent Theremin. She began her set with the sacred classic, Ave Maria. I think Wendy Carlos couldn't have done a more interesting version of it! Her cover of a Pixies tune (“Where Is My Mind”) delivered the goods, with the Theremin standing in for that song’s background vocal passages! She's got a pretty good singing voice! She played more experimental-sounding pieces toward the end of her set.

As I said, the videos of the show can be seen here:

And while you’re at it, why not scoot ElectroZone a US$10.00 donation to help the musicians make rent and to help ElectroZone put on more of these online events? Venmo: @electrozone

BARTLEMANIA! April 23 & 26, 2020

Ill Chemist - Feel Alright
David Bromberg, SUNY-Binghamton (Binghamton U.), May 2, 1975:

Turkey In The Straw
'Lectric Chair
Tennesee Waltz
New Lee Highway Blues

Josh Oxford - EST (ft Thru Spectrums) - Oxified (radio mix)
Durand Jones & The Indications - Groovy Babe - Durand Jones & The Indications (Colemine)
Dub Narcotic Sound System - Handclappin' - Handclappin' EP (K Records)
Queen (ruined by Rick Rubin and company) - We Will Rock You (remix) (Hollywood Basic)
DJ Logic - Miles Away/Tih Gnob - The Anomaly (Atlantic)

The Bright Communion of Primal Energies - Ruptured World - Exoplanetary (CryoChamber)
Mount Shrine - Reach None - Shortwave Ruins (CryoChamber)
100 per cent Black - Big Empty - The Crow (blackisblack bandcamp com)
Excepter - Presidence - Presidence (Paw Tracks)

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! April 16 & 19 2020 - Tribute to John Prine

John Prine - Dear Abby - Toronto July 30 1993

John Prine - Speed of the Sound Of Loneliness - Toronto July 30 1993
John Prine - Picture Show - Toronto July 30 1993
John Prine - All The Best - Toronto July 30 1993
John Prine - Illegal Smile - Toronto July 30 1993

(from 1989-10-29) New York, WXRK, Idiot's Delight w/Vin Scelsa

1-Spanish Pipedream
2-Bottomless Lake
3-Fish & Whistle
4-My Old Man
5-Steve Goodman memory
6-Hello In There
7-Angel From Montgomery

Great American Music Hall, SF, CA 6-11-1978

John Prine - Please Don't Bury Me - SF 6-11-78
John Prine - Bruised Orange - SF 6-11-78
John Prine - I Had A Dream - SF 6-11-78

Frank Zappa - Dead Girls of London (Van Morrison Vocals)
Frank Zappa - Honey Don'tcha Wanna Man Like Me - Lather (Ryko)

Bevis Frond - Foreign Laugh - Auntie Winnie Album (Cherry Red)
13th Floor Elevators - Monkey Island - Psychedelic Sounds Of (Charly)
Peter Stampfel - Big River - Dook of the Beatniks (PFAM)

Delta 5 - Singles and Sessions 1979-81 - Mind Your Own Business (
Mission of Burma - Heart of Darkness - The Horrible Truth About Burma (Ace of Hearts)
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus - Final Solution - SF CA 2020-02-21

Azymuth - Azymuth - Deluxe Edition - 02 MelĂ´ Dos Dois Bicudos (
Azymuth - Azymuth - Deluxe Edition - 18 Morning (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix) (

Isley Brothers - Nobody But Me - Shake It Up Baby (Varese Sarabande)
The Notations - That Girl (1973) - The Cash Label (Numero)
Raymond Scott - Powerhouse (1937) - The Music of Raymond Scott-Reckless Nights & Turkish Twilights (Columbia)

Monday, April 06, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! April 9 & 12, 2020

Harry Nilsson - Spaceman - Son Of Schmilsson (RCA)

Bevis Frond - Things He Said - 7-inch  split w/Man Forever (
Bevis Frond - Stain On The Sun - 1997-12-04 Cambridge,MA WMBR
Bevis Frond - Reflections In A Tall Mirror - Odense, Denmark 3-1-93

Merell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty - What Does She See In You - Things (Gear Fab)
The Byrds - Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away - In The Beginning (Rhino)
The Tigermen - Tiger Girl - Scum Of The Earth (Sound Stories)

Tuin - Molly's Return (live in studio 1985) - Tuin (30th Anniversary Edition) (Wicky Tunes)
Red Crayola - Hurricane Fighter Plane - Parable of Arable Land (Spalax)

Cassetteboy - tracks 11-14 - Flogging A Dead Horse  (

Funky Porcini - B Monkey - Hed Phone Sex (Ninja Tune)
Future Bible Heroes - The DJ from Outer Space - Memories of Love Eternal Youth & Partygoing (Merge)

Matmos - Reconstruction - The Civil War (Matador)

Frank Zappa - Are You Hung Up/Who Needs The Peace Corps?/Concentration Moon (mono mix) - Lumpy Money (

The Fugs - The_Garden_Is_Open - Tenderness Junction (Reprise)
Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home (electric) - Blind Faith (Deluxe Ed.)(Polydor)
Procol Harum - Repent Walpurgis - Procol Harum (Salvo)

Al Di Meola-Paramount Theater-Seattle WA May 21 1978

Peter Green - Bottoms Up - End of the Game (Reprise)

National Health - The Lethargy Shuffle & The Mind Your Backs Tango - Missing Pieces (Voiceprint)

Tangerine Dream - Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender - Cyclone (Virgin)

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! All new show! April 2, 4 and 5, 2020

Too hot for radio!


Hour 1

Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer (take 12) - AbbeyRoad (50th Anniversary Deluxe Ed) (Apple)

The 3rd Generation Band - Because of Money - Ghana Soundz (SoundWay)
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Rise of the East - Out On The Coast (Colemine)
Wilmer & The Dukes - Livin' In The USA - Wilmer & The Dukes (Forevermore)
Richard Thompson - The Money Shuffle - Dream Attic (Shout Factory)
Peaches & Crime - Got A Light - The Great Display (Peaches & Crime)

Captain Beefheart - Old Fart at Play - Trout Mask Replica (Reprise)
Sonic Youth - Electricity - Fast & Bulbous (Imaginary)
Captain Beefheart - 25th Century Quaker - The Mirror Man Sessions (Buddha-BMG)

Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off Baby - Lick My Decals Off Baby (Restless Retro)
XTC - Ella Guru - Fast & Bulbous (Imaginary)

Can - Mary Mary So Contrary - Monster Movie (Spoon)

Hour 2

Flying Luttenbachers - De Futura - Infection & Decline (

Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy - Frank Zappa - Bongo Fury (
Deep Purple - Mandrake Root - Shades Of Deep Purple (Spitfire)
F'LOOM - Just a few Minutes - F'LOOM (private pressing)

Ra Can Row - Things Beyond Our Control - Ra Can Row (Eye Records)

Hooker-Miller-Ranaldo - Monsoon (excerpt) - Monsoon (Atavistic)

Monday, March 23, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! ALL NEW SHOW! March 26 & 29, 2020 playlist.

WHRW studios are locked down for the time being. I will only be heard on WBDY-LP in Binghamton and on WRFI in Ithaca/Watkins Glen.

Fred Lane and his Disheveled Monkeybiters - Call Me Wayne - Icepick to the Moon (
Fred Lane and his Disheveled Monkeybiters - Little Sinner - Icepick to the Moon (
Fred Lane - The French Toast Man - Car Radio Jerome (Shimmy Disc)

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Watching The Detectives - March 3, 2020 Sunderland 
Elvis Costello - Waiting For The End Of The World - Live at the El Mocambo March 6 1978 (Ryko)
Elvis Costello - Radio Radio - SNL-The Musical Performances Vol 1 (Dreamworks)

Devo - Satisfaction-Too Much Paranoias-Praying Hands-Uncontrollable Urge - Old Waldorf, SF, CA 11-10-78

The Damned - Sick of Being Sick - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)
The Damned - Neat Neat Neat - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)
The Damned - I'm A Burglar - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)

Los Straitjackets - It's Not Unusual - Chapter House Ithaca 7-30-2011
Frank Zappa - Apostrophe - Apostrophe (Ryko)

Frank Zappa - Farther O'Blivion (Join the March) - Stockholm 8-21-73

Weather Report - Vertical Invader - The Agora-Columbus OH-Oct 17 72

Pink Floyd - Green Is The Colour-Careful With That Axe Eugene - Paris Theater London Jul 16 1970

Jefferson Airplane - Fat Angel - Live at the Fillmore Oct 15 1966 (Sony)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! March 10, 12 and 15th, 2020

23:00:00    4:05    James Last    Mr. Giant Man    Voodoo Party    Polydor
23:04:00    2:30    Asylum St. Spankers    My Favorite Record    My Favorite Record    Bloodshot

23:07:00    9:10    Soft Machine    Teeth    Triple Echo    Harvest

23:18:00    10:59    Sun Ra    Astro Black    Astro Black    Impulse

23:28:00    6:31    Don Sugarcane Harris    The Pig's Eye    Fiddler On The Rock    MPS
23:35:00    4:15    Don Sugarcane Harris    Generation of Vipers    Cup Full Of Dreams    MPS
23:39:00    6:00    Don Sugarcane Harris    Out Of Pocket    Flashin' Time    MPS
23:45:00    5:16    Frank Zappa    Directly From My Heart To You    Weasels Ripped My Flesh

23:51:00    5:32    Eddie Harris    How Can You Live Like That?    How Can You Live Like That?    Atlantic
23:56:00    6:20    Eddie Harris    It's War    Is It In?    Atlantic
00:04:00    10:24    Eddie Harris    Abstractions    Bad Luck Is All I Have    Atlantic

00:15:00    4:29    Can    Mother Upduff    Unlimited Edition    Spoon

00:20:00    38:15    Naked Noise 9 (2018)    Naked Noise 9 Set 2 of 2    not on album    no label

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! March 3, 5 and 8, 2020

11:00:00    4:24    Bernie Sanders et al.    Oh, Freedom!    We Shall Overcome    Todd R. Lockwood

11:05:00    6:59    Traffic    Glad    John Barleycorn Must Die    Island
11:12:00    6:05    Fuzz    One    Fuzz    In The Red

11:19:00    8:46    Steve Fisk    One More Valley    Over & Thru The Night    K Records
11:28:00    10:10    Funkadelic    Maggot Brain    Maggot Brain    Westbound

11:39:00    18:04    Al Stewart    Love Chronicles    Love Chronicles    Janus Records

11:59:00    25:29    Theme From Jack Johnson    Agharta    Columbia

00:25:00    7:03    Finite Element    Avion Infini Pt 1    Convergence    private pressing

00:30:00    11:24    The Orb    Back Side Of The Moon    Peel Sessions    Strange Fruit

00:43:00    10:36    Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company    Oleo Strut    Like A Duck To Water    Cuneiform

00:54:00    6:00    Tangerine Dream    Mysterious Semblance at the Strand Of Nightmares    The Virgin Years    Virgin

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! - February 25, 27 and March 1, 2020

Bonzo Dog Band:

Canyons Of Your Mind - Bestiality of the Bonzo Dog Band (EMI)
Tent - Keynsham (Sunset)
Sofa Head (BBC 1969) - Peel Sessions 12-inch (Strange Fruit)
Hunting Tigers Out In Indiah - Tadpoles (United Artists)

Peaches & Crime - He Did Me Wrong, I Did Him In - VaudeVillians! (private pressing)
Neil Young - Oh, Suzannah - Americana (Reprise)
Nick Lowe - Let's Stay In And Make Love - The Convincer (YepRoc)

Frank Zappa - Fifty-Fifty - Over Nite Sensation (
Frank Zappa - Dumb All Over - Have I Offended Someone?(Ryko)

Randy California (Spirit) - Downer (KPFK June 1972)  - The Complete Potatoland (Esoteric)
Alan Wilson (Canned Heat) - Poor Moon - The Blind Owl (Severin)
Richard Thompson - Pharaoh (live) - Reckless Kind EP (Capitol) 

Soul Brothers Six - Some Kind of Wonderful - In Yo' Face! (Rhino)
Bernie Worrell - Funk A Hall Licks - Funk of Ages (Gramavision)
OFS Unlimited - Mr. Kidneys - The Prix Label (Numero)
Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can - All Day Thumb Sucker Revisited (Blue Thumb)

Blood Sweat & Tears - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know - Blood Sweat & Tears (Columbia)
The Groundhogs - Eccentric Man - Thank Christ for the Bomb (Liberty)


Frank Zappa - Gumbo Variations - Hot Rats (Ryko)
Frank Zappa - The Grand Wazoo - The Grand Wazoo (
Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats (Ryko)

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! February 18, 20 and 23, 2020

Bonzo Dog Band - Urban Spaceman - Bestiality of the Bonzos (EMI)

Them - Gloria (demo) - The Complete Them 1964-67 (Sony/Legacy)
Patti Smith - Gloria - Horses (Arista)

Buzzy Linhart - The Time To Live Is Now - The Time To Live Is Now (Kama Sutra)
Buzzy Linhart - Talk About A Morning - The Best-Buzzy Linhart (Kama Sutra)
Buzzy Linhart - Friends -  The Best-Buzzy Linhart (Kama Sutra)

Blue Cheer - Satisfaction - Outsideinside (Philips)
Blue Cheer - Second Time Around - Vincebus Eruptum (Philips)

The Revelons - Red Hot Woman - 12 X 5 (Red Star)
Tiny Tim - The Viper - God Bless Tiny Tim (Reprise)

Bodacious DF - Good Folks - Bodacious DF (RCA)
10CC - I Wanna Rule The World - How Dare You! (Mercury)

Edgar Broughton Band - Apache/Drop Out Boogie - A Bunch of 45s (Harvest)
Edgar Broughton Band - Neptune - Wasa Wasa (Harvest)
Edgar Broughton Band - House Of Turnabout - The Edgar Broughton Band (Harvest) 

Pete Brown & Piblokto - Aeroplane Head Woman - Thousands On A Raft (Harvest)
Allman Brothers - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - Beginnings (Polydor)

Can - Gomorrha - Unlimited Edition (Spoon)
Soft Machine - Moon In June - Robert Wyatt-Different Every Time (Domino)

Frank Zappa - Gumbo Variations - Hot Rats (Ryko)

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! February 11, 13 and 16, 2020

Gary Wilson - I Wanna Lose Control - You Think You Really Know Me (Motel)
Roky Erickson - Please Judge - All That May Do My Rhyme (Trance)
Roky Erickson - You Don't Love Me Yet - I Have Always Been Here Before (Shout Factory)

13th Floor Elevators - Slip Inside This House - Easter Everywhere (Collectables)
Bevis Frond - Foreign Laugh - Auntie Winnie Album (Cherry Red)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Mars For The Rich - Infest The Rats Nest (
Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Abbey Road (2019 edition) (Apple)

Jack Bruce - Rope Ladder To The Moon - Songs For A Tailor (Atco)
Stu Brown & Bluesology - Just A Little Bit (w/Elton John) - Rare Tracks (Polydor)
Fats Comet - Stormy Weather - 12-inch (Rough Trade)

Terraplane - Beer & A Cigarette - Akron Sampler (Stiff)
Grateful Dead - Candyman/Cumberland Blues - Dick's Picks Vol. 8 (Harpur College May 2, 1970) (GDP)

Can - Mary Mary Quite Contrary - Monster Movie (Spoon)
Splatter Trio - SatUrN ReseArch - Anagrams (Rastascan)
Sun Ra - The Mystery of Two - Cymbals & Crystal Spears (Evidence)

Sex Mob - You Only Live Twice - Sex Mob Does Bond (Ropeadope)
Orbiting Art Ensemble - Plum - Sandbox (private pressing)


The Bad Plus - The Radio Tower Has A Beating Heart - Never Stop (Em Arcy)
Blues Image - Clean Love - Open (Sundazed)

The Box Tops - Rock Me Baby - Dimensions (Bell)
The JBs - It's Not The Express, It's The JB's Monaurail - Pass The Peas (Polydor)

King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part 1 - Live In Guildford (DGM)

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! - February 4, 6 and 9, 2020

Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks (alt UK mix) - Led Zeppelin 4 (deluxe) (Atlantic)
Frank Zappa - Stairway To Nicaragua - Binghamton, NY March 17, 1988

Gang of Four (RIP Andy Gill):
Armalite Rifle - Entertainment (reissue) (EMI)
I Found That Essence Rare - BBC Sessions (Strange Fruit)
What We All Want - Return The Gift (V2)

Iggy & The Stooges - Fun House - Fun House (Elektra)
Patti Smith - God Speed (B-side of Because The Night) - 7-inch (Arista)

Gallon Drunk - Ruby (w/Silver Apples) - Tonite-The Singles Bar (Ryko)
Prix - Girl - Ork Records-New York, NY (Numero Group)
Cheetah Chrome - Take Me Home -  Ork Records-New York, NY (Numero Group)

Screaming Trees - Love Or Confusion - Sub Pop 200 (Sub Pop)
Bill Nelson - Flaming Desire - The Love That Whirls (Mercury)

Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out - Revelations (Glastonbury fest 1972) (Akarma)

Blue Cheer - Doctor Please - Vincebus Eruptum (Mercury)

The Byrds - 8 Miles High (live) - Untitled (Columbia)

The Bad Plus - The Radio Tower Has A Beating Heart - Never Stop (Em Arcy)
Blues Image - Clean Love - Open (Sundazed)

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! January 28, 30 and February 2, 2019

Beatles - Octopus' Garden Take 9 - Abbey Road (2019 mix) (Capitol)
Beatles - Octopus' Garden - Abbey Road (2019 mix) (Capitol)

Vanilla Fudge - Windmills of your Mind - Rock And Roll (Atco)
Gary Wilson - Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach - You Think You Really Know Me (Motel)
Cramps - Bend Over, I'll Drive - Look Ma, No Head! (Restless)

Steppenwolf - For Ladies Only - For Ladies Only (ABC) 

Popular Science - Business Is Love - Design For Living (Rock-O-Phonic)
Devo - Mechanical Man - Hardcore Devo (Superior Viaduct)
Devo - Uncontrollable Urge (Max's Kansas City, May 1977) - Devo Live-The Mongoloid Years (Ryko)
The Units - Contemporary Emotions - History of the Units (Community Library)
Money Mark - Insects Are All Around Us - At Home With The Groovebox (Grand Royal)
Flying Lizards - Sex Machine (extended remix)  - 12-inch (Statik)

Man Forever w/So Percussion - The Clear Realization - Ryonen (Thrill Jockey)
Can - Spray - Future Days (Spoon)

Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne - The First 3 Singles (Capitol)
The Who - Substitute - BBC Sessions (MCA)
The Vaselines - Lovecraft - Way Of The Vaselines (Sub Pop)
Richie Havens - Handsome Johnny - Mixed Bag (Polydor)

Canned Heat - So Sad - Future Blues (Liberty)
Canned Heat - London Blues (w/Dr. John) - Alan Wilson The Blind Owl (Severin)
Blue Cheer - Doctor Please - Vincebus Eruptum (Mercury)
The Byrds - 8 Miles High (live) - Untitled (Columbia)

The Bad Plus - The Radio Tower Has A Beating Heart - Never Stop (Em Arcy)
Blues Image - Clean Love - Open (Sundazed)

The Box Tops - Rock Me Baby - Dimensions (Bell)
The JBs - It's Not The Express, It's The JB's Monaurail - Pass The Peas (Polydor)

King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part 1 - Live In Guildford (DGM)

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! January 21, 23 and 26, 2020

Noel Coward - Let's Do It - The Noel Coward Album (Columbia)

The Beatles - Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End - Abbey Road (2019 remix) (Capitol)
Tony Joe White - Rainy Night in Georgia (remix) - What Is Hip? (WB)
Lee Hazlewood - Ode To Billie Joe - Strung Out On Something New (Rhino Handmade)
Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy - Heaven Is In Your Mind (Island)

Grace Jones - Warm Leatherette - Warm Leatherette (Island)
Grace Jones - She's Lost Control (extended) - The Compass Point Sessions (Island)
Was/Not Was - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming - Zetrospective-Hope Springs Eternal (Island)
Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives - My Aim Is True (Rhino)
Neil Young - Girl From The North Country - A Letter Home (Third Man/Reprise)
Nervous Exits - Sidewalk Blues - Get Out (Sonic Surgery)

Ruckzuck - Three Thirds A Space Baby - Safe & Sound (
Brian Eno - Driving Me Backwards - Here Come The Warm Jets (EG)
Brian Eno - Third Uncle - Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (EG)

Darsombra - From Insects To Aliens (The Worms Turn) - Polyvision (Translation Loss)

Negativland - Discernment - True/False (
Negativland - Christianity Is Stupid - Escape From Noise (
Negativland - The Black Hole Tube - Happy Heroes EP (Seeland)
Negativland - Babac D'Babc - Points (
Double Dee & Steinski - The Bells - The Bells (
The Donnas - Do You Wanna Hit It? - The Donnas Turn 21 (Lookout)
They Might Be Giants - She's An Angel - They Might Be Giants (Rough Trade)
Cream - As You Said - Wheels of Fire (Polydor)
Derek & The Dominos - Tell The Truth - Live At The Fillmore (Polydor)

Mocean Worker - Hey Baby - Aural & Hearty (Palm)
The JBs - The Wedge - More Mess On My Thing (Now Again)
Future Sound of London - The Far Out Son Of Lung and The Ramblings of a Madman - ISDN (Astralwerks)

Matmos - Public Sex for Boyd McDonald - The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth of a Beast (Matador)
The Units - Digital Stimulation - History of The Units 1977-83 (Community Library)
The Fall - Marquis Cha Cha - Room To Live/Undilutable Slang Trill (Cog Sinister)

Pink Floyd - Paint Box - The First 3 Singles (Capitol)

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

BARTLEMANIA! - January 7, 9 and 12, 2020

Christine Lavin - I'm Bored - Laugh Tracks Vol. 2 (Shanachie)
Bonzo Dog Band - I'm Bored - Gorilla (UA)

Frank Zappa - Stink Foot - Apostrophe (
Rolling Stones - Fingerprint File - It's Only Rock & Roll (Rolling Stones)
Rolling Stones - Silver Train - Goat's Head Soup (Rolling Stones)
Rolling Stones - Far Away Eyes - Some Girls (Rolling Stones)

MIJ The Yodeling Astrologer (Jim Holmberg)  - Look Into The (K)Night - Yodeling Astrologer (ESP) 
Bevis Frond - Stoned Train Driver - San Francisco, April 17, 1998, Terrastock II

Can - Dizzy Dizzy - Soon Over Babaluma (Spoon)
Can - Abra Cada Braxas - The Lost Tapes (Spoon)

Tony Trischka - Two If By Night - Tony Trischka (Rounder)
Tony Trischka - Dixie Breakdown - Banjoland (Rounder)
Tony Trischka - Slapback - Heartlands (Rounder)
  (See Also:

Chris Luquette - Is That So? (electric) - The Way I View The World (
George Duke - Mr. McFreeze - The 1976 Solo Keyboard Album (Wounded Bird)

Lee Hazlewood - Save Your Vote For Clarence Mudd - Strung Out On Something New (Rhino Handmade)
Vanilla Fudge - Faceless People - Renaissance (Atco)
Negativland - Aluminum or Glass - Dispepsi (
Bob Dylan - Black Diamond Bay - Desire (Columbia)


The JBs - When You Feel It Grunt If You Can (complete take) - More Mess On My Thing (Now Again)

Captain Beefheart - Mirror Man - Mirror Man (Buddah)

Bevis Frond - 1970 Home Improvements - Bevis Through The Looking Glass (