Tuesday, September 01, 2020

SUPERLATIVE SUNDAY! Capsule reviews by Doctor B.

August 30, 2020
Capsule Reviews by Doc Bartlemania.

Dr. Hamburger

Monotonal, mesmerizing electro-noise from this Rochester, NY act, with psychoactive black-and-white and color video imagery to match.

Tungsten Lungs

Melodic, processed-sample-salted danceable electronic music emanating from a bedroom studio. Two guys, two PDJs and like the song says, a whole lotta shakin' goin' on. The man in the interesting print shirt brings the vibes while the other cracks open a can of something and dances to the music.


Saw these guys (2 women and a man, actually) perform at the Sacred Root Kava Bar in Ithaca last winter. They weren't too shabby! The band apparently takes its name from an early Kraftwerk tune. They now hail from the mountains of Northeastern PA, where they are working on among other things, their fifth album.

Steady, psych-y, slightly spacey guitar/keyboard-driven rock with synth and nicely-reverberated vocals. The keyboard player has a nice singing/warbling voice!

Without A Chord

Goes from dark, doomish but danceable electronic music to light, soothing stylings and back at the drop of a hat. Analogue and digital synth sounds with heavily-processed out-of-the-basement vocals.

Deluxe Ultra

As this one-person act's name implies, danceable beats, lovable melodies and interesting vocal samples, all of which morph and change as the performance progresses. Rock those PDJs!

Panther Smoothie

Now, this has to be the spaciest performance of the evening! Atonal synth riffs intermixed with one another with some old-fashioned oscillations thrown in for good measure! The wall of space gets heavier and denser as the set progresses. A musical smoothie, indeed! Things get considerably more chill toward the end of the set, which is no less engaging.

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