Saturday, April 25, 2020

MUSIC/FUN - a review of a recent ElectroZone event

The Electrozone will be doing online musical events every Friday and Saturday night until lockdown ends. These reviews are about the program titled MUSIC/FUN (, which went live on Friday, April 24th, 2020.

Here are my capsule reviews of what went on. I strongly recommend that you check out the shows video archives. Links below.

Deep Creature (

Deep Creature is the solo project of New Jersey keyboard player Sam Gutman. This guy has a sound that reminds me of Roger Powell (circa Cosmic Furnace) with a little bit of George Duke and mid-70s Herbie Hancock tossed in for good measure. A very vintage, analogue sound. Three keyboards and a roomful of other electronic goodies. One piece features the voice of the late Carl Sagan, describing our planet in loving detail, another the sampled calls of songbirds.

Samuel Aronoff (

Much more minimalist setup than the previous act, only two keyboards and a sequencer. But the sound is no less fat, or vintage. And it's no less engaging. Samuel does a lot with his minimal setup. If you weren't watching, you might think he was playing a room's worth of analogue synths. Faint echoes of Kraftwerk, circa Autobahn.

Grant Bouvier (

Sounds a bit like we may have another Kitaro here! His instrumental stylings owe more than a little to Asian musical styles, at least until he gets into full-on analogue-flavored noise-music mode before returning to more mellow but no less interesting electronic sound. Rather than show images of himself at the controls, his highly-psychedelicized videos accompanying the music are of trains, urban scenes and machinery. The sampled vocals are equally spacey.

Viola Yip (

I last saw Viola Yip perform at the Greyhaven Motel in Ithaca a few years ago. Her music was unconventional to say the least. It involved electric buzzers which injected buzzing tomes into the mix, and controlled a bank of different-colored light bulbs. This time, she is playing a specially-modified PVC pipe which is rigged as an amplified one-stringed instrument. It produces some dreamy, droney and sometimes mildly disturbing sounds. She plays it by hand, or with a bow, a stick, and/or a motorized wire brush (shades of Remko Scha!).

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