Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Podcast for January 3-7, 2017 - Isaac Hayes, etc.

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir - Baton Rouge, LA, Feb 28, 1975

The Rolling Stones - Sway - Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones)
Procol Harum - The Devil Came From Kansas - A Salty Dog (Salvo)
Bevis Frond - Artillery Row - Valedictory Songs (Woronzow)
Bevis Frond - Another Song About Dying - London Stone (Woronzow)
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter - Let It Bleed (Abkco)

Elvis Costello - Radio Radio - SNL - The Musical Performances Vol I (Dreamworks)
Elvis Costello - Blame It On Cain - My Aim Is True (Rhino)
Love - Red Telephone - Love Story (Rhino)
Seatrain - I'm Willin' - Seatrain/Marblehead Messenger (BGO)

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Small Talk at 125th and Lenox (RCA)
Gil Scott-Heron - Push Comes To Shove - 1980 (Arista)
Ike & Tina Turner - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter - The Best of Ike & Tina Turner (EMI)

Isaac Hayes & The Bar-Kays - Do Your Thing, Parts 1 & 2 - Do Your Thing (Now-Again)

Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove - One Nation Under A Groove (Priority)
Santana - Europa - The Essential Santana (Columbia)
Jambalaya Brass Band - Hip Hug Her - On The Funky Side (890 West)
Buffy Sainte-Marie - We Are Circling - Power In The Blood (True North)

The Who - A Quick One While He's Away - A Quick One (MCA)


The Who - Trick of the Light - Who Are You? (MCA)
Peter Townshend - You Better, You Bet - Pete Townshend Live (Platinum)

Tin Machine (David Bowie) - If There Is Something - Oy Vey Baby (Victory)
Todd Rundgren - Hope I'm Around - Runt - The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (Rhino)
Todd Rundgren - Fascist Christ - No World Order (Forward)
Frank Zappa - Concentration Moon (mono mix) - Lumpy Money (zappa.com)

Bonnie Raitt - Can't Find My Way Home - Ultrasonic Studios, October 17th, 1972
Tom Waits - Burma Shave - Used Songs (Rhino)
Simon & Garfunkel - Why Don't You Write Me? - Live 1969 (Columbia)
Simon & Garfunkel - Keep The Customer Satisfied - Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Columbia)
Richard Thompson - Razor Dance - You? Me? Us? (Capitol)

John Cale - Gun - Close Watch (Island)
The Units - Warm, Moving Bodies - History of the Units (Community Library)

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Monday, January 02, 2017

January 27-31, 2016 - Laurie Anderson/Frank Zappa

Tom Lehrer - Christmas Carol - An Evening Wasted W/ Tom Lehrer (Reprise)

Laurie Anderson:

The Lake/Birth of Lola/Tell The Animals/From The Air - Heart of A Dog (Nonesuch)
Big Science - Big Science (WB)
Statue of Liberty/Let X=X - Live at Town Hall Sep 19-20 2001 (Nonesuch)

Only An Expert - Homeland (Nonesuch)
Language Is a Virus From Outer Space - United States Live (WB)
Excellent Birds (w/Peter Gabriel) - Mr. Heartbreak (WB)
Poison (Trance Mix) - In Our Sleep (promo EP) (WB)

Frank Zappa:

Dead Girls of London/Ain't Got No Heart/Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Brest, France, March 1979
Who Are The Brain Police? - Freak Out (Ryko)
Disco Boy - Zoot Allures (zappa.com)
Cosmik Debris - Harpur College (Binghamton U.) - Oct 29, 1972

Dumb All Over - Have I Offended Someone? (Ryko)
Burt Ward - Boy Wonder, I Love You - 7-inch (MGM)
The Illinois Enema Bandit - Palladium, NYC, Oct 31, 1981
Interview w/Ales Opekar, Czech State Radio 2003
What's The Name of Your Group? - 7-inch (RSD Edition) (zappa.com)

Flakes - Sheik Yerbouti (Ryko)
Frank Zappa with Don Cherry, Copenhagen, Oct 3, 1968
Uncle Bernie's Farm - Absolutely Free

Montana/Dupree's Paradise/It Can't Happen Here - Broome County Arena, May 1, 1974

Saturday, December 24, 2016

December 20-24, 2016 - Frank Zappa Birthday Special

Frank Zappa:

Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats (Ryko)

Dyna-Moe Humm - Over Nite Sensation (Ryko)
Apostrophe (unabridged) - The Crux of the Biscuit (zappa.com)

Plastic People - Absolutely Free (Ryko)
Dead Girls of London (w/Van Morrison) - studio out-take
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy - FZ-OZ (zappa.com)
Call Any Vegetable/Eddie, Are You Kidding - Just Another Band from L.A. (Ryko)

The Story of St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast - The Crux of the Biscuit (zappa.com)
Don't Eat The Yellow Snow/Nanook Rubs It/St. Alfonso's Pancake Breakfast/Father O'Blivion - Apostrophe (Ryko)

Murder By Numbers - Broadway The Hard Way (Ryko)
My Guitar/Tryin' To Grow A Chin - Paris, Feb 3, 1977
The Dangerous Kitchen - Man From Utopia (Ryko)
The Cookie Jar Lecture - 13 February 1969, The Factory, The Bronx, New York City - Artisan acetate, 1969
Who Are The Brain Police (instrumental parts) - MOFO (zappa.com)

Jerry Kay Interview, 1978 (excerpt)
Honey, Dontcha Wanna Man Like Me? - Lather (Ryko)
Who Needs The Peace Corps/Stairway To Nicaragua - Binghamton, NY, March 17, 1988
Big Leg Emma - Absolutely Free (Ryko)

Toads of the Short Forest - Weasels Ripped My Flesh (Ryko)
Farther O'Blivion - Live, Stockholm, Aug 21, 1973

Lumpy Gravy - Original Capitol Records tracking session - Lumpy Money (zappa.com)

Interview excerpt - Devils, real and imagined
I'm The Slime - SNL, Dec 11, 1976
The Purple Lagoon (w/John Belushi) - SNL Dec 11, 1976

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Podcast - Dec 13-17 2016 - Greg Lake, John Lennon Interview

01:00:00  04:25  James Last  Mr Giant Man  Voodoo Party  Polydor
01:05:00  09:38  National Health  Play Time  Playtime  Cuneiform
01:14:00  03:15  Mushroom Tabernacle Choir  12 Drugs of Xmas  T'anks For The Mammaries  Kornyfone
01:17:00  11:17  Phil Ranelin  Vibes From The Tribe  Vibes From The Tribe  Hefty

01:28:00  11:04  Ozric Tentacles  Jurassic Shift  Jurassic Shift  IRS
01:39:00  07:50  Argent  Lothlorien  Show Of Hands  Epic

01:47:00  09:18  Jean-Luc Ponty  Savannah  No Absolute Time  Atlantic
01:57:00  02:50  Robert Fripp  Silent Night  Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream  Virgin

02:00:00  08:50  King Crimson  In The Court of the Crimson King  In The Court of the Crimson King  EG
02:09:00  02:48  King Crimson  Cat Food  A Young Person's Guide To King Crimson  Island
02:12:00  06:52  King Crimson  21st Century Schizoid Man   In The Court of the Crimson King  EG
02:19:00  12:32  Emerson Lake & Palmer  Take A Pebble  Emerson Lake & Palmer  Atlantic

02:31:00  03:16  Emerson Lake & Palmer  I Believe In Father Xmas  Works Vol 2  Atlantic
02:34:00  13:20  Emerson Lake & Palmer  Pirates  Works Vol 1  Atlantic
02:48:00  02:45  Emerson Lake & Palmer  Jerusalem  The Best Of Emerson Lake & Palmer  Atlantic

02:51:00  09:00  Fontanelle  Style Drift  Style Drift  Kranky


Miles Davis - Vote For Miles - On The Corner (Columbia)

DJ Spooky - Ibid, desmarches, ibid - Optometry (Thirsty Ear)
Radio Chongching - Nanjing - Radio Chongching (FWD)

John Lennon Interview, June 1972, WHRW-FM (excerpt)

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Friday, December 09, 2016

Playlist for December 6-10, 2016 - Jazz, fusion and experimental, phase II

01:00:00  04:05  James Last  Mr Giant Man  Voodoo Party  Polydor

01:05:00  13:19  Frank Zappa  The Grand Wazoo  The Grand Wazoo  zappa.com

01:18:00  08:57  John Cale & Terry Riley  Church of Anthrax  Church of Anthrax  Wounded Bird
01:27:00  06:07  Don Preston Trio  Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue  Transformation  Cryptogramophone

01:33:00  06:12  Drums & Tuba  The 10 Attacks of Dagger  Vinyl Killer  Righteous Babe
01:40:00  08:53  Jeff Robinson Trio  Where's My Cigarette  Getting Fixed  Honey Boo

01:49:00  11:25  The Soft Machine  12/8 Theme  Noisette  Cuneiform

02:00:00  34:11  Globe Unity Orchestra  Globe Unity 67  Globe Unity 67 & 70  Atavistic

02:34:00  26:00  Sunburned Hand of the Man  Live at Von Cramm Hall, Cornell U., 10-MARCH-07 (excerpt)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Playlist for November 29, 2016 - December 3, 2016 - Fusion and electronic jazz

Herbie Hancock - Dis Is Da Drum - Dis Is Da Drum (Mercury)
Redtenbacher's Funkestra - Triple X - The Cooker (Wooden Hat)
Schleigho - Babyman - Continent (Flying Frog)

Soft Heap - Seven For Lee - Al Dente (Reel Recordings)
Karel Velebny - The Uhu Sleeps Only During The Day - SHQ (ESP Disk)

Frank Zappa - The Gumbo Variations - Hot Rats (Ryko)

Fontanelle - Picture Start - Fontanelle (Kranky)
Ticklah - Dry Spell - Polydemic (Razorfish)
Isotope 217 - Harm-O-Lodge - Who Stole The I Walkman? (Thrill Jockey)

Hank Roberts - Screamage 2 - I'll Always Remember (Level Green)
Jack Bruce Band - Smiles & Grins - Live '75 (Polydor)

Wolfgang Dauner - Output - Output (ECM)

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Playlist for November 22-26, 2016 - Sharon Jones, Mose Allison

Steinski & The Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On - What Does It All Mean? (Illegal Art)

Heinz - Just Like Eddie - It's Hard To Believe It:The Amazing Worldd of Joe Meek (Razor & Tie)
Jack Bruce - Tickets to Water Falls - Songs For A Tailor (Atco)
Jack Bruce - There's A Forest/Morning Story - Harmony Row (Atco)


Fast Cars - The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
Breakdown - Time's Up (Mute)
Harmony In My Head - Entertaining Friends (Mute)
Crystal Night - Trade Test Transmissions (Caroline)
Late For The Train - The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)

Bettie Seveert - Entire Races - Crutches (Matador)

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings:

The Dap Dip - Dap Dippin' With (Daptone)
Stranger To My Happiness - Give The People What They Want (Daptone)
People Don't Get What They Deserve - Give The People What They Want (Daptone)
Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects - It's A Holiday Soul Party (Daptone)
8 Days (Of Hannukah) - It's A Holiday Soul Party (Daptone)

Stranded In Your Love - Naturally (Daptone)
100 Days, 100 Nights - 100 Days, 100 Nights (Daptone)

Mose Allison:

Your Mind Is On Vacation - Your Mind Is On Vacation (Atlantic)
Monsters Of The Id - Hello There, Universe (Atlantic)
Your Molecular Structure - The Best of Mose Allison (Atlantic)
Top 40 - Ever Since The World Ended (Blue Note)
Everybody Cryin' Mercy - I've Been Doin' Some Thinkin' (Atlantic)

That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch - Wild Man On The Loose (Atlantic)

Miles Davis - Go Ahead, John (Part 2, A,B,C) - Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (Columbia)

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Happiness Is Just Around The Bend - Complete Live Oblivion (One Way)

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