Monday, September 15, 2014

September 10th, 2014 - Jerry Yester (Lovin' Spoonful)

Pink Floyd
Paris Theater
July 16, 1970

Jerry Yester Interview

The Lovin' Spoonful (unless otherwise noted)

4 Eyes - Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful (Kama Sutra)
Sportin' Life - Do You Believe In Magic? (Kama Sutra)
Full Measure - Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful (Kama Sutra)
Night Owl Blues - Do You Believe In Magic? (Kama Sutra)

Only Pretty, What A Pity - Everything Playing (Kama Sutra)
Six O'Clock - The John B. Sebastian Songbook, Vol. 1 (Kama Sutra)
Priscilla Millionaira - Everything Playing (Kama Sutra)
Jug Band Music - Daydream (Kama Sutra)

Introduction/Pow - What's Up Tiger Lily (soundtrack) (Kama Sutra)
You're A Big Boy Now - You're A Big Boy Now (Kama Sutra)
War Games - Revelation:Revolution '69 (aka Till I Run With You) (Kama Sutra)

Rain On The Roof - Distant Echoes (Breakaway)
Never Goin' Back - Revelation:Revolution '69 (aka Till I Run With You) (Kama Sutra)
Nashville Cats - Distant Echoes (Breakaway)

Tim Buckley - Gypsy Woman - Happy Sad (Elektra)

Tim Buckley - I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain - Goodbye and Hello (Elektra)
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester - Farewell Aldebaran - Farewell Aldebaran (Straight)

Nick Lowe:

Christmas At The Airport - Quality Street (YepRoc)
How Long Has This Been Going On? - live at the Ritz, New York, Oct 1985

Lovin' Spoonful - She Is Still A Mystery To Me - Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful Vol II (Kama Sutra)

Robyn Hitchcock - The Ghost In You - The Man Upstairs (YepRoc)
RubbleBucket - Sound Of Erasing - Survival Sounds (

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

September 3, 2014 - Melanie

Grateful Dead - (That's It For) The Other One - Anthem of the Sun (WB)
Frank Zappa - King Kong - Uncle Meat (
Craig Leon - She Wears A Hemispherical Skullcap - Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos / Visiting (RVNG)
Roy Harper - Circle - Come Out Fighting, Ghengis Smith (CBS)
Exclusive Melanie Interview
Melanie (unless otherwise noted):
Tuning My Guitar - Melanie (Buddah)
Animal Crackers - The Four Sides Of Melanie (Buddah)
Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)(extended mix) - The Four Sides Of Melanie (Buddah)
My Rainbow Race - Stoneground Words (Neighborhood)
Peace Will Come (According To Plan) - The Four Sides Of Melanie (Buddah)
Ruby Tuesday - Ballroom Streets (Tomato)
Lay, Lady, Lay - The Four Sides Of Melanie (Buddah)
I Really Loved Harold - The Four Sides Of Melanie (Buddah)
Jig Saw Puzzle - Garden In The City (Buddah)
Psychotherapy - The Four Sides Of Melanie (Buddah)
Brand New Key - Gather Me (Neighborhood)
You Can't Hurry Love/Mama Said - Sunset & Other Beginnings (Neighborhood)
Leftover Wine - Candles In The Rain (Buddah)
Hydraulic Funk w/Afrika Bambaata - Lay Down (Candles In The Rain - Love Songs For New York (Village Voice)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 27th, 2014

01:00:00  04:25  Mr. Giant Man  James Last  Voodoo Party  Polydor
01:05:50  35:09  Live at Wildfire Lounge, Ithaca  MV & EE  not on album  no label

01:40:09  16:57  Gumbo Variations  Frank Zappa  Hot Rats  Rykodisc

02:00:00  17:55  Miss Fortune  Faust  Faust  Polydor
02:17:56  07:02  Nommo  Craig Leon  Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos / Visiting  RVNG

02:25:01  12:48  A Saucerful Of Secrets  Pink Floyd  Ummagumma  Capitol
02:39:00  11:20  New Jersey Turnpike  Laurie Anderson  United States Live  WB
02:51:00  09:00  Bottoms Up  Peter Green  The End of the Game  Reprise

03:01:00  10:05  Slightly Fast  Reid/Sharp/Torn  Guitar Oblique  Knitting Factory
03:12:00  26:37  Inamorata & Narration by Conrad Roberts  Miles Davis  Live/Evil  Columbia

03:39:15  21:00  You Never Blow Your Trip Forever  Gong  Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong!  Tapioca

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014 - Sun Ra

It's reporting time again, so my playlist looks a little weird. 

01:00:00  19:10  God Of Light Revisited  Camel  Greasy Truckers  Greasy Truckers
01:20:10  07:03  Asphalt (Tome II)  DJ Spooky  Optometry  Thirsty Ear *
01:27:03  07:00  Stop This Crazy Thing   Coldcut  12-inch  Tommy Boy

01:34:00  15:19  Eamonn Andrews  Soft Machine  Triple Echo  Harvest
01:49:19  09:42  Promises Kept  Sonny Sharrock  Into Another Light  Enemy

01:59:15  27:44  Duck & Cover  Duck & Cover  Re Records Quarterly  Re Records

02:29:00  10:25  Pedro's Dowry  Frank Zappa  London Symphony Orchestra

02:42:25  21:14  Space Is The Place  Sun Ra  Space Is The Place  Impulse

03:05:00  20:23  Strange Strange  Sun Ra  Strange Strings  Atavistic
03:26:42  10:57  There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)  Sun Ra  Lanquidity  Evidence

03:37:00  22:03  Other Planes Of There  Sun Ra  Other Planes Of There  Evidence

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13, 2014

I wanted to include a clip of the late Robin Williams doing his famous impressions, but the servers at are so overloaded right now that I cannot even download the embed codes.

The Bad Plus
Endicott Performing Arts Center
Endicott, NY
March 28, 2004

Donald Byrd - Witch Hunt - Street Lady (Blue Note)
David Byrne & Caetano Veloso - Dreamworld: Marco De Canvases) - Red Hot & Lisbon (Onda Sonora) (Movie Play)
Idris Muhammad - Camby Bologno - Turn This Mutha Out (Kudu)

Neil Young - Oh, Suzannah - Americana (Reprise)
Pegi Young - Daddy Married Satan - Bracing For Impact (Vapor)
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3 (long ver.) - 12-inch (Stiff)
The Bobs - Swingers - I Brow Club (Rounder)
Geggy Tah - Whoever You Are - Sacred Cow (Luaka Bop)

Lee Hazlewood (unless otherwise noted):

Toocie & The River - 13 (Smells Like Records)
Fred Freud - Cake or Death (Ever Records)
Johnny Dowd - Sleep In The Grass - Total Lee (Astralwerks)
Boots (Original Melody) - Cake or Death (Ever Records)
Calvin Johnson & Mark Pickerel - Sand - Total Lee (Astralwerks)

Frank Zappa - Brown Shoes Don't Make It/America Drinks & Goes Home - Absolutely Free (
Skinny Puppy - All Eyes - Brap (Nettwerk)
The Hello People - Sunrise Meadow - Hello People (Philips)
Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie & Clyde - Comic Strip (Philips)

Warren Zevon - Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead - Mr. Bad Example (Giant)
Warren Zevon - I Was In The House When The House Burned Down - Life'll Kill Ya (Artemis) *

ESG - UFO - ESG (99 Records)

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

August 6, 2014 - Procol Harum

Procol Harum
The Troubador, LA &
Fillmore West, San Francisco
April, 1969

Procol Harum (unless otherwise noted):

The Devil Came From Kansas - A Salty Dog (A&M)
Long Gone Geek - The Best Of Procol Harum (A&M)
She Wandered Through The Garden Fence - Procol Harum (Whiter Shade of Pale) (Deram)

Lime Street Blues - The Best Of Procol Harum (A&M)
As Strong As Samson - Exotic Birds & Fruit (Chrysalis)
In The Wee Small Hours of Sixpence - The Best Of Procol Harum (A&M)
Nothing But The Truth - Exotic Birds & Fruit (Chrysalis)
A Christmas Camel - Procol Harum (Whiter Shade of Pale) (Deram)
Still There'll Be More - Home (A&M)

In Held 'Twas In I - Shine On Brightly (A&M)

Amon Duul II - Phallus Dei - Phallus Dei (

Brian Eno/Karl Hyde - Time To Waste It - High Life (Opal/Warp)
Got A Girl - Did We Live Too Fast - I Love You, But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now (Bulk)

Amon Duul II - Toxicological Whispering - Tanz Der Lemminge (

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23, 2014 - David LaFlamme

Passport with Larry Coryell
My Father's Place
Roslyn, Long Island, NY
26-May-1979 (excerpt)

David Laflamme Interview

It's A Beautiful Day (Unless otherwise noted):

Don & Dewey - Marrying Maiden (Columbia)
Anytime - Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime (Columbia)
Time Is - It's A Beautiful Day (Columbia)
David La Flamme - Hot Summer Day - White Bird (Amherst)

White Bird/Hoedown - unreleased recording, San Francisco, 1970

Love - Love Is Better Than Words or Better Late than Never - Out Here (Blue Thumb)
Steve Tibbetts - How Do You Like My Buddha? - Steve Tibbetts (Frammis Ent.)

Jeff Beck - Rice Pudding - Beck-Ola (Epic)
The Brecker Brothers - Some Skunk Funk - Heavy Metal Be-Bop (Arista)

Brand X - Sun In The Night - Moroccan Roll (Passport)

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