Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015 - Tribute to Edgar Froese (RIP)

Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy, Part 2 - Lumpy Gravy (

Eric Ross - Legend of Orpheus, Op. 61 (excerpt) - Music From The Future (
Marc Barecca - Fractured Bronze - Subterrane (

Tangerine Dream (unless otherwise noted):

Journey Through A Burning Brain - Electronic Meditation (Relativity) (1970)
Mysterious Semblance At The Strand of Nightmares - Phaedra (Virgin) (1974)

Atem - Atem (Castle) (1973)

Fly And Collision of Comas Sola - Alpha Centauri (Sanctuary) (1971)

Paris, December 13th, 1974 (Reims Cathedral) - Part 1 (vintage FM broadcast)

Stratosfear - Stratosfear (Virgin) (1976)

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 21, 2015 - Frank Zappa Birthday Special (belated!)

Frank Zappa (unless otherwise noted):
Dancin' Fool - SNL Oct 21, 1978
Hungry Freaks Daddy - Freak Out (
Willie The Pimp - Hot Rats (Ryko)
Who Are The Brain Police? - Freak Out (
The Duke Of Prunes/Amnesia VivaceThe Duke Regains His Chops/Call Any Vegetable/Invocatrion 7 Dance of the Young Pumpkin/Soft-Sell Conclusion - Absolutely Free (
Dyna-Moe Humm - OverNite Sensation (DiscReet)
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy - FZ-OZ (
Murder By Numbers - Broadway The Hard Way (
I'm The Slime (w/Don Pardo) - SNL Dec 11 1976
Porn Wars - Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers of Prevention (
The Dangerous Kitchen - Man From Utopia (Ryko)
Dead Girls of London/Ain't Got No Heart/Brown Shoes Don't Make It - Brest, France, March 19th, 1979
Marines - Garrick Theater, 1967
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here (early takes and instros) - MOFO (
The Air - Uncle Meat (
Call Any Vegetable/Eddie Are You Kidding? - Just Another Band From LA (Ryko)
Holiday In Berlin, illuminated
Holiday In Berlin, Full-Blown - Burnt Weeny Sandwich (Ryko)
Cosmik Debris - Harpur College (Binghamton U.) - October 29th, 1972
Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk - Broome County Arena, March 17, 1988
Farther O'Blivion - Stockholm, August 21, 1973
RDNZL - Broome County Arena, May 1, 1974

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015

Electric Golem - live at Jungle Science Gallery
Binghamton, NY Sep 5, 2014

Eric Ross - Senora De Matasinhos - Music From The Future (

Grateful Dead - (That's It For) The Other One/New Potato Caboose - Two From The Vault (Grateful Dead Records)

Rock Scully Interview, April 2012

Danny Speer - UDTS (You, Daytime TV Star) - Where were You When The Fun Began? (Faceplant)

The JB's - The Grunt - These Are The JB's (Now-Again)

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

January 7th, 2015 (Happy New Year!)

Pink Floyd - One of These Days - Meddle (Capitol)
Syd Barrett - Vegetable Man - bootleg
Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne - Relics (Capitol)

Gentle Giant - The Runaway - In A Glass House (WWA)
Gentle Giant - The Advent of Panurge - Octopus (Vertigo)
Regressive Aid - Worromot/Anti-Chair - Effects Upon Exposed People (Rhesus)

The Good Missionaries - Another Coke/The Body - Fire From Heaven (Deptford Fun City)
Captain Beefheart - 25th Century Quaker - Mirror Man (One Way)

Colosseum - Lost Angeles - Colosseum Live (WB)
Pete Brown & Piblokto - If They Could Only See Me Now Pts. 1 & 2 - Thousands On A Raft (Harvest)

Donovan - Barabajagal - Barabajagal (Epic)
The J.B.s - Transmograpfication - Hustle With Speed (People)
Flying Lizards - Sex Machine (extended Mix) - 12-inch (Statik)
James Brown - Give It Up Or Turnit-A-Loose - The Best Of James Brown Vol 2 (Polydor)

The Beatles:

And Your Bird Can Sing - Revolver (Parlophone)
Komm Gib Meir Deine Hand - Past Masters Vol 1 (Apple)
Only A Northern Song - Yellow Submarine Songtrack (Apple)

Norwegian Wood - Rubber Soul (Apple)
What's New, Mary Jane - unreleased track
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Help (Parlophone)
Old Brown Shoe - Past Masters Vol 2 (Apple)
You Know My Name (Look Up My Number) - Rarities (Apple)

Edgar Broughton Band:

Death of an Electric Citizen - Wasa Wasa (Harvest)
Madhatter - The Edgar Broughton Band (Harvest)
There's No Vibrations, But Wait! - Sing, Brother, Sing! (Harvest)
Out Demons, Out - A Bunch of 45s (Harvest)

Dawn Crept Away - Wasa Wasa (Harvest)

Apache Drop Out - A Bunch of 45s (Harvest)

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 24th, 2014 - Fito De La Parra & Canned Heat

James Last - Mr. Giant Man - Voodoo Party (Polydor)

Canned Heat, Kickapoo Creek Festival, May 30, 1970
Reefer Blues
Future Blues
So Sad

Canned Heat (unless otherwise noted):

Bob Hite Speaks To The Audience/Pulling Hair Blues - Boogie House Tapes (Ruf)
Sandy's Blues - Collage (Liberty)
Christmas Boogie - 7-inch (Liberty)

Fito De La Parra Interview

Canned Heat (unless otherwise noted):

Human Condition - Alan Wilson, The Blind Owl (Severn)
Get Off My Back - Alan Wilson, The Blind Owl (Severn)
Amphetamine Annie - Cookbook (Liberty)

Poor Moon - Alan Wilson, The Blind Owl (Severn)
Sic 'Em, Pigs! - Cookbook (Liberty)
Boogie Chillen #2 - Hooker 'N' Heat (Liberty)
Whiskey & Wimmen' - Hooker 'N' Heat (Liberty)

Bullfrog Blues - Live At Topanga Corral (Wand/Scepter)
Down In The Gutter, But Free - Hallelujah (Liberty)
Going Up The Country - Alan Wilson, The Blind Owl (Severn)
London Blues - Future Blues (Liberty)
Let's Work Together - Future Blues (Liberty)

One Kind Favor - Living The Blues (Liberty)
Fried Hockey Boogie - Boogie With Canned Heat (Liberty)

The Mushroom Tabernacle Choir - The 12 Drugs Of Xmas (

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Friday, December 19, 2014

December 10th, 2014 - Pat Boone

01:00:00  4:43  Mr. Giant Man  James Last  Voodoo Party  Polydor
01:05:00  2:25  Cold Rain & Snow  Grateful Dead  Grateful Dead  WB
01:08:00  7:45  High In A Flat  Bevis Frond  Gathering of Fronds

01:16:00  43:20  Interview  Pat Boone  not on album  no label

02:00:00  2:16  Love Letters In The Sand  Pat Boone  Single  Dot
02:03:00  2:20  Don't Forbid Me  Pat Boone  single  Dot
02:06:00  2:34  With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair  single  Dot
02:09:00  2:11  Sugar Moon  Pat Boone  single  Dot
02:12:00  2:37  Goodbye Charlie  Pat Boone  Goodbye Charlie sndtrk  Dot
02:15:00  2:34  Speedy Gonzales  Pat Boone  single  Dot

02:18:00  3:03  Papa's Got A Brand New Bag  Pat Boone  We Are Family  The Gold Label
02:21:00  2:58  Cow Cow Boogie  Pat Boone  Pat Boone Sings A Tribute to the Ink Spots  The Gold Label
02:24:00  3:01  Christmas  Pat Boone  single  The Gold Label
02:27:00  2:59  An Old-Fashioned Xmas  Pat Boone  The True Spirit of Christmas  The Gold Label
02:30:00  5:08  You're In The Will  Pat Boone  Legacy  Select-O-Hits

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Playlist for December 3rd, 2014

My first show in 3 weeks! (Missed one show due to illness, one to Thanksgiving; hope your Thanksgiving wasn't a turkey!)

If my playlist looks a little weird, it's because it's music-reporting time again, and my playlist has to conform to a certain format. Things will be back to normal in a little while!

(My program runs on WRFI in Ithaca from 1AM - 2:30 AM Saturday mornings in addition to my 1 PM to 2:30 PM weekly time slot on WHRW-FM.)

01:00:00  04:05  Mr. Giant Man  James Last  Voodoo Party  Polydor
01:05:00  12:17  Return of the Son Of Monster Magnet  Frank Zappa  Freak Out
01:18:00  17:46  Big Swifty  Frank Zappa  Waka Jawaka
01:37:00  15:32  I Thought It Was You  Herbie Hancock (1978)  The Complete Columbia Album Collection  Columbia
01:53:00  12:18  Starless  King Crimson  Red  Discipline Global Mobile
02:08:00  07:14  Can't You Hear Me Knocking?  The Rolling Stones  Sticky Fingers  Rolling Stones Recs
02:15:00  14:31  No Hidden Path  Neil Young  Chrome Dreams II  Reprise

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