Friday, July 03, 2015

July 1-4 2015 - Triple Tribute

Firesign Theatre
Dear Friends, Vol 1
Live at the Ash Grove, 1970
from Duke of Madness Motors

Firesign Theatre - The Further Adventures of Nick Danger - How Can You Be In Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere At All? (

Hollywood Niteshift with Phil Austin, Frasier Smith and Michael C. Gwynne - Train To Hell, Part 2 (excerpt)  (R.I.P. Phil Austin)

Yes - The Gates of Delirium - Relayer (Atlantic) (R.I.P. Chris Squire)

Ornette Coleman - The Ark - Town Hall 1962 (ESP Disk)
Ornette Coleman:

Good Girl Blues - The Complete Science Fiction Sessions (Columbia)
If I Knew As Much About You As You Know About Me - Tone Dialing (Verve)
(R.I.P. Ornette Coleman)

Izzy True - Swole - Troll EP (Don Giovanni)
Hot Chip - White Wine & Fried Chicken - Why Make Sense? (Domino)

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Playlist for June 24-27, 2015 - Matt Venuti, Rat Scabies

Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA
May 16, 1970

also, Eagle Auditorium
Seattle, WA
March 2, 1969 (excerpt)

Matt Venuti Interview

Matt Venuti - from Bliss Attack (

The Yolanda Trail I
Sun Salute
Dance of the Helix

Ravi Shankar - Raga: Hema Bihag - First Solo LP Record (Saregama India Ltd.)

Propinquity - Binghamton - Propinquity (Numero)
Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster - Funk On Fire (Mercury)
Soul Impossibles - Soul Power #1 - Carolina Funk (Now Again)

Rat Scabies Interview

The Damned - from the Neat Neat Neat Boxed set unless otherwise noted

Neat Neat Neat
So Messed Up
I'm A Burglar - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)
Stab Yor Back
New Rose - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)
Fan Club (live)
Sick Of Being Sick

Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura - Interpenetrating Dimensional Express, Part D - Interpenetrating Dimensionsl Express

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Playlist for June 10-13, 2015

George Harrison - The Concert for Bangladesh from Retazovvorks on Vimeo.

01:00:00  04:32  James Last  Mr. Giant Man  Voodoo Party  Polydor
01:05:00  53:58  David Torn Live Oct 1 1986  not on album  no label

02:00:00  15:00  Jade Warrior  Barazinbar  Released  Vertigo

02:15:00  11:41  Mark Applebaum  Pre-Composition  Intellectual Property  Innova
02:27:00  13:39  Jimi Hendrix  1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)  Electric Ladyland  Experience Hendrix LLC
02;41:00  01:02  Jimi Hendrix  Moon, Turn the Tides... Gently Gently Away  Electric Ladyland  Experience Hendrix LLC

02:42:00  10:01  Mother Mallard  Water Wheel  Like A Duck to Water  Cuneiform
02;52:00  05:05  Steve Tibbetts  How Do You Like My Buddha?  Steve Tibbetts  Cuneiform

02:57:00  02:12  Jon Appleton  Newark Airport Rock  Contes De La Memoire  Emprientes Digitales

03:00:00  11:02  Pecker (Jah Pelikaho)  Beggar Suite  21st Century Dub  ROIR
03:11:00  06:32  Eno & Cluster  The Belldog  After The Heat  Sky Records

03:18;00  16:45  Tarental  Sun Place  Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun  Temporary Residence Records

03:38:00  22:38  Ravi Shankar  Bangla Dhun  The Concert for Bangla Desh  Apple Records

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Friday, June 05, 2015

Playlist and Podcast for June 3-6, 2015

01:00:00  04:05  James Last  Mr Giant Man  Voodoo Party  Polydor
01:04:00  46:00  Frank Zappa  Part 2  Frank Zappa at Harpur College 1972  not on album
01;50:00  06:52  Frank Zappa  The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue  Weasels Ripped My Flesh
01:57:00  02:12  Frank Zappa  Dwarf Nebula Processional March 7 Dwarf Nebula  Weasels Ripped My Flesh
02:02:00  17:15  Santana  Incident at Neshabur  Lotus  CBS-Sony

02;19;00  13:14  Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker  Ye Ye De Smell  Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Africa 70 With Ginger Baker LIVE  Signpost
02:33:00  19;09  Fela Kuti  Perambulator  The Black President  Chief Priest  Lagos Int'L

02:50:00  10:59  Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors  Thumpasaurus  Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors LIVE
03:00:00  08;35  Kevin Ayers  The Oyster & The Flying Fish  Shooting At The Moon  Harvest
03;08:00  05:32  Daevid Allen & Kramer  On A Carpet of Foolscap  Hit Men  Shimmy Disc
03:13:00  05:28  Negativland  Time Zones  Escape From Noise  Seeland
03:18:00  14:12  Timothy Leary  Live And Let Live  You Can be Anyone This Time Around  Rykodisc
03:32:00  20:00  Neil Young  Arc(excerpt) Arc-Weld  Reprise

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Playlist for May 27-30, 2015

The Cramps
Irving Plaza
New York
Aug 8, 1979 

Pere Ubu - Heart of Darkness - 390 Degrees of Simulated Stereo (Rough Trade)
Pink Floyd - Paint Box - The Best of The Pink Floyd (EMI)

The Damned:
Neat Neat Neat - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)
New Rose - The Best of the Damned (Emergo)
I'm A Burglar - Sessions of the Damned (Fuel 2000)

Chuck Dukowski Interview

Wurm - Should We Be Proud? - Feast (SST)
Black Flag - TV Party - Damaged (SST)
Black Flag - Machine - The First Four Years (SST)
Black Flag - Rise Above - Damaged (SST)
Wurm - Bad Habits - Feast (SST)

Flying Lizards:
Sex Machine (extended Mix) - 12-inch (Static)
Money - 12-inch (Virgin)

Here & Now - 70s Youth - Give & Take (Charly)
Hatfield & The North - Shaving Is Boring - Hatfield & The North (Virgin)
Peter Green - A Fool No More - In The Skies (Creole)
James Brown - Dirty Harry - Get On The Good Foot (Polydor)
Fred & The New J.B.s - Step Child - Breakin' Bread (People)

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (Extended Dance Mix) - 12-inch (Geffen)
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady - Young, Gifted & Black (Atlantic)
Parliament - P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) - Parliament Live (Casablanca)

R.Stevie Moore - Traded My Heart For Your Parts - 7-inch (

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20-23 2015 - B. B. King Tribute

The Who
Philadelphia Spectrum, December 4, 1973

 1. I Can't Explain
 2. Summertime Blues
 3. My Generation
 4. I Am The Sea
 5. The Real Me
 6. I'm One
 7. Sea And Sand
 8. Drowned
 9. Bell Boy
10. Dr. Jimmy
11. Won't Get Fooled Again
12. Pinball Wizard
13. See Me Feel Me

B.B. King (unless otherwise noted):

Got My Mojo Working - King Size (ABC)
Lucille's Granny - L. A. Midnight (ABC)
You Shook Me - Blues Summit (MCA)
Never Make Your Move Too Soon (With Roger Daltrey) - B.B. King and Friends-80 (Geffen)

Recession Blues - Turn On To B.B. King (Kent)
Sweet 16 - L. A. Midnight (ABC)
How Blue Can You Get? - Live At The Regal (MCA)
Why I Sing The Blues - Live & Well (ABC)

Lucille - Back In The Alley (MCA)
Early In The Morning (with Van Morrison) - B.B. King and Friends-80 (Geffen)
Feel So Bad - Bobby Bland & B.B. King Together Again (ABC)

Worry, Worry, Worry - Live In Cook County Jail (ABC)
Don't Answer The Door - Blues Is King (ABC)
Ghetto Woman - B.B. King In London (ABC)
The Thrill Is Gone - The Life Of Riley sndtrk (Emperor/Universal)

Same Old Story - Take It Home (MCA)
Go Underground - Indianola Mississippi Seeds (ABC)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Radio Show, May 13th, 2015

Naked Noise, Vol. 6, Set 1 of 2 - recorded live at CSMA, Ithaca, NY, April 25th, 2015

Electric Sandwich - Devil's Dream - Electric Sandwich (Brain)

Can - Tony Wanna Go - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - London Palladium, June 8, 1975 (Part 1)

Embryo - Dirge - Rocksession (Repertoire)

The Electric Golem - Smiling Like An Angry Turtle - Smiling Like An Angry Turtle (Levelgreen)

Can - Mighty Girl - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)

Electric Sandwich - It's No Use To Run -  Electric Sandwich (Brain)