Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013

Hawkwind - You Shouldn't Do That - In Search of Space (EMI)
Baird Hersey - The Charioteer - Year of the Ear (Bent)
Kip Hanrahan - At The Same Time The Subway Train Was Pulling Out Of The Station - All Roads Are Made of the Flesh (American Clave)
Fifty Foot Hose - Red The Sign Post - Cauldron (Weasel Disc)

Global Village Trucking Co - You're A Floozy Madame Karma But I Love Your Lowdown Ways - Greasy Truckers (Greasy Truckers)
Hey Kid Nice Robot - Internet Romance - I Am Error (private pressing)
The Numbers Band - About The Eye Game - Jimmy Bell's Still In Town (Hearthan)
The Herbaliser - Another Mother - Blow Your Headphones (Ninja Tune)
Jessica Pavone - The Darkest Hour - Quotidian (Peacock)
Jackie Lomax - New Day - Is This What You Want (Apple)

Holy Modal Rounders - Intro-Radar Blues - Indian War Whoop (ESP)
Idatel - New Uniform - New Uniform (Achord)
Vanilla Fudge - That's What Makes A Man - Psychedelic Sundae (Rhino)
The Flock - Introduction - Flock Rock (Columbia)
Frank Zappa - Sink Trap-Gum Joy (Capitol Records version) - Lumpy Money (

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