Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Playlist for September 5th, 2007

The Doors
March 7, 1967
The Matrix Club
San Francisco, California

Part 1

1. Back Door Man
2. My Eyes Have Seen You
3. Soul Kitchen
4. Get Out My Life, Woman
5. When The Music's Over
6. Close To You
7. Crawling Snake King
8. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
9. People Are Strange
10. Who Do You Love
11. Alabama Song
12. Crystal Ship
13. Twentieth Century Fox
14. Moonlight Drive

Part 2

1. Summer's Almost Gone
2. Unhappy Girl
3. The Devil Is A Woman> Sittin' Round Thinkin'>
Rock Me
4. Break On Through
5. Light My Fire
6. The End

Dynamic range enhanced for broadcast. Slack space
edited for pace and flow.

Taper's Notes: From second-generation soundboard reel.
Sound quality is A-/B+. There is a small amount of
hiss. The mix is somewhat odd, with Morrison's vocals just in 1 channel.

Space Mix
Ingredients (names of albums, in no particular order):

David Borden et. al.- Mother mallard's Portable
Masterpiece Co. 1970-73 (Cuneiform)
Robert Fripp/Brian Eno - The Essential Fripp & Eno
Pierre Henry - Cortical Art (Creel Pone)
Ellen Fullman & Sean Meehan - live, Easter 2006,
Berkeley, CA (
Sunburned Hand of the Man - taped live at Cornell University
March 2007 (excerpt)
The Bemus Point - Infra-Dig (thebemuspoint dot com)
Spacecraft - Paradoxe (Spalax)

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