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Playlist for August 1, 2007

The Bevis Frond -
Stoned Sound Driver

Date: Friday April 17, 1998
Event: Terrastock II
Venue: Custer Avenue Stages, San Francisco, CA, USA

01 - Intro Jam - Hole Song #2
02 - Wild Jack Hammer
03 - 'Terrible Feedback' - Stars Burn Out
04 - Stoned Train Driver
05 - Lights Are Changing
06 - Love Is
07 - New River Head
08 - Maybe
09 - Red Hair
10 - He'd Be A Diamond
11 - Well Out Of It
12 - Signed DC

I'd guess SBD due to quality and lack of audience

Aside from some technical problems which had nothing
to do with the band, and are overcome, I'd rate this
show an EX-, the first track aside. Starts out
extremely bass heavy, but the Stoned Sound Driver gets
it mostly together by the second tune. Have fun with
that EQ ;-) A great intro jam, which may have been
serving as a soundcheck, a positively funky version of
Wild Jack Hammer, and an all around great set.

The title is an obvious play on track 4, and can be
justified by the buried vocals in track 1 and the
band's need to restart track 3, as you shall hear. To
be fair, if Terrastock II was anything like the first
"happening" in Providence, RI, the year before, which
I was fortunate enough to attend, it's probably due to
a lack of a soundcheck, or at least an adequate one.

Max Roach & M'Boom - Paris 1982

M'Boom (Re-Percussion ) :
Max Roach, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits, Roy Brooks,
Joe Chambers, Omar Clay, Fred King, Ray Mantilla
Paris, Theatre Musical de Paris, 30 octobre 1982

Setlist :

1. Glorious Monster (14:53)
2. Caravanserail (12:03)
3. Kujichaglia (7:56)
4. Gisele (8:32)

Space Mix Deluxe

Einsturzende Neubauten - Kangolicht - Strategies
Against Architechture II (Elektra)
Shrigley - Loahesome -Forced to Speak with Others
found cassette - Lead Chorus-Nikki - Eavesdrop
Mouse on Mars - Sehnsud - Autoditacker (Thrill Jockey)
Dr Seuss - A Rainy Day in Utica - The Cat in the Hat
Songbook (Buddha)
Hapshash & The Coloured Coat - Empires of the Sun -
Hapshash & The Coloured Coat (Repertoire)
Beaver & Krause - Circle X - Ragnarok (Limelight)
Various - Curtsy - Darn It! (Anerican Clave)

...and miscellaneous things which happened to be lying

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