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Playlist for May 24, 2004

The WHRW Homepage is still down.
But you can still listen on-line by following this link:


Boot of the Week #1
Köln,Germany - May 15 1981
Audience tape
First minute or so is kind of crummy, but the rest is pretty good for an audience recording of this vintage.

72:03 min

01 1984
02 All Along The Watchtower
03 Nature's Way
04 Turn To The Right
05 Like A Rolling Stone
06 Fish Fry Road
07 Magic Wand
08 Shattered Dreams *
09 Wishing Well >
10 All The Same/Potatoland Theme >
11 Drums solo >
12 It's All The Same >
13 I Got A Line On You
14 E : Downer
15 Song For Laura

Boot of the Week #2
David Sancious and Tone
Live at my Father's Place, NY - on a Tuesday in Feb 1976
Recorded for broadcast by WLIR FM

This is a copy of the 15 IPS pre-FM master analogue reel tapes.

01 Transformation
02 Sky Church Hymn #9
03 Joyce Works #6
04 Summertime Harmonies
05 untitled

David Sancious - keyboards, 12 & 6 string Guitars, Sitar guitar
Gerald Carboy - bass
Ernest "boom" Carter - Drums and Percussion

Before David became a solo artist, he was the heart and soul of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band. In fact it was at David’s house - the only band member's house on E street - where the band rehearsed.

After recording 2 albums and a hit single with Bruce ("Born To Run"), David ventured out on his own.
David was quickly picked up by Epic records in 1975.

When David's solo career came to a pause in 1980, he turned to session work and touring. Jon Anderson of YES fame picked David up for an album and tour in 1981-82. Peter Gabriel picked him up for an album and tour in 1986-87. Sting employed David's talents for several years between 1990 and 1993. Then in the early 2000s, Eric Clapton picked David up for a world tour. His first album, "Forest of Feeling," was re-released on CD in the 1990s but deleted shortly thereafter.

In 2002 David started releasing some new solo material. He also acquired back the publishing rights to several of his albums that he signed away back when he was with Epic and Arista. His releases, "Just as I Thought," and, "True Stories," have been remastered and re-released on CD and can be found on Amazon.com and on CDbaby.com. The world is still waiting for his masterpieces, "Transformation," and, "Dance of the Age of Enlightenment," to finally be released on CD. Bootleg CD copies of, "Transformation," have surfaced on Ebay.

Neil Young - The Restless Consumer - Living With War (Reprise)
Theivery Corporation - Who Needs Forever - Versions (eslmusic.com)
Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie & Clyde - Comic Strip (Philips)
Deepak Chopra - In Love With You - Latin Lounge (Putamayo)
Brian Eno/John Cale - Cordoba - Wrong Way Up (All Saints)
Frank Zappa - The Deathless Horsie - Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar (Ryko)
Jaco Pastorius Big Band - Beaver Patrol - The Word is Out (http://www.headsup.com)

Groove Collective - Outermost - People People Music Music (savoyjazz.com)
Grismore/SCE Group - Well-Behaved Fish - Well-Behaved Fish (Accurate)
The Mackrosoft - The Mighty Luconchu - Anthony’s Giraffe (mackrosoft.com)
Yellowjackets - Revelation - 25 (headsup.com)
Star Wars Breakbeats - Let the Wookie Win - Star Wars Breakbeats (Suckadelic)

Stephen Smith/Pete Seeger/DJ Spooky - The Bell - http://www.stephansmith.com/audiomp3.html
Petra Haden - Silas Stingy - Petra Haden Sings "The Who Sell Out” (Bar None)
Lars Fredericksen & The Bastards - The Kids Aren’t Quiet on Sharon Palms - Give ‘Em The Boot Vol. 5 (Hellcat)
Motorhead - Life’s a Bitch - Inferno (Sanctuary)
The Damned - Stretcher Case Baby - Neat Neat Neat (Demon)
Jim’s Big Ego - They’re Everywhere - They’re Everywhere (bigego.com)

Steppenwolf (steppenwolf.com):

Faster Than The Speed Of Life - Steppenwolf The Second
Chicken Wolf - At Your Birthday Party
In Hopes of a Garden - For Ladies Only
Snow Blind Friend - Steppenwolf 7
The Pusher - Steppenwolf (first album)
Who Needs Ya? - Steppenwolf 7

James Brown - Sex Machine - Star Time (Polydor)
Albert King/Steve Cropper/Pops Staples - Don’t Turn Your Heater Down - Jammed Together (Stax)
Irma Thomas - Time Is On My Side - 6 Feet Under soundtrack (Astralwerks)

Sun Ra - Concert for Comet Kouhoutek (www.espdisk.com)

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