Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Playlist for March 15th, 2006

Happy Ides of March!

Special Theme:
The Return of Blind Uncle Gaspard

Boot of the Week:

Kid Koala - Scratchcratchratchatch - Out-of-print first cassette-only release
Firesign Theatre - Everything you Know Is Wrong (
(not a boot, but worth hearing again)

Sets by me are in this color
Sets by Blind Uncle Gaspard are in this color

X-Ray Spex - Plastic Bag - Germ Free Adolescents (Sanctuary)
The Vaselines - Son of a Gun - Way of the Vaselines (Sub Pop)
Red Krayola - Pig Ankle Strut - Singles (Drag City)
Bubble Puppy - Got To Reach You - Gathering of Promises (
Daniel Johnston - Devinar - Rejected Unknown (Gammon)
Saints - One Way Street - I’m Stranded (Sire)
Urge Overkill - What’s this generation Coming To - Stull EP (Touch and Go)

Meic Stevens - Rowean - Outlander (Rhino Handmade)
Walter Smith - Cat’s Got the Measles, Dog’s Got the Whooping Cough - Good For What Ails You (Old Hat)
Randy Malden - Fruit & Icebergs - Population II (Hobbit)
Jan Dukes De Grey - Mice and Rats in the Loft - Mice and Rats in the Loft (Sanctuary)
Brother Ah - Enthusiasm - More Ever Onward (Ikef)
Vipart Prengsuwan - Yok Yok (Jump Jump) - Thai Beat a Go-Go Vol. 2 (Subliminal Frequencies)
Diane Cluck - All I Bring You Is Love - Oh Vanille/Ova Nil (Important Records)

Sadistic Mika Band - Time Machine - Sadistic Mika Band (Harvest)
Big Black - Fish Fry - Songs about Fucking (Touch and Go)
Devo - Are You Experienced? - 12" (Warner Bros)
Velvet Cactus Society - 18 Times - Velvet Cactus Society (Shimmy Disc)
Lily - Doctor Martin - Psychedelic Underground Vol. 7 (Garden Of Delights)
Royksopp - Only This Moment - Royksopp’s Night Out (Astralwerks)
Calexico - Bisbee Blue - Garden Ruin (1/4 Stick)

Earth - Ever Circling Wolves - Live Hex (Archive)
Beach Boys - God Only Knows (live) - Aloha from Hawaii (boot)
Doctor and Davinchie - Gotta Man? - Run The Road 2 (Vice)
Small Faces - The journey - Gulliver’s Travels (Sanctuary)
Happy Birthday - flexi-disc from 1976
Ebony Rhythm Band - Soul Heart Transplant - Soul Heart Transplant (Stone’s Throw)
Nash Kontroll - Your Left Hand Just Exploded -Your Left Hand Just Exploded (
Incredible String Band - My Father Was a Lighthouse Keeper - Ultrasonic Studios, Long Island 1973
Comus - Song To Comus - First Utterance (Beat Goes On)
MC5 - Looking at You (pre-Elektra 7-inch) - Michigan Nuggets (boot)

O’Neil Howes - I Never Knew how Elvis Felt - O’Neil Howes Sings his Country Songs
Skinny Puppy - Knowhere - Last Rights (Capitol)
Ron Geesin - Rhythiano plonks the plug out, and we follow - Right Through (Headscope)
Acid Bath - One - Acid Bath (3-track EP)
Pulse - I’ll Cry Tomorrow - Pulse (Thimble)
The Litter - Blue Ice - Emerge (ABC)
Moondog - Rabbit Hop - Moondog (Honest John)
David Pike - Free Improvisation - Doors of Perception (Vortex)
Lydia Lunch - excerpt from Terrortory (Widowspeak)
Black Flag - You Are Not Evil - Slip It In (SST)

Merla Vasihekthou - Arostisa Manoula Mou - R. Crumb Presents Hot Women
Geeshie Wiley - Skinny Leg Blues - American Primitive Vol. 2 (Revenant)
telephone interview with audio archivist Chris King
Jimmy Johnson’s String Band - Gate To Go Through - Kentucky Mountain Music (Yazoo)
The Blue Rose Case - Tiny Pyramids - The Blue Rose Case (

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