Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Special Injured Equipment Show - January 12, 2005

We just got some new equipment into the station. Guess what - none of it works as advertised. Some of our existing equipment decided to quit on me as well. Even our crack chief engineer was stumped. Being half an hour late getting on the air because of all this, and being stuck with a roomful of unfamiliar and semi-to-non-functional equipment, I decided to take the slack route, and play only CD sides. Below are their titles.

Oh yes, the link of the week is:

Playlist format for today: Artist - Abum - label or label web site


DJ Spooky vs. Scanner - The Quick and the Dead -
A Journey in into Ambient Groove 4 - various artists -
Little Feat, September 19, 1974, Ultra Sonic Studios,
Hempstead, NY (broadcast on WLIR) -
Frank Zappa - a good chunk of Strictly Commercial -

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