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Playlist for January 5th, 2005


Link o’ the Week:

Hot damn! My first show of the new year! Ain’t that a groove?

FORMAT: Artist - Track - Album (label)


Antibalas Set (

Sister - Live in the University Union South Lounge at SUNY-Binghamton, 3/27/04

Dead Set

The Grateful Dead, live at Winterland, October 22, 1967 (excerpts)
Downloaded from the live music archive at
I've been told this is a fairly rare show.

Morning Dew
New Potato Caboose
Cold Rain and Snow

Klassik Rawk Set

Yes - And You And I - Close to the Edge (Reissue) (Rhino)
Bruce Springsteen - The Fever (demo - since released on a Columbia compilation)

Zappa Set

all tracks by Frank Zappa unless otherwise noted

Today Show interview, June 7, 1989
Lonesome Cowboy Burt - 200 Motels (Ryko)
Love of My Life - Reuben and the Jets (LP Version) (Verve)
Baby Ray and the Ferns - How's Your Bird? - Cucamonga (Del-Fi)
Mothers at KPFK - Mystery Disc (Ryko)
Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich - Burnt Weeny Sandwich (Ryko)
excerpt from Doctor Demento, 1988
Purple Haze-Sunshine of Your Love - The Best Band you Never Heard in Your Life (Barking

Dance'n'Trance Set

Evolution Control Committee - I Want a Cookie - Plaigiarhythm Nation
Fat Boy Slim - Goin' Out of My Head - Better Living through Chemistry (Astralwerks)
Kraftwerk - Hall of Mirrors (Trans-Europe Express (Capitol)
Dr. Webb - We're In America Today ( [site appears to be off-line])
Unknown producer/Michael Moore - Shame on You Mr. Bush (

Disco Set

Negativland - Perfect Cut (Piece of Meat) - Helter Stupid (
Steve Dahl and Gary Meier - WLUP-FM, Chicago, 7-13-79 - "Disco Demolition"
Doctor B's Super Ultra Hyper Y2K Disco Mix

Rock Set 2

Cut Chemist - Bunky's Pick - Funky 16 Corners (Stones Throw)
Soul Coughing - Bus To Beelzebub - live 1994 (
Chris Bell - I Got Kinda Lost - I Am The Cosmos (Ryko)
The Monkees - Gonna Buy Me A Dog - Monkees (Rhino)

Final Space Set

Hey Kid, Nice Robot - Robot Vs. Martini - I Am Error (
Perrey & Kingsley - Gossipo Perpetuo - The Out Sound from Way In (Vanguard)
Hot Butter - Apache - Popcorn (Essential)
Techno Animal - Cape Canaveral - Re-Entry (Virgin)

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