Friday, April 14, 2023

Bartlemania for the week of April 18, 2023

The Doctor is now on Mastodon!

WRFI is archiving my programs for two weeks after they air on Tuesdays (9-11PM).

Go to:, and click on "Bartlemania" (Tuesday at 9PM, natch). You will be redirected to a page with a media player and a playlist. 


Hour 1

21:00:00  3:09  Silicon Teens  Chip 'N' Roll  Music For Parties  Mute
21:03:09  2:13  Mae West  Treat Him Right  Way Out West  Tower

21:05:49  4:53  Incredible Bongo Band  Apache  Bongo Rock  Strut
21:10:39  3:31  The Beatles  Across The Universe (1970 Glyn Johns Mix)  Let It Be (Super Deluxe Ed)  Apple
21:14:02  4:49  Rumplestiltskin  Squadron Leader Johnson  Rumplestiltskin  Bell

21:19:22  2:50  Saint Steven  Voyage To Cleveland  Saint Steven  Probe
21:22:09  2:58  Redwing  The Underground Railway  Redwing  Fantasy
21:25:05  8:59  Plum Nelly  Deception  Deceptive Lines  Capitol

21:34:19  5:35  The Residents  The Angry Angakok  Eskimo (Preserved Edition)  Cherry Red
21:39:42  7:50  The Residents  Diskomo  Eskimo (Preserved Edition)  Cherry Red

21:47:49  2:02  The Hombres  Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)  7-inch  Verve-Forecast
21:49:51  2:55  Force Of Nature  Fool's Wonderland  7-inch  Tommy Records
21:52:42  3:43  Linda Hopkins  Seven Days & Seven Nights  7-inch  RCA

21:57:06  0:54  Jukin' Bone  Yes Is Yes (excerpt)  7-inch  RCA

Hour 2

22:00:05  6:06  Faust  Lampe an, Tür zu, Leute rein! (Lamp on, Door closed, People in!)  Momentaufnahme (Snapshot) II  Bureau B
22:05:58  7:32  Faust  Rückwärts durch die Drehtür (Backward Through The Revolving Door)  Momentaufnahme (Snapshot) I  Bureau B
22:13:25  9:59  Faust  Schön Rund (Already Round)  Punkt (Point)  Bureau B
22:23:18  3:07  Faust  Chere Chambre (Dear Room)  The Faust Tapes  ReR Megacorp

22:27:15  3:00  Charles Amirkhanian  Bajanoom  Walking Tune
22:30:09  5:03  Charles Amirkhanian  Muchrooms  Lexical Music  Other Minds
22:34:58  2:27  Avoidance  A Misstep Into Open Jaws  Wolf Lights
22:37:22  8:06  Various Artists  Chuck van Zyl - December 4 2010  Home Patterning
22:45:03   8:36  J Robert Lennon, Trevor Pinch & James Spitznagel  Swarm 2  Swarm 123&4

22:54:26  3:34  The Blitzoids  Middle of Nowhere (excerpt)  Stealing From Helpless Children/Look Up  Ad Hoc

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