Tuesday, May 22, 2018

BARTLEMANIA - Playlist for May 22-26, 2018

Can - All Gates Open - Inner Space (Spoon)

Billy Bragg:
Which Side Are You On - Peel Session (Strange Fruit)
Help Save The Youth of America - Talking With The Taxman About Poetry (Yep Roc)
Must I Paint You A Picture - Workers Playtime (Yep Roc)

Neil Young - The Restless Consumer - Living With War (Reprise)
Neil Young - When God Made Me - Paririe Wind (Reprise)
Frank Zappa - Willie The Pimp - Hot Rats (Ryko)

Various (Abe "Voco" Kesh) - Lights Out (w/John Lee Hooker) - Lights Out San Francisco (Blue Thumb)
Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A-Comin' - Both Sides of the Sky (Legacy)

Golden Earring - Big Tree Blue Sea - Moontan (Track Records)
Come As You Are (Demo) - Sliver (DGC)
The Man Who Sold The World - Unplugged (DGC)
Heart-Shaped Box - From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah (DGC)

Funkadelic - Mommy, What's A Funkadelic? - Funkadelic (Westbound)
Zillatron (Bootsy Collins) - Bug Lite - Lord Of The Harvest (Black Arc/Ryko)
Bevis Frond - Once More - Inner Marshland (bevisfrond.bandcamp.com)
Captain Beefheart - Ella Guru - Trout Mask Replica (Reprise)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Inner City Blues - Fruit (Small Giants)
America - Ventura Highway (Deepsky Remix) - What Is Hip? (WB)


The Residents - Six Things To A Cycle - Fingerprince (Ralph Records)

Grateful Dead - That's It For The Other One (Aug 23-24, 1968) - Two From The Vault (GDP)

Miles Davis - Rated X/Billy Preston - Panthalassa (Columbia)

Steve Hillage - Lunar Musick Suite - L (Virgin)

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