Friday, December 19, 2014

December 10th, 2014 - Pat Boone

01:00:00  4:43  Mr. Giant Man  James Last  Voodoo Party  Polydor
01:05:00  2:25  Cold Rain & Snow  Grateful Dead  Grateful Dead  WB
01:08:00  7:45  High In A Flat  Bevis Frond  Gathering of Fronds

01:16:00  43:20  Interview  Pat Boone  not on album  no label

02:00:00  2:16  Love Letters In The Sand  Pat Boone  Single  Dot
02:03:00  2:20  Don't Forbid Me  Pat Boone  single  Dot
02:06:00  2:34  With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair  single  Dot
02:09:00  2:11  Sugar Moon  Pat Boone  single  Dot
02:12:00  2:37  Goodbye Charlie  Pat Boone  Goodbye Charlie sndtrk  Dot
02:15:00  2:34  Speedy Gonzales  Pat Boone  single  Dot

02:18:00  3:03  Papa's Got A Brand New Bag  Pat Boone  We Are Family  The Gold Label
02:21:00  2:58  Cow Cow Boogie  Pat Boone  Pat Boone Sings A Tribute to the Ink Spots  The Gold Label
02:24:00  3:01  Christmas  Pat Boone  single  The Gold Label
02:27:00  2:59  An Old-Fashioned Xmas  Pat Boone  The True Spirit of Christmas  The Gold Label
02:30:00  5:08  You're In The Will  Pat Boone  Legacy  Select-O-Hits

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