Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014 - Sun Ra

It's reporting time again, so my playlist looks a little weird. 

01:00:00  19:10  God Of Light Revisited  Camel  Greasy Truckers  Greasy Truckers
01:20:10  07:03  Asphalt (Tome II)  DJ Spooky  Optometry  Thirsty Ear *
01:27:03  07:00  Stop This Crazy Thing   Coldcut  12-inch  Tommy Boy

01:34:00  15:19  Eamonn Andrews  Soft Machine  Triple Echo  Harvest
01:49:19  09:42  Promises Kept  Sonny Sharrock  Into Another Light  Enemy

01:59:15  27:44  Duck & Cover  Duck & Cover  Re Records Quarterly  Re Records

02:29:00  10:25  Pedro's Dowry  Frank Zappa  London Symphony Orchestra

02:42:25  21:14  Space Is The Place  Sun Ra  Space Is The Place  Impulse

03:05:00  20:23  Strange Strange  Sun Ra  Strange Strings  Atavistic
03:26:42  10:57  There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)  Sun Ra  Lanquidity  Evidence

03:37:00  22:03  Other Planes Of There  Sun Ra  Other Planes Of There  Evidence

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