Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 29, 2014 - Pete Seeger Tribute

Pete Seeger:

Turn Turn Turn - The World of Pete Seeger (Columbia)
The Bells Of Rhymney - Headlines & Footnotes (Folkways)

Pie In The Sky - Pete Seeger On Campus (Folkways)
Waist Deep In The Big Muddy - Waist Deep In The Big Muddy & Other Love Songs (Columbia)
Candy Gal - American Folk, Game & Activity Songs For Children (Folkways)

Old Man Atom - Strangers & Cousins (Columbia)
This Old Car - Young Vs Old (Columbia)
Hobo's Lullabye - The World of Pete Seeger (Columbia)
Poisoning The Students' Minds - Young Vs Old (Columbia)
Mail Myself to You - We Shall Overcome (Columbia)
Both Sides Now - Young Vs Old (Columbia)
Uncle Ho - Rainbow Race (Columbia)

Black Girl - American Favorite Ballads Vol. 1 (Folkways)
If It Can't Be Reduced - Pete Seeger at 89 (Appleseed)
Snow Snow - Rainbow Race (Columbia)
John Wesley Harding & The Minus 5 - Words, Words Words (If I Had A Hammer (Appleseed)
Beans In My Ears - Dangerous Songs!? (Columbia)

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall - Broadside Vol 2 (Broadside)
Queen Anne Front - Dangerous Songs!? (Columbia)
Abiyoyo - Pete Seeger Singalong (Folkways)
The Pill - Dangerous Songs!? (Columbia)
Amazing Grace - Pete Seeger Singalong (Folkways)

The Water Is Wide - Pete Seeger Singalong (Folkways)
The Willing Conscript - Broadside Vol 2 (Broadside)
Garbage - Circles & Seasons (WB)
Leatherwing Bat - Birds Beasts Bugs & Fishes (Folkways)

The Thresher - Broadside Vol 2 (Broadside)
I'm Gonna Be Ab Engineer - Circles & Seasons (WB)
Seek & You Shall Find - Waist Deep In The Big Muddy & Other Love Songs (Columbia)
I Ain't Scared of Your Jail/Oh Freedom - We Shall Overcome (Columbia)
Billy Bragg & Eliza McCarthy - If I Had A Hammer - If I Had A Song (Appleseed)
Last Train To Nuremberg - Rainbow Race (Columbia)

Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Litele Boxes - If I Had A Song (Appleseed)
Rainbow Race - Rainbow Race (Columbia)
The Titanic - American Favorite Ballads Vol 3 (Folkways)
Masters Of War - Strangers & Cousins (Columbia)
Who Killed Norma Jean - We Shall Overcome (Columbia)

Bring Them Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam) w/Billy Bragg, Ani DiFranco, Steve Earle- Seeds (Appleseed)
Barbara Allen - The World of Pete Seeger (Columbia)
English Is Cuh-Ray-Zee - Headlines & Footnotes (Folkways)
This Land Is Your Land - The World of Pete Seeger (Columbia)

Coal Creek March - Headlines & Footnotes (Folkways)
Guantanamera - The World of Pete Seeger (Columbia)
Throw Away That Shad Net - Pete Seeger at 89 (Appleseed)

If I Had A Hammer - Pete Seeger Singalong (Folkways)

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