Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Frank Zappa Birthday Special, December 22, 2011

Special rebroadcast of original show from 21-December-2011

All tracks by Frank Zappa Link
Hour 1

Little Dots (The Bunn Hill Shuffle) – Harpur College (Binghamton U) West Gym, October 29, 1972

Dupree's Paradise - >
It Can't Happen Here - Broome County Arena May 1 1974
PSA - Do It Now Foundation

Who Needs The Peace Corps - >
Stairway To Nicaragua – Broome County Arena March 17 1988
Who Are The Brain Police (Section B-alt take) - MOFO Deluxe (Zappa.com)
The Dangerous Kitchen - Man From Utopia (Ryko)

Hour 2

As far as music - Edgard Varese
Lumpy Gravy (excerpt)(Ryko)
Disco Boy - Zoot Allures (Ryko)
Cops & Buns - The Lost Episodes (Ryko)
Been To Kansas City in A Minor - Imaginary Diseases (zappa dot com)
The Mothers Of Invention - Chocolate Halvah - The Artisan acetate, 1969
Big Leg Emma - Ab Free (Ryko)

Who Are The Brain Police (Sections A-C-B) - MOFO Deluxe (Zappa.com)
Farther O'Blivion (aka “Join the March and Eat My Starch”) Stockholm 21-August-73
PSA – Do It Now Foundation

Hour 3

1972 interview excerpt - “I'm Hip But Of Course I Am Offended”
Frank Zappa - Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy - FZ-OZ (zappa.com)
Dumb All Over – You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore , Vol. 1 (Ryko)
Agency Man - Ahead of their time (Ryko)
Who Are The Brain Police (Original stereo mix) - MOFO Deluxe (Zappa dot com)

Cheap Thrills - Reuben & The Jets (LP MIX) (Verve)
Burt Ward - Boy Wonder I Love You - 7-inch (MGM)
Dear Jeepers - Rare Meat (Del-Fi)
Excerpt from interview on the Howard Stern Show, 1987
It Can't Happen Here (Mothermania album Version) - MOFO Deluxe (Zappa dot com)
Murder By Numbers (with Sting) – Broadway The Hard Way (Ryko)
Concentration Moon – We're Only In It for the Money (1990's restored version) (Ryko)
Uncle Bernie's Farm - Absolutely Free (Ryko)
The Clap - Chunga's Revenge (Ryko)
Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats (Ryko)

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