Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playlist for October 20, 2010

Usually, I post a music video at the head of each playlist.

This time, I'm posting a public service announcement, one which I originally found via BoingBoing.

It's not meant (by me anyway) as a plug for Google. Nor is it an indication of my sexual orientation. I'm posting it because I understand only too well what it's like to be an outcast. Being smart, at least in the industrial town where I grew up, was looked down upon just as much being gay was.

Sunn o))) - Live in Japan 4-19-09

Gil Scott-Heron - Village Gate 1976 (excerpt)

Leon Thomas - Balance of Life (Peace Of Mind) - Full Circle (Flying Dutchman)
Stevie Wonder - Jesus Children of America - Innervisions (Tamla)
Ben Folds & Nick Hornby - Levi Johnson's Blues - Lonely Avenue (Nonesuch)
Lol Coxhill - Huggin' Girl - Before My Time (Chabada)
Stanley Cowell Trio - Miss Viki - Illusion Suite (ECM)
Soft Heap - Sleeping House - Al Dente (Reel Recordings)
Henry Kaiser - Sugagaki for Conlon - No Age (SST)
King Crimson - Happy Family - Lizard (Polydor)
Zillatron - Bugg Lite - Lord of the Harvest (Ryko)
Negativland - Sycamore/Car Bomb - Escape from Noise (SST)
Sonic Youth - Electricity - Daydream Nation (Deluxe Edition) (Geffen)

Frank Zappa - Jones Crusher - Baby Snakes (Ryko)
Frank Zappa - Dumb All Over - Have I Offended Someone? (Ryko)
James Chance - King Heroin - Sax Education (Tiger Style)
Eugene Chadbourne - Neurologically-Impaired Leaders - I've Been Everywhere (Fundamental)

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