Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playlist for July 14, 2010

Michael Heaton pays tribute to Harvey Pekar

Radio Waves

Sonic Youth - Burning Farm - Every Band Has A Shoen Knife Who Loves Them (Giant)
Uncle Tupelo - Graveyard Shift - No Depression (Rockville)
Negativland - We Are Driven - Free (Seeland)
Tetes Noires - Lucky Girl - Tetes Noires (Rapunzel)
Laurie Anderson - Dark Time In The Revolution - Homeland (Nonesuch)
Laurie Anderson - Only An Expert (Sursiks Indaba Remix)
Negativland - Car Bomb - Escape From Noise (Seeland)
Frank Zappa - Call Any Vegetable/Invocation.../Soft Sell Conclusion -Absolutely Free (Ryko)

Edison Cylinder Collection, University of California at Santa Barbara

Vess Ossman - N****r In A Fit (1902)
Otto Meloh - Schubert's Serenade (1897)
Len Spencer- Daybreak At Calamity Farm (1902)
Invincible -Quartet - Kentucky Babe (1896)

Harvey Pekar Tribute

Harvey Pekar interview, David Letterman 1987 (excerpt)
Sun Ra - Love In Outer Space - Live In Cleveland (Leo)
Allen Ginsberg - Howl - Howl (Fantasy)
Murmur - Discovery of Mother Voidness - Fermata (Backporch Revolution)
Guillermo Scott-Herren - various tracks) Sleeping on a Saturday& Sunday
John Fahey - Fare Forward Voyagers - Fare Forward Voyagers (Takoma)
Dzihan & Kamien - Stiff Jazz - Gran Riserva (Six Degrees)

Fugs - New Amphetamine Shriek - Virgin Fugs (ESP)

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